Sawako is still getting used to how so many people are now friendly with her, and she attributes it all to Kazehaya. On this particular day, he asks her to help him think of a name for the dog they found, but before she can answer, their substitute homeroom teacher Pin suggests Pedro Martinez. As it turns out, Sawako actually likes this name. She also learns from Ayane and Chizuru that Kazehaya has always been popular, and back in middle school, all the girls decided that he belonged to everyone. Later, Pin wants someone to work on the attendance records, so Sawako volunteers, but Kazehaya volunteers with her, and everyone else wants to help after that. This doesn’t sit well with Pin, so he calls Kazehaya to the staff room after class, leaving Sawako to work on the attendance book by herself. Fortunately, Kazehaya is able to sneak out of the staff room while Pin is in the bathroom, and he surprises Sawako by taking over and writing her name in the attendance book. After Pin calls Kazehaya back to the staff room, Sawako is able to meet and talk to two more classmates who came on Kazehaya’s encouragement.

When she runs into him again, she thanks him because she feels like he’s always giving her the strength to do things. Kazehaya, however, feels that everyone was inspired by the effort Sawako was putting in and that she’s the one who moves him as well. Sometime afterward, Kazehaya passes Sawako a note asking her to come with him to walk the dog. She agrees to go, and the two meet by the riverbank. They end up talking about how Sawako likes to approach studying in terms of helping the person sitting next to her understand, and Kazehaya also decides to keep the dog as their secret. The following day, he gets Sawako to tutor him, and soon all of their classmates are gathering around to get her help. The experience causes her to smile in front of everyone, surprising them. Afterward, Sawako thanks Kazehaya again, and he in turn admits his own selfishness and desire to keep all of this for himself. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those two, bad rumors are being spread about Ayane and Chizuru, and the supposed source of those rumors is Sawako.


I was going to comment on how the relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya has been developing so smoothly (almost too perfectly), and really it still is, but now there’s finally something to cause some conflict. Or so it appears anyway – Ayane and Chizuru might not believe that Sawako is behind the rumors, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they found out quickly that the new girl was actually responsible due to jealousy over Kazehaya. In that regard though, the story is proceeding a little slower than expected: after she was shown last week, I thought that that girl would have a bigger part to play in this episode instead of just a couple of short appearances. There’s only so much you can show about the development of a pure relationship without some sort of conflict coming into play. At least we got to hear her voice this time, though I’m not thrilled that it’s Hirano Aya. In any case, the next episode preview looked promising, and maybe things won’t be so smooth for Sawako and Kazehaya anymore.


  1. I thought the scene with the sub-teacher was pretty fun, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens next week – some much conflict coming, though I agree it’s unlikely Sawako being the true cause. It’s great how the dog is scared of her. =S

  2. The episode is really great!

    As for the story being slow.. It’s just following the manga.. Actually, i kinda felt they’ve squeezed in a lot in this episode, though surprisingly it didnt felt that fast paced.

    Guess what’ll happen next XP

  3. @RR

    I don’t know about Omni, but for me, Hirano seems to pop up in a third of all series lately, and there are a lot of really great seiyuu that I think could to a better job. She turned out to be a pleasant surprise in Fairy Tail, but usually the number of roles she is cast in outpaces her versatility in actually being able to play them well.

    I like variety, and casting directors seem to prefer to her to lesser known (but better suited) actresses.

  4. This show is dead on to the manga, 1 chap per episode. They better start squeezing in some more chaps together or they’ll end up having to do 40+ eps or cutting ALOT of (OMG, Y IS DIS GIRL SO DENSE) stuff 😛 Either of which I really wouldn’t mind. Sawako’s character just bugs the living hell out of me.

  5. This series does follow the manga quite nicely, this time they were able to fit
    two chapters into one episode, which in a sense still flowed nicely without feeling
    too shoved together. Still wonder if this is really going to only be a 12 episode series
    ’cause I can’t really imagine getting a manga-esque ending with only that….they
    better at least give me my Miura. X3

  6. I don’t know about you ppl, but I am loving this anime.

    Even though I know what’s going to happen and all…It’s just fun to see the lead characters move and interact fluidly. Hihi. This is almost the best romance/comedy anime this season. I think.

  7. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know whats going to happen but I love this series. It kinda reminds me of Itazura No Kiss (sp) where the main character is a cute but weird girl that has no chance at the hottest guy in school but still fumbles her way into his heart.

  8. new homeroom teacher is a joker >:D … in any case… love this anime 😀 warm and fuzzy feeling… to see something that almost impossible (a popular guy “degrade” himself for the girl that no one likes) , almost too perfect, that i wudnt be suprise that kazehaya is just playing wif sawako, of course that would never be the case in an anime… especially this anime

  9. Well if Hirano Aya gets to voice a more serious and realistic character for once perhaps our opinions of her will change based on her performance. Seriously, is this the first believable character she has voiced?

  10. me gusta este anime, muy diferente a los demas que e visto en esta temporada y solo puedo decir que es mejor y divertidisimo, la verdad deverian de bloggear cada episodio, lo vale

  11. i really like this anime ^_^ never thought i would like this kind of shojo but it’s just soooo perfect!!! love it! it has the right amoung on comedy(lol @kazehaya’s letter) and love scenes. started reading the manga just to see what would happen next and boy i can’t wait for it!! also, is it confirmed that it’s going to be a 12 episode anime? i sure hope they make more 🙂 they can take their time with the anime! heck if it were me they can do the same they did with this week’s episode(2 manga chapters) as long as they stay loyal to the actual storyline <3 grrr kurumi /: lol


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