While the release of Letter Bee’s opening theme single is still several weeks away (09-11-25), the PV for it has already been aired. Unlike the anime version, the full song features a rap portion by Mummy-D, the MC/producer of a fairly old hip hop group called RHYMESTER. I haven’t really listened to Suga Shikao‘s music outside of one or two songs he wrote/performed for Honey and Clover, but I took an instant liking to “Hajimari no Hi” (Day of Beginnings) because of its catchy beat. Nowadays, anime songs tend to be no different than the music normal people would listen to, but I find they still tend to fall into pop and rock genres. I’m not sure what to classify Shikao’s music as, but it’s a refreshing change in the anime scene.

Surprisingly, the arrangement of the full version sounds a bit different from the TV short one. You’ll probably notice this immediately with the way it opens and of course, with the inclusion of Mummy-D’s rap later on. This is actually kind of cool, since it’s a whole different dimension to the song I wasn’t anticipating. Normally you’d just expect the TV short version plus a second verse at the end, but they mixed things up here.

As usual, I like to include the actual TV anime sequence for comparison purposes, so see below if you need a “Tegami Bachi” spin on the song.

Show Letter Bee OP 「はじまりの日」 by Suga Shikao ▼


  1. The bitrate of the anime version really butchers the cymbals. That said, I like either version of the song, though I like the OP for Tegami Bachi whereas I don’t care for the PV. I’ve never really cared what musicians look like, so videos where they just play around are usually boring for me.

  2. The music is ok. But I have gave up on this anime after watching 2 episodes. If I saw that sniveling annoying brat doing his emo routine any more, I would start shooting the screen soon.

  3. Well to be honest the PV was kind of mediocre because there was not a lot of substance to it besides the guy singing but still I do love the song and it was nice to hear the full version.

    I am not a huge fan of the Mummy-D’s rapping part in this song because it just did not appeal to me. Maybe as I listen to this song more that part will grow on me. I also second TheG in that I can’t wait to get a FLAC of this song. It will be amazing.

    By the way thanks for uploading the PV divine even if I did not exactly love it XD.

    Thanks for all your hard work for us. 😛


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