「入っちゃったかも……」 (Icchatta Kamo……)
“It Might Have Gone In……”

Oh screw you Yuuto. You already have Haruka; you don’t have to win over Shiina as well. I don’t care how nice Yuuto is. His kindness is just toying with a young girl’s maiden heart! Also, Biribiri (Satou Rina) is mine!

This episode was cute in a lot of mushy ways, but it was hard for me to overlook how silly the whole setup was. To get Shiina all mellow-mellow, Yuuto searched around a freezing cold stream for what looked like hours, just to find a hairpin that was no more than one foot away from him. Naturally, the hairpin had to have a lot of sentimental value to Shiina or else Yuuto wouldn’t have tried so hard, so it just so happened to be a gift from her grandmother. How convenient! That was almost too easy of a way to get Shiina thinking of Yuuto again, but they made things even easier by having her injure her foot from accidentally kicking a cabinet at home. Apparently it was so bad that she needed a full cast too. See where this is going?

It was a cheap way to get Yuuto to spend some time at Shiina’s place no matter how you look at it, but it did lead to some quality time between the two of them. I think if Haruka were aware of how well Yuuto was taking care of a female “friend” — giving her sensual massages, carrying her like a princess, cooking her dinner, spoon-feeding her, hanging out in her room alone together, sharing in childhood pictures, and getting kissed on the cheek — even she’d be a bit jealous. Actually, I’d be shocked if Haruka wasn’t jealous at all when Shiina’s a friend of hers too. Looking back though, I guess there can be a lot of legitimate reasons when a third wheel’s involved. Jumping to conclusions is usually the easiest thing to do, but Shiina’s a good example of someone who likes a guy that’s already seeing someone else and NOT trying to break them up. I guess the moral of the story is, give your friends the benefit of the doubt and hear them out even if the evidence is pitted against them. Nogizaka Haruka and morals again!

As you may have noticed, the fan-service dialed back up a bit, but it was actually nice to see since Ryouko was the driving factor behind it. Having Yuuto give everyone orgasmic massages was as humorous as it was arousing, especially when Ryouko decided to strip down to her underwear for it. She may have thought that Yuuto was harmless at first, but her uncontrollable moans and sweating sure indicated otherwise. I can’t help but feel that Kitamura Eri’s moaning was censored on ytv’s broadcast though, as the audio seemed off when Ryouko reached her climax. Whether it was or not, that scene sure could’ve been a lot dirtier than it was, seeing how visibly spent Ryouko and Mai (Toyosaki Aki) were. Other than that, it was a nice change of pace to see more of Shiina and less of Haruka this week, but I was surprised that Mika, Hazuki, and Nanami were completely sidelined (if you don’t count the preview). Anyway, I still don’t see Shiina posing much competition to Haruka after this, but it did help establish her as the only other girl with any sort of chance of being a rival.




  1. Lots of people at my school seem to need crutches for smashing their foot on something, as well. I guess we can’t underestimate the human’s kicking power.

    Also those massages. Damn you Yuuto.

  2. Ayase Yuuto, ye demigod of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, I, Megas, Grand Lord of Scions, hereby extend you the right to enter into the League of Scions. This group of extraordinary male souls is comprised of the upmost in otoko features in every nature that is good & worthy to be called MEN. While I could go into detail of the attributes of MEN, it would behoove me & everyone that is reading this to give credence to your brethren who have also took their Right of Scion. Such outstanding individuals include Yamamoto Akuji, Yagami Kazama, Age, Hanabishi Kaoru, Aizawa Yuuichi, & Kira Yamato.

    The harrowing yet virtuous acts of these 6 are as follow:

    Akuji united Osaka under the power his all-important artery. He achieved the largest harem possible while still having a wife or 2, which just so happened to be the 2 most hardcore women in the show.

    Kazama attained the highest of super-human powers after being disowned by his brute of a father. His prowess allowed him to have a grip on every circumstance presented to him in the best method possible. He also managed to score the fiery beast of a woman who would easily kill lesser men while keeping a complete play-boy status intact. Add slaying Mt. Fuji & some devil in hell (said to be the King but was actually a minor prince) to his résumé and who have a character that I couldn’t pass up.

    Age was the strongest of 5 Nodos in his heroic arc. His 300+ hour victorious battle early in the series alone persuaded me to grant him entrance. His other achievements included merely escaping a black hole, opening a gate to another dimension, & scoring the Queen of humanity. Not to mention creating one of the mushiest endings you’d ever see in any anime EVER.

    Kaoru literally acted as the bond between 4 complete strangers, 2 side characters, & 1 ferret. While this is not outside the norm, his selfless actions took control over all events, even without him knowing it. He is a true normal man & remained steadfast in all his actions unlike 99.99% of male leads of today.

    Yuuichi was caught up in a dream. His dream was the only thing that kept his other half alive. While in this dream, he played around with foxes, phatasmic epsilons, rei-clones, & ‘normal’ girls as well. His ability to complete mix his dream with his real life is exemplary to anyone needing a coma to save the one they love.

    Kira, Kira Jesus Yamato. Need I say more? Anyone not knowing of Kira isn’t a true anime fan, let alone viewer. Kira was the first Scion I extended an invitation to. My main reason for this was because he was the first & last anti-angsty-bastard gundam pilot. While others made have had equal skills, his ability to get through not 1 but 2 seasons without one shred of angst alone is what puts him in a category by himself. He’s a true Grand Vice-Lord of Scions.

    Ayase Yuuto, your acts of considerable righteousness while still maintaining competence for your male nature as well as an aptitude for the other sex has granted your entrance into the scions. These acts have landed you as one of the most intercepted males in the anime kingdom. That tied together with your normalcy has earned you the title of Man’s Man. You complete the puzzle by eyeing one of your vast harem additives while still interacting with all constituents on a daily basis. You sir, are Perfect.

    There are countless gentlemen who have been nominated by these & other nameless peers. While they do not lack the necessary requirements to enter the Scions, a unanimous decision or an invitation from the Grand Lord or Grand Vice-Lord is needed. In my time as Grand Lord, I have personally extended invitations to 2 of the current 6 members while agreeing with them on the remaining 3. The Grand Vice-Lord has also invited one. A response is not needed to ensure your acceptance into the Scions as is the entrance is automatic & non-ephemeral, but continuing your exemplary performance in your current venture is most compulsory. With your entrance also comes the right to nominate other to this status. Nominations are always welcome.

  3. Megas, might I add runner-up:
    “Rock” Rokamura, for:
    first recorded torpedoing of attack helicopter
    surviving in Roanapur
    dating and having drinking contest with Revy (plus possible more)
    defying the will of Balalaika and living

  4. Ayone else noticed the disappearing teacups when Shiina said she wanted to be Yuuto a little bit longer at the kotatsu?
    ps. I stopped watching this series becouse Shiina couldn’t win, but after seeing the pictures I just couldn’t resist to watch itXD

  5. I mean, I didn’t watch anything from Season 2 so far, but in Season 1 Shiina was lightyears ahead when it came to my personal preference. So, if there wasn’t such a clear destined match with (IMHO boring) Haruka, I might even be tempted to give the ep a shot. However, it’s going to end in nothing at best and in heartbreak at worst ^_^;

  6. And the real hero of the season once again confirms that you can have morals, a well marked girlfriend and still be a MAN (eat your shorts/panties Natsuru) As for Shiina, she’s like a male Yuuto: don’t overstep in a well defined relationship, but still in contact with the person she likes. With someone like that, even Haruka would’ve problems at being jealous with.

    Are Mai and Ryouko also in the “Ayase Yuuto’s Harem Alliance”? Eri Kitamura needs to work in more H-based producions. (In B4: a THREESOME with Mika, Alice-chan and Ryouko FTW)

  7. Most of the setting up of the relationship between Haruka and Yuuto was already covered in season 1, so it can get quite frustrating to watch Yuuto and Haruka being wishy-washy and dragging their feet and not willing to enter the next step of their relationship this season, rather than enter into “Clannad After Story” territory.

    Hence seeing some quality Shiina time was certainly a breath of fresh air. In fact, this could easily be the best episode this series so far, it would’ve been perfect if they didn’t include Haruka in the final scenes. lol

    To get the record straight, I don’t dislike Haruka, neither do I blame her for this. (Seriously, who can hate a Noto character anyway? 🙂 )

    Yuuto’s sister has certainly trained him well as the ultimate perfect masseuse host. Any girl would die to enjoy his massaging skills. XD

    Now if only Kitamura Eri could make such sounds in Toradora, I think I’d pick Ami-tan over Taiga and Minorin anytime.

    BTW, LOLWUT @Megas. (Kira Jesus Yamato – QFT lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  8. @Divine: I disagree about Shiina being a rival, at this point of the series, she’s just becoming a plot driver to create a drama or perhaps some sort of barrier against Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship, which of course obviously they will overcome to improve their relationship further. I mean come on! The two already kissed, practically slept together (literally lol), yuuto is already accepted by both Haruka’s mom and grandfather, Yuuto’s practically accepted by the whole maid team and Haruka’s sister, and they already had a lot of moments together. To set up Shiina as a rival now, I guess it’s far too late , since this episode clearly would just set her up to improve Yuuto and Haruka’s relationship (like in the first season), so that they would officially become lovers or something. Since it would be really awful if they seriously pair up Yuuto and Shiina like Yuuto two-timing or something.

  9. Overlooking my obvious man-crush on Yuuto, is there even a better current male lead out there now. PLZ, not only does he have personality of a saint, but he has the hands of god to match. Those types of skills can get you very far in so many other situations I can think of. As for Shiina, she can match Yuuto in not oversteping her bounds but Yuuto pretty much has her bested in every other level. Its sad but in-order for her to stay likeable, she has to know that she has hardly any chance in hell to score Yuuto. I’ll cheer her on but its already a closed case 🙁

    Its looks like they’re gonna take the route of letting every girl that have interest in Yuuto have a piece of his excellence b4 Haruka deals the final card. I love it. I was going to get very bored with peeling over HxY otherwise. I can’t wait to see how Mika will fair against Yuuto’s brilliance.

    @ewok: Rock was a part of a general list of nominees that I received a while back but he didn’t even make the first cut. While performing greatly in the situation given to him, he did hardly anything to progress his plot, let alone take it over like the other great Scions & nominees were acclaimed for.

  10. X:
    Yeah, I don’t see Shiina being any sort of a rival either. I merely said that she’s the only one with any sort of chance of being one. I never implied that it was a good chance. In fact, I pointed out how I still don’t see her as being any sort of competition to Haruka despite all this.

  11. So this week’s “Haruka’s Secret””…no, scratch that, “Yuuto’s Secret”


    I thought this show was about Haruka, not Yuuto. First the fan-service (looks like they’re actually avoiding it for now), now this. Do the writers just give up on Haruka like that?


    (sigh) There.

  12. The quality was a bit lacking this week, the orange windows at 16’43” while it was night time, and the stuff they were drinking missing at 19’22” come to mind, and those two were really obvious.


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