「頭脳少女(トキメキ)の転校生」 (Zunou Shoujo (Tokimeki) Tenkousei)
“The Smart Female (Heartthrob) Transfer Students”

Well the transfer students turned out to be none other than Ikaros and Nymph themselves. You’d think people would be bothered about seeing two angels around their school, wings and all, but everyone’s too busy falling in love with them to even care. Talk about messed up students!

To start things off, our two Angeloids get recognized as transfer students with the help of one of Ikaros’ alpha cards and some memory manipulation on Tomoki’s teacher. This of course puts Tomoki’s peaceful days down the crapper, but he eventually caves in to the idea of giving Ikaros’ a more human-like lifestyle. Hearing this, Sohara takes it upon herself to help them get accustomed to life at school; however, the two of them prove more than capable of handling everything from studies to cooking, leaving her feeling inferior in every way. As the cute, new, top students, Ikaros and Nymph’s popularity goes through the roof and all the guys at school start giving them love letters. While Nymph’s intent on just tossing all hers in the garbage, both her and Ikaros decide to read them after Tomoki insists on taking the senders’ feelings into consideration. In Ikaros’ case, she diligently reads them all despite having no understanding of love or romance. This gets on Nymph’s nerves so she decides to scan Ikaros, revealing what she’s already suspected — most of her functions and all of her memory/emotions have protection placed on them. This leads her to believe that Ikaros is the “Uranus Queen” who rocked the Synapse before, which she later reports to her master on Synapse and promises to bring Ikaros back.


Well things sure picked up plot-wise. While some viewers criticized the series for being too devoid of plot early on, I think it only makes sense to have the nonsensical comedic stuff up front here. Now that things have taken a serious turn in terms of the Synapse, Nymph’s true objective, and Ikaros’ identity, it’s kind of hard to have the characters continue messing around like they have been. For most comedies, once a trace of a plot begins to surface, I find that things rarely return to their lighthearted ways until it’s resolved. In the case of one cour series (i.e. 12-13 episodes), there’s usually only enough time for this pattern to happen once (and often at the tail end of the story). As such, I don’t really see a problem with them holding out until now so that the series can conclude on a high note. It’s pretty standard affair. KIDDY GiRL-AND is going the same route as did Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo.

That said, they did raise a lot of questions this time around regarding Ikaros and Nymph. For Ikaros, it comes as no surprise that her memories and emotions have been suppressed, especially when you see how different Nymph is. However, the changing of her eye color from green to red seems to indicate that she’s accessing her protected abilities. This has been demonstrated on a couple of occasions when she protects Tomoki, but this is the first time I’ve seen her use it to unlock her superhuman computational abilities. As you may recall back in episode three, Ikaros didn’t seem to possess any abilities in this area. For Nymph, she’s taken notice to this twice now and it’s enough for her to identify Ikaros as the Uranus Queen who attacked (?) Synapse. Normally I’d consider Ikaros some dangerous weapon who’s had her memories/emotions sealed away at this point, but both Nymph and her master’s evil smiles at the end make me think otherwise. Eishirou’s suspicious of Nymph’s intentions too, but I can’t really see her being an antagonist long term. Nymph seems to have something against keeping birds caged up, so I imagine this reflects her own situation in some way.

Not everything was on a serious note though. On the comedic side, we see the return of a watermelon in Ikaros’ arms as The Second, Sohara getting shown her place amongst Angeloids, masochistic guys who like being called bugs by Nymph, and Tomoki being suckered into trying to fly. The last happened because of Nymph’s involvement, but it was funny to see Eishirou and Mikako there to help things along. It was even better when they put a serious spin on things to make it seem like Tomoki would actually succeed, but if you’ve been watching this show at all for the past while, you’d know it was just a huge fake out. (Even though this particular scene was stunning.) I never once doubted that Tomoki would fall flat on his face and get owned, but it was nice to see him encourage Ikaros and Nymph to continue going to school afterwards. Other than that, I found it funny how Ikaros wrote her name using four kanji 「威伽露主」 that read I-KA-RO-SU, but made it needlessly complicated. As for some other interesting revelations, Tomoki surprisingly doesn’t see Ikaros in that way despite how good she looks. While that won you some points with Sohara, you’ve disappointed me as the master pervert Tomoki!


On a real world related note, the creator of Rocket Girls, Nojiri Housuke, was so inspired by the SoraOto flying pantsu ending that he decided to make his own rubberband-powered ornithopter to mimic it. Word is that he’s thinking about commercializing it as a toy too. See the video below for a demonstration. Can you imagine 100+ of these swarming the sky at once? It would be epic.


ED7 Sequence

ED7: 「ふり向くな君は美しい」 (Furimuku na Kimi wa Utsukushii) by イカロス(早見沙織), ニムフ(野水伊織), 見月そはら(美名伊織), 五月田根美香子(高垣彩陽), 桜井智樹(保志総一朗), 守形英四郎(鈴木達央)
Ikaros (Hayami Saori), Nymph (Nomizu Iori), Mitsuki Sohara (Mina), Satsukitane Mikako (Takagaki Ayahi), Sakurai Tomoki (Hoshi Souichirou), Sugata Eishirou (Suzuki Tatsuhisa)
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  1. Wow the production values of this show has remained consistently high. I wonder how they do it. The ep was hilarious as usual, and we even had some plot involved.
    On another note, LOL at flying Pantsu Ornithopters! I’d totally buy that. Heh I wonder what’s next, rocket powered Pantsu?


    – Good to see that Watermelon is back.

    – And series like these take a while before they have an actual plot – first you have to familiarize yourselves to the characters, then you actually see them go through conflicts and whatnot.

  3. info600
  4. info600:
    I think that goes along with the explanation of how Ikaros seems to be able to unlock her abilities when Tomoki needs her to. He asked her to fit in as discreetly as possible, so perhaps this is her way of unconsciously doing it.

  5. The way the anime seems to rationalize it is since she’s already inadvertantly accessed her abilities twice before, it seems to have become easier for her to kinda cheat the protection placed on her.

  6. @Newprimus
    If I wanted a plot, I’d watch Clannad. 😛
    Come on, half the people who watch this show watch it for the fanservice. I personally enjoy this anime for the master pervert Tomoki.

  7. divine
    I was only bringing that up cause
    Show Spoiler ▼

    …really, I shouldn’t be comparing this to the manga…WAY too much discrepancy now (even if it’s more or less still in line in general)

  8. When Nymph was accessing the amount of protection placed on Ikaros’ abilities, almost all of them were 100% protected(suppressed), except “abilities protection 99%” and “variable wing protection 72%”. And she can still cruise at Mach 24! She can reach escape velocity! Which means Ikaros can destroy the Earth since she, according to Nymph, “was the Uranus Queen who terrified the whole Synapse”. I think Nymph would stand no chance if Ikaros was at full power. Also, Nymph is jealous that Ikaros has such a nice master. Tomoki’s seen Ikaros naked, but has since seen her a little sister(pet?) which makes Sohara happy.

  9. was hoping they actually hide the wing, and sort of actually blending in… well… since no one found wings and metal ears/horns weird… guess they r blending in just fine…. feel bad for sohara now…

  10. A master pervert must hide his intentions from other prays. I have been caught looking at other females and I denied it until the end. Tomoki fooled Sohara and most of you. Not me the ecchi is coming for Ikaros muhahaha.

    Winged girls I can accept but the watermelon fetish is really suspicious.

    Island Esper
  11. It would be nice if the seal on Ikaros memories are unlocked cuz right now she is so vulnerable even Tomo takes advantage of her but thats different to what Nymph might do to her now that she has revealed her intentions literally speaking.

  12. Actually, it’s better that information is still sealed for now or it would wreck a pivotal moment in the next episode, assuming they leave it intact from the corresponding chapter.

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