While on a train, Suou and July draw the attention of Kiko and her friend because Suou looks similar to an anime character. Since Suou is sick, they decide to take her and July in, and they clothe and feed the two. When Suou mentions wanting to go to Ikebukuro to find her mother, Kiko decides to bring her to Gai, and Gai takes the case after Suou presents him with the money that she’s saved up. Elsewhere in the city, Misaki has found a hidden message from Amber, and it leads her to the Mitaka documents which tell a story of Izanami and Izanagi and the consequences of them meeting. Her job is made harder though by the fact that her organization is hiding the location of Izanami from her and Genma. Gai meanwhile finds the spot where Suou’s mother took one of the photo’s in her book, and while he and the others are downstairs talking with the manager of the building, Suou looks at the gate wall through her camera.

To Suou’s surprise, an unfamiliar woman – Madame Oreille – suddenly appears and, knowing who Suou is, informs her that her mother is flying in that night to Haneda Airport. She also questions who Suou really wants to see, and while Suou is thinking about this, Madame Oreille disappears. Nevertheless, Suou tells Gai and Kiko about the new lead, and they take her to the airport. Also at the airport are Youko and Mina, and Youko gets lured away by Hei. Genma and Misaki have realized that something is up, and they arrive just in time to see Hei carrying an unconscious Youko away. Hei manages to get away from them and knocks out Mina in a brief battle, so he’s able to escape with Youko. Back inside the airport, Suou is reunited with her mother, and Gai and Kiko decide to leave since they’ve completed their job. Suou’s mother is happy to see her child, however she thinks that Suou is actually Shion. Suou waits until she’s in the car with her mother to tell her who she actually is, and this shocks her mother because she thinks Suou died eight years ago.


So the twist at the end of the episode was nice. Well, not necessarily the twist itself (which didn’t surprise me as much as it made me yell because I could see it coming as soon as Suou’s mother stopped the car), but definitely with how they built up to it by ending the episode on a cliffhanger and then using the epilogue segment to cliffhanger again. It made me wonder if the eight years ago number corresponds with any major event, like the disappearance of Heaven’s Gate, or it was just some accident. Either way, the preview seems to hint that Suou is going to find out that everything about her life was a lie, and I wouldn’t be shocked if her father’s research or Shion’s power had something to do with how she’s alive now.

What I didn’t expect to see was Amber’s continued involvement in the plot (partly because I had completely forgotten what her powers were), and her brief reappearance was sort of creepy. The whole Izanami/Izanagi thing is much more foreboding too now, and I’m curious to see what Shion is planning. As a whole, the episode was a lot heavier on plot than I thought it’d be, though Gai and Kiko (and Mao and July) were still the source of some amusement. It’s good to see that they’re not wasting too much time, however I do wonder if the Mina stuff they brought up this episode is going to lead anywhere. In any case, there are only three more episodes to go, so I imagine things are only going to keep getting more exciting.


  1. loli Amber scared the shit outta me!!

    consequences of Izanami and Izanagi meeting up… as in Suou meeting Yin? With just three episodes left, I really hope they won’t give us an ending like in Eden.

  2. It’s nice to see the old Hei back and as kick ass as ever but, I’m surprised that he didn’t have an extra mask.

    The moment I saw Suou’s mom’s expression, I could already guess that she thought Suou was dead but, the question now is why? Are they trying to hide Shion from the mom or did Suou really die. Hopefully the next ep. will explain that.

    Unrelated to the show (well, still kind of), I read up that the OVA is to bridge the gap b/w the first and second season but, I want to know is it gonna include content from the manga or is it gonna be totally original?

    Just curious.

  3. I don’t give a shit about anything but the fact that Hei is back and kicked ass in this episode. The fight scene was gorgeous! I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!! Reminded me why I loved the first series so much.

    Now, just give him his powers back and we can have the True DTB season 2 T____T

  4. i’m totally blast off in the end, the thing that Suon had died, it kindda resemble the part where Suon’s father was killed by Hei but later that he’s alive, maybe that’s Sion power??? Anyway, happy to see Hei back in action….

  5. Sweet, glorious development. Those 2 idiots just had to show up again but who cares about them. Now I can definitely see them wrapping this up soon (or just starting it off). Shion has one devilish of a hax of a power that I have to look forward to & I’m not talking about the silly gun, that gun is actually real.

    The ass-kicking Hei is just too much & yet, I want to see more. If Hei’s gonna have anything to do with Shion’s hax other than the fake Hei & prof, then he’s gonna have to get his powers back, but he would still find some way to own them if he didn’t get them back.

    As for Suou, I said b4 that she may have something to do with Shion’s power. That along with Amber’s creepiness about him & Yin makes me wonder just how what I think Shion’s power will accomplish. How are they gonna tie this all together w/o making it weird as hell. I want MOAR 😛

  6. Love the twist. Does that mean Suou is not THE Suou or was she just hidden from her mom? can’t wait to see what comes next.

    Also Hei capturing Youko = “give me back my powers bee-yotch!”. He’s already shaved and cut his hair, so its the only logical step for BK-201 to come full circle. Anyone want to take bets that Youko will get attracted to Hei? This is Hei we’re talking about.

  7. Perhaps Shion can create ‘people’ with his ability. At first we’re led to think that Shion’s injuries were the result of the meteor impact, but then we find that Shion’s remuneration was being unable to walk. We’re never told when he used his power or what it did, but we know that it was paid for by the time he escaped. We also see that Suou’s father is killed, but later we see him with Shion and that Shion is immobilized again. These entities that Shion projects may be continuously linked to him, which would explain how he communicated with Suou during the escape.

    But then again this is a show with magic, so who knows really.

  8. I’m not all that hype fro Hei to get his powers back because he can already take on people of Contractor level either in a one-to-one fight or in groups. He did fight in the Contractor War and is the Black Reaper.

    But, I believe Hei’s ability might be key yet again.

  9. Why do people think that Suou lived? At least as a normal human? Was she not the one that was engulfed by the meteorite in ep 1? There was that human silhouette in the flames and the grandfather and the other child with the eye wound (had to be Shion because the wound matched up with his current figure in that sealed room)having that major shock / horror look in their faces. I was honestly surprised to see Suou alive when they showed her later on… I just figured the meteorite did something to her like assumed her shape or assimilated with her.

  10. @Avalanche
    I honestly don’t know, because there’s a rather noticeable difference between Oreille and Amber’s bust sizes.

    I am awfully disappointed with this Mitaki Document cop out. They are grasping at straws to find a way to revive a fraction of Amber’s significance to please certain fans. First, how many frakking times do they expect us to believe that she traveled backwards in time? Except when she forced the explosion, Amber only would have been able to proceed chronologically to the moment the Syndicate activated the device from season one. If she were not to have reversed time by that specific moment, she and all the other contractors would have been dead. There are only two ways around this: 1) To have proceeded in a timeline that did not involve the Heaven’s Gate explosion, and thus, the Syndicate’s plans for the destruction of the contractors via their experiments with Heaven and Hell’s Gates. While it’s probable she lived such a future and altered the past according to it (that is, used her knowledge of an alternate future to initiate the events leading to the destruction of Heaven’s Gate), doing so would have also altered the future so as to void her knowledge of specific events, especially of those that would extend beyond her eventual death. Only her knowledge of generalized events would still matter (i.e. her prediction of the evolution of contractors and dolls). Of course, this would fail to explain her knowledge about Suou and this god awful prediction; or 2) To have already gone through the events documented by the first season. That is, Amber already would have altered events so as to result in Hei’s decision to render the anti-contractor device useless and lived through a future based on those actions. However, that would mean that reversing time to a point after the events of the first season would have been an infinitely better choice than going back to a point before the events of the first season (what with contractors being rational and incapable of irrational behavior). Second, what would be the point of keeping a record of such exclusive knowledge when its exclusivity is the source of one’s power? Such information is bound to fall into the wrong hands and a contractor would be foolish to risk keeping such records (see above point about rationality). Third, in the final plot-related episode, the weird old lady from the first series said that everyone was entering a future that had not been seen before. There would be no point in including that if they were planning to use a cop out to explain the plot progression of series two.

    p.s. Is it me or were those two slightly more tolerable in series one?

  11. i actually was a little surprised from that part after the credits, as well as the sorta-reappearance of amber (loli amber gave me the creeps again seeing her like that). personally this story plot has not and now is not disappointing at all and with only 3 episodes left this show throws all the others im watching down the drain practically

  12. @Kaliayev: technically, we are not sure of the extent of Amber’s power. In S1, she apparently uses it to slow down the world to standstill while still having time flow for her. Clearly, with that power, she would have been incapable of going to the future and coming back, because no matter how much you slow down time, you cannot actually *return*.

    However, there are a few points that need to be made in regards as to how this can actually happen:

    1. When she timestops upon reunion with Hei, despite the henchman’s terrified remark as to there being a limit to her renumeration, she doesn’t really visible timewarp. In fact, she doesn’t get all that visibly younger until the very end. This means that her renumeration is EXTREMELY favorable to her in time-to-age ratio.

    2. In her final timestop, she goes from about 7 years old to gone. Assuming that her renumeration is extremely favorable, that means she could’ve easily been to multiple years’ worth of points in time in the future. Naturally, she does not return, but she does travel forward and, in that thirty seconds that passed for Hei, probably lived out a year or so of time. And in that timespan, traveling through the timestream as she did, she could have created those documents.

    3. Her final timestop was inside the very nexus of a pile of “screw reality” matter during the moment of its total instability. God knows what burning out all of her power allowed her to actually do.

    4. She joined Hei’s sister. She might, in fact, now be inside of Hei.

    For the reasons above, I’m not really willing to discount her reappearance as running out of ideas. If anything, I think she makes the plot that much more interesting.

  13. Hei’s not a hobo anymore! w00t w00t!

    Now all he needs is old mask and powers. Then we’ll be all set.
    ANd Amber’s back? This keeps getting better and better.

    And whatever happened to suspension of disbelief? Come on people! It’s a SHOW. Quit trying to reason with an anime. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the fireworks….

    That, and I really liked Amber. I hope she returns. She serves as a great Deus Ex Machina. And she’s not as bad as some OTHER ex Machinas I could name.

  14. NOW I GET ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. I hope they bring havoc and Amber back…..and was great to see the fight between hei and hazuki..though i wish it lasted longer.
    As for the series itself, it has only 3 more episode to go……so i guess we will be expecting a third season..?

  16. @Neco
    u really paid attention to the first episode, u are so right about what happened to Suou after the explosion Shion mentions Suou’s name and the pendant that she wears now was probably on her neck on that day although that was two years ago and then the mother revealed that Suou died eight years, now that would mean that Suou was five years old when she died and also died at age eleven and that she is a clone created by her father or Shion and it just occured to me that Shion purpose for doing all this is so that Izanami and Izanagi meet.

  17. ME too, I get the feeling by myself that Madame Oreille is Ambe, without even having to read anything on other blogs that says it might be the case. Otherwise, how could she disappear all the time.

  18. OK, so we know that Shion became a contractor 2 yrs ago. So he couldn’t have used his powers on Suou 8 yrs ago. So she’s either a clone by her father or some other bs that this show could pour on us. Also during that explosion, Shion saw what appeared to be a spectoral projection. He call out to it as Suou. We also know that Izanami is Yin. The only question is who is Izanagi. Its either Suou or Shion.

    As for Shion’s power, it could very well have something to do with the power to create/destroy clones & he definitely used it atleast once already. I find it hard to believe that the prof had some clone of himself saved up for a rainy day, & on that day he went & activated it only for it to be killed by Hei (who either lied about it or was a clone of Shion). There are just too many open ended questions right now with hardly any facts. But this series seem to be based on those kind of predictions anyway 😛

  19. @Neco: Agreed. The little we’re shown of the metorite impact doesn’t match up with what we’re seeing now.

    Possibly Shion’s power is to change the past, like Amber mentioned?

    Also. Hei. So Badass. <3<3<3

  20. Either some intelligence group modified Suou’s mother’s memories, or the current Suou is a clone (Doll?) with her old memories (minus death by meteorite) attached. It would go a small way to explain how she could so easily turn into a Contractor.

    And Hei is finally back! We missed the old Hei. Well, this Hei still doesn’t have his powers, but at least he got that coat and those knives back again! Now, I’m looking forward to Hei breaking a couple of bones for information on Yin’s whereabouts in the next episode. Bring back ruthless Hei!

  21. Awesome ep and it seems Hei is going all out on trying to rescue Yin, I’m happy about that. But at the moment suou’s situation is really interesting as well, i hope they don’t rush anything.

  22. Yeah, I’m sooooo happy Hei shaved!! It’s about time, indeed! HMPH.

    But, I loved the scene where Mou is sending the “evil eye”. How ironic that he did meet in a “previousl life”. And the end of the episode does leave my head scratching for sure.. Hmm.. *rubs chin* (So far, this has to be my fav episode because it contains no weird scenes, Hei shaved, and the whole loli-cosplay thing which is kind…)

  23. ^ I mean to say: but, the whole loli-cosplay thing was kind of..ehhhh… =.= Expected though, because the “pink hair” is always like that!! AWwwahh.. But, they do add in some nice breather I suppose. To add on, yaaay for more Hei action! Brief at the end, but niiiice.

    Hopefully, they do have an idea where this story is going. I don’t want to see something rushed. =.=

  24. I really hope Hei gets to the Tokyo Gate soon and gets his powers back..

    And is the 12 episode number really set in stone?? AniDB doesn’t show a final episode count yet, but according to them, only 12 have been revealed thus far?

  25. Nice, nice, Hei back in action. But about his powers, I still think that they have somehow been transferred into Suou back then in episode 2, it seemed to me that her pendant sucked it up. And now we now that she isn’t supposed to be living anymore, just what is she…
    Can’t wait until next week…

  26. not the meteor accident, as it was explicitly showed in ep.1 that it happened two years ago, during the “Tokyo Explosion”. But as someone pointed out, 8 years does match the time Heaven’s Gate disappeared.
    I have my bets on Suou being a doll with memory implanted from the original Suou that died (like they did with Chiaki back in season 1). This also makes sense of Dr. Pavlichenko changing the family registry TWICE, once to bring Suou back to life, and once to erase Shion. Hmmm… I wonder what Shion’s powers are…
    All in all, can’t wait till next week…

  27. @Rush

    Yep…i do realized that the number 4697635 is used for the Mitaka Documents, which is being used for the password for deposit box in DtB OVA. About Suou, she died 8 years ago coincidentally with the disappearance of Heaven’s Gate. maybe there is a connection with her death.
    About Dr. Pavlichenko changing the family registry, now i understand why did Tanya ask Suou in ep. 3 when they met at the train station. she asked something like: “Does shion really exist, or is it just you?” And about Shion’s power, i think it is quite similar to Suou’s, which is materializing his/one’s wish. Suou materializes a PTRD sniper rifle but then it vanishes after being used, but Shion’s PTRD remains, which means that he could permanently materialized items/people or whatsoever he wishes for (like the corpse of his ‘dead’ father, Dr. Pavlichenko).
    Another thing, what’s with the anti-gravity cars passing behind people in Tokyo, when Gai and the gang looked for information on Suou’s mother? How can’t they realized that it/they was/were out of place? were they being MEd in realtime?
    Ah well, looks like the story is coming to an end…and i hope no more cliffhangers.

  28. I dunno…to me that ep 1 meteor crash scene the blue silhouette that Shion views looked very much like Yin’s “all water” form…not that it means anything. It does seem like Shions power may be to materialize people…but Hei said he did not kill the doctor when Suou asked him a few episodes ago.

    My main question is…why was Hei working for Madame in the beginning to capture Shion? If she can just magically pop up and talk to Suou you’d think she could do the same and snatch Shion. I don’t think she’s Amber…i think somehow between her and those 2 yellow haired twins she hangs with she can project herself in different places. Unfortuantely…the way things are heading this will end like the first season with several unanswered questions. The formula is more frustrating than satisfying. Glad to see Hei fight…too bad it was for 10 seconds.

  29. seems like the turning point of the series and my favorite episode so far. the last twist was suprising even tho i was fairly sure it was gonna happen but that expression on her moms face and suou’s happiness before the meeting just made it heartbreaking. i think its sorta like how hei’s sister lives inside him there mite be someone living inside suou and keeping her alive


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