While Saten and her friends are off enjoying their newly developed powers, Kuroko and Uiharu have their hands full dealing with all the other people who have used the Level Upper. Uiharu has been in contact with Kiyama Harumi, and she passes along the idea put forth by Kuroko and Mikoto that synesthesia is how the Level Upper works. While on her way to meet the scientist, Uiharu gets a phone call from Saten who is in shock after one of her friends had suddenly collapsed while using her powers. Saten confesses everything that she did with the Level Upper, and she blames herself for everything that’s happened. Hearing the shock and fear in her friend’s voice, Uiharu reassures her that things will be okay and that she personally will wake her up if something happens. Uiharu feels that, with or without an ability, Saten is still Saten and her friend. All of this makes Saten feel better, but by the time Uiharu arrives at her apartment, Saten is unconscious.

Uiharu ends up taking Saten to the hospital and leaving Mikoto and Kuroko to watch over their friend while she personally goes to see Kiyama. Mikoto in particular feels guilty about not being able to respond correctly during her last talk with Saten, and she wants to help out in the Level Upper investigation. By chance, the two are approached by the frog-faced Heaven Canceler who has noticed that there’s been a common brainwave pattern in all the Level Upper victims so far, and he thinks this is what’s affecting them. Based on this, Kuroko and Mikoto return to their Judgment office and get Konori Mii’s help in searching the data banks for a match. In the process, they theorize that the Level Upper actually connects ability users in a sort of brain network, and joining such a network brings an improvement in performance. Their database search eventually gives them a hit too: Kiyama Harumi. At that very moment, Uiharu is in Kiyama’s office and notices a bunch of research on synesthesia even though the scientist had earlier claimed to have overlooked the subject. When Kiyama finds Uiharu snooping, she handcuffs her and takes her somewhere in her car.


I’m a bit apathetic about this episode. It was interesting to see what Saten’s special ability was – it appears to be wind control of some sort – but that was very brief, and she was soon panicking. The then theoretically touching scene between her and Uiharu didn’t really do anything for me. I mean, I could tell they were going for that emotional punch, and I can’t really say that they did anything poorly, so maybe I just wasn’t as invested enough in their characters to care that much (and this is after I thought they did a good job developing Saten’s character last episode).

The later segment where the girls theorized the scientific workings of the Level Upper went a little too long as well, reminding me a lot of the kinds of complex discussions and explanations that seemed all too common in Index, and I don’t consider that a good thing. It still only sort of makes sense to me how the Level Upper works, but at least now the real antagonist has been introduced (or so I assume), and things are starting to heat up. Come to think of it, the preview was probably the only thing this episode that got a significant reaction out of me, and I’m very interested in seeing what Kiyama can do.


  1. “Theoretically touching”. Adding that one to my vocabulary right now.

    Glad to see a breakthrough in this case at last, though it’s just further confirmation that there isn’t much left to tell from this point on. Here’s hoping the last couple of episodes will blow me away completely.

    And put Touma back in, for crying out loud. I’ve heard some say that less of him is better, mostly from those who’ve seen Index – but I haven’t and I’ve got no carryover grudge against this chap. Best side character of the season in my view (well, second to Uiharu at any rate).

  2. Yeah, Touma won’t be there guys. Sorry. It shouldn’t even be a spoiler. I mean, the show is CALLED To Aru Kaguku no RAILGUN.RAILGUN. If Mikoto doesn’t take care of it, then the show’s title would be meaningless. If Touma appeared and took care of everything, then that would be like Albus Dumbledore coming out of nowhere and owning Voldemort’s pale a$% before Harry ever got a chance.

  3. i thought that part was touching. i think im getting too emotional.

    i thought the second part was like an explanation so that its all kickass action next week. i liked it but then again im an index fan so.. yea.

  4. Well, firing squad of counterskill mooks versus villain in the preview seems to indicate she’s really powerful…
    I like Saten and am worried about her very much…
    Touma can lend a hand here and there, but this is Mikoto’s show.
    OTOH Index barely did any fighting in show with her in the title…
    Kuroko hanging the street punks to wait for arrest was fun :3

  5. Zero: What about Index barely getting to fight in her own show than?
    XD I see no “Touma” in the title “To Are Majutsu no INDEX”!!!

    I kinda feel bad how the anime made that Uiharu-Saten scene only theoreically touching.
    I mean sure, it’s not as if it was one of the most touching events in anime\manga history, but it kinda made me a bit sad and worried when I read that in the manga… Made me care.
    X3 And thier reunion scene was also REALLY cute.

  6. The mangaka was lazy. JC staff was even lazier. In the manga, Saten and friend’s abilities were never revealed/implied they didn’t gain abilities iirc. Here they just give everyone psychokinesis. Really now? If they manage a Level 5, Accelerator-chan is gonna be crying.

  7. Anyone else wish that they would’ve played more of the music at 21:45? I got excited just as it cut off =/

    The beginning was nice, I like that they developed Saten a little more. Also liked how they started portraying Kuroko in a more serious light since the last episode. I’m excited for the end, it should be alot of fun since they’ve saved a decent number of episodes for it. I would say they still need to work on integrating explanations a bit better instead of just telling us them in a long winded fashion.

  8. well the real clif hanger was the question to Uiharu: ” The purpose of the flowers on her head ?! ” Will we ever know the answer! 🙂

    I did like how Uiharu and Mikoto had flashback about Saten trying to convey what she found. Somehow they are sharing the blame for the situation. Even Uiharu had a two second weakness when she had the lever upper. Not that Saten is completly out of guilt for using it. However it think she had only one shot of it. Because her friends were lifting heavy stuff, while she only spins some leaves. (BTW that’s enough power to lift skirts from now on; Uiharu watch out!) As for their powers being the same yes it was a bit of a let down; but the point of the lever upper is to have brains in the same wave patern. Too bad we are going to lose our resident scientific stripper.

    Island Esper
  9. Well, this long explanation about the Lever Upper wasn’t as meaningless as the ones in Index. I mean, we now know that this Level Upper is somewhat similiar to the Misaka Network. I think, they can only use this network becouse they already have the same brainwave…

  10. is it just me or did anyone else notice those words >> ” saten always has a charm with her..she said she got it from her mother..before she came to academy city”
    by any chance could this charm be a limiter to her ability..could she actually be an ability user and her mother gave her the charm on purpose?!!
    ..strange thought i know but still cant help it.. >_<

  11. The funniest moment for me this week: Macindows EXP/Outel Cora i7/Outside™. XD

    That was a hilarious reference, and shame on you for leaving it out. Just kidding.

    I also found the phone conversation between Uiharu and Saten to be very touching and a bit cheesy, but I’m not complaining on that. As far as the long exposition, I thought it was very well paced. Overall, this episode did a good job in setting up Mikoto’s first awesome fight next week.

  12. @SomeKindaNick: To aru majutsu no Index was a one-shot when it become a series, the tittle name was kept for marketing reasons, the protagonist in the the series are:
    1)Touma Kamijou, involved with most events of the magic side.
    2)Accelerator, involved with most events of the science side.

    The other characters have some protagonism depending the situations like Kaori, Index, Tsuchimikado, Styl or Show Spoiler ▼

    I really want to know why the people thinks that uiharu flowers and Saten charm are limiters XD.
    In that situation, that scene wasn’t funny like I wanted :S.

  13. I’ve read the books and thus know what is coming but yet I got all teary eyed in this episode. It may not have touched Omni but it sure did me. I guess I am just a sucker for that kind of thing.

    @SnooSnoo: The psychokinesis of Saten’s friend is shown in the manga, when the friend lifts another into the air. I did find it strange that both her and her friend were shown to have it this episode and Saten’s wasn’t shown at all. Oh well, silly animators.

  14. Wow.., looking at the episode, if Railgun goes to 2nd cour, then we might have Sisters arc after all!

    But, then, another season of Index will also be very much welcomed, with the Academy City Festival arc

  15. Saten’s friends = Level 1 or Level 2 telekinetics

    Uiharu = Level 1 chlorokinetic (flowers on her head). However, she is much more useful for her computer hacking and information gathering abilities in Judgement. At Level 5, she would be similar to Poison Ivy from the Batman comics (without the cleavage). At her current level, she is not immune to antigens like Poison Ivy/Swamp Thing and is actually more prone to getting sick instead.

    Saten = Level 1+ aerokinetic (with Level Upper). At Level 5, she would be similar to Yagami Kazuma from Kaze no Stigma or Cyclone from DC Comics. At a higher level, she would also be able to use wind to mentally lift skirts up Marilyn Monroe-style to satisfy her panties obsession.

  16. I like the Saten girl, mostly because of her personality and a little of her appearance. I wish everything comes to a happy end that we see Saten finally becomes a level 1+ ability user.

  17. LOL at Onee-sama’s description of Saten’s potential at Level 5. Though I don’t think the flowers on Uiharu’s head have anything to do with her near non-existent powers. Besides, as you said, Uiharu’s more talented in her computer hacking skillz.

    Anyway, Zero, to use a better analogy which everyone here would be more familiar: For Touma to appear in the climax would exactly be like Gundam Seed Destiny, with the Godlike Kira and Archangel crew stealing Shinn and Co’s thunder ALL THE TIME.

    BTW, is it me or does the synchronisation of the brain waves of all these Level Upper users seem to remind me of the Misaka Network? Though in Misaka’s case, those were all clones of Mikoto.

    PS: Anyone find Kuroko’s memory stick-like cellphone with a pullout keypad cool?

    Kinny Riddle
  18. Just to add to Island Esper’s post, the reason Saten-san is constantly lifting up poor Uiharu’s skirt is simply a harmless way to take out all her previous frustration on being a lowly Level 0 all this time on her. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  19. Itachi and Sasuke moment, heh.

    Also, I haven’t read the manga, but I think (hope) Touma shows up and he’ll get owned (he can’t stop a bridge from collapsing under his feet) by stripper lady because she knows his weakness (he can stop any ability but not the indirect result of an ability) and the Railgun will show up and break her defense (those bullets by Antiskills aren’t going to do anything, she’ll pull a Magneto). Mikoto’s attack power will be greater than Kiyama’s barrier, because she’s a true level 5 and not a level-uppered level 5.

  20. @Samu: Touma is not going to appear in this arc anymore, only for the next arc ending. And no, Kiyama doesn’t knows Touma power, the only ones are Show Spoiler ▼

    the other charas of the science side like Mikoto, Kuroko, etc still don’t have any idea about Touma power.

  21. If I was a writer I would just make Saten a magic user (her charm being a magical item), as the reason for her weak ability.

    @Kinny Riddle:
    Shinn was one of the worst characters in anime history. He is like a bastardized copy of Kamille from Zeta Gundam even more ridden with angst and illogical personality. Stella was a crackhead moronic version of Four. Four was way beyond cooler than Stella. Not to mention sexy.


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