So it looks like we can revive the discussion about whether Lelouch is dead or alive. According to a graphic on the mobile phone site for Code Geass, a new Geass project has been green-lit. Somehow, I’m not too shocked that this is happening, and really it was only a matter of time before Sunrise came back to this successful franchise. Two of the possibilities that came to mind are that it could be a direct sequel to R2, or it could be a completely different take, like Mai-Otome was to Mai-HiME. Astute observers will note that this announcement coincides with Lelouch’s birthday. There’s no word yet either whether it’ll be an OVA or full series or what, but apparently there’ll be more news in the new year.


  1. Can’t see it being a direct sequel to R2 since pretty much everything was wrapped up and the only question left was whether Lelouch is actually alive or not. I’d rather that left unanswered as all good series have such endings where people are still left talking about something long after it ends.
    My bet is on Mai-Otome style thing. Either that or an OVA is the only real way to take the franchaise forward.

  2. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hope they dont do a direct sequel because I consider the anime being perfectly done and if they continue theres a very high possibility that they’ll ruin their perfect record. However an alternate universe or whatever would be nice, cant get enough Geass 🙂

  3. Probably is Knightmare of Nunnally, or maybe a sequel to R2… i’m just don’t want to give myself many expectations about this… i know by experience that each sequel make quality declines, and R2 was proof of that… at least, the quality of the first season was better… more character development.

  4. hmmmm, hope its about lelouch not a new character. At the same time I dont want lelouch to be alive, cause his zero requiem would not be meaningful if hes not dead ~”~ it would just be him brushing his responsibility to suzaku >:) either way cant wait

  5. An OVA would be fine, but not another series with the same cast please. The story is finished. All conflict has been dealt with, except for Lelouche’s possible survival and CC’s real name there are no open ends.
    If there is to be another series it should either take place a long time before or a long time after Code Geass.

  6. I dunno if I can be happy about it – I think the way R2 ended was good and it should stay that way (personal I think Lelouch lives).
    The idea for an alternate setting like with the Mai Hime/ Otome series sounds interesting, although I’m not sure in which way they could do that with Code Geass.

    Besides those thoughts I agree with you Omni – this thing was so sure like the amen in the church.. (milk the money cow, MILK it!!.. >.<)


    FINALLY! Something I can TRULY look forward to anime-wise.

    Really though, I think lots of us knew this was the start of a franchise. They could continue the current story, with or without Lelouch, or they could even just do a whole different universe.

  8. LOL

    Unless the “rebirth” part means it will be reboot of R2, this time portraying the director’s original vision that Sunrise decided to throw out, then I guess its something to look forward to. But if “rebirth” means Lelouch comes back from the grave… hahahahaha!

  9. I suppose it was only a matter of time. I thought the series ended well enough, though open I suppose, without any real need to continue. It honestly would be kind of annoying to see some sequel where everything goes to hell again, even if it was inevitible.

    Not really looking forward to any sort of AU or OVA either though Nightmare of Nunnally in a short series would be all right I suppose. I’d rather they just leave the series be without screwing it up further.

  10. Hell yeah 😀
    Lelouch had gotten code v’s code from defeating his father so he should of been imortal, but who knows.

    However, if you pay close attention to season 1, I believe there was another code.
    What’s her name’s father had been working on someone with a code before he died, but it wasn’t cc and it certainly wasn’t vv.

    So essentually, I think another code has gotten lose because of Lelouch’s direct actions when he cause that avalanch.

    Then again I could be completely wrong.
    Still, that still sticks in the back of my mind and was never answered wth it was all about.

    I know that general guy was working with cc before hand, but that chicks(I can’t rmemeber her name sorry, the orange haired chick that was killed by rolly) father was obviously working with a diffrent one because cc was out and about on top of the mountin with lelouch.

  11. If they did a complete retake, it would probably be the first time I would welcome such a thing. I thought R2, while enjoyable, really lacked a lot the focus and plot cohesiveness found in the first series. Anyway I am glad to see Geass back in any form.

  12. I have to agree with shadowblack, there was allot of things that could of been improved on in R2. With the first being them killing off and bringing back every single minor character and several major ones as well. That and there where several big plot holes where they never did explain why Lelouch decided to piss of the Chinese rebellion. When he finally did win, he gave control back to the Chinese revolutionaries! There was no point for him to piss them off instead of helping them other than to cause a more lopsided battle for him to get out of. It seemed out of character to me.

    There were other things that annoyed me about R2, so if they were to redo it and fix them, I would be happy.

  13. lol Never redo a story!!! it becomes a feeble attempt to invalidate the first one and divides the fanbase aswell as makes the overall concept stagnant! (gundam seed,destiny nuff sed)

  14. Perhaps they’ll follow the “Knightmare of Nunally” or “Suzaku of the Counterattack” manga(s) in the new series, which would be similar as it would focus around geass but then branch off into something new like the FMA brotherhood series. Personally I’m hoping they have a series that follows Lelouch (either a continuation or a retake on the story) because he is the character that makes the series for me.

  15. oh this is bad if a sequel will rise from sunrise. i wish they just make a remake of legend of galactic heroes, a sunrise version with cool animation, because that anime don’t have cheesy politics and chess like CG, but one of the protagonist is lelouch/yagami like.

  16. Interesting. Going off the “or it could be a completely different take, like Mai-Otome was to Mai-HiME” possibility, there are different versions of the manga. There’s the Lelouch one that was what the first 2 series were on but then there’s also a Suzaku and a Nunally-the White Witch version, too.

  17. [picture translation]

    Project has been Green-Lit!”
    Wait for a follow-up report in 2010!!

    This is the rebirth… the day of a new birth.
    Starting today, the geass will approach a new phase.
    Before long, you all shall surely be in the sway of a new geass.
    Hope for it. Anticipate it. Burn for it!

    Have you forgotten?
    How similar a geass is to battle.
    That’s right.
    If you all do battle, then the geass will once again…


    Ayu Ohseki
  18. So.. is there a reason why it is assumed that this is a video release? It very well could be, as mentioned, a drama cd. It could be a radio drama (unlikely, as that wouldn’t really classify as a project I think). It could also be another Geass video game. Worse, it could be a crap mobile phone game that would be a waste of everyone but the diehard’s time.

    I’d like to see another story based in the Geass universe personally, but I think it’d be wisest to wait for an announcement detailing what this project is. If this is indeed a video release, someone please clue me in.

    neon code macross: rebirth of the rebellion of the false diva 00
  19. IF it were a NEW series my guess:

    During the distruction of the cult lelouch missed a pair of twins with geass powers! they surivved the onslaught and sowre revenge on the one who destroyed thier ‘home’

    Recognising what happened (from left over information in the period and so forth they realise that the current ‘peceful’ world is built on the lies of a single individual and set about undoing the fake world and bringing truth to light! :12 years pass and thier plan begins

    first casualty: Zero!! (suzaku)

    Hehehe… if only ohwell

  20. i maybe to happy to hear the news, but at the same time, its sad… R2 already had one of the best endings…and now theyre making a new one…hope its not a sequel, but at the same time i wish 4 it 2 be a sequel

  21. Perhaps they will remake R2 the way it was supposed to be, since it didnt go the way Taniguchi wanted. Another possibility is it takes place in the Geass universe some other time period with different characters (with potentially C.C) that goes into deeper detail on what the Code/God/universe is, though since they have Zero on the ad I dunno, maybe a OVA. I don’t really see potential to continue the current series since it seems everything was resolved (or it will be shitty like Gundam SEED destiny).

  22. I don’t care if it’s a retake or a sequel. If it’s a sequel, then it’s just more Code Geass story for me. If it’s a retake, then I hope they fix everything that was wrong with R2.

  23. Omggg so excited. As interesting as a code geass suzaku Of the counterattack sounds like a good idea I wouldn’t be too pleased if there was no more Leloucg. Also I’ve read Nightmare of Nunally and I don’t personally like the idea Lelouch not having the geass and Nunally having it. Saying that I did only read half of NofN 🙂

  24. Suzaku of the counterattack and Nightmare of Nunally were absolutely terrible I really hope they don’t make a anime with that. Suzaku using a powerranger suit beating up black knights (looks like that lancelot suit a student was wearing in on of the Ashford episodes) was so fail lol.

  25. Why do many people say that Geass was “wrapped” up in R2. I think there were many unexplained things in Geass like what is Geass? What were those flashback images that CC showed Lelouch? If the Nun gave CC her Geass then how did VV get his?

    As far as i’m concerned the essence of Geass was left unexplained. I know that there’s the old argument that Lelouch may be alive, but seriously aren’t the questions above valid? Don’t they deserve an answer?

    R2 may have finished with Lelouch’s story but as Sunrise said “Geass cannot die it just ended.”

  26. Personally i felt that the last 3-4 episodes of R2 were rushed and it they didnt end it aswell as the could have. The story got a bit weird with the emperor, lelouchs greatest enemy the one hed been striving to kill all series being killed in episode 21, it was kinda anticlimactic to me. I didnt really see Schneizel as a big antagonist as they never really built him up and so the final battle didnt seem right, however i think lelouch’s death was a good way to give closure as it had been heavily foreshadowed. Personally id be in favour for a remake of the last 4-5 episodes of R2 with a different plot including the emperor until the end instead of Schniezel. I hope they dont make a sequel to R2 with lelouch somehow ressurected as it would ruin the shows quality and it would feel like a retcon an attempt by sunrise to milk it and make more money.

  27. im pretty sure lelouch is dead and theyre just going back to the series from either a different POV or an altogether different story with the same characters. (like fullmetal alchemist and fullmetal alchemist brotherhood)

    Also there are many mangas that show the story using other characters like suzaku of the counterattack

  28. I think it’s time to milk the franchise to the ground like how omni said in his post. Just hope they don’t try to force it so bad just to make money to make the audience hate it.

    Like how the first Shuffle! series was loved by so many ppl and then the 2nd season screwed it up for all of us and made it more of a fanservice.

    Like the Great Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi Series started from awesome to a disappointment( i mean the supposed have been the 2nd series when 8 episode r pretty much worst than a filler)

  29. no, no new season that’s a direct sequal. It was a good ending overall. It’ll suck if they reveal if lulu actually lived and became R.R. or simply died. It’s a nice ambiguous ending.

    If it’s a sequal and not a parallel universe, it should take far far into the future with total new cast. (with exception of immortals like C.C. or if Lulu became R.R.)

  30. @OMNI:
    As much as I want a sequel to R2, I just cant see them making a new plot for it by making a new series again. What I can tell from what they might do at most is do an OVA or Movie explaining the events that happened to R2 that wasn’t explained or shown to us during R2, for example:

    1. After Lelouch erased his parents existence in the World of C, Suzaku was about to face of Lelouch, then we get the 1 month later scene as we all know is one of the best highlights of R2 when Lelouch revealed that he is the new emperor and Suzaku to be his Knight of Zero. So this 1 month that doesn’t explain to us how Suzaku who used to be so resolve against defeating and to kill Lelouch, all of a sudden joined forces with him. So I bet an OVA will explain what happened within this 1 month.

    2. After Lelouch successfully conquered the whole world by defeating Schneizel and the Black Knights. Once again we have time skip towards 2 months later, where once again we dont know how Suzaku survived and met up with Lelouch, as well as how Cornelia and the others set up a resistance, etc. So I guess an OVA for this again.

    Although I hope they prove me wrong by actually making a new series that is direct sequel to R2, rather than an OVA, Movie, or a Spin off series.


  32. i’m both apprehensive (afterall, something was incredibly beautiful about lelouch giving up his life for the sake of a better world), but i can’t help but feel like a squealing excited school girl over this. sunrise! dont disappoint me! >A< my heart is too delicate~

  33. I personally hope that this will be an alternative storytelling of Code Geass, similar to what Evangelion movies are to the Evangelion franchise.

    The director of Code Geass once spoke that R2’s storyline was not what he originally conceived. He wanted to continue exactly where season 1 left off. However, due to the change in time slot, he was forced to redo the entire season 2 plot so that even new viewers can catch up quickly.

    R2 essentially ignored almost everything that season 1 build up on. While it delivered the perfect entertainment, R2 failed to continue the flow from season 1’s finale. Let’s face it, R2 was fail, plot wise. I personally wish for an alternative storyline that continues where exactly season 1 left off.

    More important, I want to see Lelouch X C.C. to actually go somewhere.


    I don’t know if I’ll be able to tolerate new characters as the center of this show though, if it isn’t Lelouch or Suzaku, anyone else will be immediately tagged as mary and sue in my book.

  35. I predict it will be a direct sequel of R2 with the new series being kinda like the Gundam Seed Destiny sequel where there are some new characters and halfway through the series Lelouch will make a Kira-like appearance to save the day.

  36. Please PLEASE don’t tell me that this is a direct sequal to R2…That would ruin the end which at least I thought was great:( (sad but great.

    Well it would be just as bad if its based on one of the manga spinn offs:(

  37. Don’t see why you’re all BAWWW’ing over the possibility of NoN being made into an animated series, it’s a good manga. Especially when compared to SotC, which was far too short, and even LotR, sheerly because…well, c’mon, the best the Black Knights can do there is petty vandalism because there’s no KMFs.

    An alternate take, be it on R2 or an AU in itself, would be fine, otherwise.

  38. I cannot see how they could make a new plot if they do go ahead and create a new season. Only if Schneizel gets himself out of the geass bestowed upon him. Otherwise I think it might be something short like an OVA or two. Maybe it will answer all of the questions that were at the end of the second season.

  39. Wow, possibly another series? Awesome! However, I don’t think a direct sequel will work.. since that’ll mean that another war will need to break out and that’ll just ruin the Zero Requiem (the only way I see that this could possibly happen is if Orange accidently de-activates Schnizel’s geass or something).

    I would love to see them make a tv series similar to the game Code Geass Lost Colors… hopefully we will know more by the end of the year (whoohoo!!).

  40. Sigfried
    THE Master

    I dont care which: if (The) new series starts with ANY of these i may actually have abrain aneurysm due to sheer EPICNESS (nakagawa does KILLER MUSIC!!!)


    Is this a season 2 of the LAST GREAT ANIME ERA EVER??
    (e.g code geass 3, Gundam movie, Gurren lagann 2, Macross+^2again!THEN : LUCKY STAR R2X WTHROFL!! LOL)

    hmmm i wish!!

    Also Direct sequel would be awesome!!! after all humans ARE hummans and all stories with a global (or galactic) plotline have easily got the capacity to go on forever!!!
    This one is no exception!
    I mean lets put it this way: I doubt the planet earth in gundam wing is still as peaceful as it was when we last saw it 😛

  41. i disagree with most people i don’t think that the r2 series was well done and the end of the series was force and events were speed up. also i don’t think that it should have ended that way. Many of the story aspects were not fully flushed out such as were the power of geass actually comes from and what those images of people bearing the symbol were about, also what the hell is cc name. Also Lelouch’s relationship with Kallen was always a major aspect of R2 as it was obvious to everyone they had feelings for each other. If it is a sequal i see it as something comes forth to threaten the piece and quite possibly suzaku dies or some how he can’t be zero anymore so leleouch returns to take up his mantel as the king

  42. I´ve lived with a greenhaired witch with suicide tendencies, a little sister with a bro complex, a maid with cosplay fetiches, a half-sister terminator-wannabe, not to mention her four-eyes stalker that wants to kill me and her boyfriend who wants me dead too…a council president who organized a manhunt after my head with school funds just to tell me she likes me, and in the end she didn´t say anything (weirdo)…a father and mother with religous issues…¿Did I forget to mention the whole organization I created that stabbed me in the back just because OUR ENEMY pointed his finger and told them that everything was my fault?(Granted, most of it was)

    …let´s not forget that red-haired one, she didn´t let me get high…

    Oh yeah, and that adopted brother who worked for the government as an assasin…¿Cool?, it would be if he didn´t develop a brother complex too and killed my girlfriend!

    Please, let me rest in peace, being dead is better and returning to that life…

  43. Im looking forward to the new manga cos its by goro but part of code geass’ awesomeness was that the show wasnt a manga b4hand so everything was new! as it is now im reading naruto and watching the anime and it becomes really boring when your only watching a show for the fight scenes/force of habit! no anime adaptation of code geass manga please 😛 it would be pointless

  44. It’s confirmed that the Zero poster is really about the manga??

    Whaaa I want it to be on screen, movie or ova w/e. I want more CC and Lelouch

    wtf is she doing with Renya.. nobody touches CC except Lelouch.

  45. Meh. I wonder if there really will be a new anime or OVA about it. Maybe they are just testing the waters or planning something else with the franchise.

    I also wonder if they can actually make a well woven story of it. The first season itself, I found at times lacking: the flasbacks to the Geass marked (C.C.-like) people in the past, something with the house of Kururugi and Geass/C.C., when there was peace talk with Euphemia between C.C. and Suzaku something went wrong, etc. Alls orts of dropped hints that they would explore the background of the Geass, but is never explained.

    Also, I found the first season lacking in other things as well, like Mao and the best friends become enemies trope (I never really like that, in virtually any story, unless it happens unexpected not at the start).

    R2 is by far the worst, because I felt that things started to make increasingly less sense (noone seems to be bothered about Villeta and Ougi and what they have been doing, Ougi becoming prime minster while it was actually said and shown he has no leadership qualities, the Black Knights sudden turning on Zero believing what a enemy said impromptu, etc.

    I also didn’t like Euphemia, the command given to Suzaku to live on, filler-ish epi’s of school days (not complete filler, but I would have liked it more if they had spend the epi’s on showing the Black Knights and/or one of Zero’s missions).

    On one hand I would like a reimagining of the series (maybe with another writer on board), on the other hand, I wonder if they would be able to actually make a difference, a improvement and would be better of to leave it alone.

  46. Too bad I wanted to see lelouch. What the fuck with renya. They did the same thing with tenchi muyo. All crap. I don’t see the problem they could do a sequel with R2.(kind of)
    They discover lelouch is alive and go after him, or there is a bad guy use this chance to rise. Dammit lelouch was a great character, his voice, he was my favorite male character and they kill him.

  47. HAHAHA though a sequel would be better since we get to know whether Lelouch<33333 is alive or not and what happened to C.C. and the others but just anything is fine as long as lelouch is in there”DDDDDDDD
    ALl HAil LeLOUCH!!!!!!!

  48. I had a feeling that a new Code Geass might have a different character in a different setting. But the creators would have greater freedom to do what they want with it than the anime. So, this manga might be different because the series Co-Creator, Goro Taniguchi will be writing the manga, which is always a good thing.

  49. Code Geass is a mega series. We need to all just calm down and look forward to it!! It wwould take some series Full scale dragonautx1000000 EPIC failure to ruin it! so skeptism is unneccesary!

  50. This is one of the very few animes that made me cried a lot, from shirley’s, to euphy’s, its ending, the twists and turns, strife, politics, morals and everything.. all that that took my breathe away…

    I’m really excited for this new development. As i hope that all these debating, theories and speculations i’ve read all over will fade when this one rolls on whatever form it may take (whether an OVA, prequel, sequel..) … I just hope sunrise don’t screw it up and be true to themselves….

  51. wohoo a new geass anime hope its good… on a side note while browsing through the web i accidentally found something it might or might not be accurate but in historic time (gaelic mythology) thers was a person bestowed with a geas and his name was “cu chulainn”. now i may be just over thinking this but could C2’s name actually be “cu chulainn”

  52. I believe a new series of Code Geass can help the franchise rather than harm it. As we are all aware R2 was a dismal failure to its predecessor. There are many ways sunrise could go about a new series. They could do one that takes place say 100 years after R2 with new characters.

    Yes many people may argue that new characters will “damage” the code geass franchise but i do not believe this. As there were many unanswered questions left from R2 this new series may be a golden light that addresses these much needed issues. The life after what Lelouch created for the people of the world contains dozens of possibility. Perhaps this UFN gets corrupted and a new zero or someone who must fight the UFN lead by zero will appear. However, I believe Sunrise can damage their franchise by the Renya of the Dark manga they are coming out with as the new anime series.

    Geass is important but the Knightmares in the series also play a big role in defining the character of the series and lets just say i can’t believe a series about Knightmares appearing in the Edo era. It does not sell me.

  53. Such a beautiful work. I believe this new code Geass will be based off another manga branch of the series, Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. It’s written by Tomomasa Takuma not the inspirational Ichirō Ōkouchi. It was actually a combination of Ichirō Ōkouchi, Tite Kubo, and Masashi that led me to write my own manga (and soon to be in the not-so-distant future anime). Your thoughts on it would be much appreciated since I’m sure we have remotely relevant tastes considering that if your posting here, you LOVE Code Geass just as much as I do. Visit at

  54. Such a beautiful work. I believe this new code Geass will be based off another manga branch of the series, Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. It’s written by Tomomasa Takuma not the inspirational Ichiro- O-kouchi. It was actually a combination of Ichiro- O-kouchi, Tite Kubo, and Masashi that led me to write my own manga (and soon to be in the not-so-distant future anime). Your thoughts on it would be much appreciated since I’m sure we have remotely relevant tastes considering that if your posting here, you LOVE Code Geass just as much as I do. Visit at

  55. this new code geass series is a prequel

    It’ll be set in the Edo period with a new hero, & C.C. will make an appearance, & an unknown figure who looks just like Lelouch


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