「光の下」 (Hikari no Shita)
“Under the Light”

The disgusting soup returns! We finally learn where Gauche got his questionable palette from as Sylvette proudly serves her original special soup. Appearance-wise it’s deceivingly delicious, but Lag and Niche are quick to inform us otherwise. How something can look that good yet taste like total crap is beyond me, but that mystery is nothing compared to the one concerning Gauche.

After Lag passed his Bee examination last time, he ends up staying with Sylvette for cost reasons. With everything from Sylvette barreling down the corridor to try and get Niche to brush her teeth (with the latter going commando again) to the aforementioned disgusting tasting soup, his life there is cheerful for the most part. When Aria comes by to deliver his new Bee uniform, she takes him to the Hill of Prayer, a place in Yuusari Central with the best view of the artificial sun where her and Gauche often came to pray. She then explains how Gauche got caught up in the “Day of Flicker” 「瞬きの日」 here twelve years ago on the 311th day, an incident where the artificial sun went out momentarily and a government airship crashed nearby during an investigation of it.

While deemed an accident, Gauche lost all memories of his mother that day, who passed away after giving birth to his younger sister. Without a second thought, Gauche gave the newborn the same name as his mother, Sylvette, and devoted his life to making her happy. Aria suspects he acted this way to fill the newly created void in his heart, but doesn’t know why he was affected as such by the flicker. Hearing this, Lag thanks her for telling him more about Gauche, and reveals that he too was born on the 311th day twelve years ago. He then rushes off to help Zazie after Connor comes by saying he’s requested help with Gaichuu. Using Gauche’s rare Nocturne shindan gun, he and Zazie easily take out the swarm, but make the mistake of sharing in some of the soup Sylvette packed Lag for lunch.


Things started off really cute with the whole Sylvette/Niche chase and Lag eventually getting her to brush her teeth. I couldn’t help but feel that Sylvette saw Lag as a substitute for Gauche though, having him take over her brother’s room and all. Regardless, the story has taken an intriguing turn after learning what the crashing blimp scene in the opening sequence is all about. Based on how Aria spoke of it, the Day of Flicker came off as some government conspiracy. Whether it was intentional or not, the artificial sun’s ability to erase memories made it seem like a large-scale version of the hand-held devices used in Men in Black. I imagine things have something to do with Lag being born on the same day (which makes him the exact same age as Sylvette) and the men who took his mother away.

For now, that’s a theory on my part at best, but I’d be all for it if it were true since I love conspiracies. So far, the series hasn’t established any sort of antagonist during Lag’s journeys, so an overarching backstory such as this would be a perfect means to that end. Seeing as Akatsuki embodies the pinnacle of personal status in their world, I’m already kind of hesitant in trusting what comes out of there. I’d like to believe that Gauche is still alive and being subjected to some experiment in Akatsuki at this point, but until we actually get there story-wise, I don’t want to jump to any premature conclusions. Overall, this was an eye-opening episode which Aria looked great in with casual clothes on.

* I forgot about the anti-government/Letter Bee organization Reverse that was brought up in Gauche’s memories last episode. Seeing as a government airship went down, it’s likely they were involved. Thanks to Yggdrasil325 for the reminder.




  1. >”So far, the series hasn’t established any sort of antagonist during Lag’s journeys”
    Technically, they did talk about Reverse during last episode, but they haven’t revealed too much about them yet. Since they were said to have been attacking Bees and stealing letters, one would assume they’re antagonists to Lag, the Letter Bee.

  2. Syllen, MeareX:
    I can always rely on you two for the crying comments huh… -_-;

    Like dmo mentioned, Lag did tear up a bit because he felt bad about Aria losing Gauche when he loved her.

    Hmm, good point. That totally slipped my mind.

  3. Since Lag was born on the same day that Gauche lost his memories of his mom, does this mean that Lag represent Gauche’s lost heart? Zazie mentioned something really interesting about how memories can fly away if one uses a powerful shindan.

  4. I wonder if we will get Aria to play the violin, like they show in the intro. If the govemt has an intrigue going on; maybe the mysterious guys can be trying to uncover it and just attacks the bees ‘cos they are govemt representatives.
    If Guache totally forgot his mother; maybe he forgot everyone else too.

    btw MiB did have a big flasher when they used the statue of liberty torch.

    Island Esper
  5. Island Esper:
    After being reminded of the Reverse organization, I’d say it’s probably them and the government at ends with one another. From the vantage point of Letter Bees though (who don’t seem to know the details), it’s hard to tell which side are the “good” guys just yet.

    As for Aria’s violin, supposedly it’s Show Spoiler ▼

  6. I still don’t entirely trust the Head Bee either. Kinda convienent that Gauche disappeared and that dude is in charge with Aria now his asst. Did he help get rid of Gauche so he could have a shot at the beautiful Aria? Also he wanted Niche too and then said he wanted her to be his dingo for the road journeys. I’m gonna need to see more of him and how he acts before I will believe he isn’t part of the bad guys.

  7. Ahh at least next week it’s Lag’s first letter and we see how Lag can affect the hearts of people by his words and his devious mischief. Reading the manga, I am glad that it is following the story nicely and can’t wait till Show Spoiler ▼

  8. @Deckard: > “If you pay attention to the preview, you can notice the dog Darwin – who died in earlier episode – lying on the bridge.”

    Yeap… it’s the dog Darwin, but then the episode he died in was the OVA – Light and Blue Fantasy, and since next ep is Lag first letter delivery job, that means he’s still alive.
    ANybody knows when the OVA takes place in the timeline?

  9. I’m loving the government/world intrigue. One of the most defining features in Letter Bee for me is the beautiful and enigmatic world it’s set in, so I’m really anticipating revealing its secrets. Now that Lag has become a Bee though, I wonder if the series will linger a bit on describing a few of his missions first.
    >which makes him the exact same age as Sylvette
    Talk about girls maturing faster….

  10. @Syllen, MeareX

    Just because you have an e.q of a rock doesn’t mean an anime character has to be the same.

    if you are irritated go watch a light comedy anime or something like that.

  11. Yep, I also think that Lag represents Gauche’s lost heart fragment, harbouring the memories of his mother.
    Besides, the physical resemblance between the two of them is kinda obvious.

  12. Anyone else pick up on Lag’s comment about how the goddess looks like his mother? Especially since, if you look at the stainglass image of the goddess in the OP, there seems to be something in her stomach, or perhaps even /womb/…

    But I’d heard that the anime was only to be 13 episodes. If that’s so, I don’t see how they could really conclude anything… Unless they plan to do more seasons, which is what I was expecting from the start. Though I don’t really see why they’d limit what’s already a long series (not to mention a /shounen/ one at that) to a measly 13 episodes in the first place =/

  13. @ Syllen, MeareX

    Did you know that whining is worse than crying?

    Anyway, wow, Sylvette blushing was something that I don’t recall seeing in the manga. But either way, it’s awesome.

    Now, the stuff about the Day of Flicker is really interesting. On that single day, so much stuff happened. Gauche loses his memory, Lag and Sylvette being born, government airship crashes, the artificial sun goes out for some time, the Suede family mother died. There’s definitely a huge connection going on. I also wonder how the Albisian comes into play because some of those huge events happened to the Albisians as well.

  14. Danica:
    I’ve been a bit curious as to how long this series is slated for too. I was under the impression that it’s more than 13 episodes, but syoboi‘s schedule only has it listed for one season at the moment. However, it could just be that the broadcast schedule for the new year isn’t available yet.

    Given the current pacing of the series, I’d imagine it to run for much longer than one season. I haven’t read any definitive information saying it’s only one season.

  15. I just realized something. Those 3D-snowflake things that appear when a Shindan goes off look an awful lot like miniature versions of the artificial sun.

    For reference, compare this picture of the artificial sun from ep. 5:
    with the snowflakey things as seen in ep. 6:

    So, perhaps the artificial sun… is the same sort of magical phenomenon as the snowflakes? If so… and the snowflakes are related to memories… and Gauche was thinking about his mom when the sun flickered…

  16. aw, and i thought the head bee was nice.
    this episode kinda confused me espcially the part where she explained to lag –`
    but im always easily confused so hopefully ill get back in track next ep!

    young gauche looks just like lag now xD



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