Kurumi tries to push onto Sawako the idea of talking to Ryuu, but Sawako is more interested for the time being in watching Kazehaya play softball. Kurumi isn’t done though and emphasizes how much effort she’s put into getting to know Kazehaya, causing Sawako to reflect on her own feelings towards him. She realizes that she wants to know more about Kazehaya and those feelings, including those of love, so she decides to talk to Ryuu after all. What she doesn’t realize is that Kazehaya sees her staring at Ryuu, and after the game, Kazehaya asks him about Sawako. Ryuu admits to liking Sawako in a normal way, but not in the way that Kazehaya likes her. Kurumi meanwhile places a fake note from Sawako in Ryuu’s shoe locker asking to meet him.

Ayane almost catches Kurumi doing so, but instead of asking about it, she brings up the rumors that had been going around. Although Kurumi plays innocent, Ayane implies that Kurumi started them and warns that it’d be bad if Kazehaya found out. After Ayane leaves, Kurumi watches as Ryuu reads the fake note, and Kurumi later points Sawako in the same direction. Sawako thus meets with Ryuu and thanks him for saving her earlier. She also asks him about feelings of love, and Ryuu reveals that he feels that way towards Chizuru. Sawako thinks that the two really suit each other, and she starts peppering him with questions. Unbeknownst to them, Kurumi has found Kazehaya and has suggested to him that Sawako likes Ryuu now. At first, things go according to her plan, and Kazehaya sees Ryuu talking with Sawako. Instead of following Kurumi’s suggestion to support the two though, Kazehaya surprises her by moving towards them.


I thought this episode was a lot of fun to watch thanks to a few great scenes. It actually started out a little slow, but I loved the confrontation scene between Ayane and Kurumi. Ayane played her cards perfectly to put Kurumi on edge, yet Kurumi kept her cool, and you could just sense that sparks were on the verge of flying. I can’t wait to see what Ayane does next. Kurumi, on the other hand, has already put her Ryuu plan into action, and I hadn’t realized what she was doing by sending everyone to the equipment room, so it was fun seeing it all come together. Unfortunately for her (and this made me quite happy), it doesn’t appear that the SawakoXRyuu misunderstanding will hold up. I’m glad that Kazehaya isn’t just backing down and letting this drag out, and the preview makes it look like this’ll even bring him and Sawako closer together, i.e. the ultimate plan backfire. We’ll have to wait an extra week to see it though since there is no new episode next week. Episode 13 will air on January 5, 2010.


  1. Go Kazehaya get your girl. Ayane for the gold medal in strategy. Evil Kurumi is a master of deception; but she going down!

    I can’t wait until next year for next chapter. Let’s raid the studio and “aquire” an advance copy of next chapter

    Island Esper
  2. story is good starting 1-7, but after that this just like another love story.
    most ppl will hate kurumi, but actually that’s almost normal reaction from normal girl

    but then again… kazehaya is special because everyone around him thought so
    if only the story about friendship, probably the whole things will be different

    Almighty Anon
  3. Kurumi is just trying too hard, so hard that even Sawako can’t help but to notice & talk to her about it later on. I can’t hate her for not wanting to give up, but her methods are…well, fuckin stupid.

  4. After that stare kurumi gave sawako in a previous episode I knew we would see some brutal strategies and voila. think about it, any normal fascination would have been blown by that sight. it is only because kazehaya’s feelings are so strong that he wouldn’t believe his eyes alone and decided to verify with his ears too. I’m starting to understand kurumi’s way of thinking; she rushes results so her plans are on one level: nothing or everything.

  5. Originally I was on Kurumi’s side; she just wanted to date Kazehaya. Though, ever since they started show how mean she is and how hard she’s trying, I’ve sort of stop sympathizing with her. I like the fact that she is so devoted, but her methods are mean and she knows it too. She even admitted it this episode and caught herself. At least she hasn’t done anything outside of influencing people, rumours and misinformation. She’ll probably realize next episode that her actions hurt Kazehaya more than Sawako and (hopefully) give up or change battle plans. At least her actions move Kazehaya and Sawako closer and move the plot along.

    One thing I have to note though, Kurumi is becoming quite good friends with Sawako, though she doesn’t realize it. She usually keeps up a front but when around Sawako it drops. It’ll be interesting when she realizes this fact, even a little bit.

  6. Well this is a surprise. Originally i thought that Kurumi was just some jealous friend, but after the end of the last episode and this episode. Its pretty much clear that she’s a manipulative, crazy, stalking b****.I can’t wait to see her little plan backfire in her face.

  7. Kazehaya’s reaction when Kurumi says “yeah, Sawako said dating you would be impossible” was so classic. Among other things, I want to grab scissors and cut Kurumi’s hair. Somehow I think she’s proud enough that, if her gorgeous hair disappeared, she’d be upset. Plus, long boofy hair annoys me XD

  8. I never would have guessed that stopping a ball from hitting someone means you have feelings for them….
    Also, if Kurumi would have spent all that time and energy trying to get with Kazehaya instead of keeping other girls away, she could have tied him up before he ever met Sawako.

  9. @ahelo
    Of course! If you’ve been following all the episodes, there are a lot of hints that Ryu likes Chizuru. A no brainer but Ryu telling Sawako looks sweet and adds character development.
    This show is good not a breakthrough or nothing revolutionary but it is done well not much to complain about.

  10. did anyone notice, during the confrontation between Ayane and Kurumi, the scene kept emphasize on the beverage Ayane holding, which got Kurumi name “Ume” on it, too bad, Kurumi can’t even stand a chance. Next episode look promising regard the preview, poor Kurumi, i hope she doesn’t self destruct. Aside from Sawako relationship, i wonder when Ryuu is going to confess to Chizuru…

  11. I’ve been repeating and repeating watching the last scene for about hundred timeslol
    Kazehaya just made everyone surprised, as always XD
    The next episode will be showed on 5/1 /\
    2 weeks to wait!Really can’t stand..

  12. Kurumi chan no le va a salir las cosas como quiere, en vez de separarlos lo que va hacer es apresurar las cosas para que Kazehaya se le declare lo mas pronto posible a Sawako, espero que hasta el 5 de enero se pueda volver a transmitir la serie

  13. the way they are spacing out the chapters is very nice… especially in the fact that the next arc after this coincides nicely with this time of year… Show Spoiler ▼

    at least I think that’s what the next arc is o.o? but in any case this show has already won my approval… normally these sort of misunderstandings are dragged out to the point where it’s annoying and normally a sawako character = emo eventually or weak…

    but nope :3… she’s only become stronger everytime and doesn’t let herself feel sorry for herself… on top of that Kazehaya is honest in his emotions, and in his case confronting his friend turned out well…


    nah don’t worry about that, Kazehaya may be taking the lead now, but he isn’t the only person who has affected Sawako’s life greatly

  14. @Arlber: I guess it depends on the reception of the viewers? Hehe. I hope they don’t just end this abruptly…The manga is still ongoing!

    Anyhow…I’m off to the city to have an exam! Wish me luck, guys!

    Oh…thanks for the review, Omni! Great as always. 😛

  15. Its so funny seeing Kurumi’s plans failing and surprising herself, with regards to manipulating sawako who’s socially unwise compared to most people lol Being unsociable from your past does helps it seems lol


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