In order to help the nursery, Kobato decides to find a part-time job, and she lands one at the bakery with some help from Chitose. There, she meets the baker Ueda and his assistant Yumi, and although Kobato starts out inept, Yumi helps train her. Kobato eventually finds out that Yumi is concerned because she noticed that Ueda is worried about something. Kobato decides to play detective to solve this mystery, but she isn’t able to find out anything until she and Yumi follow Ueda after work one day. They end up seeing him meeting with a woman, making Yumi think that he’s on a date, and the two try to run away when Ueda spots them. He catches them after Kobato falls down, and he reveals that he was only interviewing a potential employee because he had been concerned about Yumi’s well-being after she hurt her hand earlier. As it turns out though, Yumi had hurt her hand trying to learn to bake a cake so that she could help Ueda more. Since the cake she baked was pretty good, Ueda decides to work with her more on it, and when Kobato returns home, she finds more konpeitou in her bottle.


Well this episode was cute if nothing else. I actually thought most of the episode wasn’t too bad – it even had a reference to Sayaka’s husband, which I’m sure will come up again – but the resolution at the end between Yumi and Ueda was rather unsatisfying. They spent a lot of time on Kobato goofing off and playing detective and didn’t really devote much time to developing either of the two’s characters. I guess you could argue that they didn’t need to since both are from Chobits, but I can barely remember them since it’s been so long. Either way, it felt somewhat trivial that all it took for Kobato to heal them was to make them realize that they were both concerned about each other.

On the plus side, the preview looked promising since it showed more Ginsei and Ioryogi. Next episode will have to wait till January 5, 2010 though because there’s no new episode next week.


  1. …Ginsei and Ioryogi remind of certain characters (the Mimigas – Ioryogi looks a lot like King) from the indie game Cave Story (洞窟物語 / Dōkutsu Monogatari). Eh, anyone know, anyone … ?

    Back to Kobato, the series is really slowing down. I’m really hoping they get to Kobato’s origins soon, or at least develop her character a bit more (I’m kinda annoyed of watching her being a dysfunctional klutz every episode).

  2. Ya looks like “Smooth Crimial” Michael Jackson. I like this series and Kobato is hella cute but enough of the Kotato-Klutz-Move-Of-The-week stuff. Lets move on with the storyline.

  3. I never noticed it before, but it wasn’t until seeing Kobato in that waitress costume that I realized she’s quite flat-chested. XD

    I would wager that even Sakura (the teenage one from Tsubasa, not the loli one from CCS) is more well-endowed than Kobato.

    One wonders how Cake Shop Tirol will cope with attracting more potential customers with just Yumi alone. I mean, at least Chii has the assets to back up her lack of common sense. lol

    I’m with P-Dash in that I was thinking more of Dick Tracy than MJ’s Smooth Criminal when seeing that, but the way he holds his hat does resemble MJ.

    Kinny Riddle
  4. @tiffany
    I was also wondering what it is and after googling it ‘mont blanc cake’,
    it is a ‘chestnut cream cake’.
    Would provide links, but im not too sure if that is allowed or not.

  5. It seems like this whole Kobato anime is made up of fillers. The manga is much better and more developed plotwise. Not unlike Cardcaptor Sakura, but I guess they are both produced by Madhouse.

  6. @Anonymous I’ve been wondering about that since she first got the apartment… I sorta assumed the nursery was paying for it, but then how the hell does she eat or wash? And if were going down that ruite then how did she manage to get a job without a CV, any proof of identification etc etc

    Oh well not that it matters I guess.


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