Sawako finds it hard to believe that Kurumi was the one who spread the rumors, but Kurumi makes it clear that it was indeed her and that she hates Sawako. She makes Sawako cry by claiming that she never truly thought of them as friends, and that causes Chizuru to give Kurumi a piece of her mind. Kurumi stays defiant though, even when Ayane threatens to tell Kazehaya. Sawako lingers after Chizuru and Ayane walk off, and she ultimately requests for them not to tell Kazehaya because she doesn’t think that Kurumi wants to be thought of poorly by him. They agree, and Ayane also apologizes for the earlier shock. Thanks to all this, Sawako starts thinking about her friends and her own relationship with Kurumi. The way Kurumi had pretended that they were friends had made Sawako happy even if she now knows that it was a lie, and so Sawako decides to go talk to Kurumi again. She finds Kurumi in the same spot as earlier and tells her what she wanted to say before: that she likes Kazehaya too. She compares how she’s feeling now to how Kurumi must have felt when Kurumi told her the same, but Kurumi lashes out over how she thought she could win against Sawako. She feels that she likes Kazehaya more than Sawako, and she’s frustrated over how her looks are meaningless if Kazehaya won’t fall in love with her. In tears now, Kurumi questions why Sawako came back, and Sawako answers that it’s because Kurumi knows all of Kazehaya’s good points, so it’s possible to talk to her about this.


Compared to previous episodes, this one was much more emotional than funny (although the Pin scene was pretty funny). In fact, thanks in part to the strong music, I even felt a little sorry for Kurumi at a few points, particularly towards the end, though I’m still not a fan of her character. It was fun to watch her be defiant in the face of Ayane’s threat to tell Kazehaya because I really wanted to see Ayane carry through with it, so I was booing when Sawako asked her not to, even though I knew it was coming. Kurumi ultimately doesn’t deserve that kind of leniency, but she’s getting it because Sawako still basically thinks of her as a friend, and friendship, of course, is such a strong theme in this series. This probably marks the end of all the enjoyment I got out of watching Kurumi’s plans blow up in her face, and the two girls will probably become less-than-bitter rivals if the “Rival” title of next episode is any indicator, although the preview also seems to hint that Kurumi will confess to Kazehaya or something.


  1. Well that went well for Kurumi. I remember back in the day at school the cat fights for a guy some of them ended with blood spilled. Sad very sad… So my girls corner Kurimi and gave her the cold shoulder. My queen Yano had the best punishment tell everything to Kazehaya. As much as I hate Kurimu she had the balls the withstand that threat and keep her ground. I thought that was going to break her down. But she escaped that fate too thanks to Sawako. As last time Pin steal the best moment spilling out how he rejected Kurumi and hoe good he is at breaking girls hearts, oh so sweet.
    However for all the Pin x Yano shippers her “rejected” her and Chizu. My thoughts on that is that is a bluff to keep Yano safe until she is out of school. Oh I wanna see how that one develops. Finally Sawako delivered a hard blow to Kurumi by stating she loves Kazehaya. The tension at those final moments was thick. Next “Rivals” guess Kurumi isn’t going to jump into the Sawako bandwagon of tomodachi 4ever.

    Island Esper
  2. kazehaya and sawako get sort of annoying when they are so naive
    strong supporting cast makes this show what it is
    kurumi is probably the most interesting character out of everyone

  3. though I did enjoy this part in the manga, it felt like it went much faster… I hope they don’t use all of next episode to keep covering Kurumi… there’s other characters to cover ):O!!!!

  4. Overall considering the story line, character development, drawing artistry, and music this series is a cut above most others out there. And with this winter being a very weak season (Bund shot themselves in the foot right out of the starting gate and Cobra turned out to be awful) I dont think any winter series will compare to Kimi either.

  5. Damn Pin, I felt bad for Kurumi as well… but Kurumi should know the pain of being used as in our society nowadays, 70% of the girls think like Kurumi with 20% of it are Yano-like 9.7% are Chizu like and a mere 0.3% for Sawako type of girls.

  6. yeah she probably will and if you want to know what happens next check wiki you don’t need to go through the entire manga base to find the rest, in these cases when you can’t wait wiki usually comes to the rescue…

  7. XD pin smashed it XD… again. i however, sympathize with kurumi :/ she only seems that deviant when shes compare to animated saints like sawako, even tho spreading rumour is pretty b**chy.

  8. i love the crap out of this show so hard. and it only goes to show that love is never what you expect – kurumi thinks that if sawako tells kazehaya the truth about her, kazehaya will feel sorry for sawako. but kazehaya doesn’t work like that – he wouldn’t feel sorry for sawako, he would probably be dismayed that sawako would sink to airing others’ dirty laundry and tattling on people like that. kurumi would probably go up in kazehaya’s estimation if she confessed what she did to him herself, rather than him hearing it second-hand from sawako or ayane. sawako thinks kurumi is a good match for kazehaya, but kurumi’s inability to understand how he would perceive certain actions, and her inability to see what he likes in sawako, just proves that she isn’t a good match for him, even if they are alike in a lot of other ways.

    on a side note, if kurumi’s so bitter about people using her, maybe she should *not* let people use her? maybe? just a thought.


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