On this particular Sunday, Chizuru and Ayane pay a visit to Sawako’s house and bring her pictures taken during the previous party. This includes several of her and Kazehaya together, and Ayane suggests that Sawako confess her feelings to him, but Sawako thinks that’s impossible for now. Meanwhile, Kazehaya is out walking Maru and runs into Ryuu. He then gets a phone call from Pin who’s sick and believes that Sawako can help him. This leads to Kazehaya calling Chizuru who in turn hands the phone to Sawako, and the entire group meets and heads to Pin’s apartment. Kazehaya takes the job of nursing Pin so that Sawako won’t have to do it, and the group then pitches in to clean Pin’s filthy apartment. In the process, Sawako discovers a picture of a young Kazehaya crying after losing a baseball game, and Kazehaya gets embarrassed about it. The group leaves after Pin wakes back up feeling better, and as a show of gratitude to Sawako, he tells her something she should do if she ever wants to thank Kazehaya. When Kazehaya decides to walk Sawako home, she decides to use what Pin told her: to grab hold of him and close her eyes for five seconds. Kazehaya interprets this as an opportunity to kiss her, but Sawako opens her eyes right as he gets close, and the two are too embarrassed to continue. Sawako is left wondering if the day will come when she’ll want to tell him her feelings.


This was a delightful episode to watch, and it made me realize that I really enjoy Pin’s character for the comedic situations that he creates. I was very amused by his view of how the encounter with Sawako went and how Kazehaya took it upon himself to nurse Pin in Sawako’s place. And of course there’s the fact that Pin helped set up the kiss, but that wasn’t so much comedic as it was a milestone in Sawako and Kazehaya’s relationship. Well, an almost-milestone because it was an almost-kiss. If only Sawako had kept her eyes closed one second longer… Obviously I think that those two should just get together already and stop all this dilly-dallying around, but I guess that’s being saved for later. On a different note, Ryuu and Pedro/Maru almost stole the show, and I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays into Chizuru’s story next week.


  1. This episode makes up for the pointless recap last week, it was funny, cute and endearing, you can’t ask for much more.

    The Ryuu & Maru scenes were great, totally unexpected considering his personality which made it even better.

    Pin looks better with his hair down and for a second there I thought they were going to make a PinXSawako misunderstanding where Kazehaya gets all jealous for several episodes.

  2. @ Omni
    Just to say that I absolutely love reading this blog and especially your summaries/comments on Kimi no Todoke. I haven’t watched the last 4 episodes (I’m reading the manga, though) but I love reading your blog, just to keep up on the general vibe. One question though: how many episodes are there going to be, do you know?

  3. cutemi2 – Patience is a virtue 😛

    Kyuusei – That’s so mean, haha

    I think they just need to learn that things will come out when they do and not ask every single week the same thing o_O

    Xineohp Erif
  4. Pin’s scene with Sawako was hilarious. I laughed hard at the Adult Videos Part. XD

    Oh and Pin looks cool with his hair down. Reminded me of Akio(AKA Best Dad ever!) from Clannad.

  5. Pedro !!!!!!! lol @ Ryuu All the secondary characters of this series are so important and strong. I know there are a few Pin haters out there; sore demo the situations he creates are so strong (his advice to Ayane, rejecting Ume, and the advice to Sawako) Just one more second! I was doki doki and then she opened her eyes!

    Island Esper
  6. well a kiss now would have destroyed the relationship between sawako and kazehaya. Look at how she react just thinking about confesing (“for what?” ^^) and think how she would have react to a kiss just now. Would have been bad for her.

    At last chizuru arc, love her character =)


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