While fighting Zalty’s time magic, Natsu learns that Zalty plans to try to control Deliora for his own purposes. Natsu is able to knock him out at around the same time that Erza attempts to stop the Moon Drip ceremony on the top of the ruins, but it’s too late, and Deliora starts moving again. Gray’s plan is to sacrifice himself to cast Iced Shell on it again, but Natsu gets in front of him and trades punches with the monster instead. Much to everyone’s surprise, this leads to Deliora crumbling, and Lyon realizes that all these years in the ice has taken its toll on Deliora’s life. Remembering how Ul had said she’d seal away his darkness, Gray can’t help but cry in appreciation. In the aftermath, Gray tells Lyon to join a guild somewhere and find a new goal. The more immediate problem though is the fact that the villagers are still effected by the curse since Deliora wasn’t responsible for it – Moon Drip supposedly was. Strangely, the village itself is back to normal now, and when Erza questions them, the villagers eventually reveal that their attempts to reach the ruins all failed for some reason. Having figured out what the problem is, Erza decides to go ahead with the villagers’ request to destroy the moon.


Given everything that was shown in last episode, the fact that Natsu stopped Gray from using Iced Shell again was expected, but I had been sort of hoping for more of a showdown against Deliora instead of the monster anticlimactically crumbling to pieces. Then again, maybe it’s for the best that they didn’t have more action since it could have been a redux of the final battle of the last arc, and the idea instead that Ul really did succeed at sealing away Gray’s darkness made for a pretty touching moment. The arc still isn’t over yet though, and Erza and Zalty look to be taking center stage for this last part which apparently has enough for at least one more episode. On a side note, I was amused by Erza’s fall down the hole, though her armor at the end makes me think Suzumebachi from the recent Bleach arc.


  1. @Humpty
    Eh, well coming from a person who’s read the manga and watched a few episodes of the anime, its not as great as other series. So far there hasn’t been a main antagonist at all, and the storyline shifts to a completely unrelated subject after every arc. The action is also okay but its not very consistent. Overall the anime and manga in my opinion is a bit average (if not a bit below).

  2. I’ve read the manga… but only half way though, i dropped it. Im only watching this arc because the most likable character for me is gray. After this arc i would most likely be dropping this show..

  3. @Humpty
    It has improved to a level where I can watch it relatively painlessly. Better OP/ED, more decent animation, less QUALITY / stock footage / annoying narration. Still totally blood-censored though.

    I heart the manga.

  4. What are you guys talking about!?

    Fairy Tail rocks!!!

    The series has a major antagonist, we saw his flute in the last arc. But he remains to be shown.

    Anyway, FT is way better than Bleach (And I’m not even mentioning Naruto or One Piece because they really suck)

    The only downside is that the animation is censuring the really cool parts (that would be the blood and all).

    Last but not least, if you want a series that blends comedy, adventure and action, that would be FT.

    Next arc is gonna be even cooler…

  5. The next arc will blow you away don’t worry. This is nothing. Lucy arc coming up along with big stuff on the Guild and other Guilds. It’s all very rewarding to watch. Manga’s way better, but alas, can’t help it I guess. It only picks up more and more. I hope it goes all the way to Erza arc, because that is the best arc for me.

  6. I like the series (have never read the manga) but have to admit it could be alot better. It seems to be lacking in a certain something and they way they built up the big fight with Deliora is a perfect example of what this series is lacking. It doesn’t give that satisfying feeling of excitement we have been anticipating based on cliffhangers or previews of next week.

    Nothing on the level of say a Full Metal Alchemist, Bleach, or Naruto. Those series I would rate an A, B+ or B, Faily Tail is a B- or C. Its worth watching but thats about all. At least Happy the cat is very funny.

  7. I wonder if this means the latter half of the next ep is going to be filler again. OTOH, after destroying the moon they still have some wrap-up to get through, so that might be enough to reach the end of the ep and lead into Phantom Lord.

    Forgot to mention, the animation for Zalty’s flying orb didn’t look fast-moving at all. Sigh.

  8. fairy tail is really great
    it’s true that the manga is a lot better
    but i think the anime will improve and i should say alsos that the upcommin arc will be so cool so i advice you to continue to watch it

  9. Well while an epic fight might have been satisfying I think this was the right way to resolve the Deliora situation. It shows that Ul really did win the fight and despite the ice melting she did seal away Gray’s darkness. A teacher who wanted to protect her precious students and give them a future.

    Though yeah the kya was great. Lucy’s trap skills are epic in nature!

  10. The anime REALLY sucks. read the manga people i a lot better.

    I don’t get how here they blog bleach naruto fairy tail etc all the shounens EXCEPT the best shounen from all times (yes one piece)

  11. @UnknownVoice

    read the last traumatic and epic chapter and then eat your words, what a patethic opinion and yes there are still one piece fans in fact IS THE BEST SELLING MANGA IN JAPAN.

  12. wow I gotta jump in!!! “we all gotta defend what we like right” @ UnknownVoice…u silly silly person AHAHAHAHAHAAHAH!!! 12313124 chapters and nothing happens!?! u silly silly person. I’m laughing at all the fruity tale fans who be clutching at straws trying to find something good about this show. these are some of their weak defenses “OHH the anime sucks but the manga is better” “oHH its because they took the blood out that it stinks” “ohh their putting too much filler in”…listen my friend, “and i do mean that friend” when people say that the highlight of an ep is a person saying KYA!…well that should be a little indication of a sinking ship. and NO the manga is not any better, and NO the next arc is NOT gonna WOW you. imagine having 170 something eps and putting filler as soon as it starts..COME ON BRO!!! do u even know how many EPIC cliffhangers one piece went through!? some people just have no clue when it comes to comparison…but of course this is all based on subjective opinions. listen to vic and learn

    BROOKLYN otaku
  13. ohhh and of course some people just hate things without reason “just because” and thats cool. to each his own. but its always more civilized and fair to fully expose yourself to what the other camp has to offer before you speak. I’M up to date with my fruity tale. so i CAN TALK THAT SH!T.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  14. Vic : And you really think Oda will kill someone ? XD
    HAHAHAHA ! Don’t joke !
    The only one who kill hero in the three “head” of the Shonen (Naruto, Bleach, OP) is Naruto (sad moment with the Hokage).
    The other two NEVER killed someone. XD

  15. You have to be joking if you think one piece isn’t similar in it’s plot layout then fairy tale. Let me put it this way it took up to Water 7 to realise a much grander plot thread was going on aside from Luffy’s adventures.
    Fairy Tail at the same time is taking forever to find it’s grand plot. Unlike bleach it actually has a direction. I don’t see a real difference between the two except that one piece is a bit more planned out.

  16. @Raiden; One Piece sucks? Lmfao, apparently you have no clue what you are talking about.

    But, anyways. The episode wasn’t that bad. Pretty decent. If you read the manga, the next arc coming up should be good.


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