It’s now late November, and while Chizuru is looking forward to New Years, Ayane is in the middle of some problems with her boyfriend. She ends up breaking up with him, but that in turn leads to her getting slapped. In order to cheer Ayane up, Chizuru decides that they should have a sleepover. Chizuru herself meanwhile has been shopping for a birthday present for Ryuu, and she finds the perfect glove bag while out with Sawako. Given how Ryuu told her about his feelings towards Chizuru, Sawako decides to ask Chizuru if there’s anyone she likes. It turns out however that Chizuru sees Ryuu as only a sibling, and the person Chizuru actually likes is Ryuu’s older brother Tooru. What Chizuru doesn’t know, and what Ryuu finds hard to tell her, is that Tooru is coming back home the following week. When Ryuu tries to go over to her house to tell her directly, she panics because she thinks he’ll see his birthday present and kicks him out before he can say anything.


This was a pretty enjoyable episode, especially since I find Chizuru and Ryuu’s characters to be fun to watch, though it’s clear that the main romance/drama in the their apparent love-triangle relationship is still yet to come. Their face-to-face closeness in that final scene certainly seemed like a hint of that, and the fact that Ryuu wasn’t able to tell her about his brother’s return screams misunderstanding and drama. The birthday present will probably be important too. I actually thought, halfway through the episode, that there was going to be another misunderstanding in terms of who Sawako thought Chizuru liked, but that got cleared up surprisingly quickly. I do wonder though if Ayane being single again will mean anything in terms of her role this arc or if she’ll get her own story arc later. Either way, it looks like Ryuu’s brother will show up in next week’s episode, so things should start heating up again.


  1. It’s gonna take some creative pacing to get everything in to the 6 episodes remaining…1 more at least to finish off Chizuru, 1 for Ayane, which leaves 4 more for Sawako and Kazehaya.

  2. damn, i can’t wait for tooru to come out next episode. i had thought for sure they’ll do a cliffhanger by making him appear at the end of the episode.

    they took out a little funny bit at the part before Ayane came into the classroom after her break-up. anyone who’s interested can read chapter 20 of the manga.

  3. I haven’t seen any spoilers this is just my feelings. When Chizu let out Tooru’s name in the classroom Ryuu reaction was to leave. I will be upset if the woman I like is talking about another guy. Ryuu’s reaction was sadness and asking for advice to Kazehaya. I get the vibe of bad news that he (Ryuu) doesn’t want to deliver to the woman he likes (Chizu). I’ll prefer the guy (Tooru) had a terminal disease rather than he’s in love. Oh well we sure will find out.
    I’ll go for a second season if this one ends with a kiss 🙂

    Island Esper
  4. i don’t understand why are they going so fast (and skiping some side dialogue) ? i though they’ll finish this with the end of chizu arc but i must not be like that with this speed. Maybe they’ll try to finish at new years events and let the rest to season 2 (yes it MUST be a season 2 so i’m assuming there will be one^^)

    To manga readers who have read the latest chapter scanlated (i mean chapter 35)
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. @Zeross
    Show Spoiler ▼

  6. @Acylia
    damn i so looking foward to it T_T and i want to see thoses events animated also ! :p
    sadly i can only read hiraganas, understand about 50 words and basic gramar, so i’m stuck to wait for more translation 🙁

  7. @Zeross
    Awww… it was like that for me last year x_x But don’t worry! If you work your ass of with kana’s and kanji and grammar and stuff, you might be able to follow Kimi ni Todoke before it ends x’D It takes a lot of time, though… :/

    The translation is so slow, it’s killing both me and my sister waiting for it (so I figured I should just read the japanese one…).

  8. I somehow got this overwhelming feeling that what Ryuu wanted to say was actually that Tooru is married or something that’s why it was hard for him to tell…though I probably thought too much.

  9. gawrshness you should have read my spoiler.

    I figure the season will end with either Christmas or (most likely) New Years stuff. I would love to see a second season but I would think it would have to be in 2011 or 2012 as there isn’t much more manga stuff after that. Latest episodes of the manga are about what happens around Valentines day so can’t make a whole second season from that.

  10. @Acylia
    don’t realy plan to learn it more. I suxx at foreing language, and i would take too much time. so sadly i must be patiente and wait for translation (lucky enough i understand english, i don’t even want to think of waiting for french translation ^^)

  11. Erf can’t edit previous post.

    I did some research and :
    Japanese : up to chapter 45 (i think ? havnt found more)
    English : scanlation : chapter 35 / official : chapter 20
    French : scanlation : not found any / official : chapter 20 (this one was a surprise, but then i looked at the editor and… crappy one. They started by translation “kimi ni todoke” by “sawako” and named the manga like this…)

    so frenchies need to learn english to keep up with anime/manga ^^

  12. cutemi2 you are so annoying always asking where Kobato is while discussing other animes. Its like you do it every week. Omni will post it if and when he has time or feels like it. Have some patience.

  13. @Zeross
    You’re french? I learn french in school! And I’m actually pretty good (comparing to my classmates… but I guess it still doesn’t qualify as “good”)! If you’ve got some good french-translated manga, please tell me, ’cause that would be awesome since I kinda like other ways to learn languages than… grammars and… homework x_X

    Oh, and of course there are loooots of stuff in the Kimi ni todoke manga I want so see on screen… it would break my heart if they rush through/skip it or just end it randomly. SECOND SEASON this way. xD

  14. @Acylia

    i hope you’ll see my answer after this article left the first page.

    I understand how you feel. During school when they were teaching us english i was like “what the hell is that crap?”, and then when i started to play/create video games and watch anime i just learned english without knowing^^
    The problem with this method is that you learn bad habit and can’t go over it when it’s too late. I concider to have a good english level but i suxx at grammar, i just put the words like i feel they should be without knowing any rules (well i do the same in french too xD).

    So, do you want french manga in scan or in book ?

    In book => very few.. french editors are crap. like my books of ruroni kenshin, i’ve got them in french… and when i feel like read it again i just can’t.. they put onomatopoeia (hope its the good word, first time using this one xD) all over the drawing and you see NOTHING during combat scene. I must go check on a scanlation to actualy see what happen… There is only one good editor and its “Pika Edition” who do quite good manga (gto, negima…)

    in scan => a little better but you will not find every rare perl translated in french. You’ll find bleach/naruto/one piece easly. The rest its realy depend on the luck. Sometimes there is a team that love so much a manga that they translate it fast, like ane doki that’s already translated, sometimes the manga just have no luck and not beiing translatedat all. But well after all i don’t know your taste, maybe you don’t like what i like :p
    Just check here, it’s the bigest french scan site i know :

  15. @Zeross
    I guess you’ve learned english the way I’ve learned japanese, then. xD I just but words where they sound right. I guess.s 😛

    Thanks for your answer, I’ll check out the link and look into it further! ^^ I kinda wanna check out Rurouni Kenshin in french too, now… 🙂

  16. @Acylia
    Er.. are you masochist to wanna read kenshin in french ? xD but too bad it’s on the official translation not on scan (yeah amateur do a better job than officials).
    Do you have any simple way to buy foreign book in your contry ? in french we have amazon who import books from usa with free delivery fee and it’s damn good for me who buy only manga in english ^^

  17. @Zeross
    Yeah, manga is waaaay too expensive in my country, so I usually order from Amazon. ^^ And I wouldn’t call myself a masochist exactly, but it sounded kind of… funny in a really… stupid way? I dunno. I guess I won’t pay to see it, though. XD Just sounded interesting.


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