While Makarov has been put under the care of a healing mage, the rest of Fairy Tail prepares to take on Phantom Lord again. Lucy is still moping because she blames herself for everything that’s happened, and she considers actually going home to her father. Natsu, however, reminds her that Fairy Tail is where she belongs. Unfortunately for the guild, Mystogan is missing and Laxus refuses to get involved, and things start looking really bad when Jose arrives in Magnolia with a mobile Phantom Lord fortress. This fortress is equipped with a huge cannon that Jose fires on the guild, and Erza has to use all of her strength to protect them.

Erza and the other guild members refuse to give up and hand over Lucy though, so Jose threatens them with another shot of the cannon, which will take 15 minutes to recharge, and he also sends out shade creatures made from his own magic. In response, Natsu, Gray, and Elfman decide to attack the fortress to try to destroy the cannon while everyone else fights the shade creatures. Mirajane also knocks out Lucy and gives her to Reedus to take to a hiding place, and Mirajane herself takes on Lucy’s appearance. Once inside the fortress, Natsu and Happy quickly find the charging chamber, but it’s guarded by one of the Element 4, Totomaru. This proves troublesome for Natsu because Totomaru is able to manipulate fire and can turn Natsu’s attacks against him. To make matters worse, time is running out because the cannon is almost ready to fire again.


This was a pretty good episode since it had some decent action and strong showings of friendship, but I really wish someone would just slap some sense into Lucy because I can’t stand it when characters like her mope around and blame themselves for entire episodes. I guess it can’t be helped because it’s part of her character development, and plus even if she wanted to fight, she’s missing her keys. What I think the right solution would be for her is to confront her father with Fairy Tail behind her and show him that she doesn’t need him and has friends to support her. That’s probably a bit too straightforward though, and we’d miss out on all the fighting between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. On that note, why the heck did Jose think that it was a good idea to reveal that it takes 15 minutes for the cannon to recharge? He gains nothing from it, and it allows his enemies to plan their attack and realize when they’re running out of time. Anyway, I’m really intrigued by the preview for next week because it seems to indicate that they’ll be showing more of Lisanna. This must be why the episode right before this arc started was about her and Natsu.

As you may have heard, I am retiring from anime blogging at the end of this season, but I’ll be covering one more episode of FAIRY TAIL before then. Please limit your comments on this post to those that are FAIRY TAIL related.


  1. :'( Damn I’ll be missing you, Omni. You even made me post on websites like these, which I never bother to comment. Hope you have a good future, just as you made our time here very worthwhile.

    Your blog and comments regarding shows, my personal favourties TTGL and FMA, really made my time, and though I would have really liked to know you better, for you seem to be an awesome guy judging by your witty comments and thoughts, I just wish you the best.

    I don’t even really watch Fairy Tail. I just happened to find this page without comments and decided I’d try my luck in you reading this.

    🙂 Have a good life sir,

  2. The next episode looks very interesting since it’s revealing bits of the past about the late Lisanna. In the manga, only far and few panels showed what may have happened so I’m banking on the anime to enlighten the events more.

  3. well the preview might give the non-readers of the manga some insight on Lisanna’s predicament, and why the siblings are kinda reluctant with their magic .. still, I’m hoping they’d get to show that bad-ass form of Mirajane’s TakeOver <3

  4. For a series with ups and downs this was a good episode. Yeah Lucy is mopping (so I’m for the obvious reason that should remain unnamed … ) so, Laxus made me hate him in three seconds more that in a life time I hope all that talk was a ruse. Some parents make permanet damage on their kids; maybe Lucy is mopping for all the damage so took from him. Also I think she has a 25% fault and the other 75% is phantom lord’s They should have talked instead they went berserk and attacked. Mirajane was S class??!!! I want that back story!!!!

    Island Esper
  5. OMG one more episode to blog? It won’t make the Mira past nor the TRUE EPIC GARNESS of Fairy Tail as a GUILD that brought me to instantly love FT to the limits and beyond [like in TTGL]. And of course the drawing out of Lucy as a character.
    BUT MY GAWD. WHAT IS WITH THE ANIMATION AND DRAWING THIS WEEK. I’m just staring at the screenshots and want to cry. It’s so horrid, this doesn’t do the manga justice. WHAT IS THIS!? BAH It looks all over the place. *headdesk* MY ERZA T_T;;;;


    I am going to miss your lovely screencaps Omni. So much.
    I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated your summaries and thoughts until yesterday.

    /on topic
    The episode was a bit melodramatic-y for me. :/
    And oh ho ho, the next episode with Lisanna seems really interesting. :]

  7. why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?
    it just makes me want to off myself, why? You seriously do not know that this blog makes you the omni, without it you will not be yourself, you will hate yourself for this, and will want to turn back but have no courage to face people you dissapointed. Omni, i say its the worst decision in your life.


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