With time running out before the Jupiter fires again, Natsu has his hands full fighting Totomaru. He ends up putting together a huge fire attack that intentionally misses Totomaru and instead hits and destroys the cannon. In response, Jose transforms the fortress into a mechanical giant, and it starts casting a forbidden magic spell. In order to buy some time, Mirajane decides to try to give herself up while still looking like Lucy, but Jose sees through the disguise, picks her up with the giant, and starts to crush her. Gray and Elfman meanwhile help Natsu get rid of Totomaru, and the three decide to split up to try to find the giant’s source of power. This leads to Elfman facing off against Element 4 member Sol, but Elfman is at a disadvantage because Sol knows all about his past, and Sol uses his memories of Lisanna against him. With Elfman down, Sol casts a spell to trap him in his own memories, forcing Elfman to relive how he had killed Lisanna after attempting a Take Over on a powerful beast. Mirajane can see this from where she’s being crushed, and when she calls out to him because she doesn’t want to lose him as well, he breaks free of the spell. He had swore that he’d never see his sister’s tears again, and he now powers up to do a whole body Take Over, transforming himself into the same beast as before.


It felt like they packed a lot of stuff into this episode plot-wise. Given how used to Bleach I am, I was expecting the battle between Natsu and Totomaru to take longer and maybe get sidelined while they focused on the Elfman and Mirajane stuff. Instead, that battle was resolved fairly quickly with Natsu saving the day (using his brains again too), and the story then pivoted pretty quickly to the siblings. It was nice of course to finally find out what happened to Lisanna, but I am still sort of curious about why Mirajane isn’t as powerful anymore – is it just a lost will to fight? They didn’t show Natsu’s reaction to her death either, so maybe we’ll find all that out later. For the time being, it looks like Elfman is going to kick Sol’s ass, and next episode will move on to the battle between Gray and Juvia.

Unfortunately, as you may have heard, I am retiring from anime blogging at the end of this season, and this is the last FAIRY TAIL post that I will be making. Based on the two seasons of it that I’ve now seen, I think it’s a decent series that could use some better battle animation but has fairly interesting story arcs. It was never the most compelling of the shows I was watching, but it’s a solid choice if you’re looking for a shounen action series.


  1. Man, talk about stopping at the wrong time. This being the last post of FT doesn’t feel right, and it hurts even more considering that next week’s ep will feature my lovely Juvia.

    Oh well, FT has been fun to watch/read despite the fact that it can be very cliche (hey but doesn’t that apply to almost every shounen manga out there). Anyway, I won’t drop the anime for now especially if they plan to animate the next two arcs.

  2. (of course Im not actually telling you to continue, it’s just that Im really sad because I really wanted you to blog this episode and it’s kinda sad to see you stop just one episode away…)

  3. MANGA! READ THE MANGA OMNI ;_______;!!! Really pick it up as a make up for the lacking animation, because really the manga is fantastic. I need to get my hands on vol 10 that was just published. OMG JUST ONE EP AWAY FROM JUVIA FIGHT KUSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    I’m going to miss seeing FT posts every Tuesday ;_;

  4. I echo the encouragement to read the manga. More blood and stuff (though this show’s not censored as bad as Bleach).

    As far as I can tell, Fairy Tail will continue indefinitely with some inevitable fillers, but there may be some more info out there. ANN has 36 episodes listed but that really doesn’t mean anything.

    curious one
  5. well nothing new here, crap is crap and magic cgi circles and freeze frame action scenes =Fail. HOWEVER! Red Haired Shanks Got his Straw-Hat BACK!!!!
    notice how mad shounen.j series had epic reveals at the same time Ex:ichigo’s dad , Red Hair shanks “who i used to think was luffy’s dad”, and dat blond naruto berserker coming out that coma…yeah too many reveals at the same time are kinda corny BUT FU@K IT!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. Hey Omni. Wow after years of lurking I finally post, just when you leave. How fitting. Anyway, I have a question if I may: Based on what you have seen so far, and the potential of future story arcs (which i’m sure you’ve been ultraspoiled from the comments) will you continue to watch Fairy Tail? Not blog, just watch?


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