「暗室で急接近!ちょっとキケンな部活動!?」 (Anshitsu de Kyuusekkin! Chotto Kiken na Bukatsudou!?)
“Quickie in the Dark Room! Somewhat Dangerous Club Activities!?”

Go Yamada with the front-clasp bra! Ease of access is what it’s all about, plus that sultry unbuttoned dress shirt look just wouldn’t be as appealing with a bra dangling around. I can do without the snake tongue action, but it looks like the two come together as a packaged deal.

As you can probably tell from the screens, Yamada once again went on the prowl and tried to rape Kosuda in the photography club’s dark room. While the reversed roles of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf was amusing here, I was hoping Yamada would try to seduce Kosuda by having him take some raunchy photos of her. It sure as hell seemed like it would pan out like that after Yamada thought he was doing the same with Mayu, and I had all the awkward moments perfectly laid out in my mind after seeing this misunderstanding. I mean if there’s one thing that’s really going for Yamada after her cuteness, it would have to be her willingness to strip down in a flash without being asked.

Needless to say, she didn’t get Kosuda’s cherries, but at least she did get a taste of second base (or was it third?). You can literally call it stealing bases in this case too, as the two of them completely skipped what would’ve been their first kisses. Not that it really mattered to Yamada initially, as the “B-type” in the title doesn’t only allude to what’s probably her wild blood type, but also her new found desire to be felt up. She didn’t quite masturbate while thinking of Kosuda’s hands blindly squeezing her breasts, but it sure seemed like she was close. I was wondering if they’d animate the times she touches herself in the manga, but it looks like they’d rather not for now. Can you spell DISAPPOINTMENT in any bigger letters!?


「燃える文化祭!学園の女王はこの山田(わたし)!!」 (Moeru Bunkasai! Gakuen no Joou wa Kono Yamada (Watashi)!!)
“Blazing Culture Festival! The School Queen is Yamada (Me)!!”

Oddly enough, Yamada chose to go from second base back to first during the school culture festival, which had me thinking that someone really needs to teach this girl how to play ball. There is no reason to go back to first after you’ve hit second. HOME BASE is and always was the goal! However, I will say that this episode had its cuter moments, as the perverted stalker Yamada finally started realizing some of Kosuda’s other good points. You know, the kind that doesn’t involve what’s in his pants. For a moment, they had me thinking Yamada would lose the beauty contest (a.k.a. the popularity contest in high school) at the hands of Kanejou Kyouka (Kobayashi Yuu) and that Kosuda would have to console her, but it turned out I was off the mark again. I’m zero for two. Sigh.

Despite not going the direction I had envisioned (god damn it), this episode was funny as usual and surprisingly showed signs of a legitimate relationship developing as well. I say that now, but the preview shows Yamada with a love hotel in her sights during Christmas, so I guess that shows how much that notion’s worth. -_-;




  1. I would not be at all surprised to find this series end with her still a virgin. It has that “will they or wont they that never happens” vibe. Its like the harem animes where the lead male has girls all over him and in the end chooses no one (Princess Lover for example).

  2. Keep up the great work divine, your writing seems to improve with every post, you fill the shoes that is randomc quite well, I look forward to more posts in the future and as for this series I must say its quite funny and entertaining so far, looking forward to more great posts in the future.

  3. Very entertaining episode. B型H系 is definitely in my top five favourite shows this season. Love watching girls acting like a pervert, you don’t get to see such kind female characters all the time…XD Though it’s a bit disappointing that they can’t animate (or at least show some indication of) Yamada’s オナニーシーン like the original manga did.

  4. Much to Yamada’s relief, turns out her fears of the extremely moe Miyu (voiced by Hanazawa Kana to boot) being a fierce rival was completely unfounded, as she seems to be a lesbo crush on Kosuda’s sister.

    Another potential rival, Kanejo, with her “Armstrong Twinkles” is seen with another guy in the ED, so that leaves Yamada unhindered in her quest for hers and Kosuda’s virginity.

    Pity those two aforementioned girls have so little screentime this week, as they might be interesting characters themselves.

    Kinny Riddle
  5. Nah Yamada probably has the right mindset (now that’s a weird sentence). It wouldn’t be legitimate if you skip first base after all :).

    Poor Kosuda getting bumped to the back of the line. A little hesitating and he’s got a long wait for that dance.

  6. It’s a shame Chika [spoiler]whores herself. At such a young age too. In the manga she brings different guys inside of her room a lot and Yamada can feel the “tremors” from her room. She even wears her cute swimsuits to lure guys.[/spoiler]


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