「臨海学校へ行こう!」 (Rinkai Gakkou he Ikou!)
“Let’s Go to the Seaside School!”

There is some slightly jarring progression in this series, but it’s an understandable trade-off given how they’re trying to cover a fair amount of material in a relatively short period of time. Also, while there are the workings of a semi-decent plot, I still perceive this as fan-service-filled entertainment first and foremost, where the focus is expected to be on that at least half the time. Objectively speaking, I can’t say I’m expecting much from the government conspiracy of sorts that’s trying to take advantage of Akuto in some way — and quite honestly I expect it all to end in a slapstick sort of way — but I still get a great deal of enjoyment watching the likes of Korone as she continues to tease our demon king to no end. It’s for reasons such as that that I don’t really care to read mangas of this genre. They have a tendency of getting dragged out while the story strives to become more meaningful, making the fan-service come off as rehashed affair with no little to no impact anymore. However, when it’s animated and introduces a new premise for the very first time, series like Daimaou are a lot of a fun in short doses. Watching the same type of fan-service does get old to me too, so I prefer to change up the scenery now and then with a fresh cast of characters to jump start it again.

Here, we haven’t gotten to all the “good stuff” yet, so it was nice to see this beach school episode get down to business with Korone taking the initiative. With everything from cupping his crotch to outright stomping on it (and check for morning wood at the same time), she didn’t stop there as she pulled out all the stops with a hadaka apron, maid outfit, bunny girl suit, and much more. Sure it was all done in accordance to a bunch of old government geezers’ instructions, but I could sense that she was enjoying it her job a hell of a lot. Also, the semi-depressed face she made when Akuto turns down her advances was so unbelievably cute. That in addition to Junko’s experience with a sea cucumber after Keena vigorously stroked it to a climactic finish seriously had me second guessing myself if I was really hearing Kondou Takashi of Sugisaki Ken fame turning down the harem he eagerly sought. It almost felt wrong, but there were signs of Ken’s more serious side when Korone insisted on doing the deed. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing Junko shy away out of embarrassment either, so this was definitely a good balance of Korone’s teasing and Junko’s deredere this week.

On the comedic side of things, I got a good laugh out Keena’s obsession with rice leading her to make some “rice juice”, which is better known as sake. She was pretty adorable when she teased Akuto about thinking about kissing her, which in combination with all of Korone’s earlier helped reiterate how this is the kind of teasing in harem anime I thoroughly enjoy. As for the story itself, the cliffhanger with what looks like Korone getting shot was an unexpected but welcomed turn of events. After hearing how Lily isn’t interested in letting the government goons do whatever they want, I’m hoping to see her get more involved as well as this is likely their doing. (There’s just something about that witch hat and long flowing red scarf that I can’t get enough of.) What I’m really curious about though is the story of the legendary hero that Hiroshi spoke of. Given the animosity he expressed towards how the hero’s appearance will lead to the demon’s king demise, I almost got the feeling that it’s going to end up as Hiroshi himself. It looks like I won’t have to wait too long to find out though, as the next episode will be about just that.



  1. Oh wow, random object that looks phallic and suggestive liquid all over the girl’s face. Veeeeeerrrrry subtle. God, why must shows like these exist when they are capable of so much better…?

  2. lol, so much fan service 🙂
    This is a harem, so there is no main girl.
    I’m kinda hoping that Akuto is the hero who will stop the monster, so that he can be both the hero and the maou 😛

  3. A few points:

    1) Korone was more awesome when she was mildly teasing Akuto in previous episodes instead of trying to full out seduce him.

    2) Although completely expected, it was bad when Korone interrupted the kiss between Keena and Akuto. =(

    3) Keena trying to seduce Akuto was both cute and mature. Even though she is an airhead type charachter, she is as intelligent as everybody else in the harem (as shown in previous episodes).

    4) Drunk Keena was cute as well and she revealed more of the past between her and Akuto. I think she will be the main girl in the end especially when you watch the ED.

    5) I like this show very much and wish it was 24 episodes!!

  4. From the looks of the screenshots,it seems like Fujiko has lost it,her wits that is.The very reverse of what she was trying to accomplish of turning Sai into her love slave,but instead she became his!

  5. I think akuto will end up with keena and it seems she’s more involved with the plot and akuto than the other girls.
    my top 3 girls for akuto:keena, lily and junko.

    for those who are wondering what those white stuff on junko is, its the intestine of the sea cucumber.

  6. A robot with a transdimensional pouch that sleeps in the closet and has a tail as a deactivation switch? A secret portal inside the desk drawer? Man this show loves it’s Doraemon reference. Korone’s way of taking the mana-detection radar out of her pouch is such an obvious shout out I laughed myself out loud :)) Feels like going back to elementary school

    Fujiko would make a great evil empress; I don’t think she would mind Keena, Korone and Junko since she already got the harem part in mind https://randomc.net/image/Ichiban%20Ushiro%20no%20Daimaou/Ichiban%20Ushiro%20no%20Daimaou%20-%2006%20-%2032.jpg. then again, considering her reaction to the love potion fiasco, she probably wants to enjoy them too…

  7. This episode had so much going on, I had to watch it a second time to catch a few of the things I’d missed. Korone seems to be threatened by the old geezers, hence the overzealous attitude. Keena is a little chess master if you ask me. As for Junko… poor Junko. At least we know what to expect from her when the time… um… arrives?

  8. There is no main girl. If you know a bit about the novels this is based on then it’s mostly a harem, each girl will have her arc, We started with Fujiko obv, Korone doesn’t really have since her part in all this ties more into the overarching story than even Keenas.

    Keena just has a bit of history with Akuto, nothing more nothing less, the novels to date haven’t set one girl apart from the others from what I know.

  9. cutemi2
  10. Poor Korone she tried every trick to nail Akuto and get him to bed!!!! However when he scolded her for it and she “repent” was so Moe that she won him and didn’t realize it  I want her to watch over me. But the battle for him is on, the setokai mean business and a possible a childhood love too. His harem mean business and I want to be there to pick up the girls that lose. They need some love LoL

    Island Esper
  11. At first when they started doing excessive fan service i was worried. If you use too much it just mild porn but i think that it works in this case and its very funny. I also think that the plot developments are good so far. Though i think that Fujiko little daydream looks like something out of hentai series. So far i think the series is getting interesting and that some major developments are in store for the last half. I also hope they give it another season its good and should be continued.

  12. I LOL’d hard at the sea cucumber scene. Seriously I’ve seen a lot of subtle facials in other shows like using ice cream, milk or any other food substances. I never actually thought that this show will go beyond that and use a sea cucumber of all things. Plus handjob by Keena.

  13. While I don’t watch this series, I happen to come across that epic sea cucumber “bukkake” scene reported in Sankaku Complex today.

    Wow… just wow… XD

    Kinny Riddle
  14. Forget jarring progression in the series, it’s in each individual episode. I’m not sure what kind of theme an episode has because they keep changing it. On the sea cucumber, I personally think they messed up there. It didn’t seem erotic to me, it looked more like she was squeezing feces.


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