「大総統の帰還」 (Daisoutou no Kikan)
“The Return of the Führer”

So with last episode’s preview spoiling all the fun of Greed’s grand entrance and the homunculus versus homunculus battle, it was nice to see them make up for that with another one. It was late in the fray, but Fu’s arrival and coming face to face with Bradley was a good one, as he was thrilled to have an opportunity to get back at the monster who cost his granddaughter her arm. Compared to both Greed and Fu’s swift and nimble attacks against Bradley’s all-seeing eye of sorts, Buccaneer’s head-on attacks were valiant but proved costly. Sacrificing his body to take the saber from the Führer was pretty damn suicidal, but it looks like it wasn’t in vain as that was his weapon of choice. Regardless, it looks like Greed could use all the help he can get, since the old homunculus still has more than enough overpowered kick in him despite not being in his prime. At least, that’s what he easily proved with his train explosion escape and head-on attack into Central headquarters where he took out everything in his path, including tanks. For those who were wondering about his line on how a king doesn’t need to enter his home from the backdoor, it was saved for this episode.

Other than that, the huge battle between Hohenheim and Father entered the second phase after the former explained how there is no single philosopher stone inside him anymore. Instead, he’s come to terms with the over half a million souls contained within him and they now reside completely throughout his body united for one cause — to destroy the homunculus in a flask that got too power hungry. Even with the cooperation of all the souls within him, it’s looks like Hohenheim will have his work cut out for him though. Father’s form within in the lookalike Hohenheim shell is nothing more than a black abomination with eyes all over like Pride’s shadows, but it has the absolute evil intimidation factor going for it. In short, it looks like a supercharged version of his original self from when he was still in the flask. With the Promised Day on the horizon and huge battles happening on several fronts, things are probably going to get pretty crazy in the upcoming episodes.

Noticeably absent this week were Ed, Roy, Riza, Izumi, Curtis, and the Armstrong siblings, but it looks like we’ll be seeing more of them next time. Anyway, we’re really getting into the final stages of this 63 episode manga-faithful adaptation now, which suggests that it was perfectly coordinated with Arakawa Hiromu. The final chapter of her manga is slated to be released next month.




  1. Ah, so the 63 episode rumor is proven true now, that’s pretty epic actually, I’ve never seen a case wear an anime and the manga it’s based off of would end at the same time. This will be really unique in that manga viewers will be on the same page as anime viewers for the final episode, it’ll be fun to see how that turns out.

    Father looks epic, and greedling is a badass. But you’ve still got one big reveal coming Divine, should happen in the next few episodes 🙂

  2. The final manga chapter is expected to have around 150 pages, and the last few chapters have hovered around the 50-60 page mark… I hope they manage to fit it all into the anime.

    1. the same rumour stated, that 107 will be over 80 pages long, and it’s not. but it doesn’t seem to affect it’s epicness and stuff. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. I’m glad Brotherhood is here. So I can go safely back in time to before all this shit that’s happening in the manga now is happening. I mean I could always go back in the manga…but with the anime it’s like new material so I can get in a corner and pretend that this is where the story is really at and not where 107 left me until June.

  3. The action in this episode was epic. I really hope they can keep this quality of animation all the way to the end. There are plenty of twists and turns to come.
    Btw having not read the manga do you ever find those manga ads a tad spoilerish?

  4. Totally enjoyed the animation of Hohenheim giving out that speech and to see each soul in in their daily life before this entire mess started. I noticed that Homonculus’ voice was a combination of Father and The Little Flask guy.

  5. And, if episode 59 is “Lost light”, anyone who’s read the manga knows what that is; I don’t see how the hell they combine the rest into 4 episodes. Unless they just completely ruin the ending. I really hope they go past 63 if they really need it. Seriously, that’s at least 8 chapters in 4 episodes. That’s really pushing it.

    1. I don’t see it so unlikely, since the events of ‘Stolen Light’ are in chapter 102. They’ll have 4 episodes to adapt ~six manga chapters that, while they have more pages than usual in the last part, are also very image heavy with battles. At the most they’d rush the post final battle stuff, for which they could do an OVA in the worst case scenario.

    1. Tell me about it. Buccaneer is dead, or close to dead, and even worse, Mustang’s team has betrayed the Briggs soldiers by selling them out as the “real” traitors.

      If Roy makes it out of this alive, Olivier is probably going to kill him herself for throwing her men under the bus like that. I was amazed to see such a dirty backstab done by the “good guys.

      Tavor TAR-21
  6. the freezing alchemist from the first episode knew about the promised day plan just like hughes and he tried to stop it, and bradley killed him just like envy killed hughes, i wonder if they’re going to explain more about the freezing alchemist because they never mentioned him after that

      1. they doing it for dragonball, as you likely know. The daytime reruns of Naruto that they show in Japan may skip the fillers, but I have no clue.

        and the freezing alchemist was an anime-only character, so no, they will not mention him again.

        curious one
      2. meeeeeee…
        rethinking it don´t seem like a good idea for my anymore since I already hate what they have done with dragon ball and saint seiya money
        I mean for GOD’s sake let the F***** series rest in peace and move on to something new

  7. well actually this episode was kinda lame , or at least for me …..
    i just want to see oneONone battle , and a little more events
    as for the ice alchemist …..why need to be mentioned , he just found the truth and they had to get rid of him

  8. Holy shit, Wrath is awesome. Gotta give props to the old man and Bucanner, going up against that homunculus is suicide.

    And I people hate hinting at spoilers. But holy shit, with the stuff in chapter 107 and next month, it’s going to raise the bar for anime in general on how you do an epic ending.

  9. This whole episode was great. The violence was on a pretty big scale. The more I see of this show the more epic it gets, the action and intrigue are are at an all time high. The 2 surprises for me were the beginning and the end. Starting the episode with the Hoenheim scene was a welcome surprise(I love his character), and Fuu’s entrance at he end was bad-ass. When the smoke screens came in, and the drums and cymbals started going, I knew some ninja action was about to go down. Fuu is awesome. Also, I thought that the Ling/Fallman dialogue was funny, especially since Fallman was pissing his pants at the time.

  10. To not rush the ending, they can always make a 1-hour special. Or a bit longer one. I just hope they won’t cut the story and leave the ending to a movie (too long a wait!).

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Fullmetal%20Alchemist/Fullmetal%20Alchemist%20-%2056%20-%20Large%2012.jpg

    Ignoring the other eyes around his body, this powered-up version of Father reminds me of Venom from Spiderman.

    It comes as no surprise that the anime and manga would end together. The anime was fast catching up with the manga by January, with which Arakawa has begun to wrap things up then.

    This week’s prologue seems to hint at Hohenheim being Xing’s “Sage of the West” – Probably where he devised Eastern Alchemy in order to counter Father’s Western Alchemy. After Xerxes’ demise, he headed east while Father headed west to secretly prop up the Amestris expansionist empire for his master plan.

    Kinny Riddle
  12. well it was hinted in older episode when Winry was talking with don’t remember who about the eastern alchemy and said the other said that the one who invented the eastern alchemy was a man with golden hair and golden eyes ….. and Winry said that he looks like Ed ….
    that I think is enough proof

    1. Episode 42, to be precise. After they’re reading Scar’s brother’s notes and she was talking to Mei Chang who was telling them the legend as Xing knows it.

      Tavor TAR-21
  13. Somehow seeing it all animated………it was a lot more violent than I remembered. I feel bad for all the random foot soldiers on both sides D: D:. And for Mustang’s scattered group, ex. Fury and Fallman.

    FMA is so epic. The animation quality and sound and story and everything is just so amazing >_<

      1. The main complaint from people is the Nazi Germany alternate universe thing which is about the only negative thing you can say about the first FMA. I actually thought it was nice twist. But I think most people’s heads couldn’t take the sci-fi craziness. I’m a huge LOST fan btw. =)

        I mean, the current story arc in FMAB right now is too predictable. No originality at all. The first half of FMAB was actually good since it resolved around Ed and Al travelling to places.

        FMAB now has become a Bleachfest of battles, fights and more battles. Yeah, the type of uneven battles, where EVEN when the enemy has the advantage, the 1st Law of Shounen dictates that the hero MUST win. For example, every homunculi that have died so far. There was no strategy or trick the heros had to cleverly think up to beat them thus making the homunculus look so weak. The first FMA had Sloth (Ed’s mum homunculus) who could turn into water. To beat her, Ed had to chemically change her into ethanol that slowly evaporates. You don’t find anything like that in FMAB.

        I mean, this ep they just showed us that there is no significance in Father Homunculus having a body that resembled Hohenheim’s. It was literally a cheap plot move to bring mystery to the character of Hohenheim. This is the result of bad storywriting. Even the whole Xerxes massacre was easily predictable.

        Here’s another rant. Remember when the chimera found the Philosopher’s Stone? The fact that he didn’t show it to Ed for like a year or whatever amound of time that passed is ridiculous.

        I’m definitely not the only one who thinks that FMA1 was better. I know quite a few people who don’t watch any anime except FMA1 and found it a masterpiece. I showed them FMAB and they got bored of it. I asked they why and they simply said that FMAB just has action and fighting but FMA1 actually had a good story.

        It wouldn’t surprise me if most anime fanboys would find FMAB a masterpiece if they find series like Naruto or Bleach a masterpiece too.

      2. 1. LOST is the most convoluted show ever created, the writers jerk everyone around and obviously had no sense of purpose or a story board

        2. The story in FMA continuously brings characters and intentions together, old characters continuously recur and are tied into the grand story. The characters also grow throughout the story, resulting in dynamic personalities and changes, you can’t say that about Bleach.

        3. Homunculus battles: Greed – transmuting carbon back into soft flesh, Pride – flashbangs, giant dome to contain light, destroying the town’s electrical systems, Gluttony and Wrath vs Ran Fan and Lin – cut off arm and attached to dog as distraction, Sloth – drench with oil and let freeze

        4. The Chimeras did not give the stone to Ed because they were afraid what people might do with it, and it wasn’t a year, more like 2 months between Ed’s recovery and the promised day

        5. What was predictable about the Armstrongs facing Sloth together, Greed facing Wrath, Gluttony and Kimbley both being eaten by Pride, and Hohenheim talking abd befreiding all 500k of his souls? You are telling me you could have predicted all of those things? Why don’t you leave another note predicting what’s going to happen in the next 4 episodes, since you are so confident that the anime is predictable?

      3. Eamon, I love how you say that “It’s so predictable”

        I will bet you money you will not see what’s coming a mile away. That’s what makes FMA so damn good. It’s not predictable by any means.

        The first series had a lost more problems than just Nazi Germany. That’s a hard concept? That’s about the only thing about it that made sense.

        The whole series was just a string of plotholes, inconsistencies and deus ex machina. I’m sure glad Armstrong just magically appeared in episode 6 to save them from Scar with no mention or anything else leading up to it. That’s a good example. It’s a very pathetic anime to watch.

        Keep watching Brotherhood, you’ll take back that predictable statement by the end.

      4. Eamon, did you even watch this series?

        “Father looking like Hohenheim had no reason”

        What…? Father crafted himself and Hohenheim new bodies. Amazing how with only the same information, they both look like Hohenheim. Why did Father need a body? As a movable container so he could be freed from the flask and move on to his true goal, thus setting up THE ENTIRE STORY. You must think that he was always like he was (in this episode), but he clearly says “Don’t assume I haven’t evolved either”. Over 400 years, his little Homunculus body has grown and no longer needs a “Flask” to survive. Man, you need to pay attention.

        The best part was when you called that “Bad writing”

        Bad writing? Haha. Coming from a LOST fan and a FMA1 fan. And you think THIS is bad writing? Excuse me while I laugh my ass off.

      5. LOL, Labyrinth and Cornwiggle.

        Before, I talk about FMA let me just mention a bit about lost.

        Firstly, a lot of people think the writers are taking the viewers of Lost for a ride. That isn’t true. It’s been proven in many episodes that the plotholes in previous seasons were mysteries that would be solved later. The most important theme of Lost is its mysterious theme.

        Labyrinth, you say “LOST is the most convoluted show ever created, the writers jerk everyone around and obviously had no sense of purpose or a story board.”
        That completely false. They have told everyone that they had the end in sight since the first season and during the 3rd season, they announced that Lost will end at Season 6 which is what happened. The writers have noticed how much their huge fanbase like to speculate and theorise so they puposely leave some unimportant plot holes as MYSTERY is theme of the show.

        Now, let me answer you all about FMA. But this will be a long one XD

        – “The story in FMA continuously brings characters and intentions together, old characters continuously recur and are tied into the grand story.”
        LOL, you mean like how Lan Fan just randomly appeared in that forest where Ed and Ling/Greed were fighting Pride? Or you mean in this latest ep of how Fu just randomly ran on walls to fight King Bradley. They seem to have appearences that resemble most Shounen anime. As in, ‘hero shows up at the right place at the right time.’ Don’t forget about the time where Pride and Gluttony somehow found Ed and Ling using Gluttony’s sense of smell. So Gluttony can smell people all the way from Central?! Or were they just happening to stroll about in the area.
        You make it look like FMAB has some sort of Pulp Fiction storyline. It most deinitely HAS NOT!

        – “The characters also grow throughout the story, resulting in dynamic personalities and changes.”
        To be very honest with you, there has been only a SINGLE character change. And that’s Scar. He used to be an angry raging avenger but somehow by meeting another Ishvalian who decided to work within the system instead of against, all of that rage and vengeance vanished. I mean, that is unrealistic. The anger and pain from witnessing your beloved brother, family, race get extinguished is not an easy thing to get rid off. At least, if Arakawa decided to spend some time on Scar to show exactly what changes him; as in to spend time developing Scar into a good person, then I would have no complaints. But Scar seems to have been changed overnight after years of hatred. This is unrealistic. Another result of bad storywriting.

        – “The Chimeras did not give the stone to Ed because they were afraid what people might do with it.”
        Oh really. From what I could see, it was a cheap plot technique by Arakawa to make Al use the stone to fight Pride and Kimbley in that particular moment. Oh and wait, don’t forget how Marcoh randomly appears at that moment how and Kimbley gets easily overwhelmed. He is one of my favourate characters for being a smart badass and to get defeated so pathetically is another result of bad storywriting.

        – BTW, the story is predicatble. I wasn’t talking about who fights who. Let me give you examples:
        — Hohenheim’s past was too easy to figure out
        — The transmuation circle around the country was to use souls to make a philosopher’s stone.
        — We all knew from very early on that Hohenheim is immortal.
        — When Ling turns into Greed, we all knew that eventually Greed would get his memories back at some point and return to main story.

        FMAB does have some nice twists. I liked how Ling accepted the philosohper’s stone into himself. I also liked how the son of the Fuhrer is a homunculus.

        – “Father crafted himself and Hohenheim new bodies. Amazing how with only the same information, they both look like Hohenheim.” LOLWUT?!?! Father used the body of the King of Xerxes as the container. Why did he need to change it’s appearence to Hohenheim’s? And why did he give Hohenheim half of the souls? That seems like a pretty illogical and dum move. Arakawa tries to make the excuse that is was due to Equivalent Exchange. There really was no need for Father to keep Hohenheim alive. As we can see, it proved to be something of a nuisance to Father now. Foolish Father, ain’t he? Oh wait, this is just because of bad storywriting.

        – “Over 400 years, his little Homunculus body has grown and no longer needs a “Flask” to survive. Man, you need to pay attention.”
        Oh I see he’s “grown!” OMG, why didn’t I notice. /s
        Seriously, at least explain how he grew. Don’t just do a Bleach and make up everything as you go along. This was another cheap plot move. Arakawa wanted you to feel victorious and tense when Hohenheim had injected something into Father causing him to get interally stabbed or whatever, only to see that it was useless. This type of plot twist is used in almost every shounen anime. I have gotten bored now.

        – “Envy’s battle vs Marco – “homunculus traps”, which were actually long range transmutations”
        oh right, the battle that was ended so pathetically when Marcoh so easily defeated Envy with the excuse that “i have spent all my life studying philosopher’s stone.” That was a bad example to use Labyrinth. Even manga fans thought that was stupid.

        – “FMA1 was just a string of plotholes, inconsistencies and deus ex machina. I’m sure glad Armstrong just magically appeared in episode 6 to save them from Scar with no mention or anything else leading up to it. That’s a good example. It’s a very pathetic anime to watch.”
        Firstly, Armstrong didn’t just “magically appear.” It was made very clear that he was stalking the Elric brothers under Mustang’s orders. Tell me how Ling magically appears in the exact same abandoned cottage that Ed and the chimera lodge in? NOW THAT’S BAD WRITING AT THE PEAK!
        Tell me what plotholes and inconsistencies are there. As far as I can see, only Nazi Germany was the deus ex machina. Everything else had a good deal of foreshadowing. If it was so pathetic, why did it receive best anime of 2004 by animereactor and Square Enix decided to publish many games based on it. Again, tell me what plotholes and inconsistencies there were!

      6. Congrats, Eamon. You’ve just proved to me now that you don’t pay any attention.

        Ran Fan finding Ling was explained right after they came. I’ll repeat it.

        “We went to Central looking for the Young Master, when we sensed four supernatural beings nearby”

        (Hohenheim, Gluttony, Pride, and Greed)

        Do you not pay any attention? You must have ADD. The Xingese characters can detect Homunculi (except for Bradley, as he’s a little different and gives off a human aura). Wow.

        And guess what? Fuu said it just this last episode. “Giving off such an aura from the Young Master’s body. Well, I wouldn’t have found you otherwise”

        See? Every one of your complaints is answered. Too bad you can’t read or pay attention.

        Take your ADD medication and try again.

      7. Alright, Eamon, I’m going to answer every single one of your complaints and prove you wrong once and for all. Get ready.

        1. Xingese characters can detect Homunculi’s auras. (more specifically they can sense the thousands of souls inside their philospher’s stones) It’s been explained several times. Here’s how Lan Fan and Fu found them. After Lan Fan finally recovered from the automail surgery, they both rushed back to Central, only to find no one there. However, nearby was the aura of four that was very hard not to miss. Pride, Gluttony, Greed, AND Hohenheim all there at once. Fu even remarks that Hohenheim has the biggest aura around. They rushed over there using their ninja agility and bang. They arrived. Makes perfect sense, gave the characters a plot of what they’ve been doing and worked. Strike one against you now.

        2. After capturing Al it was Pride and Gluttony’s mission to find Edward. Of course they scoured around. It’s not said how long it took, but take into account that they found Edward a day AFTER capturing Al. It wasn’t “Bing, Gluttony’s nose magically picked him up” They went around, looking a bit until they got close enough for Gluttony to be able to smell them. We don’t know how powerful his nose is, but that’s the fun. We know it’s pretty strong and he was able to find them eventually after getting close enough.
        Strike two against you.

        3. You’re calling Scar’s development bad writing? I seem to recall Scar befriending Al and Ed for no reason and then saving Al’s life for no reason in the first anime. Hmm… which one is worse I suppose? It’s no contest.
        As others have been saying, you really need to rewatch episodes. Scar was told countless times before he met Miles that Vengeance only brings more vengeance and that. It’s his master’s words. “You don’t have to forgive them, but you can tolerate it” His brother also had similar views on that too. He was using his alchemy to bring peace between both of them. Anyway, so later on, finally when he runs across WINRY (not Miles) what does she end up saying? “I don’t forgive you for killing my parents, but I can’t let you die” Which is exactly what his master said. And then he runs into Miles, someone of similar standings to him and sees just how someone like that can really work to fix what’s wrong, instead of just bringing more hatred and making things worse. He finally understands his brother’s reasoning and takes to heart what Miles and Winry said, finally deciding to work to change Amestris for the better.

        Now tell me, how is that non-realistic? Oh yeah, I forgot, you like the one where he magically starts being nice to Al because they fight Barry the Chopper together. Yeah, because that’s the most REALISTIC character growth I’ve ever seen. [/sarcasm] Strike three, pal.

        4. How do you know the Chimeras DIDN’T show Ed the stone? It’s been like 2 months, and remember Ed’s dislike with them. They could have showed it and he was like “Nah, just keep that for later, I don’t want it” and does that sound of character? Not to me. Remember, Heinkel had to talk Al into using it too, and granted it was his only option at the moment. Or there’s another reason, Ed was injured and they didn’t show it to him… because he was injured? Make sense? That’s the difference between good writing and bad writing. Good writing doesn’t tell you ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING; it lets you fill in some of the gaps.

        Next. Marcoh appearing. This made a bit more sense in the manga, I’ll give you that, but it’s still coherent.

        Firstly, remember that Marcoh said he was going to help in the episode before he appeared. That gave some indication he would be appearing there.

        Alright, in the manga, Al and Heinkel’s speech about the stone is cut until after the fight when Al looks back to remember what he said. While in the anime, it’s just all together before Al starts fighting. So in the manga, it’s implied there’s a time lapse of some sort. Through the smoke, there’s no reason as to why Marcoh couldn’t have just shown up at the moment (which is implied in the manga) and then they work out a plan before Al starts fighting. I do wish it was elaborated on just a bit more myself, but it’s hardly deus ex machina.

        4. Already explained. Father was made from Hohenheim’s blood. They share the same genetic information, of course they look alike. This question has been answered by two other guys. Read that instead of me typing the same thing over again.

        5. By the way, I laughed at your “predictable” line. “It’s easy to see that Father’s plan was just to make a Stone out of the country”
        Oh, to quote Envy “You’re close. At least, on the right track”
        Or to put it more bluntly. WRONG. Strike four.

        6. Why are you complaining about this evolution? Do we know anything about a man-made Homunculus’ abilities? What can be gathered is its alive, just like a human and thus must grow and change just like a human would as well. Someone explained this a lot better than I could; and I would just repeat what he said again. Read that. You make it seem like it was just thrown in there out of random. It’s perfectly rational that a Homunculus could change and outgrow his flask. I’ve never heard a single person complain about expect you. So… sorry basic concepts are too difficult for you to grasp.

        7. You’re talking about this? Envy vs Marcoh? Maybe you forget but Homunculi use their STONE as their LIFE FORCE. Hmm, gee, Marcoh, the leading expert on how to make and destroy stones in the entire country… hmm, now what would be the best way to kill Envy? How about using MARCOH and ATTACKING THE DAMN STONE? That’s what hurt Envy so badly, Marcoh practically obliterated his stone, leaving only a single soul and reducing Envy down to his most basic form. We don’t know what he did, but apparently it’s some way to destroy a stone. Granted too that Envy has amazing staying power, but he took quite a hit with that. He must have had over a thousand souls and was reduced down to 1. How does that no make sense to you? Marcoh, leading brain on Philospher’s stone knows how to destroy one, and does?
        Strike five.

        8. Finally, oh look another complain about Ling appearing. Man, go back and watch the episode. It’s said right there.

        Ed “What are you doing here?”
        Ling “After Greed attacked, I had to get out of Central and the only place I could think of was where we originally met up” (Episode 23)

        And remember, Ed thought that Al would be there too. Coincident? Yes? Think about real life for a second; coincidences are just part of life. “Gee, I almost didn’t go to Blockbuster the other day, but I did and I met up with someone I haven’t seen for 10 years there” That’s one of mine. It just happens.

        You have to remember too. Ling got back into control right after the Wrath fight, you can see it when he bails out the window. If Greed had stayed in control the entire time, he probably would have just fled the country. So thank Ling for the meeting, because it wouldn’t have happened if Greed was in control.

        Strike 6. There. Bring on any more complaints. I’ll be glad to tear them apart and prove them wrong just like I did here. Six strikes against you already. Care to bring more to the table?

    1. Forgot one for 3. Envy’s battle vs Marco – “homunculus traps”, which were actually long range transmutations

      If you’re talking about battles, FMAB employed a lot more strategy than the first one (get item from dead person, use a circle – boring)

    2. Eamon, what the hell are you talking about?

      Everyone has just proved you wrong now. Go back and watch the episodes and see for yourself.

      I have nothing against the first anime either, but in all honesty, it completely pales in comparison to the original story.

      Tenzen gets sum
  14. – “Father crafted himself and Hohenheim new bodies. Amazing how with only the same information, they both look like Hohenheim.” LOLWUT?!?! Father used the body of the King of Xerxes as the container. Why did he need to change it’s appearence to Hohenheim’s? And why did he give Hohenheim half of the souls? That seems like a pretty illogical and dum move. Arakawa tries to make the excuse that is was due to Equivalent Exchange. There really was no need for Father to keep Hohenheim alive. As we can see, it proved to be something of a nuisance to Father now. Foolish Father, ain’t he? Oh wait, this is just because of bad storywriting.

    No. Father’s container was the flask. He and Hohenheim in the circle, and the citizens of Xerxes were sacrificed to make a stone for the both of them. Both got half because both were in the circle, Father needed someone to carry him there as he couldn’t move of his own accord. After the transmutation was done, Father left him as he considered immortality a “present” for birthing him – remember, it was Hohenheim’s blood that aided in the creation of father. Back then, Father had emotions and acknowledged Hohenheim’s contribution; I’d also like to think that he didn’t plan on his companion’s eventual retaliation.

    And honestly, I can’t believe you’re complaining about the evolution. It’s been 400 years. It’d be crazy to think that Father wouldn’t work on a way to counteract his dependence on a shell, not to mention an underwhelming ending if he was defeated in such a pitiful way. But alas, this argument will have no conclusion. You’ll stay entitled to your opinion as will I.

  15. Oh, and during the transmutation, Father transmuted himself a new container which he could use to move around. He built this using his genetic information, passed down from Hohenheim – this resulted in his human container looking the same. I don’t know where you got equivalent exchange from. Are we watching the same anime?

    1. Why are you arguing with yourself, Wild Gamer?

      That’s what I said earlier. Father used Hohenheim’s genetic information to make a new container and they look alike. Shocker.

      You debated that and then debated… yourself(?) to just repeat what I said?

      Multiple personalities or sock puppets you forgot to change?

  16. Eh, my big problem with 2003 FMA besides the Earth connection (I happen to despise the idea of parallel universes, in all media, so it’s not like this is a vendetta I have against this particular show) was the method of creation for Homunculi.

    That they’re the result of human transmutation. Um, really, you expect me to believe that in the hundreds of years alchemy has existed, only five people have tried to bring back loved ones. Ed/Al with Mommy, Izumi with her child, Hohenheim with his son, and Dante with Pride, Gluttony, and Greed.


    Tavor TAR-21
    1. Yep, I just love the plothole too as to WHY they’re named after the seven deadly sins.

      No reason is ever given, and it begs the questions, what happens if ANOTHER Homunculi is created? UH OH, EIGHT, WHAT WILL THEY NAME IT NOW?

      It’s such laughable writing.

      1. lol no it isn’t. The failures of human transmutation DIE after the experiment is completed. The keyword here is DIE!!!! And it was only by chance that Dante had managed to find the homunculi and feed them the philosopher’s stone to stay alive. That’s why there were only 7 homunculi. And they were all given philosopher’s stones to stay alive.

        The 7 deadly sins were names that represented their traits. Probably the only name that didn’t make sense was Sloth for Ed and Al’s mum. She wasn’t really lazy in any way really. But the writers thought about the shock viewers would get if they find out the brothers’ mother experiment was actually one of the homunculi. Pride suits King Bradley more than Wrath in my opinion. You don’t really see Bradley angry. He’s calm most of the time except that time where he got annoyed when Hughes’ daughter cry.

        Laughable writing would be how every meeting seems to be very convenient. Sure the xingese people can sense aura (I’m not going to even begin on that. That’s something Arakawa has forced upon us to except without any explanation) so they can find the homunculi but I’m not complaining about that. I’m complaining how they seem to arrive at the most convenient moments where the hero is about to get overwhelmed. This is very typical of shounen anime.

      2. Thanks for not replying with anything contructive.

        And don’t try to cover up the fact you have nothing to reply with “Thanks for the laugh this morning. I needed it.”

        It’s pretty obvious even to the layman.

    1. The fact that you’re probably the same person as some of the commentors above makes you even more of a retarded douchbag.

      If you are a different person then why don’t you join in the argument instead of throwing insults about.

      Then again, you probably are one of the above commentors so that makes you a sad assh0le, right?

      1. Oh, so I didn’t get a reply?

        Thanks, Eamon. You’ve just proved you have no idea what you’re talking about.

        Do everyone a favor and shut up now. No one cares about your lovefare with the crappy first anime.

      2. Recorder, I seriously did have a proper essay long reply for you but, believe it or not, I accidently closed the tab. You may think I am lying, but that’s up to you.

        But looking at your comment, I am grateful I didn’t reply since you definitely didn’t deserve a debate with someone higher than yourself. Most idiots in arguments tend to throw about insults when they get emotional. Then again, how old are you? I bet that your balls haven’t even dropped yet LOL!

        And it’s not “do everyone a favour” you actually mean “do me a favour” since I can tell that you are and some guys above are probably the same person.

        Enjoy staying loyal to your beloved anime. You’re probably the type of people who claim TWILIGHT or TRANSFORMERS are masterpiece films. This will be my last time visiting this thread since it’s full of retards-I mean retard. KMT


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