「宗太の憂鬱、小鳥遊家の女達」 (Souta no Yuuutsu, Takanashi-ke no Onna-tachi)
“The Melancholy of Souta, the Women of the Takanashi Family”

While it’s undeniable that Jun has his own melancholic struggles with Yachiyo on White Day, it still isn’t quite as bad as what Souta has to put up with at home on a daily basis. However, I can’t say I feel too bad for Souta outside of the fact that he had to wear hand-me-downs from his sisters while growing up. As the eldest son in the family, it sucks to be remembered as a cute little girl with tons of video evidence, but he has some pretty interesting sisters at the very least. I may not feel that way if they were actually my sisters, but I sure get a great deal of enjoyment from watching the likes of Izumi’s 24/7 lethargic self from my vantage point.

In Izumi’s case, it’s even better when she’s about to break down and cry at Kazue’s scolding for being a no good 28 year-old romance novelist. Given her soft-spoken and literally sluggish behavior as she crawls along the ground, I’m still hoping for the day I get to see her out of those black funeral-like clothes with that ink wiped off her face. I won’t deny that her current attire suits her though, since she’s usually weeping over something, such as Kazue pulling on her hair for inadvertently taking a shot at how she’s a woman’s who got divorced and moved back home. It was fun watching what a handful those two were and how Souta had to be the mediator between them, but then there’s also Kozue, who’s probably as bipolar as they come thanks to her constant, never-ending intake of alcohol to cope with all her failed relationships. I guess an emotional drunk would be the better way of describing her, but with Itou Shizuka voicing her in what I perceive as an anime version of herself, she’s just too fun to watch. Last but not least is Nazuna, the absolute sleeper female of the family who may just turn out to be the one that rules them all. I got a good laugh out of how all her efforts to help out Souta may be what turns her to the side of evil.

As for the follow-up to Valentine’s Day on Souta’s part, I thought the “magic hand” he had to distance himself from Mahiru was absolutely brilliant. Not only did it make sense from a safety point of view, it also reiterating how one needs tools to deal with the beast within her. The comedic highlight that resulted from Souta’s magic hand interactions with Mahiru had to be her telling Kazue that she assaults her little brother on a regular basis, with the connotation that it’s done sexually. The misunderstanding was particularly funny because she ended up admitting that she does indeed assault Souta, getting him into some trouble with Kazue. Once that was cleared up though, it looked like Mahiru felt bad about what Souta has to put up with at home in addition to her abuse at work. It wasn’t an androphobia curing moment for her, but it did feel like a turning point towards it. Given how Souta went out and picked up a thoughtful return gift for her (various hairpins), it was nice to see that she was really appreciative of it.

Overall, this wasn’t a terribly hilarious episode, but I really enjoyed seeing more of the Takanashi women regardless. Next time, it looks like the restaurant’s fatherly figure Otoo is back in town and he’s brought a new girl with him, Yamada Aoi. She was played by Ueda Kana in the drama CDs, but given the cast shakeup, I get the feeling another seiyuu will be doing the anime.




  1. I don’t know how much I’m going to like the new girl for the next episode….
    After reading the manga a little to spoil myself,she came off as annoying(in a strange way) to me.But that could change depending on how they animate her.

  2. Am i a bad person for wanting an echi scene with the “magic hand”
    Like in that not so great anime with the violin and the girl with the very annoying high voice.

  3. Lol i enjoyed this episode but watching Takanashi get walked all over by his sisters just wanted to make me yell at him to grow a sack (might have something to do with me having 3 sisters). Thank God for his little sister who apparently has complete control over everything in the family and willing to back him up. I look forward to the new character next week and Otoo’s never ending quest to find his wife gives me a good laugh so the episode is very promising.

  4. I think Izumi is my type (of moe); even her sparkly bubbles were painted with the palette of sorrow. Honestly, this show got ten times better now that it stopped repeating the same gags and put some actual slice-of-life in. But I still think I’d rather watch Takanashi-ke Okaeri every week instead of Working!!.

  5. It looks like they are slowing working their way towards a InamiXSouta pairing (I hope). I havent read the manga so not sure if that is whats going to happen. But he certainly seems to be slowly breaking down her fear of him.

  6. @Karmafan

    You’re forgetting one of the cardinal laws of Anime pairing: Any competent male character who is not in a Yaoi relationship or part of a Shoujo storyline – exceptions are if the relationship is doom (ie someone is going to die), shall not get a girl through the most normal means possible. As it is a spit in the face of real life otakus who lives vicariously through the false belief that flocks of hot women will run into their open arms if they wait on the sideline being indecisive and play the role of the “nice guy.”

    Personally, IMO, this is probably the most enjoyable anime this season!

  7. A very hastily edited image point’s on the injustice in working, band together one piece fans, because Sanji has been stolen! I keep meaning to watch this show, really i do, but i never have the chance… I keep hearing good things though, and any anime with sanji in it must be great.

  8. Never expected Izumi to be that gloomy – in a cute way that is. And it’s funny seeing her unknowingly rubbing Kazue the wrong way all the time.

    Despite its weird look, the Magic Hand might just be the thing to boost Souta and Mahiru’s relationship. Already they’ve managed to “hold hands”. (LOL at Mahiru telling Kazue she’s constantly “roughing up” Souta)

    Ever since working together in ToHeart2 and xxxHolic, Fukuyama Jun and Ito Shizuka’s chemistry continues to click through their roles in Souta and Kozue. They just sound so natural – I’m guessing Fukuyama constantly had to drag a drunk Ito out of pubs all the time.

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I’d totally watch a series simply on Takanashi’s family (as was mentioned by other commenters). I nearly spit out my juice when I saw Souta in the beginning “family video.”

    I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all that Souta has to go through, but I think this is the first episode that Souta hasn’t received physical damage from Mahiru (Just a bit of mental damage from the “I rape him” part).

  10. wow nice episode, though the 3d effect of the magic hand looks rather… odd and unifitting to the anime, but it’s still a good effort…

    wow more new characters next week? looks like there’s gonna be more WORKING!!


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