「脱獄チーム絶体絶命 禁じ手”毒の巨兵”」 (Datsugoku Chīmu Zettaizetsumei – Kinjite ‘Benomu Dēmon)
“The Escapee Team in Trouble! The Forbidden Move: Venom Demon!”

So is it just me or did anyone notice that Magellan’s Venom Demon formation essentially makes him look like the Shit Monster from Conker’s Bad Fur Day? You know, the one where you throw toilet paper rolls into his mouth? Yeah, it could just be me 6_6 Also, this was scary as hell to watch. Imagine that in a loop!

Anyway, a rather milestone like episode, with the setting finally changed by the end of the episode, this episode was a bit above the past episodes if not merely because of that fact. However, Magellan’s Venom Demon transformation took forever, a bit ludicrous really. Jinbei also kicked some serious ass this episode, his hadouken on that warship really showed his prowess. I didn’t get this kind of impression of him at all when coasting through the manga, but I guess that’s what I get for reading it frantically.

Seeing Ivankov use his eye wink to travel distances was pretty hilarious. Imagine if you had that power and just used it every time you wanted to propel yourself somewhere, though I guess one downfall is that you can’t see where you’re going since the propeller comes from the eye itself. Also, WHALE SHARKS TO THE RESCUE! Those are some seriously happy whale sharks. What are they having and where can I get some?

The animation this episode was all over the place, much more noticeable than usual. I think they just threw all their effort into the final Gear Third hit towards Magellan. The rest of the episode was pretty bland in comparison. Do I mind? Yeah, I’ve always wanted Toei to step up their animation skills and give it the budget it deserves, but if they can make money with cutting corners, why wouldn’t they? The anime/manga business, although seemingly highly successful, is a harsh and poor business, even with all those otakus buying 32 copies of one item (though that really only applies to moe merchandise. K-On! was a huge success though, it’s just too bad those really expensive instruments being bought didn’t share the profit with KyoAni eh? But then again, KyoAni doesn’t have animation issues like Toei. Dammit Toei, aren’t you a big company? Fire your current money managers and hire better ones, or start learning how to animate moe shows to cash cow NAO and then use that money to better animate OP. /end rant).

..And so, the Impel Down Arc starts coming to a close! Who isn’t excited for the upcoming arc?




  1. Can’t wait for marineford! Seems according to coming episode titles though we’re gonna have a bit of “what is the crew doing?” filler between the escape and arrival on marineford.

    As for this episode, yea, i don’t really notice the up’s and downs with one pieces animation unless it’s REALLY good, or REALLY bad. as such, this wasn’t that noticeable, and i probably wouldn’t have known if you hadn’t said something.

    Venom demon did take forever(gogo padding!) and really wasn’t that impressive however, unfortunately. But what’ll ya do, they’d already dragged out impell down enough and I’d rather them quickly get this done and get on to marineford then take their time dragging out the last little bit of plot from impell down.

    – I love how buggy is completely knocked out without ever having done a thing, lol.

  2. Oh, me me! I’m excited for the next arc definitely.
    It’s going to be pretty epic.

    Next episode I know for a fact is going to make me really sad.
    Due to the fact a major player in this arc sacrifices himself.

    1. Just saw Chapter 0. While the cameos of all the popular side characters were enjoyable, I was hoping the story would have been better and focused more on Gol D. Roger. Oh well, it was just a special OVA.

      1. Damn you MrRei! I thought from the preview that Bon Clay might be the one sacrificing himself next ep but now you’ve made it too obvious!


  3. Kiiragi is not the same an anime of 26 episodes and an anime of 500 EPISODES, any long anime have the same problem of animation like one piece (Dragon ball, bleach, naruto etc etc) each one with more than 10 different animation studios. the animes with AMAZING animation are short animes (between 13 episodes to 52) and now fma that ist the first anime from bones with more than 52 episodes. So of course one piece and other shounens have more inconsistent animation because they are in tv for more than TEN YEARS the costs are more expensive.

    btw i love how toei hand the animation in one piece, every important part is epic 🙂 i can’t tell the same with pierror that the battle between kakashi and pain was HORRIBLE.

      1. Chan, that was stupid comeback. We were reading the comments and happened to come across yours. Of course nobody made us read your post.

        You’re probably a Bleach fan. Ironically, Bleach anime has been censored like sh1t. No more gushes of blood. Blood is now coloured black. Any missing body parts are conveniently darkened. They probably censored it due to the surge of 12 year olds watching it.

        It’s been 10 years and they’ve never censored One Piece making OP more mature than Bleach.

        I don’t even need to begin the stories of OP and Bleach. There is no comparison now. Bleach has no story anymore. Just floating guys taking jabs at each other and revealing super secret attacks.

    1. You may be 12 with that attitude, what is wrong with you? Good to see another good episode, this arch has been iffy for me, it will be glorious if they manage to pull off the next one.

  4. i honestly want to know why people like yourself feel the need to go into a show/manga’s thread/blog/youtube video etc just to let people know how bad they think it is

    1. Look at his name! He’s clearly a /b/tard troll. Don’t feed the troll, it’s a fairly simple concept. There were posts last week too by this guy, but he was posting under different names that were all 4chan related. Damn trolls….

    1. Hey, I like OP and I loved the Lazengan too. Doesn’t everyone?

      RASENGAN…OOOVERLOOOOOOADDD!!! *kimi ga, blah blah ta da, kuroko wo sha na na*

      Wait, wrong show. Never mind.


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