「お茶会!」 (Ochakai!)
“Tea Party!”

It may be just me, but the thought of former Sakura High student council president Sokabe Megumi (Kodama Asumi) having the hots for Mio played out very differently in my head than a mere tea party for Mio’s fan club. As the original founding member of the club back when she used to stalk Mio, visions of Megumi taking advantage of her first-year junior and having Mio reacting like the Mio we all love naturally crossed my mind. Sadly though, Megumi couldn’t make it to the tea party after the Nodoka finally put together some sort of event as the fan club’s new president (which was forced upon her). With the huge wedding-like cake that Mugi prepared for the occasion, I was seriously thinking that Megumi would be able to have her cake and eat it too. (Mmm, cake and Mio.) Sokabe-kaichou isn’t a bad looker either in the grand scheme of things, so I guess there’s always the soon-to-be-released Mio x Megumi doujinshi to fall back on. I kid, but in reality it’s probably not too far-fetched by the time the next Comiket comes around.

Lesbian fantasies aside, this episode was buckets of win for lots of reasons. First up, there’s the Mio teasing that I never grow old of because of how adorable she is when she freaks out. Given the near hazing-like mistreatment she gets in the K-ON club, it was pretty funny seeing her tear up in front of Nodoka when someone actually took her stalker concerns seriously. This was even cuter at the actual tea party, where Mio couldn’t even give a speech properly without stuttering out of nervousness, yet it somehow ended up being more entertaining than Yui and Ritsu’s short skits. With how scared she was during the question session and not even comprehending what she was being asked, I did feel kind of bad for her and hoped someone would just save her from dying from embarrassment. No one did, but at least Ritsu’s slideshow helped bring the color back in her (literally).

Next is the inclusion of some flashback portions that we haven’t seen in a while. Much like in the very first episode of season one, I find they’re always fun to watch due to Ritsu’s tendency to insert her own narration to make things more interesting. After that, there’s Megumi being brought in to put a lesbian twist on things since Mugi’s been pretty quiet on that front. Seeing Mio try to break the ice after Nodoka picked up Megumi’s Mio fan club card, only to end up making Megumi confess that she’s the stalker was pretty damn priceless. And last but definitely not least, we have an actual performance for a change — and of a new song too. Mio’s sugar poem may not have made a lot of sense to her fans, but her performance of “Pure Pure Heart” was a nice recovery from the confusion she caused. The new opening and ending singles amazingly peaked at #1 and #2 on Oricon‘s weekly charts respectively (crazy how the OP is more popular than the ED), but I really like the more mellow feel of this new song in comparison.

The only disappointing part in this otherwise awesome episode is that Mio came out in her school uniform during the fan club tea party and not dressing up like Ritsu was planning. I’m with Sawa-chan on that one for sure. “Pssh, school uniform.” On a separate note, I couldn’t help but think that if this were a co-ed school, the Mio-tan merchandise would be flying off the shelves faster than they can pump it out. They wouldn’t have to just hand them out for free either, meaning Ritsu could actually make some decent coin. Anyway, as fun as this episode was, next time should prove to be pretty good too, since everyone has to figure out what their plans are post-high school. It’s career assessment time!


* There was a commercial for the BD/DVD release of the K-ON! Live Event ~Let’s Go!~ concert that took place in Yokohama Arena at the end of last year. Slated for a June 30th release, it was at the end of this concert that this second season was announced. Personally, I’m really looking forward to watching it, since all the seiyuus were playing their character’s respective instruments and performing HTT songs live.




  1. Good stuff! I really enjoyed this episode and how they ended it showing Sokabe receiving the picture. As for Pure-Pure heart, i’m probably going to listen to it a couple more times.

  2. Just according to keikaku… (Pardon the lame meme)
    It just happened like I was expecting they would. Except the performance.

    I thought they’d drop this part of the manga but I guess I was wrong. They’re following it all throughout.

    I liked this episode mainly because I thoroughly enjoyed the Mio abuse and there’s a new song.

    1. Got a little late watching the subs. STILL! I can’t get enough of Mio getting mentally harassed. Now that I’ve watched it again.. That event was like a wedding without a groom. I can’t help but laugh at Azusa and Mio’s reaction on slicing the cake.

      Pretty much everything here is a mess but pretty hilarious. A good laugh and a face palm went hand in hand together on the part where Ritsu was proud of saying the pictures were from her photo album.

      The poem was WTF(with a blank face)… Good thing Mugi was there to save it.

    1. Yeah, they practiced just for the event. I wouldn’t expect them to be awesome, but it’s still pretty cool nonetheless. Hikasa Youko (Mio) is also playing a left-handed bass. I didn’t know she’s left-handed…

    2. They have shown us K-ON’s seiyuu band’s performance a few times in their web radio program stuff. Yeah they can play just a little bit, like a bunch of high schoolers who started to form a band and play instruments only a few months ago. In short, don’t expect too much. As singers they are for real though.

    Yay stalker!! lol Now i want the Mio merchandise. LOOK AT THAT CARD. YES PLEASE.
    A-hem. Thanks for the info on the Live Event ~Let’s go~. I’ve seen images here and there in magazines and have been gasping and gaping like a retard on public transport while doing so… but yeah, just had no idea when it was coming out 😀 now i anticipate it very very much~

  4. Uh? I thought Sokabe’s voice was different when she showed up in episode 11 last season. Or she wasn’t Sokabe. Whichever the case, the voice is completely different from what I thought it would be.

    This episode was Pure Pure Win because of, most importantly, the new song. Mio’s and Azusa’s expression when they cut the cake as if they were getting married was priceless and Mio asking herself whether she’d live only to 34 (I can head serious-themed fan comics coming up) was hilarious. And I cracked really hard at Mugi pushing Mio and the chair away.

    Man, Wednesdays are insanely hard to wait for.

  5. On a separate note, I couldn’t help but think that if this were a co-ed school, the Mio-tan merchandise would be flying off the shelves faster than they can pump it out.

    If it was a co-ed school, Mio would be needing bodyguards around her 24/7.

    This has got to be their best K-On!! episode to date.

  6. After this I still can believe that Yui beats Mio in popularity. Mio is queen no question asked! Going for on line store to get the mio-butt scratcher!!!!!

    As for next ep, future ? No I want them to stay young and naive and beautiful and in high school and … no college life for them NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooo

    Island Esper
  7. (I’d rather not trip the minefield with picture comments this time… *sigh*)

    Mio Akiyama shows again why even the girls want her! 😀

    I knew it was a Mio-centric episode, but I never expected it to be the “stalker” chapter! And here I thought we get to know the scariest stories that Mio listened to, but hey, never trust a preview.

    Although that manga chapter wasn’t adapted in time for the anime’s first-season run/production AFAIK, KyoAni did a masterful adaptation expansion of the chapter this time around using ye good olde flashback and the tea party for the Mio fanclub. And the slideshow moment near the end…Crowning Moment of Heartwarming, anyone?

    As for the Mio pencils, erasers, tissues, chocolates, can openers, chopsticks and backscratcher… O_o Oh God with the merchandising!

    “Would anyone even want something like that?” – Mio

    Yes, they would. Especially the fanboys (and girls). LOL

  8. “Mio pencils, erasers, tissues, chocolates, can openers, chopsticks and backscratcher”

    I want ALL of them. NOW! xD As well as a member card of Mio’s fanclub 😀 And Mio herself! 😀
    This episode was EPIC WIN! New song is finally here and it’s AWESOME!


  9. I see the Sakura High School Student Council is merely an official front for the Akiyama Mio Fan Club. Much like how the North High Literature Club is the front for the SOS Brigade. XD

    Glad to see Sokabe-senpai was kept in the anime as a flashback. Is it me or has she actually gone prettier now as a uni student?

    BTW, I remember seeing this statue in some Wikipedia article I’ve read ages ago about some European/American/Canadian founder of an English educational institution during the Meiji period, but I can’t quite remember whose statue it was.

    Now besides Yui’s classmates, it seems there are quite a few hotties within Mio’s fanclub as well.

    Pure Pure Heart is a good relaxing song, though I’m still looking forward to Mugi’s song which she played a bit back in episode 3. Of course, officially, all HTT songs are composed by Mugi and lyrics written by Mio anyway, though I was referring to that song in episode 3.

    Mio’s poem, or all her mushy-mushy lyrics about all things sweet for that matter, is undoubtedly in WTF territory, even for her fans. XDD

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Nodoka mentions her surprise that “even Sasaki-san is in the fanclub”.


      This might mean another confirmed classmate of Yui’s class? She’s the green-haired one with blue-ribbons, indicating she’s a 3rd year.

      (Concerning ribbons: 3rd years wear blue ribbons, 2nd years like Azu-nyan and Ui wear red, while 1st years wear green. Once the 3rd years graduate, their ribbons are rotated for the following year’s 1st years. Hence why Sokabe-senpai is seen wearing a red ribbon in the flashback. )

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Kinny Riddle: “Nodoka mentions her surprise that “even Sasaki-san is in the fanclub”.


        This might mean another confirmed classmate of Yui’s class? She’s the green-haired one with blue-ribbons, indicating she’s a 3rd year.”

        By looking at the class photo back in ep 3, I don’t think Sasaki-san is Yui’s classmate. I think that perhaps she might be a member of the student council or probably just a random character that Nodoka happen to know well.


        Kinny Riddle: “(Concerning ribbons: 3rd years wear blue ribbons, 2nd years like Azu-nyan and Ui wear red, while 1st years wear green. Once the 3rd years graduate, their ribbons are rotated for the following year’s 1st years. Hence why Sokabe-senpai is seen wearing a red ribbon in the flashback. )”

        Ok, this is funny but I could have sworn that Sokabe was wearing a green ribbon during the flashback. I need to re-watch that ep again to make sure.

  10. To those who’re interested in the Mio fanclub memorabilia, this might be of interest to you.



    Don’t ask me whether this is official or not, I got this from another forum. Still pretty impressive for a fanmade one, considering it’s only been a day since the episode aired.

    (Is it me or does this blog constantly have bandwidth traffic issues? I had to post this again and again since the connection somehow died. I just hope I don’t end up spamming this. )

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Given the sites daily traffic (~70-100k page views) and how it handles moving 65-150GB of data each day, bandwidth doesn’t seem to be an issue. I’ve been keeping an eye on server loads for the past month and a half and they’re generally in normal ranges as well.

      With that in mind, under the new WordPress, I am noticing that sometimes the page won’t refresh after your comment has been submitted, even though it was properly received. I’m suspecting it might have to do with the DB and the spam filter though, as your comments were caught by it for some reason.

      1. For some reason, WordPress-powered blogs seem to hate my home IP address.

        I can post fine in my work computer, though I suspect my home IP address seems to be blacklisted because of my ISP provider. At least some of my posts get through.

        For some WordPress blogs, upon contacting the blog admins told me they didn’t even get my post as it just somehow disappeared. I had to resort to a proxy in order to get my posts through.

        Pretty frustrating sometimes. I would change my provider if I could, but for now, I’ll have to live with it.

        Kinny Riddle
      2. I’ve whitelisted your IP several times already, so that may be the case. I just switched to another spam filter that uses its own internally tracked blacklists and it flagged your comment right away.

  11. Ah, only just saw this. I like the new song! “Don’t stop the music…!” Can’t wait for the single, but I really hope they don’t do something retarded and have Yui sing it or something. DX

    It does seem kind of weird to me that they would have a flashback on something like this though. I mean, the flashback was the original story from the manga, shouldn’t they have just adapted that? Maybe it has something to do with the timeline…

    Still, good ep. I liked it when Mio bit her tongue TWICE. 😀

  12. ぜンカーイ:
    Do most of K-ON!’s (or K-ON!!’s) fans play an instrument? (like me?)
    It just seems to make the show more interesting when you can work out how to play the songs etc. (I dunno, maybe I’m just rambling on about crap, because I clearly have way too much free time)?

  13. Honestly, this was probably my least favorite episode so far this season. I felt bad for the rest of the girls not getting the same amount of admiration as Mio. Mio, who is probably the most boring of all them as far as a personality goes is the one they all like. Unless this was some weird way the creators were mocking their own fans, it all seemed kinda weird.

  14. Mio’s might be a popular character in the otaku’s world but as far as in K-ON!!’s world, I felt that her popularity is over-exaggerated. Her popularity in this episode seems so forced & unrealistic. I have nothing against Mio but the whole episode about Mio being so popular that she has a fan club is really kinda ‘meh’ to me. Mio’s fans definitely feel pleased with the episode but this ‘forced’ popularity makes me face-palmed.


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