OP Sequence

OP: 「みっつ数えて大集合!」 (Mittsu Kazoete Daishuugou!) by 高垣彩陽, 明坂聡美, 戸松遥 (Takagaki Ayahi, Akesaka Satomi, Tomatsu Haruka)
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「丸井家!良い子 悪い子 恐ろしい子!!」 (Marui-ke! Yoi Ko Warui Ko Osoroshii Ko!!)
“The Marui Family! Good Girl, Bad Girl, Dreadful Girl!!”

Bridge may be a new studio, but makes a strong first impression with their adaptation of the elementary school gag manga centering around the sixth grade Marui triplets — Mitsuba (Takagaki Ayahi), Futaba (Akesaka Satomi), Hitoha (Tomatsu Haruka). This first episode pretty much covered the first three chapters of the manga, and boy was it ever a riot to see them animated and hear the girls voiced by Ayahi, Satomi, and Haruka. The driving factor behind a lot of the humor comes from their new and instantly victimized teacher, Yabe Satoshi (Shimono Hiro), who’s taken an interest in the new school nurse, Kuriyama Aiko (Saitou Momoko). For his welcome reception as their new teacher, Satoshi figured playing “Anything Goes Basket” — a game somewhat similar to musical chairs — would be a good way to have some fun with his new students. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t aware that he got stuck with the Marui triplets, where Mitsuba is precocious sadist, Futaba is a perverted muscle girl, and Hitoha is a mysterious gloomy girl — none of whom any sensible teacher would want to be in charge of.

As I mentioned back in the Summer 2010 Preview, this series is reminiscent of Kodomo no Jikan, except none of the triplets actually love their teacher. Instead, they’re just out to make his life a living hell, which sucks for him but leads to good times for me. It never hurts to have a victimized lead played by Hino in a gag-type series either, who excels at such comedic roles. What really surprised me this episode though was how well the music was used with the over-the-top depiction of Futaba’s interpretation of “Anything Goes” as a free-for-all battle to the death. It was overly dramatic in a poking fun at itself kind of of way, but Bridge really went all out with her fight sequences, making them a real treat to watch. In addition, it made the reactions from Satoshi all the better, especially when he finally stopped her and told her this isn’t a war. Hilariously enough, it was too late by then as the “battlefield” was littered with bodies. That was just an opener for the laughs to come too, as Mitsuba showing her sadistic nature by using another student as a chair and Hitoha refusing to hand over her book that’s actually an erotic one in disguise proved to be just as funny.

The absolute highlight of the Anything Goes Basket game had to be when Satoshi was the “it” and played with fire by throwing out the Marui surname stipulation on who has to get up and switch seats. In pure Dragon Ball Z style, Futaba and Mitsuba got all fired up by charging their Ki in preparation of going all out, while Hitoha simply decided to change her surname so she wouldn’t get involved. I was seriously laughing to the point it hurt when Mitsuba made a dash for one of the chairs and Futaba flew at her DBZ-style, grabbed her legs, and face-planted her right through the chair. The sound of the blood spilling out was absolutely hilarious because it sounded like it was coming out of jug. Heck, I laugh looking at that screen capture even now. Mistake number two for Satoshi proved to be going for Hitoha’s chair as she slowly walked towards it, which resulted in him getting owned by the erotic contents of her book. How anyone can even see anything with a book pressed up against their face is beyond me, but it did lead to some uncontrollable nose-bleeding and Satoshi being the loser in the game and getting three times the homework… as the teacher.

The remainder of the episode shifted to the much lewder jokes when Hitoha came up with the bright idea to hook up Satoshi with Aiko by busting his balls (literally) and having her treat them. Futaba’s inability to show any restraint caused some concern from Mitsuba about Satoshi becoming a woman, but that didn’t really stop the latter from hopping on the bandwagon since she’s a sadist after all. I would’ve really liked to see what would’ve happened to Satoshi if Futaba’s “Shoryuken” landed, but things did end with Satoshi sacking himself on Aiko’s head. It looked like it was a really square hit to the family jewels too, as he was foaming from the mouth right away. Without Aiko’s glasses however, his package didn’t really win her over and instead made her think that Satoshi’s a fourth grader, much to everyone’s dismay.

As amusing as all that was, the nice thing about this series is that the humor doesn’t only come from stupid things happening on screen. There are a lot of wordplay type jokes as well, which their new class hamster who the perverted Marui sisters named “Nipple” (Chikubi) went on to show. You have to have a bit of a dirty mind to get any sort of amusement out of it, but the misunderstandings that Aiko got from overhearing the class tell Hitoha that “her nipple” belongs to everyone and how they all want to touch it and see it “stand up” had me laughing until it hurt again. The misunderstandings were great, especially when Satoshi thought things were finally settled with the hamster, only to find Aiko just outside his class. Oh the hilarity. The next episode looks like it’ll entail the students’ urine samples, so I’ll let you imagine what happens with an air-headed nurse in charge of them. Anyway, this series is good laughs all around if you can handle the slightly adult-oriented humor alongside the more innocent parody ones.

* The opening sequence is pretty well done even though the song itself is just downright quirky. Tomatsu Haruka sounds pretty adorable singing as Hitoha though.


ED Sequence

ED: 「夢色の恋」 (Yumeiro no Koi) by アツミサオリ (Atsumi Saori)
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  1. I was staring at the boob pillow the entire ending sequence… O.o
    Lol, but I’m definitely watching this. Ero-ero books, sadism, Nipples (LMAOed there), and, from the looks of it, lots and lots of nosebleeds, all coming from elementary kids. 😀

    Kit Kat
  2. I thought it’d be like kodomo no jikan but it’s different.. really good animation, voice acting and the jokes are great too..
    It’s hard to believe they’re 11, though..

    1. This was something I could imagine happening back when I was 11. Shenanigans with a sexual slant inspired by just learning about sex. Unlike Jikan, where I never had anyone in my class wanting to have sex with the teacher. Well, not until grade 8 at least.

  3. This episode is funny. I just don’t like the idea of the teacher lacking assertiveness but I guess that’s needed for the humor to kick in. I LOL’d so hard when the whole class was discussing what to do with the hamster.

  4. I laughed so hard that I couldn’t breath when Mitsuba did a face plant into the chair. Then nearly died again during the balls attack part.

    This just immediately became a “must watch” series for me.

  5. I watched this earlier on and chuckled quite a bit. Great start and those three sisters are going to be quite a handful to follow around.
    I can also sum up the OP with just one thought: “Gnnnnnnnnn…”

  6. Yup truly great start. I laughed like hell when the whole class shouted Chukubi! in unison.

    About the 3 girls who keep eyeing on the same (very annoyed) guy, I noticed via the dreams in the credits that while the girls still want their friends’ companionship, only one of girls do not care too much about the other two friends (the brown twin-tailed one). Pretty scary thought.

  7. Show Spoiler ▼

    the only comment is, that anime give us too many issues

  8. TBH, I didn’t really laugh. The only thing that made me luagh hard was when Futaba SLAMMED Mitsuba into that chair, which I thought was hilarious. But still, as a series I’m not sure if I’m gonna follow it, since some of the gags came up short for me. But hey, thats just me 😛

  9. Hmmm I did laugh demo… We had nose issues in Giant Killing, here what’s wrong with everybody ears? I find them distracting. Maybe is me but whenever I tried to look at the faces as a whole always the ears became the focus. Also what kind of teacher sees this and keeps playing instead of helping the kid! for me it was a wth moment.
    I hope this doesn’t go the way Kodomo went; because is too funny right now to touch the topics that show did. The only reason to keep watching this is Chikubi lol! really…

    Island Esper
  10. saw it and it was very very funny! =D For those people who are skeptical, because of their fear of lolicon anime I’m with you all the way HOWEVER this is NOT a lolicon series and I don’t know why you would think it is. There were no panty flashes or undressing of elementary students in teh production of this anime. Just becuz there are little kids in an anime DOESNT make it a lolicon anime and yes there’s alot of sex jokes but none of them involve the little kids doing anything sexual and instead usually make fun of elementary students misunderstanding of sexual content and their teacher’s coping with the situations. I hope I explained that semi-well (tho i doubt i did)
    long story short, go watch this anime. It will make you laugh atleast once guaranteed, unless you have no soul =D

  11. OMG this is the funniest series this season, even better than Seitokai Yakuindomo. I was rolling from all the misfortune the girls dealt to Yabe and the Chikubi joke was classic. The moe art somehow adds to the hilarity since it’s obvious they’re mocking it. Can’t wait to watch more of this.

  12. Hitoha is scary, she may seem cute, but don’t be fooled lol. Likewise with Setokai Yakuindomo, this would have hooked me back in my middle school days… just cause I laughed at those jokes more often back then. I’ll still watch it, as there a lot more funny things in this that make up for it… The only part where I was not loling was the last part with the hamster. Probably, cause I worked at a elementary school as a summer job last year, that I’m used to kids asking awkward or making awkward names and having to correct them.

    Sora no Kaze

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