「森島はるか編 第三章 ヤキモチ」 (Morishima Haruka-hen Dai Sanshou – Yakimochi)
“Morishima Haruka Chapter 3 – Jealousy”

With the way Haruka teases yet puts out now, I can sort of see why part of Japan’s population has given up on 3D girls. These dating simulation girls aren’t realistic whatsoever and Haruka’s behavior blew my mind away more than once over the course of this episode. I could totally appreciate Junichi’s new outlook on life after falling in love (more or less), but the scenario they set up here with Haruka getting jealous about how friendly he was with Kaoru and Takahashi-sensei was like a page straight out of a lonely otaku’s fantasy book. Junichi basically had Haruka around the tip of his finger by flattering her further about being happy that they’re getting along, making it difficult for her to outright deny his request for another kiss on the eyebrows. Being the huge flirt that she is though, Haruka proposed that he kiss her instead this time after deeming that his eye are too perverted right now, which left me wondering how disillusioned some innocent unsuspecting souls would get from comparing this to real life. Now I could be jumping to conclusions prematurely, and some lucky guys are in a high school paradise this very moment, but I still can’t imagine them having school idols suggesting that they kiss them next and making a game out of it.

After seeing them sneak around the school and end up at the pump shed on the outskirts of it, my facial expression was pretty much a combination of permanent smirk like Junichi’s and a perplexed brow from the “oh my god” thoughts running through my mind. I’m inclined to believe that the writers were out to make every lonely soul out there fall for Haruka and wonder why they don’t know a girl like her. To that end, Itou Shizuka was deployed as the weapon of choice and did an impeccable job going with Junichi’s flow even when it came to letting him kiss the back of her knee like a puppy. I guess it was a lot more innocent than the other areas I had in mind when Haruka said anywhere but the lips, but that still didn’t stop them from make it a fan-service-filled affair when Junichi whipped out some tongue action and Haruka started moaning a fair bit from the tickling sensation. My raw reaction to that was something along the lines of, “OMG WTF KIND OF PLAY IS THIS!?”, yet I sadly couldn’t peel my eyes away from the screen for one moment. (It was pretty hot.) Damn you 2D anime girls for not being realistic at all and twisting my views on the real world.

If that weren’t bad enough, that fetish-like showing was only followed up with another one after Hibiki convinced Haruka to fawn on Junichi even though he’s younger. Much like Junichi was surprised to learn, I was at a loss for words when Haruka was all spirited about doing some kidnap make-believe to spice up her lunch. First the dog thing, now being bound and spoon fed? What’s more, she actually got upset about Junichi not playing the kidnapper role convincingly enough. She even went on begging for “more” and wanting to “eat it”, which had way too many sexual connotations when taken out of context. Hibiki seemed to think it was cute, while Ai was saved from trying to understand what kind of fetish was going on over there. For me, I was speechless at the onset of Junichi’s scenario play but quite intrigued when I saw that Haruka was completely on board with the idea. (Masochist?) I don’t deny that I enjoyed almost every minute of her being the ultimate “playmate”, but this isn’t right! Stuff like this doesn’t happen! This is just a setup for unreasonable expectations in real life as far as I’m concerned, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t work well as the ultimate tease in an anime. Anyway, the next episode looks like it’s going to revolve around a date with Haruka on Christmas Eve, which seems to suggest things will reset before the start of the next girl’s arc.

Update (07/16): A hilarious interview with Itou Shizuka confirmed that the series will reset every four episodes. She talked a bit about the challenges of disregarding everything that’s happened in Haruka’s arc in subsequent ones when she’s a sub-character and the embarrassment of voicing some of the above scenes.




      1. welcome to the world of die hard otaku comrade…jepun paling jago dah untuk masalah kek ginian idup mati gw untuk anime !!!,nothing else can make me happy besides watch good quality anime and read manga with hot chicks running around showing their boobs nad undies anime BANZAIIII !!!

    1. Well, I don’t have a grudge againts u. But everytime I saw u tryin’ to get first plus with the indonesian comment, I found u so stupid. Well, FYI I’m indonesian too. U pengen di kira exist ? O.o

  1. Wow.I personally don’t mind how unrealistic the story is – Itou Shizuka as Haruka is just too much of a tease for me to not enjoy. And from what I read here, she sure steps it up even more this episode. I’m probably gonna have some sweet, shameful dreams of Haruka now.

    I’m really intrigued how they’re going to shift or reset the story to move to the next girl. As you had pointed out, maybe the Xmas date will be the ‘cut-off’ point.

  2. Ugh…This episode is weird and I don’t get it at ALL…
    The animation is from bad to worse and it’s full of uneven faces and not well-proportioned bodies.
    Really, AIC what’s happening?
    That’s what you get for animating 4 shows in 1 season…

    1. the drop in art quality was really noticeable and made it a bit annoying to watch knowing I’ve seen much better in the first two episodes. I hope it was just a flop and it’ll come back to the previous quality.
      Back to the story, if life was that easy thou, I might go berzerk in happiness lol.

      1. I sorta dropped Ookami for now. Suzuku, the animation is as fine as it was before. I was referring to the art itself. It looked different and not as pretty as it was in the first two episodes. Those are really 2 different things to me. ^^

  3. personally, i would prefer a plot focused in one story, rather than have all the heroines arc in such a limited amount of episodes, i mean, how the heck u make a girl longing for u so much that she get jelous of other girls whom ure just talking to????, and only in one episode???

    Even though im gonna see this til end, i mean itou shizuka moaning……
    cough, hipocrit, cough

  4. I’m surprised Divine, that you didn’t include a screenshot of the “soup” dripping from Haruka’s mouth.

    No matter which way you look at it, AIC were clearly aiming for the “ultimate plaything/masochist girlfriend” angle with Haruka in this episode and to some degrees I suppose they succeeded, but they could’ve been somewhat more subtle about it.

    1. Wait what? *Checks anime title to see if it’s White Album*. I think somebody wrong, or rather somebody shouldn’t have dropped it after 15 minutes 🙂 lol. In other news, who would have thought that knee kissing was effective or rather strangely effective and very weird =.=.

      Sora no Kaze
    2. LOL slow? This show? They’re already role playing while eating lunch. FFS.

      The characters are all a bunch of weirdos but in a very entertaining way.

      Just had to smirk about 21 minutes in when the two guys were staring when Haruka asked for more.

      When I was browsing through the screencaps I thought something was missing after he kissed her knee. Was expecting something a little less innocent.

  5. Lol what you mean the episode wasn’t realistic? I have kissed my share of knees; but on my way to strip pantsu from her. What was a lie was Junichi not taking a look at her oshiri from that position. BTW here’s a trivia: how you know if a woman have the right lenght of leg for you? Easy if you can lick from her heel to her ma.ko in one swipe without stopping to re-wet your tongue 🙂
    Now the spoon feeding I pass it gets sticky and messy ….

    Island Esper
  6. Hehe the kissing in the back of the knee does give a very pleasurable sensation because there are plenty of nerves there. It’s use in sexual activities. However, I never tried while standing up… I mean it’s best when the legs are relax while lying down.

  7. By the way.. it does help with the fact that you absolutely trust your partner and that you are physically fit. (People who are fat don’t normally feel so much pleasure based on physical and mental abilities… if i can use that word…)

  8. Oh god the feeding scene (o.O)

    Haruka has some weird fetishes, letting Tachibana lick the back of her knee and all. She’s apparently into bondage as well lol. This really is distorting my vision of reality; why can’t all school idols be like Haruka!? (*V*)

    And yeah, it does look like this will be in a rest formate but after experiencing Haruka’s arc I really don’t care anymore. I’ve really enjoyed it thus far and I think the 4 episode per girl set up is just right for this anime. I’m hoping we do get a bit more drama in some of the other girls’ arcs though; having everything go “keikaku doori” for Tachibana would be boring.

  9. I lol’ed so hard at the kissing her knee part and the masochist-like attitude of Haruka XD well, I think that’s the point then, looking forward to other girls, hope we will see all kind of girlfriend here =)

  10. You know this is kinda realistic…
    I remember when I was in my highschool days we tend to explore more things
    doing many, many kinds of things.
    I also think why they are doing this is because it’s only 4 episodes per girl after that she becomes a mob character or maybe strategic marketing?

    Eitherway, WAY TO GO AIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Now that is a slow and I mean a slow romance drama series. God, episodes full of awkwardness and pointlessness. (Puts hand over face and shakes head)

      I would take Amagami SS over Kimikiss Pure Rouge, Clannad, Kanon, or Air anyday.

  11. @Divine: Wow I cant believe I guessed right! So I guess it’s kinda confirmed now that they will reset the arc in every girl’s arc right? Since I somewhat guessed this the first two episodes thinking it was WAY TOO FAST of a development especially for a series slated for more than 20 episodes.

    It’s refreshing that it’s a new take on a series like this, especially since we always see a main plot with the series having an arc for each girl but in the end the guy will choose one girl among them (ex. Clannad, Kanon, KimiKiss, etc.). So I guess this isn’t bad, but I guess I would miss the jealousy, quarrel, and rivalry scenes among the girls, since they only focus on one girl per arc. This is why I prefer main plot with harem main genre and the guy ends up with all the girls, ya i know its typical, but it’s rare for a harem genre series for a guy to actually go for the harem route rather than choosing one (seitokai no ichizon and ichinan ushiro no daimaou is perhaps the only series i know that does this).

    1. I wouldn’t say it’s confirmed, but it sure is looking that way if we’re already at Christmas Eve next episode. I just can’t imagine the story continuing on after Haruka graduates and Junichi’s in his final year of high school if there are five more girls to get through.

      1. Everyone seems to be forgetting that Amagami SS is a Chrismas themed anime, I highly doubt that it will even continue Haruka’s story arc after Chrismas Eve and that goes for the other girls as well. Just refer to Amagami’s summary for the anime and the visual novel.

      2. Oh ya! That makes sense, I had forgotten that Haruka was already a senior and her final year so it wouldnt work out if they continue the story after that.

        By the way Divine, you aren’t blogging Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu anymore? The show is really turning out to be VERY AWESOME (esp. ep.3)!

      3. people who playes the game claim that it ends at christmas eve, also that it was a game with time limit, so it resets at christmas eve, so it will most likely rests at ep4, if they stick to the original plot.

      4. It will reset in accordance to the omnibus format. Itou Shizuka confirmed it in a recent interview, which was pretty hilarious I might add when she talked about voicing the embarrassing scenes above in front of everyone at the studio. She talked a bit about the challenge of playing Haruka when she becomes a sub-character interacting with Junichi, as everything that’s happened in her arc has to be disregarded.

        As for Denyuuden, I’m watching it but not blogging it anymore. I don’t want to tax myself with anymore Thursday shows than I already have. It’s a pretty awesome series though wouldn’t you agree? It’s just as gory as HIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD. 🙂

      5. Thx for the info Div. Before knowing the story reset thing, I’ve been wondering whether this show will have multi male lead style like Kimikiss, but I guess it’s unnecessary now ^^;

  12. I got fond memories of girl-next-door/classmate teasing me on the Christmas (we were 14 then) – she said “I’m your Santa, what do you want for present?”… followed by talk about sex, and simulating some positions and lots of giggling about adults doing difficult PE stuff. We never went any further, and next year we split up schools. Things DO happen in RL, sometimes.

  13. This ep seems to be pretty good just by reading the summary, haven’t seen it yet since I’m currently on a trip for 2 days -no internet connection TT-, this will be the 1st show i’ll be watching once I get back …

  14. “Damn you 2D anime girls for not being realistic at all and twisting my views on the real world.”

    Amen to that. Damn this series is like fine wine, it gets better with time.

  15. If Haruka, the school idol, falls for this guy this easily (in all honesty, he was really awkward in this episode, and the others too lol)…it makes me wonder what the other “less popular” girls are going to do in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I’m lovin’ the series, but I was like REALLY??? I’m hoping its only because she’s a playful flirt, and that she’ll finally give him a dose of reality in the next ep.

  16. Am I in a minority for thinking this was an ultra-awkward episode to watch? I was like “HNNNNNNNGGHHH” while looking away 50% of the time, simply because the premise was so…

    But it is interesting to look at the underlying plot, how Haruka is just trying to weed out boring guys, and how Junichi’s forced to be creative in response. When I look back at it after seeing the episode, it is funny how they go about it ^^.

    1. You are definitely not the only one. Their public demonstrations left me very confuzzled but laughing at the absurdity. The knee thing was just uncomfortable though. ):

      As a female, Haruka left me very, very disturbed. My brain was going “HNNNNNNGGGHHHH” trying to understand her lol.

    2. Ultra-awkward alright! I was doing a facepalm out of embarassment throughout the episode while my mind was stuck on on the phrase wtf!? I have to say, Junichi’s dignity flew out the window in this ep. That guy has no sense of shame.

    3. It’s called being lovey dovey aka public affection. Tons of couples do that, real life and facebook. Why else do people call Valentine day single awareness day. Just be happy that they didn’t do the knee kissing in public. Then I would have been shocked. Obviously, not every couple go way out of the norm, but I’ve definitely seen quite a few act in a similar standard if not further.

      Sora no Kaze
  17. Jealousy? Man this episodes title should have been “Kinky Fetish in a Love Shack”
    Chuuuuu! xD
    I hope Junichi has carried some proper rubber with him.
    And the Kidnap scene was just like “When Harry meets Sally”

  18. hmm i think i need to rewatch this series.

    epi 1 – girl not interessted
    epi 2 – girl not interessted
    epi 3 – girl interested and jealous.

    Did i miss something in episode 2 /3 that could explain the transition or did i miss 2.5 ?
    Normally i really know what is going on in a anime… but ive might have slept through one of those episodes… what would explain why i dont really get the transfer between the moods..

    1. i think you are missing the part in which she kissed him, it’s about the end of ch 2

      yes she is like “ohh by a second you looked like a puppy” … but come on she is an airhead

    2. She didn’t actualy reject him the second time around. It was pretty obvious that she liked him some by that time and she did kiss him too. She from early on said that she thought him nice, cute and interesting.

      Its a bit amusing that none bats an eye from the guy confessing right away, but founds it strange that the girl started to like him after spending some time together.

  19. i think i nid 2 drop this anime for a while and wait till it gets finished…. or else, i wont be able to make it till the end if i continue…. man, i cant breathe… my brain stopped working after “that” scene….. morishima-senpai…. ur trying to kill me. XD

  20. since each arc is short only 4 or 5 episodes Everything kinda rushed, needs more development process between but haruka and junichi
    Oh well i still love this episode and chemistry between this two

    1. You should try considering this as six four-episode OVAs rather than a single TV series. It’s not so bad if you look at it that way. Instead of beating around the bush, stuff just happens faster in less episodes, which isn’t a bad thing either. I’ve enjoyed these past three episodes on Haruka a lot, but I’m really looking forward to Nanasaki Ai’s story.

      1. I’m definitly going to miss Haruka because she is very different from the usual female character love interests lately which I find very refreshing,(TOO MUCH TSUNDERE this summer anime season!!!). I am really looking forward to Sakurai Rihoko and Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s story arcs the most, probably because Rihoko is the childhood friend to Junichi so that could be alot of fun to watch. Tsukasa is the class representive of Junichi’s class and I feel like that there is more to her than what we are seeing so far. When you look at that from that light it could be very interesting how she and Junichi will interact when he gets to know her…..

      2. Why do you say that Znail? Is my guess really correct?

        I love this show too much to be haunted by a prediction that I am merely speculating about. At most it will put a huge smile on my face.

        My prediction is merely my impressions that I have gathered about Ayatsuji Tsukasa from the first episode. I know all of the girls personalties except Tsukasa’s and that is why I find her very interesting.

      3. Wow, really? There’s a Amagami manga that is doing Ayatsuji Tsukasa’s story arc!! That means I can see if my prediction was right or not, but wait…which one is it…exactly?

        Znail I must ask you, since we now know which of the six female protagonists Divine is looking forward to. (A intriguing choice by the way Divine:) Which story arc are you looking forward to the most, it could be more than one too like the two that I said.

      4. Its Amagami Precious Diary that covers the Ayatsuji arc.
        Its manga arc the only one that is translated for more then a couple of chapters, wich gives it a bit of an unfair advantage over the other arcs perhaps.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Thanks Znail, I found it on mangafox and I’ve got several chapters to catch up on. I read the first chapter and the beginning first pages of it are exactly like parts of the first episode. Except in the manga, Junichi decides to help Tsukasa out instead. I also discovered that the manga artist is the same one that did the kimikiss manga, which I love, so that is a double thumbs up in my book.

        So which of the girl’s story arcs are you looking forward to the most, Znail? It can be more than one too.

      6. I am looking forward to the Ayatsuji arc the most, but I don’t know as much about the rest so its a bit of an uninformed choise. But I am looking forward to seeing the little angel in motion 🙂 One thing I do wonder is if any of the girls will be even remotely boring as they seem rather interesting so far.

      7. I don’t think that you will be disappointed because it feels like each one of the girls are going to bring something different when the story restarts because of their different personalities. I am really curious about how Junichi is going to fall in love with them, its going to be awesome to watch!!

        Oh by the way, I’ve read the Amagami manga up to chapter 6 and I am loving every page of it. My interest in Ayatsuji has skyrocketed…I honestly wonder how AIC is going to animate her story because they are definitely are going to have to condense it in comparison to the manga. I am so excited now!!!

  21. It’s a shame they’re going to reset the series. I would follow these characters for 26 episodes as opposed to following a pair of them for every four. Its a neat continuity gimmick but not that rewarding when you start to like the characters and realize they’re going away from the center of the show’s focus, imo.

    1. The girls will still be around thou, just not the focus of the romance. It would require a major change of their personality if you tried to make this into a harem story. Haruka is just the first girl and consider how messy it would be if there were 6 of her playing for the male guy at the same time. Even the male lead would have to change from persistently going for the girl he likes to being indecisive.

  22. watched with utw subs first then with eclipse. Utw subs seem a little more natural while eclipse subs seem kind of stiff, no offense to that group they do excellent work.

    I guess all the people getting weirded out or dropping the series simply can’t handle Amagami “Super Sexy”.

    1. There are several UTW fans who are spreading this narrative, but I can only say that UTW has a tendency to do mistranslations. They messed up in ep1, leading to a v2, and also in ep3, they had a couple of meaning-altering inaccuracies. For example in Haruka’s phone talk with Hibiki. It’s not about “spoiling” Haruka (which is also making Haruka’s question if it isn’t strange to let a younger guy do that very strange), it’s about _depending_ on him, a younger boy.

      Eclipse simply doesn’t have these glitches, which makes them the superior choice in my book. Their English is flowing just as well, but is much more precise.

  23. With the way Haruka teases yet puts out now, I can sort of see why part of Japan’s population has given up on 3D girls. These dating simulation girls aren’t realistic whatsoever and Haruka’s behavior blew my mind away more than once over the course of this episode.

    Correction, some girls flirt like that, but aren’t as nice as Haruka (girls being as nice and kind as Haruka is probably the only thing close to being unrealistic, though I’m sure there are rare cases). What I see is Japanese guys getting tricked into liking flirts like Haruka only to have their hearts destroyed when they find out that the girl isn’t as nice as Haruka. The thing I wish the show alludes to is why the hell she gets bored all the time lol.

    I like the omnibus episodes, but they need to be longer. Even 2 more episodes would be nice to make it a total of 6 would be nice making this as 36 episode show.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. Unfortunately, 36 episodes doesn’t work very well when broadcast schedules are based around 13 weeks per season. I honestly don’t think four per girl is that bad though, seeing how far things have already come along with three.

      1. Yeah I know, It’s just wishful thinking on my part. Just putting it out there. It’s not like I don’t love the Omnibus type episodes, but it would be nice if it was longer.

        Sora no Kaze
  24. This was a really tough episode to sit through for 24 minutes. I can usually handle unrealistic flirtatious situations and stupid male characters in anime, but man, this was horrible. When he started begging for a kiss I just had to question what the staff was thinking. Was pissing off the viewers the true intention of this episode? If so they sure as hell succeeded because I was face palming through the whole episode. Why can’t we ever get a decent male lead? Is it to make people believe that because such a loser can get six different girls that in real life you might actually have a chance. Pretty debatable if I say so myself.

    1. interesting..i think that it’s all part of the P.C= PUSSIFICATION of male society at large that we’re seeing more and more of these types of MALE leads. i mean look at commercials, news ad’s billboards, men are made out to be feeble pathetic creatures “which granted, sometimes they are”….all i can say is, I’m glad to see its just not only happening in america.

      BROOKLYN otaku
    2. Rolling eyes deluxe. He was really pissing me off this episode. What a pathetic male main chara, though I hated him a little bit less when he was using that “kidnapper” voice. He should just act like that (cool instead of wimpy) the rest of the show.
      This show is give me School Days vibes, with a pathetic main chara getting all the girls. *sighs*

      1. Divine, I think it would be amazing to have news/interviews being translated but you’re going to stretch yourself thin with your already packed schedule. If someone else was fluent in Japanese and translated those interviews or news updates into posts, it would be something worthwhile.

  25. this arc is going way to fast….im mean he got rejected in the first episode to getting a kiss in the second to leg kissing in the third….i like the arc i just wish it went a little slower just not kimikiss slow…..

  26. “Damn you 2D anime girls for not being realistic at all and twisting my views on the real world.”

    I haven’t crossed the “3D = Pig Disgusting” line yet, but with 2D girls like Hinagiku Katsura, Mio Akiyama, Fate Testarossa-Harlaown (as seen in StrikerS, BTW), Mikoto Misaka and now Haruka Morishima (apparently), the possibility of crossing that line is now danger close… *shudder*

    And now, for the photo commentary (preferably read with Captain MacMillan’s voice/accent):

    “Keep a low profile and hold your fire.”

    “If you have to maneuver, do it slow and steady, no quick movements.”

    The “reset every four episodes” thing is not a problem for me since it’s nice to see alternate ending scenarios in harem romance series instead of a Tenchi solution or the lead ending up with only one girl. But I pity the guys currently watching this series who also saw all eight episodes of Endless Eight… I imagine some of those guys will have unwanted flashbacks of that “endless recursion of time” when the first reset comes.

    That aside, I hope AIC does well with the Kaoru “Sex Hair” Tanamachi (her memetic mutation intrigues me, being voiced by Rina Sato is also a bonus) and Sae Nakata arcs. My excitement for the Tsukasa Ayatsuji arc was somewhat dampened when I read that she’s actually a beeyotch in sheep’s clothing. Though I guess I won’t mind if she eventually turns out to be like Ami Kawashima or Zange… Oh well…

  27. I was just 0_o at Haruka going along so easily with the kidnap situation idea.

    Nothing wrong with the back of the knee thing, though. Most girls really do like that, in my experience. Junichi is so cunning, wrapping it up in the dog act and making it sound innocent though: he’s clearly a sexual mastermind.

  28. Why am i watching this again?…Oh right it’s because one of my internet buddies told me that it worth checking out. Well if i could punch him in the face through the monitor i would.

    The whole layout of this show (this far) seems go generic that it feels just phony. It’s like all the characters are going turn towards the camera and say something like. “Yeah this is how the game really went.”

  29. I have high hopes for this series before, but after watching this episode and reading divine’s review I lost a bit of it. The ridiculous in more than one way but i don’t know… It’s still fun to watch but this series seemed to be going in a way that mkae it less enjoyable for my taste


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