Last week, I figured Oda would continue telling the stories of each individual crew member, but I was surprised that he managed to cover almost the rest of the crew members except Robin (and Sanji). I suppose Robin’s arc requires a bit more emphasis? Or.. he just couldn’t fit it into this chapter.

So as many were guessing of Zoro’s island, it is indeed the home to Mihawk. However, it wasn’t always his home, as he explains, but it is now damn obvious why Zoro was sent there. It doesn’t seem that Zoro really wants to get trained by him though. Maybe the gorillas with weapons will teach him something.

Nami’s situation was a bit more hilarious, especially with her fake clone. I thought she was faking the crying too, but she wasn’t! I always thought if anyone in the crew were to ever have some sort of romance (and yes, I know it will never happen), it would be Nami and Luffy. It just seems the most likely with how they treat each other when danger is around, but I’m not a shipper, so onwards!

Franky’s part of the story was a bit weirder, I don’t really see what he can get out of anything now after he blew up a third of the island. I feel like I’ve heard of the “Nightmare in Barjimoa” before, maybe mentioned during the War arc sometime, but I don’t remember.

If you’ve been watching the anime, the cliffhanger from Brooke’s story is resolved, but he gets himself stolen? It just never ends does it? The cliffhanger from last chapter wasn’t explained at all, so here’s hoping that comes up next chapter. Seeing the reactions of the members to Luffy’s predicament is pretty much the highlight of the chapters for me, so I hope they’ll continue the different arcs from now on, or at least with Luffy’s until they all meet again.


  1. Well, actually, Sanji’s part is still missing too. But yeah, I cracked up at Franky’s part. Nice to see that he repeated the same mistake Chopper made a long time ago, albeit in a bit more humorous way. ;D

  2. Dammit, I wanted to find out what Chopper saw in the newspaper. Meh, anyway I don’t see how Brooke, Franky, and Usopp are going to get off of the islands they’re stuck on, let alone get back to Archipelago (if Franky is still even alive lol).

  3. those guys that kidnapped broke are the same type of being as that one supernova guy who utilized a music fighting style. maybe broke will learn some new type of music related moves?

  4. I just hope at this point everyone learns Haki already, everyone would come to the conclusion that they need to get stronger. Plus I’m really curious what Chopper had found out in the news.

    code fanboy
  5. Kiiragi YOU messed me up MAN!!!! when i saw the “franky approved” title and then i saw the chapters “ale” title, i thought for a second that Franky dropped the pop and BECAME AN ALCOHOLIC!!!its gotta be stronger than soda right? that was a GOOD chap kinda makes me wanna stop reading OP so all this will be NEW when i see it animated, alas i have no will power to do that. MAN! a lotta stuff went down, mimic apes, scratchman’s people’s, EVEN franky doing a STEVE ERKEL!?!?!!? WTF!?!?! it’s got me excited..believe me, i could write more!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  6. If I remembered correctly, Franky has an incredible memory when it come down to blueprints. So we probably will see some new awesome upgrades for him ands the sunny in the future…

    For Nami, I highly doubt about the romance part, she react just like ussop or tony. But with all the study on weather and the new artifacts, she will soon be able to summon logia level tempest… Well, I can always dream of it.

  7. now there’s only robin and sanji, the two most interesting ones 😀
    robin because she ended up with dragon’s guys
    and sanji because…well because he turned to whatever he is now *ähem*

  8. haha all i have to say is that it’s about time oda got the crew moving back to each other. i could argue that maybe twas rushed, but i couldnt be able to do any other idea myself.

    regardless, sanji’s problem is… well, funny but quite pointless really…

  9. Eiichiro Oda’s a genius and this is not discussed. In One Piece this week we have four stories in a single chapter. So divide the CoM on 4 individual parts. Alias manga today behind a single chapter that can yield two weekly episodes from the series on TV? (The Whereabouts of Nakama has been encouraged by Nakama 2 per episode. And this with only pictures gallery of covers of the chapters and help from the author himself. This chapter then will certainly be excited as well). Bleach Manga this week are not fool surrenders or 10 minutes of animation. This only proves that One Piece is a manga so brilliant that it deserves even have an anime on TV that is in the air for over a decade and is proud to have a few fillers.
    Zoro’s Story: The highlight of this stretch co chapter certainly is the appearance of Mihawk. I do not think that came as a surprise to fans, after all that last gallery Zoro on the cover, where a mysterious figure is shown, even with the giant cross that had people kicking the appearance of this character. Clear that the presumption was in part a little wrong, because at that Mihawk says in that chapter, this island is just a place where he chose to live and not an island involving his past, or the grave with the giant cross has nothing to do with its history, unless of course he is lying. The figure that appears in the gallery of cover also was not the character, but the monkey warriors, who were shown exclusively alias anime in a few weeks ago, which proves once again that Oda knows the importance of animation and helps in routing, including giving information not yet revealed in the manga. But despite the signs are not really tied to Mihawk, the character actually live on this island and here he is, along with Zoro, after so long since the saga of Baratie.

    Actually it was a bit part in the meeting of the characters annoying, because I had in mind when Zoro and Mihawk had met, both would fight and would be a landmark event in the same level as the situation between Luffy and Shanks, in which the author did matter of finding a way that did not happen in Marinford. But just see that Zoro is still far from attaining Mihawk, so good that he is still hurt. I wanted to see the character face these monkeys 100% healthy. The fact that they fear Mihawk only left me more curious to see what would happen now in a battle of equals, even though it almost certain that Zoro still lose badly.

    Interesting also talk of Perona and Mihawk in the castle about Moria. Now I was in doubt whether or not they killed the character and would not be shocked if Moria is alive as a guinea pig of Dr. Vegapunk. This also raises the question that the World Government has yet to fill the vacancy of Blackbeard and Moria in the group of shichibukais. Does the author will create new characters for it? It would be interesting to see how a shichibukai Enel, is there where he is (must look at the gallery of covers of the character to refresh my memory). On Perona, with the interactivity of it with Mihawk, I believe that now she will not follow more Zoro since he had a lot of people wondering what she would join the crew of the straw hat.

    Finally, with Zoro’s reaction to the events of Marinford, was exactly what I expected, but it is not easy to understand how it will leave the island even more alone. I think Mihawk will need to give a ride to the pirate with no sense of direction (an alias of the best jokes in the episode anime of the whereabouts of Nakama).

    The Story of Nami: Here I found only fun, with that emotional touch that is required for this. Nami pretending to cry and then fooling all the old men of the island weather is a feature of character, the fact that everyone on the island there are old people makes the situation even funnier. The Haredi is also hilarious, obviously he will not enter the crew of Luffy, but I hope he does stay with Nami some more chapters and manages a few more jokes.

    Even with the trick of a thief, pirate, Nami is also slaughtered at events Marinford. And when their arrival at the meeting point, I believe that after this chapter, shall be as quiet as to the Chopper, that alias hoped that Oda would reveal the reason for the surprise of the character at the end of last chapter.

    The Story of Franky: In my opinion, this was the most tense chapter of this mini-arc of the week. That’s because the story was different, mixing flashbacks to events in real time and there was that feeling at the end of the event here will be of extreme importance for the future of the series. With the above table, I think even in the event of the death of Franky or at least that the character can not arrive in time to meet the group and that perhaps this could dictate the future of the series.

    In fact the island where I always fell Franky aroused much curiosity because of Dr. Vegapunk already been cited many times over the years of the manga, but never actually appeared. These days was watching the DVD’s bow Arabasta when Chopper and Usopp are in confrontation with Mr. and Miss Merry Christmas in April and she explains about the gun he ate an Akuma no mi and the importance of research of Vegapunk, showing that Oda had always planned this character and we certainly reserve something great for the character.

    The disaster caused Franky in which this island is very difficult to return the character to the meeting point. I think being a cyborg, Franky survived the explosion but would not be surprised he was arrested by the World Government and taken to Vegapunk, which ended in a situation where the crew would need to go to the rescue of companion. I hope things do not become too complicated now that Franky and not leave the crew, because this is one of my favorite series now. I am really concerned with the events to follow for the character.

    And what of perosnagens with the symbol of pirates and danger / poison? Ha! It is the second time Oda uses this line of thought. The first was in the flashback with the Chopper, with a poisonous mushroom and now with Franky not touching the symbol of the skull was there to demonstrate the danger of the button. XD

    Brooke’s Story: How the events of Brooke is almost a direct continuation of the events involving the anime. And it is not really something remarkable for the future of the series, at least not apparent. It was funny to see the character acting as the Satan right in the above table, but otherwise, nothing very striking.

    And he enjoyed as a musician of the crew decided the island’s tiny thing that was thrown to music, keeping your personality and what he does best. I believe that even with the little joke at the end of his story captured with him is not really a problem in the end he must leave the island without many problems. And how he sailed the seas for years alone, I think there will be many setbacks to navigate to the meeting point.

    In the end, it was missing Robin and Sanji (one of which I believe the fans are very curious to see how the look will be from now on). Should be shown next week. Interestingly, out Chopper and Nami, all others shown so far, are not close to escape from their islands. Did Oda will be in this rotation until stories everyone meet? I would be just awesome if something happened. Not any author who can create as many side events and stories with so many characters going at once. It would be totally awesome. But the way the chapter is to wait for next week and see how things will continue.

    MR. TAC BR

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