(Warenagara Migoto na Tsutsumi Guai da / Kaichou! Motto Suso wo Hirogechatte Kudasai! / Mou Manpuku na no ka?!)
“A Splendid Package If I Do Say So Myself / President! Please Spread the Hem More! / Are You Satisfied Already?!”

On a school trip to Kyoto, school newspaper club president Hata Ranko (Arai Satomi) reveals how Shino and Aria’s jokes don’t seem to have as much punch without Takatoshi around to insert his comedic jab at the end. Surprisingly, the two of them still know when to stop on their own though. I would’ve figured Aria mistakenly giving Suzu the key to her chastity belt would’ve prompted a much better reaction from Shino when she had a spare delivered directly by helicopter. Evidently, the idea of a chastity belt isn’t anything new to the president, yet she still has a thing against cameras in the public bath. And here I was, wondering what happened to the Shino from episode one who got turned on over the idea of everyone watching her during a speech. Not only did my expectations fall short there, any potentially fan-service from either her or Aria was passed off to some unsuspecting classmates, leaving me feeling even more shortchanged. However, it hadn’t occurred to me that Aria actually came from a wealthy family, so seeing her wait around for maids to scrub her body wasn’t bad as compensation, especially after hearing how she left her bra and panties behind and generally doesn’t wear anything underneath at home.

I wasn’t sure how to take Shino’s shock to that revelation, but I saw it as one of her secret inner desires to do the same but never being gutsy enough due to her upbringing. I don’t think I’ll ever completely understand Shino’s twisted trains of thought, but after she talked with Aria about playing strip rock-paper-scissors earlier on and came to the realization that stripping panties first has its appeal too, it was pretty weird how the thought of going commando at home was so difficult for her to handle. It was one part surprise, one part disappointment from my point of view, as I had “high hopes” for Shino knowing no bounds when it comes to all acts of perversion. Now she just looks like a bit of a poser to me. Her fascination with the Kinkaku-ji didn’t bring about any more bondage-related jokes either, which I was honestly hoping to see more of after the references last time. Instead, she ended up getting owned by animals whether it came to taking a picture or being seen as a mate. I’m not the least bit into bestiality, but hearing Shino freak out about having a deer on top of her in the missionary position was pretty damn hilarious. Likewise with Suzu on top of Takatoshi as her mother came by asking if he was staying for dinner. The clever use of the “mou manpaku na no ka?!” line for both situations was amusing, simply because it can mean either, “Are you full already!?” or “Are you satisfied yet!?”. It came abruptly as a jab and wasn’t overly hilarious, but quirky enough that I still got a decent laugh out of it.

Those two scenes in tandem were undoubtedly supposed to be the highlight this episode, but I actually found Shino flipping out at a construction worker for doing repairs on Honnou-ji a lot funnier in comparison. As it’s the famous temple where Oda Nobunaga died, it was hilarious watching the worker dodge all of Shino’s attacks like it was just another day with history fanatics. Some subtler moments were Shino seeing bananas for masturbation, dressing up as a Shinsengumi get-up while shopping for souvenirs at Shinkyogoku, and buying an erotic book for Takatoshi. I can’t speak for everyone, but there’s something extremely awkward yet somewhat alluring about a girl buying a guy porn. Yahagi Sayuri busting out the English for a foreigner did have me laughing till it hurt though, just because she was swearing like CRAZY and had to be restrained when the guy called her a “little girl”. I swear I heard “mother f**ker” at least once during all the foul-mouthed stuff she spouted out. In any case, this wasn’t a bad episode, but I do agree that everything works better with Takatoshi around. It looks like the next episode will provide just that with Shino and Aria’s return to school and Takatoshi receiving his souvenir as well.




  1. got updated on this, dloaded first 2 eps… very nice, and there is one thing that happened to me in RL – a GF asking ME to buy porn for HER… she also has some drawn for me, so it is quite personal gift.

  2. Yea that F-bomb scene is the best.

    The “It’s” stamp after that is also nice, coz it just sums up the whole scene with 「…です」 (one of the MANY translation of “desu”). At least, according to my Japanese colleague.

  3. Why no teacher noticed a girl from different class is in the group – and stalking Shino-chan, to add insult to injury?
    Speaking of insults loved the carpet f-bombing courtesy of Suzu…
    I liked how diplomatically Takatoshi solved “How to help Suzu without making her feeling vulnerable” – ofcourse until disaster has struck.

  4. A twisted mind and wearing a chastity belt? Talking about teasing… I think Shino and Aria are starving for sex; but in reality they are unable to perform on their desires. But that’s a deep analysis for a comedy. Actually the way the deer scene came out, she has her eyes closed and a painful expression a cross her face(upon further thought it must hurt). So for a pervert she didn’t enjoy it. Over all I think they behave like good girls on a trip; with the classic pillow fight. So they kept their standing as leaders; but once they are behind closed doors then we have our wild girls again. But their are falling behind because Suzu is ahead anf her mom approves.

    Island Esper
    1. At the beginning that white guy was saying pelo pelo pelo pelo pelo which is basically blah blah blah blah and after he called Suzu little girl, Suzu said, Fuck you you mother fucker!

      Suppa Tenko
    2. he was and he wasn’t. the first part of what he said was replaced with “peraperapera” which is the japanese equivalent of “blahblahblah” to imply that takatoshi didn’t understand a word he said.

      diet otaku
  5. Aria seems a bit of a tease, not only rich as hell but she is probably a sex maniac -wearing a chastity belt of all things and not underwear when she is home_______ Also she has a soild gold bathroom with presumably a solid gold toilet.

    also the 2 identical sences at the end made me realize-the short ones mother is probably a pervert to. Also that most of the girls at this school have some serious psycological illnesses and thats the real reason for this school. Its a mental heath clinic desguied as a school so they don’t know their being treated.—unsuccesfully in the cases of the people weve met.

  6. This must be the umpteenth time I’ve seen an anime doing a school trip to Kyoto.

    Yahagi Sayuri must have been watching too much South Park before going into Suzu’s F-word tirade. lol And just like South Park, hearing her F-words getting bleeped out was way funnier than having to hear them in full.

    Shino is just so much cuter this week, revealing she’s actually more innocent than she likes to admit. Her getting harassed by the crane during her photo-shooting, going ballistic at Honnou-ji undergoing repairs, getting into the wrong bus for another school, going all flustered buying an ero-book, and getting “humped” by a deer are some of the best lol moments for me this week.

    Coming in second behind Shino would be Ranko and her voyeuristic tendencies, made even funnier whenever she goes into “Kuroko-mode” (she is voiced by Arai Satomi, after all).

    Kinny Riddle
  7. Fuck You, Mother Fucker! In glorious Suzu Engrish. I haven’t laughed at ANYTHING this season. I mean NOTHING at all. Maybe its because I just got through being audited 🙁 Whatever. I might have chuckled at a few things on the inside but this was a LOL, a real LOL. I even had to have a drink after all that gut-busting. I don’t think I ever heard such clear F-cursing in an anime. Its about fucking time 😛

  8. suzu screaming “FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER” (amidst other expletives) while the foreigner just waves and smiles was undoubtedly the most hilarious part of this episode. i must’ve gone back and rewatched the whole scene 3 or 4 times. XDDD

    diet otaku

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