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OP: 「Now loading…SKY!!」 by スフィア (sphere)
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I won’t be actively covering Asobi ni Iku yo, but the opening sequence that was absent in the premiere showed up as an ending sequence in the second episode and I wanted to say a few words about the series. Along with sphere’s new single, “Now loading…SKY!!”, that’s being actively promoted on their official website with a short version of the PV, the four seiyuu also had all their characters show up this time around. The only exception of course is Takagaki Ayahi since she voices the narrator, but Toyosaki Aki‘s Melwin and Kotobuki Minako‘s Chiaca can be seen briefly at the beginning of the video. Tomatsu Haruka of course plays Kio’s childhood friend and aspiring CIA agent, Kinjou Manami. The song itself has grown on me a fair bit since I first heard a clip of it in the promotional video, but it’s even nicer when it has the opening sequence to go along with it.

The second episode wasn’t too bad either, as things quickly turned into an Elice rescue operation after she got captured and left in the hands of the DIA. Manami, Aoi, and even Kio’s teacher Maki were all pretty quick to turn a new leaf, though Kio’s uncle Miyagi Yuiichi (Tachiki Fumihiko) sure helped bring the Beautiful Contact organization around due to his underworld-like ties. As a result, things are slowly starting to look more like a harem with Minami and Aoi throwing everything away to help Kio, but I must say the two of them sure look awesome together as a duo. I still don’t see this series turning out to be anything amazing, but I just love the animation that AIC PLUS+ is producing here. That, in conjunction with the really nice character designs, plethora of big name seiyuu including Horie Yui as Jens of the dog alien race (who also made a brief appearance), and Hanazawa Kana playing a badass secret agent make it an entertaining show to watch all the way.

For those hoping that I’d blog this one, I considered picking it up as another Saturday show alongside Seitokai Yakuindomo, but I’ve been enjoying the extra free time I have on the weekends and decided against it. The eleven series that I’m covering right now is a nice and relaxing amount compared to the sixteen last season, and I’d like to keep it that way in case things do get busy in real life. Trying to get a season preview out while blogging that many shows was hectic as hell and the fall has way more shows than summer, so I’d like to have more freedom in my schedule for miscellaneous blogging such as that too.


  1. I almost didn’t pick this one up because you weren’t blogging it. It’s nice visually so far so I might stick with it for awhile. Doesn’t seem like anything special overall though :/

    1. I haven’t watched the premiere, so I don’t really have any thoughts on it outside of what I saw in the promotional video.

      Edit: I’ve watched the first episode now and am contemplating blogging it…

    1. I’m surprised one hasn’t come up by now. I mean, I thought that RC had quite a few readers who knew Japanese and would be willing to help blog. If only we were about three years into the future, I would offer to help. But alas, curse my 1st year Japanese skills. T.T

  2. Yezz.. Free time is lovely~ Still trying to cram my work days into two and still work full time hours so I have more time to watch anime. xD

    Thanks for the mini-coverage! I love the artwork for this show and Elice is to hot. I guess that’s the reason I’m watching it right now. I know it doesn’t really pertain to the post but thanks for the summer preview. I can’t show my appreciation enough. I wouldn’t know about any good shows if it weren’t for the great staff here. :]

  3. Alright, after the second episode I really don’t know how this anime is going to turn out. Going by the first episode it seemed like some Ghost Busters type thing and now in the second episode all the conflicts are resolved. Going by the preview I guess there’s another bady that’s going to come out, but I thought this entire anime would be about the factions fighting against each other and now it looks like everyone will be friends for the most part. Not that I’m complaining, just saying this anime is very confusing in terms of what archetype it fits into, which may be considered commendable in it’s own right.

    That said, this looks like it’ll be pretty entertaining if they keep the action mixed in with all the ecchi and harem stuff you’d usually see in a school-based love anime. Like I said in the first episode comments, I like how this takes eroge elements and mixes it with action in a way I haven’t seen from any other anime I can recall off the top of my head. For that reason alone I’ll continue watching this.

    1. I was pleasantly surprised too. I didn’t think I would watch the second episode (boredom and what it does to you, eh?) since the first one didn’t catch me for the most part. Graphics and animation are real candy but I am annoyed at all the censored parts (first HotD and now this?). I’ll follow it a bit more and see if it’ll be a drop or not. Talking about cat series, anyone has news on a possible 2nd season of Nyan Koi!?

    2. The author is ill so there hasn’t been any new chapters of the manga in awhile. I’m not sure they have enough content to make second season due to the author’s condition. I am hoping they’ll be able to make second season eventually though, since I really enjoyed Nyan Koi. It’s hilarious and (strangely) touching at the same time.

  4. Well 2nd episode looks like back on track to the type of anime the name would suggest, though as a dog lover, having dogs as the bad guys seems quite :(. With so many animals, snakes or crocs would have fitted better. No doubt the dog girl near the ending ends up joining the harem competition

  5. I was pleasantly surprised with this series. Beautiful production values with an all star cast + Nice music make it a Proper Summer show. Watching the Op I get summer vibes.

  6. A nonsense, action, gakuin, neko-mimi, harem, pseudo-scifi anime. It’s just above average, but looking at this summer season, above avarage is quite rare. Yeah, and music is not bad either.

    U Doh
  7. This is a decent comedy series. I love the way the characters are drawn and voiced. Reminds me alot of To Love Ru. First class production all the way. You should be blogging this instead of that crappy Mitsudome. That series is dreadful.

  8. If you don’t like the cat ears then watch another show! God how many times have people said that before? You don’t like it find something else. Anyways back to the topic, episode 2 blew my mind. All the licensed cars (71 Corvette Stingray to the 2009 Shelby GT500) to the Smith and Wesson M series pistols, it’s starting to look like Gunsmith Cats…oh my GOD imagine if Kenichi Sonoda did the work for this? It’d be ridiculous.

    Jason Isenberg
  9. I wonder how the dynamic duo would have reacted if they showed up a few seconds earlier to hear the request to be partner for the mating season? I think the human girls will have to step things up to keep up with the fast moving alien!

  10. hey guys quick question is there any more mangas or just chapter one becuase i was looking around on like onemanga and mangafox and they either say its ended at manga 1 chpt 1 or just plain blocked out like mangafox says


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