(Dakara Mienai Tokoro de Kikuzu Shiteru / Omedeta– / Dakara Watashi wa Koko Made de Ii)
“That’s Why The Unseen Places Are Sluttish / Congratulations / I’m Fine From Here On”

This series still never reaches laugh-till-you-cry levels with its quick delivery of gags, but I continue to enjoy its witty way of going about the perverse nature of it all. The use of Japanese wordplay type of jokes and subtler forms of humor can be lost at times, but there are always moments that are so implicative that I’m left speechless. It’s partly the disbelief over seeing or hearing what I just did that keeps me amused, which viewing Suzu drinking milk and listening to Takatoshi from a suggestive angle was a prime example of. While the obligatory “damn yo” reaction springs into mind, it’s exactly these sexually connotative scenes that never cease to amaze me and have me coming back for more to see how far they can push the envelope without actually showing anything. This is probably one of the most perverted and “dirtiest” shows of the season, yet is so unassuming because it’s all in the dialogue itself. An unsuspecting viewer would be hard-pressed to see that this series is somewhat along the lines of B Gata H Kei because it draws the line on the sexual implications and never actually “puts out”.

Shino continues to reaffirm that she’s the go-to girl in that regard, with her quick changeover from deceivingly embarrassed when giving Takatoshi his erotic novel souvenir to freakishly afraid when he took the gift seriously being one of the funnier moments this episode. Takatoshi getting upset about staying up all night to finish the book and giving her earnest feedback on one of the bukkake parts was the perfect end result of a gag gift even though it wasn’t intended to be one. Her search for her missing melon bread on the other hand was another one of those moments that had me in awe due to Naruko’s obsession with younger men verging into some really risqué territory. That cucumber in the background made Shino’s misdirected advice to Mutsumi on showing inexperienced virgins the way relatively respectable in comparison. Aria stripping down as per Takatoshi’s suggestion of the Cool Biz campaign did provide some unexpected fan-service however, before Shino misunderstanding the situation and giving a long drawn-out “Tsuda” remark provided some unexpectedly good laughs.

The humor that results from misunderstandings is definitely one of the easier forms of comedy to enjoy, so Aria thinking that Takatoshi having to bring out the tissues for a war movie meant that he had to masturbate to it was disturbing yet oddly amusing at the same time. At the other end of the spectrum is a huge teddy bear that Aria gave Shino as a birthday present for bondage practicing purposes, which was just straight-up disturbing no matter how you look at it. The only laughs from that were the ones from the surprise of what I was seeing, as it even made the double-tipped vibrating dildo that Naruko gave her seem acceptable. The fact that she got a vibrator as a present from a teacher naturally raises a few eyebrows, but the bondage fetish bit was much more unsettling given how happy Shino was. The lead-up to that scene totally threw me off guard like it was intended to, so I give it props for that. I was actually enjoying the CD that Takatoshi gave her and found Suzu’s piggy bank thoughtful as well, so Aira’s gift totally came out of left field. Takatoshi’s facial expression says it all about my reaction.

Surprisingly, things concluded with a normal scene between Takatoshi sharing his umbrella with Shino on the way home. I dare even say she looked like a normal girl for a change when he gave her his umbrella when they had to part ways. I got some good vibes seeing them together, which was only ruined by Takatoshi running off and looking cool too early and getting held up by a red crosswalk light. I’m not expecting any romance to develop in this series, but the way they crushed it so quickly was like an intentional joke about how it was all just a tease. Damn them for playing with my feelings!




  1. I love this show’s gags. I admit that I had little expectations from this show, but damn it’s good. One of my favorite parts of this show is the beginning, where they tell a class rule and someone blows a whistle.

  2. “This series still never reaches laugh-till-you-cry levels with its quick delivery of gags, but I continue to enjoy its witty way of going about the perverse nature of it all.” You pretty much nailed how I feel about this series.I’m enjoying the humor to a certain degree but nothing like Mitsudomoe. Art wise, it’s nothing to write home about. Slice of life wise, I’ve been more hooked on Lucky Star when it was released. All in all, I hope it’s going to turn out to be a sleeper hit.

  3. the president and secretary are definately sadists, i actually said before they opened the presents that one of these is probably bdsm related. Unfortunately im right.

    The perversion aside it was very funny. I also like how they constantly point out the short one even when we can see her.

  4. I thought something was actually gonna happen with Shino and Tsuda… and then 5 seconds later they crushed it. I feel embarrassed for even thinking about it. -.-

    Well, it looks like we might have some fun with rumors if the camera girl (can’t remember name) publishes those pics next episode. Should make for some (more) interesting death threats to Tsuda lol.

    On a completely different note, Divine, when you watch RAWs or just listen to Japanese conversations in general how do you structure the sentences in a way you can understand them quickly enough to keep up with what is being said? I’m at the point where I can understand most simple sentences and phrases and at least pick out a good amount of words from longer ones, but I have a hard time actually formulating a coherent sentence in time to keep up with what is being said since I’m used to English’s SVO sentence structure. Is it just something that comes with time and becomes second nature eventually or is there some trick I’m missing?

    1. It takes a while, but what I found works the best is if you can move past translating on-the-fly to a proper English sentence and just understand what’s being said as a Japanese sentence. Use the particles as guides and simply translate specific words in your head rather than the entire sentence and it should be enough to grasp the meaning if you have a good understanding of Japanese grammar.

      As you’re probably aware, the verb in a Japanese sentence always comes at the end, so trying to restructure the sentence in your head is far too time consuming. Instead, if you just interpret something like 「私は公園に行きました」 as “I park went”, it’s a lot quicker to comprehend. That’s a short example, but if the sentence is even longer, or has a separate clause altogether, it speeds up understanding considerably.

      When you become more familiar with certain words from hearing them a lot, you’ll find that you stop searching for an English equivalent completely.

    2. Ah I see, thanks. I’ve actually been trying to do something similar to that recently, but the tendency that the Japanese have to slur their words really make it hard lol. Do you problems with that or are you just used to the way slurred words sound?

    3. I’m far from being completely fluent (my reading of kanji and vocabulary in general need work), so it still happens for me. For quick dialogue, it’s just something that can only really be overcome by expanding your Japanese vocabulary. The more words you know, the better chance you’ll have of figuring out what they said from the context even if the pronunciation wasn’t all that clear. I’ve gotten really accustomed to picking stuff up by ear though, so it’s usually not too difficult for me to make out all the dialogue you hear in anime, even if I don’t know a specific word and need to quickly look it up.

  5. That’s the good thing about such series (Seitokai no Ichizon, Azumanga Daioh, etc); it doesn’t like it’s MEANT to have any sort of real “plot” or “development” involved. It’s ALL about the various gags, lol.

  6. I gotta say one of my favorite aspects of this series is the new “rule” they introduce right before the OP plays…Takatoshi’s comment afterwards (or lack thereof in ep 3 haha)always provides the extra kick for it.

    And I agree with you 100% with the BGHK connection – I thought the exact same thing after episode 2 or so!

    1. cutemi2:

      I’m under the impression that you don’t actually read my posts anyway and just want a post with screenshots for the sake of having a post. I’ve already addressed this in an actual post, so if you read it you would already know why Asobi ni Iku yo isn’t being covered.

      Also, you always seem to complain when a post isn’t out yet like you’re dying to read it, but evidently just want something to comment in with no plans to read at all. Well I’m sorry to inform you that I don’t cater to your schedule and/or expectations of this blog.

  7. Does anyone know the title of the Tsuda’s CD song?
    Divine thanks for the Japanese learning tips.
    And thanks also for the cool biz campaign link, add more knowledge about Japan. Hopefully, someday I will go to Japan 🙂

    ay ya ya ya ya
  8. LMAO at Bondage Teddy – he’s probably one of Pedobear’s many perverted cousins. (Speaking of Pedobear, he’s now got his own fansite. ttp://www.pedobear.org/ ) Didn’t see that coming.

    And how on earth did Aria associate a movie that requires a box of tissues as a dirty movie right away? LOL

    And just when Tsuda thought he can do the chivalrous guy impressing girl moment by walking off cooly, he gets stopped by the traffic light, leading to an awkward embarrassment for both of them. XD

    Kinny Riddle
  9. I just realized you’re not blogging Shiki. Seriously, that anime is epic. It’s the highlight of this season, forget HighSchool of the Dead. I’m afraid you’re missing something great.


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