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It seems like all I’ve been talking about in the past while is sphere and its members, so I’ll refer you to the Asobi ni Iku yo OP and Takagaki Ayahi PV posts for a quick rundown on what these four lovely ladies have been up to. I will add that this seiyuu group is an easy sell for me since it’s comprised of four female seiyuu whom I’d be happy to see starring in any series. As music artists, it doesn’t hurt that they’re all pretty attractive and can sing fairly well, which Music Ray’n‘s decision to have them all as solo artists as well seems to reaffirm. Their latest single as a group is titled “Now loading…SKY!!” and is currently featured as the opening theme of the sci-fi romantic comedy Asobi ni Iku yo — a series where all four girls have prominent roles in. While I’m not actively covering the show here, I am following it on a weekly basis and it’s proving to be a nice guilty pleasure of mine. (e.g. I love how the characters keep changing outfits, particularly Kinjou Manami.)

Released a few days ago on July 28th, the limited edition included the full version of the promotional video that’s been featured on their official site for some time now. It isn’t a bad one either, as it features some simple dance choreography and segments with a panorama camera where the girls take turns popping in front to sing their portions of the song. It’s a bit cool to watch since it’s timed to their singing, and if nothing else, gives the girls time to look cute and have some fun. Smiling big seems to be a prominent theme in this music video and the girls look like they’re trying too hard at times, but it does suit the bubbly catchy song itself. Of course, the other thought is that four and a half minutes of these girls looking pretty easily makes it a good PV. At least, that’s what me looping it for the past while seems to indicate.


  1. cute video…probably cuz i love the color yellow! love anime intro/outros with that sort of high energy “brite” jazz type swing, reminds me of the “Gunbuster 2” ED, and that always a win!………..god i miss gunbuster

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. A very happy and cheerful song we have here : ) Sounds very good after working a 9 hour shift today XD

    Just to clarify, all four girls have main roles in the anime, I can think of three girls from the anime, who is the fourth? XD

    If the answer is apparently obvious, I apologize before hand since I am very tired from working <3

  3. I was waiting for this. After listening to the OP a couple times I really started to like it more and more. Now, with this and Kimi ga Iru Bashou, all I need is Nurarihyon’s and Shiki’s ED and I’ll have all my favorite singles from this season.

    1. “…Released a few days ago on July 28th, the limited edition included the full version of the promotional video that’s been featured on their official site for some time now.”

      Scratch that.. I suck at skimming…

  4. Who says moe is only for 2d… Suddenly… I’m liking Sphere much more. I love the part before the chorus!

    Also thanks for reminding us of this song! I love this OP so much. Now to find for a high quality rip of the PV!

  5. hoping to c more pv here at the site to change some interest once in awhile
    no more “cute” words to say cus its filled of comments with it. i find it nice cus all of them sing in syncronize and making a great song in the process. btw would luv c more of this kind of group of singers making a song in harmony without making it feel weird when u listen or watch the videos of it.

    bro bot

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