(Oshiri, Taihen Desho? / Yokkyuu Fuman na Dake da! / Watashi mo Pan wo Kuwaete Toukou Shinakya)
“Your Butt, Hurts Right? / I’m Just Frustrated! / I Have to Eat Bread On The Way To School Too!”

You just know Tsuda’s got it bad with the Ousai student council when his nightmares involve Shino and Aria being unusually normal and not spouting out a dirty joke every minute or so. It wasn’t too long ago that he was trying really hard to get used to their habits, but now it’s gotten to the point that it feels wrong without them. I guess this goes to show how one can get accustomed to anyone, whether they’re absolutely crazy or sex-starved virgins with the most perverted minds ever. I’ll be the first to admit that having a girl like Shino or Aria around would make every day a lot more interesting though, so it’s a bit of a shame that any attractive girl who behaves as such in real life would probably be considered a slut of sorts. Now before I draw too many wary eyes by suggesting that having a hot perverted girl around would be a bucket load of fun (at least for the first while), the catch is that she would have to have a quirky personality with an air of innocence, no matter how slight. It would be a serious problem if nothing fazed her, which we know isn’t the case with Shino. I still find that she’s a lot of talk a lot of the time, but that’s exactly the air of innocence that saves her from going down the perverted path of no return.

After the way things left off last time, my favorite part of this episode is how it followed up on two of the skits, with the first being Tsuda catching a cold after giving his umbrella to the birthday girl. Shino’s subsequent visit to his house didn’t drift off into any romantic territory despite the potential, but I did like how they revisited the idea. The second follow-up was Hata seriously expecting a gravure photo shoot from Shino after getting her to unknowingly agree to one. It was funny how that came up again, as Shino’s unwillingness and attempt to get out of it by flipping her Teru teru bouzu upside-down like Hirasawa Yui went to show how she still has some shame. The disparity in her character between situations like that and the one before where she’s perfectly fine giving Tsuda a porn magazine as a get-well gift is one aspect of this series I always find amusing. Shino evidently has a double-standard when it comes to perverse humor, so it’s always awesome to see her get a taste of her own medicine at the hands of Hata. As a side to that, Kotomi (Shimoda Asami) bringing her brother an erotic manga and assuming he had no interest in 3-D girls was somewhat unsettling, since it looks like she’s on the path to becoming another Shino. With the way that perverted possibilities come to mind first, it’s probably safe to say she’d feel right at home at Ousai Academy if she enrolls like she was planning to.

As for the rest of the episode, highlights had to be Naruko trying to give Tsuda a wet dream after seeing him dozing off in class, Mutsumi trying to test Suzu’s intelligence and ending up as the fool, Shino claiming she “lost the fight” against the razor last night, and Shino checking out Aria’s breasts only to learn that she has a bigger butt. For the slightly lewder stuff, there was the skit where Shino figured Tsuda had to excuse himself because of an erection, before the transition scene gave us the statistical average that Japanese men are 13cm long. There was also the student council website that they were trying to put together, which Aria quickly turned into a porn site. Suzu on the other hand is showing she’s still one of the best avenues for comic relief, with Hata passing on taking any swimsuit photos of her since social criticism’s gotten a lot harsher lately. My interest was piqued to learn that Shino’s ears are an erogenous zone of hers, making Tsuda’s alternative way of whispering into her ear pretty funny to see.

Anyway, I’m curious as to see what the next episode will entail since there’s mention of Triple Booking making an appearance. Triple Booking is actually a fictional idol group from Ujiie Touzen‘s other gag manga, “Idol no Akahon”, but the opening theme they’re credited with here is actually performed by Hikasa Youko, Satou Satomi, and Yahagi Sayuri (i.e. Shino, Aria, and Suzu). For whatever reason, that fact is kept a bit obscured to serve as a gag in itself, which the preview poked fun at as well. My guess is that we’ll see a Shino, Aria, Suzu idol group next time as a tribute to Idol no Akahon.




  1. hmmm……..lemme sound like an asshole a.k.a= “realist” and just say something. after watching all the eps so far, if i had ANY advice for the lead Protagonist it would be simply this. GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT STUDENT Council/club with those chicks!!!!! those birds are wack and their messing up the pimplike ratio of dude’s to chicks that you could be enjoying!!! i watch this show and i can’t help but feel that he’s trapped…..yet they don’t give me a reason why he remains there

    BROOKLYN otaku
  2. Now if only my school’s website were as saucy as that, featuring (gravure) photos of the school’s hot guy/hot girl of the week, visitor numbers would surely increase exponentially. lol

    Kinny Riddle
  3. Hmm.. Wonder if Kotomi-chan is on par with Shino-chan & Aria-chan or one level above them or lower.

    Speaking of perverted stuff, wonder how will Koe de Oshigoto! anime turn out.

  4. Kids don’t run with your mouth full accidents hapen this way!!!
    YaY!!! the new 3-D DS 🙂
    I only have to say that Tsuda is a lucky guy: a sister that gives him ero manga, a female friend the gives him more porn and a sensei that digs him!!!!! I never had any of that. Bastard he should die LOL!

    Island Esper
  5. She lost to her razor. Meaning the Razor didn’t completely remove or it gives her some scratch which is need to be removed so she can use her bathing suit without having hygiene issues.

  6. Does anybody know the original reference behind the running with “pan” ( bread) in the mouth and bumping into the man of your dreams? This was parodied in the 99/100 th episode of Gintama. Is it from some Galge game?

    1. Its an extremely cliche galge event, where the main character is late for school and while he is running there he bumps into a girl, also in the same position with a slice of bread in her mouth. Said girl would most likely be the main female character of the galge.


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