「ブラ!ブラ!ブタ!」 (Bura! Bura! Buta!)
“Bra! Bra! Pig!”

A third sphere member joins the cast this week as a girl with thick eyebrows, but surprisingly it’s not Kotobuki Minako, whose role as Mugi in K-ON helped give rise to that look. Instead, it’s Toyosaki Aki again, as she continues to take the seiyuu world by storm. I imagine it’s all secretly part of her (anime) world domination that’s been happening for the past few seasons. The only thing I can really knock her on is that it hasn’t been an absolute parade of starring roles despite how diverse they’ve been. I gather it’s only a matter of time for her though, much like fellow sphere member Tomatsu Haruka (i.e. Hitoha). Here, Aki’s role as Yoshioka Yuki has only been shown to be a relatively minor one as a member of “Team Sugisaki”, lead by Sugisaki Miku (Saitou Chiwa). As such, Chiwa takes more of the spotlight even without any Senjougahara Hitagi type of performance. Miku is just another sixth grader, who happens to take enjoyment in showing off her brand name clothes. It’s hard to imagine she has a following, but all I really cared about is the hilarity that resulted from her rivalry with Mitsuba.

As the episode title suggests, it all started off with a bra and quickly became about bust sizes before long. Sixth graders fussing over breast sizes seems rather fruitless if you ask me, as even the breast master Futaba, whose eyeball measurements accurate to two decimal places of precision, couldn’t fathom the possibility that they were asking her to compare their flat chests. All that went on to show is that the best part of the Mitsuba/Miku rivalry is everything that goes on around — none of which helped Mitsuba one bit. This includes Futaba exploding out of a pile of underwear and running down Mitsuba swimming laps nonstop. The pile of underwear in the store was absolute money with the way they slow-motioned the hell out of it and added jet plane sound effects. Futaba looked like she was having the time of her life being buried in panties, whereas Mitsuba looked like she was going to have a heart attack, making for one epic moment.

However, the absolute highlight of this episode had to be Chikubi falling for the hamster design on Mitsuba’s underwear and the latter using it to revel in Hitoha’s angst. Cue in a psychotic suicidal girl with scissors and a lot of melodrama with the music to go with it, and we had the perfect setup to Mitsuba’s fat ass disillusioning Chikubi. I can’t emphasize enough how the music made that scene play out as well as it did. That was hands-down the funniest scene in terms of execution, but Soujirou accidentally shaving off an eyebrow in one fell swoop thanks to Futaba’s self-powered water cannon had me laughing helplessly for the slapstick factor. His Security Police-like appearance for Parents’ Day at school was pretty funny too, but the mix-up of Mitsuba and Futaba’s written pieces was even better. Futaba’s love for her father pretty much explained why she was spared from the shed treatment back in episode three, when Hitoha wasn’t even given the benefit of the doubt.

What really caught my attention in that last skit though was Bridge’s short display of 3-D work as Soujirou ran off in tears and barreled down a flight of stairs. That, and the fact that the music they played was strikingly similar to Metal Gear Solid’s alert music. Anyway, the next episode looks like it’s going to be fun with a cavalry fight (kibasen) that I was hoping to see in K-ON at some point, plus there’s more occult stuff going on at Satoshi’s expense, so it should be fun like always. Mitsudomoe!!

* P.S. On the topic of Bakemonogatari, an anime adaption of the prequel novel Kizumonogatari was recently announced.




    1. Sorry.. part of my message got deleted.


      I seriously love this show. I was not sure about it at first. But it just gets funnier and funnier with every episode.

      Hitoha is awesome! <3

  1. I love the episodes that have their dad is involved in. He is such a good parent and nobody cares, that super thick outline just makes him look so suspicious, I cant stop laughing when he runs around with such serious music playing. and that cops style take-down when he tried to escape from school as he screamed “I’m a parent!” was just perfect. This show has to be my favorite of the season.

  2. Yo, this show is crazy but in a funny way. Best part was when she was about to cut up the underwear and kill herself and the kids wont doing shit but watching. I had my doubts, but this turned out to be a funny show so far.

  3. This episode had me cracking up everywhere as opposed to previous ones where some parts are only mildly funny. But the preview just choked me, Hitoha on top of the sensei…that’s just too wrong, I can’t stop laughing!

  4. “… but surprisingly it’s not Kotobuki Minako, whose role as Mugi in K-ON helped give rise to that look. Instead, it’s Toyosaki Aki again”

    Ok.. Now I’m gonna watch this series.

  5. I got to watch this after Misa’s show; that put me in a great mood. So when Mitsuba came on the screen I LoL in less than 2 seconds. Eventually I got kicked out of my room for being too loud by the stairs scene. Everything was great; but for me the clean look was the winning point. I was expecting all the お母さん to gang rape him after the “we took baths together and want to marry him” part of the letter. I felt the joy he had when the trouble kid said she loves him. Also the pain when the lovely kid said she hates him. Childs are evil… I know I was one… This show is about to get promoted to my “must buy” list.

    Island Esper
  6. I’ve also just noticed that the BGM for this series is really good.

    The “dramatic” music reminds me of Haydn’s Creation during the “Representation of Chaos” and right before the huge tenor solo “and God saw the light”. The tragic music reminds me of historical J-drama (I really like it!) The music when the dad’s running around crying reminds me of something too, but I can’t put my finger on it…

  7. When Miku wondered about Futaba and said “HOW DO YOU STOP THIS THING?” I was actually ROTFL. This is such a precious show.
    At first, I couldn’t get enough of Hitoha-chan…Now, I can’t even choose who’s my fav sister!
    Having AkiSaki is a wonderful addition. Like, Tomatsu, I can’t get listen to them enough. Pretty and talented seiyuus!


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