Boy, when was the last time we got to see the tightwads named the five elders? Not only that, but the “Pan-Fleet” Admiral too, whatever that even means. Sengoku believes he must retire, as his era has disappeared when Whitebeard died. Choosing Aokiji to succeed him is something I can’t really see though, as Aokiji has never demonstrated anything that shows him to be above the other two admirals.

With this chapter, they finally reveal what the newspaper was about. If anyone didn’t get it, Luffy, along with Jinbei and Rayleigh, went back to Marineford and basically paid their respects to Ace with a burial ritual at sea. He then stormed into the plaza and rang the “Ox Bell” 16 times. Why 16? As Killer explained, the bell is usually rang near the new year, 8 to thank the old year and 8 to pray for the new one. Apparently, it’s a marine tradition. Luffy rang it for the changes in “eras” or “ages” instead. The marines also took it as a declaration of war, which I’m not so sure was part of Luffy and co.’s plans. When I first read it, I thought the whole thing was completely fabricated by the government (Zoro noticed it was odd too), but I suppose it really happened. Then it hit me, that this is most likely the plan that Rayleigh offered Luffy. Annoyingly enough, the newspaper conceals another new “message” that everyone “gets” except the reader, like the last two chapters. So basically, there was a secret within a secret. However, I did notice that Luffy obtained a new tattoo, with an S crossed out similar to Ace’s. Maybe that’s the message? I still don’t know what it means though.

Continuing on, the rest of the chapter was completely dedicated to introducing the New World, with whacked out worlds that seem completely illogical. If the plan was to shock me at how insane the New World will be, it sure as hell succeeded. I’m especially interested at Capone’s predicament, with something that seems like either a giant ship or a floating island sucking them up by some created gravitational pull. Creepy stuff. With the way things are going, the crew should be finally coming together at the Archipelago in the upcoming chapters. Who’d drink to that?

Note: Franky makes the best post pictures.


  1. I’m betting that Zoro will guess wrong on what the message is, try to go to the wrong meeting place, gets lost on the way to the wrong meeting place, and somehow ends up in the right meeting place as a result… -.-

    The 16 bells thing has to mean Sabaondy Grove 16, it’s simple but I can’t think of another instance in the story where 16 has been used before…

      1. hehe.. you think? well it’s what came up to mind when Luffy did something he wouldn’t do.. like “taking time” praying before even heading to the meeting point like he was suppose to. but I could be wrong about that you know! 🙂

        curiously, Vivi is an honorary part of the crew.. rather than getting the msg, she was more concerned about the tatoo?! Stylish? <= her reaction was funny 😀

      2. man! i sooooo hope you are wrong….but at the same time “as rumor has it” a stall out seems inevitable. BOOOOOO! then again, why would each of the crew members be so excited as they discovered the message “i get it luffy! i get it!” only to afterwords take their sweet time??

        BROOKLYN otaku
    1. I believe 16 bells means a time rather then a location as all the crew have the life-card of Rayleigh, so a new location would make that pointless.

      As for when exactly, I have 2 theories. The 1st one is Luffy telling everyone to wait for new year, which the time the bell is usually rang. The 2nd one is the Luffy telling everyone to wait for TWO years as 8 rang indicate 1 and 16 rang indicate two. No matter which one it is it would give the crew a plenty of time to gather. It’s also clear that everyone can benefit more from training since they are simply not strong enough in the new world just yet.

  2. So somewhere in there was a hint to the gang on where to meet up with him, I guess. I’m assuming it’s an important place to them, where they made a promise or something.

    Michael Chandra
  3. About that floating island that sucked up Capone… the theory out there is that Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Big possible spoiler there, by the way. I half wish I hadn’t known it just in case it was true. Because if it is then not thinking/knowing about it and having it happen would have been awesome.

  4. One piece never fails to amaze me to keep reading and reading. makes me feel unsatisfied yet curious what will happen next. and makes me think a lot of possibilities(this manga is unpredictable and fun)

  5. anyone think blackbeard went after X drake? Drake seemed to know stuff about Vegapunk and the pacifistas, and oda said that everything about devil fruits will be explained by vegapunk. maybe he is connected to blackbeard some how and thats how blackbeard is able to use two fruits.

  6. The pan-fleet admiral is Sengoku’s predecessor. He was shown in volume 0, where he was the fleet admiral in tha time.

    Possible options for the tattoo: S(abo) A(ce) 2(Mr. 2 Bon Clay) W(itebeard)
    A sort of tribute to them.

    Or another -less likely- theory: S(abondy) A(rchipelago) 2(2) Y(ears)
    They will meet up at the sabondy archipelago in 2 years.

  7. Alright so about the 16 rings. Killer did mention that Luffy wrung the bell in a odd way. Which is probably what the “secret” thing is that the Strawhat gang knows.

    Also those floating islands. They remind me of something. And you’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve watched Strong World. Got it?

    Yep, Kinnjishi no Shiki. The last remaining pirate of the golden days, rival of Gol D. Roger. His devil fruit was the Fuwa Fuwa no mi. The ability to make things move without being affected by gravity. What did he do? Make islands float. My guess, he may come out in the New World.

    We’ll see.

  8. Aokiji’s really the only logical choice when you think about it.

    Akainu is too much of a hardass…while Kizaru is a reckless wildcard. The Marines’s approval rating would further go down the drain if any of those 2 were made Fleet Admiral.

    Aokiji may be laid back, but he gets the job done and is very dependable when the chips are down.

  9. Luffy’s new tattoo looks interesting. It doesn’t really look like a crossed-out S to me, it’s probably something else (duh, but I can’t tell lol). In any case, it MIGHT have some significance, seeing that Ace was the only one with that kind of tattoo. A reminder perhaps?

  10. Amazing chapter. OP really knows how to cover a huge amount of material in a single chapter.The New World looks pretty… evil and creepy compared to the 1st half, I’m guessing the level of violence and death in OP is going to keep rising.

    I’m also interested in Sengoku’s recommendation of Aokiji; I think he feels that, of the three admirals, Aokiji is as close to a compassionate person as you’ll find. Akainu is obviously evil (though I could see him getting the position anyway, especially if the Five Elders decide to reward his ruthlessness), and Kizaru couldn’t figure out how to work his phone, so I’m not sure coordinating military operations would work well for him.

  11. My suspicions a to what happened to Capone: Blackbeard got him. They said blackbeard got someone and he has power of darkness/gravity. Capone’s ship and bunch of islands were absorbed into the black mass. Just my guess

  12. Hmmm…I dunno about the 2 years thing. Seems like a long time in OP for them to meet up when they have the Vivre card.

    I can’t wait to see the Strawhat reunion….I think I’ll be dancing around my room when it happens. Plus I wanna see Luffy’s new tattoo! I wonder what it says….I’m thinking a homage to Ace, though hell if I think I’m right.

    P.S. @ kiiragi: are you gonna cover One Piece: STRONG WORLD at all? It was pretty epic. 😉


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