It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a flying thunder god! (…I think.) To be honest, I’m still not sure what Naruto did in his newly acquired “Kyuubi Mode” other than move across the room at instantaneous-like speeds. For all we know, he might just be that fast with the demonic chakra at his disposal, because I don’t think a kunai with a seal on it can even get there as quickly as he did. As surprising as that was to see, the first thing that caught my attention when Naruto finally left his state of meditation was how long that fist pump mind meld’s been held for. When I first mentioned it, it was eight chapters ago. It may not have actually been that long with all the flashbacks, but it sure felt like an eternity on this side of the fence. Bee and Yamato have my condolences. I mean come on Naruto, people don’t have all day to help you harness the beast within you, so you could at least hurry it the hell up! No one wants to hear excuses about how it was a struggle to the death against one of the most powerful tailed beasts either, when you were really chatting with your mom for the past while. 😛

Anyway, I wonder what the official name of Naruto’s new transformation will be. It’s kind of weird how he looks like he’s on fire, but you can see the inner chakra frame of sorts through his clothes. Back when it was shown six chapters ago, I thought it was just to signify him harnessing the chakra and had no idea that it was going to be a form in itself. I guess it’s an improvement over having all his skin peeled away and losing control when the Nine-Tails used to take over, which leaves me wondering if the flames he gives off are the same black and red colors. This new look is probably to emphasize that he deserves the Hokage title more than ever now, being a living flame/shadow that radiates life energy. He just so happens to embody the meaning of the two kanji that spell the word too, 「火影」, so they may as well call it “Hokage Mode”. Whatever they decide to call it, it was cool how this chapter gave us an early taste of what he’s capable now, even though it doesn’t look like he’s fully aware of the extent of his new powers. It’s probably safe to assume that Naruto is ridiculously overpowered in terms of both power and speed though. Couple that with his ridiculous stamina, durability, and some new sensory ability that transcends chakra ones (…perhaps from his fox-like nose), and Naruto looks like a force that no one would want to reckon with.

It’s a shame that he won’t be the one to completely obliterate Kisame now that the latter’s been sniffed out, though seeing what new techniques Guy has picked up is appealing in its own way. I already got a pretty good laugh out of him stepping into the Falls of Truth (Shinjutsu no Taki) and being rattled by his inner demons calling him out for being a geezer trying to hang onto his youth, but Kisame popping out from behind the waterfall and confusing the hell of Guy was hilarious! Hilarious I say! In a way, his three-year-plus unsettled score with Kisame sort of is an inner demon of his, which we should see him trying to conquer next time. I gather the shot that Naruto gave Kisame already dazed him a fair bit, but Guy landed a pretty a nice opener himself. It should be pretty awesome seeing these two tango for a bit next chapter, but I can’t foresee Kisame sticking around for an actual fight when Naruto and Yamato aren’t that far behind.


    1. It might be like trying to use a Genkidama as a Super Saiyajin. The world might implode around Naruto. 😛

      Now before anyone starts giving me crap about more DBZ references, be aware that Kishimoto Masashi has said that Toriyama Akira’s Dragon Ball is one of the biggest influences towards creating both Naruto the series and the character himself (with Goku in mind).

      1. Although i’d image the diffculty in balancing the sage chakra with a fourth type would be difficult and unprecendented if you go back to the chapter in which Naruto had his first face-10-face with the real Pain… (CH 444) there was a shot of his eyes where he had the Sage mode AND Kyuubi Rage mode goin on at the same time.. so… *crosses fingers* heres hoping

    2. I did.. but I knew that would be far off to see for now. what I was really intrested in was the fast movement tech.. could Naruto have pulled of yellow flash that doesn’t need a sealeded kunai? or did he just moved really fast?

      Oh and I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but.. I feel really bad for Kisame right now! I’m wanting to see Gai vs Kisame round 3! hahaha! too bad Gai wont remember poor Kisame..

  1. I’m hoping naruto will be able to take on the form of the kyuubi much like how gaara and bee have been able too..I also thought that the flame was showing him controlling the chakra and not what he would look like afterwards :/. He also bears a strong resemblance to the Rikudo Sennin in this form which might unveil something new later on about his past or w/e

  2. Honestly, a few chapters back, I was hoping Naruto would fail in absorbing the Kyuubi’s chakra since it would give him one of the highest boosts in power in this series. I was hoping for him being able to absorb only a bit of it at least. But now, besides Madara (possibly), is there really anyone who could beat him now? Unless Sasuke finds some mythical beast (or eye technique) that rivals the nine-tails (lol at that thought), he’d just get slapped around really.

    And Hokage-mode would be a nice name for Naruto’s new form.

    rings and things
    1. I would believe that with the rest of the tailed beasts akatsui has obtained they will make something really powerfull eaventhough it is not the 10 tailed beast and that will opose a big threat to Naruto, so Sasuke can control it or something and fight the epic final battle

  3. I was wondering if the New Fox Mode changes as he accesses more of the Fox’s chakra. Can’t wait to see Fox Mode + Sage Mode. Maybe we might get to see Fukasaku again, since now the fox has been locked away, which equals infinte Sage Mode.

  4. I think it’s colored yellow, that’s what I got from my translation anyway. But that is kinda awkward, so I’m hoping it’s orange. 🙂

    I do like the new mode Naruto’s in. HELL YEAH! Gotta love him and when the manga is oh, I don’t know, FOCUSED ON ONLY HIM. (HINT. HINT. HINT!)

    And a Gai/Kisame fight is gonna kick some major ass. “THATS what I look like inside!?” Oh man..that made me crack up.

      1. I bet he also wishes he could get laid more as well, but things don’t always work out how you want. Even if the damn thing was called something else, the story goes nowhere when it’s not following the main character anyways.

  5. Wow, Naruto’s Shunshin no Jutsu (that’s what Bee called it in the RAW) is FAST. He could probably keep up with the Raikage using that speed. Although, I lol’d at how Naruto has no self-control over his new powers yet, and actually ended up getting stuck in the wall. What kind of badass is that? :p

    In any case, I’m interested in seeing how Kishi nerfs this mode. Every time Naruto gains a new power Kishi puts a limit on it, and I’m assuming this is no different. I’m expecting something like “the Kyuubi’s power is too great for his body to handle” so he can only stay in the mode a certain amount of time, otherwise he will die. Speaking of nerfs, I wonder if Naruto will combine his new powers with SM somehow? I’m imagining that chakra sensing + emotion sensing will come in handy lol.

    Oh, and everyone is calling the new mode “Rikudou Mode” because of the resemblance it bares to the Rikudou Sennin’s outline. I don’t think that’s a very accurate name/interpretation, but w/e, these things have a tendency to name themselves. :I

  6. His father was known as the Yellow Flash for his quick movements and teleport techniques, and when he hit kisame bee said “but all I saw was a yellow flash”, I thought that was kind of interesting. His father was the only one who could actually land a hit on Madara, so it already looks like they’re setting Naruto up to be able to fight on par with Madara.

      1. Anyone want to start a company with me called the Flash Drinks XP. We can have the Red Flash, Blue Flash, Yellow Flash, Orange Flash, Black Flash.. wait the hell, How did the black flash come to mind and what in the world could that be >_>

        Sora no Kaze
  7. Burning Youth! I love Guy, it’s been so long since he has had a chance to show off. Cant wait to see some super charged Taijutsu action! No more of this stupid Genjutsu crap. So bored to tears with illusions and the characters who use them…

  8. I am scared that the creator can either have Kisame kill Guy or have him capture Bee before making his getaway. However, I am definitely going to enjoy Guy and Bee’s double team on Kisame (Guy and Bee are the two most charismatic characters in the series)

    1. Naruto hasn’t learned Hiraishin no Jutsu (Flying Thunder God Technique), which is Minato’s space/time teleportation jutsu. Naruto performed an extremely accelerated Shunshin no Jutsu (Body Flicker). This is evident by the fact that Naruto jammed his foot in the wall due to uncontrolled acceleration. He wouldn’t have done that if he teleported.

  9. Well seeing as Naruto got a huge boost in power – I can only guess that Sasuke will get a significant power boost as well; with that new Sharingan of his. If he’s able to use time/space/dimensional techniques like Madara (and utilize the 7 other beasts they’ve captured), then this will be one hell of ‘Naruto vs Sasuke battle’.

    But saying that, Naruto has now been raised into the Hokage rank with that flashy demon fox power. Thing is though, I hope Masashi puts a limiter on this power to add a little depth to the story (overpowered people are not fun in a manga) . Afterall, he was training Sage Mode only a couple of chapters ago. Maybe, he could combine both like everyone hoped?

  10. I kinda see this as Naruto’s Rikudou Sennin Kyubi mode. Maybe he’ll also be able to do Rikudou Sennin Kyubi Sennin Mode…LOL.

    Naruto is now a Super Konoha ninja. He’ll probably learn to manipulate all elements, and probably come up with a teleporting move faster than 4th Hokage and Madara. And of course another all-element Rasen Shuriken that he can throw as many times as he wants.

  11. oh gods

    And I thought that after jyuubi reveal this could not have BIGGER ammount of bullshit.

    So Naruto now is JESUS who can sense HATRED and EVIL CHAKRA and his DESTINED POWER even makes trees grow? XD

    In before We see Saucegay with his eyes withering trees and turning day into night with HATRED CHAKRA

    Oh and yay for Kisame being saved up from one humiliation so he can be humiliated…again, this time by unimportant side characters (seriously after all the crap does anyone actually care about Guy or any other old unimportant character?)

    Oh how i want to drop this, but then kishi wold achieve what he wanted in making all old-time fans leave XD

    1. Well… it’s not like it was unexpected that he could sense hate intentions. I mean Kyuubi is an embodiment of hatred afterall. I’m assuming you’re being sarcastic with the growing trees XP… so I won’t say anything about that.

      If he was truly Jesus, he would need to be have a godlike resurrection jutsu :P.

      Sora no Kaze
      1. Doubt it. its more an allusion of how “PEACEFUL” his chakra is -_-

        Making birdies sing, flowars grow, sun shine ~

        you get picture.

        Sauce will most likely wither stuff and make thunderstorms with his “HAAATRED” chakra -_-

    2. maybe its that because the 9-tails is just about pure hatred, narutos combo of natural chakra (that he can sense everyones chakra about at the lv of Karin) and that hatred mastery combines to get like that

      as for the life maybe its cause hes radiating natural chakra now instead of consuming it? but Sakura/Hinata can grow trees too so its not a big deal XD

  12. I definitely jizzed my pants when Naruto “flashed” if this is actually a teleportation SHIT JUST GOT REAL! lol either way the upcoming battle with Sasuke is gonna be.. whats better that epic? lol
    But i think the power up was much needed.. after seeing Sasuke fight all those Kages and then deafet Danzo I felt that Sasuke was for too powerful for Naurto… sage mode or not.
    But now Naruto is in the lead again.. that is until we see the power up Sasuke got from his Ninja eye surgery.. lol

  13. Where to start? Well, let alone the fact that Kisame has taken spout to the end.

    The first thing that caught my intention in this chapter is that the new transformation of Naruto, we have already seen a few chapters ago, before the flashback. I do not really expect him to be literally in this appearance. When it appeared that way at first, thought it was like one of those “x-ray” that the series has shown where the flow of chakra’s character, but it seems that this is not really the case. Naruto now is kind of a “Super Saiyan” (playing a bit with Dragon Ball, do not take the comparison literally).

    One thing that was different is that unlike Bee that can turn an octopus and talk normally with his bijuu, it seems that Naruto will not get huge or stand chatting in the air with the Kyuubi. This means that what happened to his Bijuu Bee must have had a different outcome because it does not access “only” the chakra Hachibi, but the actual bijuu, no? Naruto seems that separated the two things inside. This technique is more efficient than the interaction with the Bee has Hachibi? I can not say, only to see it in the future, but as the character is the protagonist of the manga, it’s obvious he will end up being the strongest of the strong. Ah, the “sanctuary” where the chakra is stored Kyuubi was very nice, the way that we could expect something like a good idea also Kishimoto have created this as an on / off switch for such power.

    Speaking of power, naruto should now be in a totally different level from any ninja of Konoha, he absorbed so many techniques, whether or Jiraiya Minato, either with the elements of training with Kakashi and the nature chakra in the village of toads now I wonder what’s really missing for him to learn. Unless a second element or the fusion of both, I wonder also how it should stay so Sanin now with the chakra of the Kyuubi. It must be very, very overpower. That’s not bad, because you will need to pick up the Madara. Just the fact that he kind of acted like Minato Kishame to get the wall has been pretty crazy.

    However, I understand that the teleportation technique Minato, because in fact Naruto is not teleported, just was quick as a “lightning”, which are technically different things. The fact that he stuck his foot in the concrete shows that there is an impact that must be mastered. In the flashback with Minato, there seems to be “impact” when he teleports, not to mention Minato teleported himself, was not a technique of speed above normal, as he teleported a ball of energy from the Kyuubi, if only one technique run like lightning, it could not work with the blow of the Kyuubi or anything that was not Minato himself and the people who carry it. But do not discount the possibility of a jutsu speed combined with an invocation, so the “daggers” (I am not sure if this is the name) with those inscriptions everywhere he teleports, it is the jutsu ludicrous speed with the hand, and is invoked in place of the dagger. Added to this an absurd speed and has an impressive ability. Actually the lack Naruto learn to use this stamp on daggers that Minato used. We’re already half way along. But is anybody alive who has the time of Minato to teach this to the character?

    Shifting the focus now, caracas, Gai really in charge! Hilarious character, regardless of the situation. I found it hilarious Kisame Gai leaving the waterfall and thinking it was his “self.” Ha! And still got a poke in the Kisame to close the chapter with a golden key! For a moment I even thought that Kishimoto could have led to the waterfall Gai earlier and let him fight himself, but it kind of had happened there in the saga of Sakura and Sasori at least gave Gai time in the waterfall express themselves about what he thinks of Gai. It was curious that stuff that Gao has to let go of that whole “juventurde. Interesting, but I do not think this will be explored in depth. Like I do not think the fight will be just below Gai vs Kisame, I think the other characters must join the fight may not happen at first, but at some point of it. And it was great to see Kisame fucking, being discovered, fleeing an equally cheap and still taking two kicks, one from Naruto and one of Gai.

    And since Kishimoto himself mentions the end of the chapter, no more melodrama, a little ass and youth for the manga please! At the dose of comedy that the situation requires to put Gai to participate. Alias already indicated when this saga began the encounter with Kisame Gai again would be inevitable. In this, we hit! And I bet that will not remember Gai Kisame again! Ha!

    Mr. TAC
      1. I got through the first paragraph and I couldn’t understand what I just read, I had to scroll down to see the end of the post and I just laughed. You need to have a character limit in these comments Divine. I felt like I was reading an essay by someone who isn’t fluent in English. Needless to say, a smile was put on my face when I found others who had the same reaction!

  14. I’m a bit iffy about the new form. It’s simplicity of design is kind of effective but once we see it in the Anime, it might look a little more cool. I hope it doesn’t render Sage Mode useless however – the Frog Eyes are still the coolest and most subtle transformation I’ve seen in anime. Here it just seems a bit too… Super Saiyan crossed with Human Torch.

    And anyone else confused about the Kyuubi’s relationship to Naruto at this point? I thought he was supposed to gain it’s respect after he whooped its 9 tails with his newly accessed Sage of the Six Paths possession but now it seems like he just locked it away somewhere… That’s a shame because after all these years I wanted the Kyuubi to have a sudden anti-hero development so that he could have a supportive symbiotic relationship with Naruto the way Bee-san and his jinchuuriki do. Instead it just looks like he was a villain who’s personality has been defeated and now his powers alone will go on exploited while he continues to miserably forfeit all his screen and pagetime to Naruto rather than help him. They should be avatars of each other like most the other Jinchuuriki’s.

    I hope I’ve spoken too soon and that the Fox will eventually get around to Pikachu’s character turn. What’s a few lightning sparks and painful monstrous transformations anyways?

  15. As I said in a reply…Naruto killed all Pain bodies alone, when many teams were having hard times to hit one body…and it was something that even Jiraiya couldn’t do…

    At that time he was already more powerful than Sasuke (unless Kishimoto think of something new to add to Sasuke’s Overpowerfulness)

    For me, the only true match for Naruto is Madara, if, and only if Naruto can’t think of a way to hit him…because it seems that Naruto = 1 HitKill now

    Trident Boy
  16. i haven’t seen anyone mention this, so correct me if its been said:

    Doesn’t this new look make Naruto the “sage of Six Paths”? if you look at Naruto hes got both the horn like things on his head and the necklace that in addition with the silhouette look reminds me of the sage of six paths ….

    1. Some people here have suggested that already, e.g. suiton and Suzuku, by calling it “Rikudou Mode”. Much like yourself, they’re not the only ones who think so either.

      (“Sage of the Six Paths” is “Rikudou Sennin” in Japanese.)

  17. I don’t think anyone has stated this yet but a possible reason for Naruto and Killer Bee’s unlocked powers being different is the different types of seals the both of them have. Naruto has the Eight Trigram Seal unlike Bee’s.

  18. Wow…. this is new, normally when the main character gets a story breaking power, they proceed to vaporize the enemy… when Naruto gets his story breaking power… he gets himself stuck in the wall…

    Suppa Tenko
  19. Ha …. First and foremost … Mr TAC must have used either Chinese ? Japanese to English Translator from Google or someplace to get his comments here… Most of his writing is probably TransBugled by the Machine.

    Naruto is from the Uzumaki Clan … an Orphan of Orphans ……. His mother is an Uzumaki AND the former Jinchuriki … His Father …. we don’t really know … on top of that now Naruto definitely has Uzumaki Blood…. For the Rinnegan to appear Naruto would require what ? Uchiha blood ? well his bestest friend and rival is none other than Uchiha …. Already Itachi “Gave” Naruto something ….

    My question is … Naruto definitely not a Konoha Ninja Clan Member’s Son … so no Hashirama / Senju blood…. But he already definitely has something Uchiha … How will he get the qualifier for the Rinnegan ….

    Kyuubi Mode is nothing but Kyuubi Coming out and Manifesting outside host requires Host to give up Control of Foreign Chakra. Sage Mode is Absorbing Outside Chakra and Powering Everything Inside the Host. Normal Jutsu is Host using Own Chakra to Power and Create Unique Jutsus based on BloodLine / Natural Ability / Inherited Talent ( other than Blood) etc.

    Already Kyuubi + Sage gives a Stable Powered Up Mode and No Transformation. Sage + Normal Jutsus ( Rasen Shuriken) makes everything Super ( Chuyou ? ) and maybe Double ? Triple ? Super Jutsus at once.

    Frog + Naruto means Unlimited Sage Mode. Frog + Kyuubi + Sage means Stable Powered Up Forever Mode.

    Maybe it will be like DBZ’s permanently Super Saiyajin Mode that Trunks and Gohan trained ?

    Utimately Fusion was result. Maybe Sasuke and Naruto will FUSION ( not Gay) and Become Rikudou Sennin when their Fists Meet in Battle ( Powerful Attraction of Opposite Chakra ) Like Atoms and Smash together ( Hence Fuse) Birthing the Sennin. Once their task ( in FUSION aka Combination Mode ) is done they don’t remember wat they did and RunAWAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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