「私のロマーニャ」 (Watashi no Romaanya)
“My Romagna”

After the crazy start to the season with the new strain of Neuroi taking over Venezia airspace bordering Romagna, the urgency of the impending alien invasion sure has gone southward as of late. With the reformation of the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, I thought the stage was set for the girls to head to the front lines right after episode two, realize they’re no match for the new Neuroi, and be forced to retreat and devise a new countermeasure. Instead, we got old school training on a broom the very next week and now shopping for supplies. I did enjoy the episode based on the Messerschmitt Me 262 due to the historical parallels it drew upon, but overall the action-packed start of this sequel has dwindled down to a mere afterthought. I don’t mind this downtime in the story, but I feel the pacing came to a crashing halt far too early. Not only were they pushing the return of the legendary Strike Witches in the first two episodes, but they also hinted a new Striker Unit of sorts from the blueprints that Yoshika’s father left behind. There were also Mio’s struggles remaining in active service with her magical powers waning and the sudden surge of awesomeness with her magic-infused Reppumaru, making this resupplying one feel like a huge downer in comparison.

On the plus side, there was the addition of Yonezawa Madoka as the Romagna Princess Maria, whom K-ON fans will affectionately know as Hirasawa Ui. Madoka doesn’t have very many roles as a seiyuu, so I honestly had no idea who was playing Maria until I saw the credits. In any case, the focus was more or less on her interactions with Lucchini during a shopping errand in her home country of Romagna, which Neuroi were supposed to be invading yet is surprisingly peaceful. Naturally, Lucchini managed to impress the princess with her sense of duty towards protecting Romagna as a witch without any idea who she is — a script not all that uncommon when it comes to royalty. What was surprising though is that not a lot else happened leading up to their inevitable Neuroi tally of the week, yet the episode went by fairly quickly for me. It could have just be that I was holding onto hope that something big was going to happen aside from Yoshika taking special requests from everyone and Shirley drifting a six-wheel double tire truck on a mountain side, before things turned into a sightseeing tour though. Still I found it odd when the episode ended not too long after a brief battle with the Neuroi that showed up.

To the episode’s credit, the battle was pretty cool with Lucchini breaking out the drill attack after Shirley acted as a diversion, and things did end on a semi-sweet note with everyone getting what they asked for. Erica probably could have done without the alarm clock that Gertrud asked Yoshika to get her, but they did get supplies from Maria in the end. Incidentally, there was mention of the saying “Noblesse oblige” by Maria, which just so happens to coincide with the DVD/BD release of the second Eden of the East movie today. (I may or may not cover it seeing as Omni never covered the first one.) As for Strike Witches, another episode means another new seiyuu combination for the ending theme. Since Lynne was smart enough to pass on going on the errand knowing what a crazy driver Shirley is, we have Yoshika, Francesca, and Shirley this week. The next episode looks like it’s going to be about Eila and Sanya, so we can probably expect their version coming up. It looks like the Neuroi conflict might come into play more as well.


ED4 Sequence

ED4: 「Over Sky」 by 福圓美里&斎藤千和&小清水亜美 (Fukuen Misato & Saitou Chiwa & Koshimizu Ami)
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    1. I kind of see the whole pant-less look as something akin to a halter tank top in this fictional world, but for the lower half. That, or maybe a sports bra. I bet both of those drew a lot of wary eyes back in the day and were simply seen as scandalous or raunchy. Heck, even today to a degree if they’re not worn at a gym or by someone out for a jog.

      Generally speaking, it’s kind of funny how some people still make a big deal out of the Strike Witches pant-less premise when swimsuits are much more revealing than a lot of underwear and those are supposedly acceptable in public. We’re all socially brainwashed into perceiving anything classified as underwear as something that’s taboo to be seen in public, regardless of whether or not more skin is shown.

      I can’t help but wonder if people would be more okay with this series if their underwear was actually the bottom half of a string bikini. It may work for some people to think that way, as that’s basically what Mio and Yoshika have going on.

      Anyway, in support of the above idea, Maria had a skirt on since she’s probably more modest with her choice of clothing, being nobility and all.

      1. I understand your views on it and all, but it’s pretty obvious why it’s like this and why people are interested in the show. It’s intentionally meant to be perverted to draw in the masses, there’s nothing mature about it. But if it helps ya watch the show, go ahead.. I just can’t take myself to watch any of it aside from skimming the first series when it ended.

      2. It wasn’t an attempt to justify watching the series. I don’t feel the need to “convince myself” of anything, so please spare me the “whatever helps you sleep at night” spiel. I’m just amused by how offended some people got by this series when I blogged about it two years ago.

        To some, it was seriously like someone had denounced their god and everyone who watches this series is a pedophile who needs to burn in hell. I just find it contradictory to other things they probably do find acceptable.

        I realize not all fans see it that way, as this is the second most talked about series this season among Japanese ones for the more obvious reasons. It’s only behind K-ON in terms of 2ch chatter.

      3. I wasn’t implying anything or trying to insult the people who watch it, sorry. I don’t really care at all about the pantsless premise and all that, nor do I really care why people watch it. It’s not like I don’t like fanservice, it just isn’t my kind of series. It’s just that it sounds like you want everyone else to try thinking like you posted, but the fact is that it’s made to be a perverted fanservice series to cash in on in the screwed up otaku culture. It’s a world full of girls with no pants and animal ears with the camera in their asses constantly, then they all relax by bathing together and grabbing each others breasts. You can say that you see it as something normal in their world and it’s no problem, but the reality is that isn’t why they’re half naked. People aren’t buying the DVDs for the story. So I apologize if my comment offended you, but I’m just saying that you think that way to help you enjoy the show normally, and it seems obvious to me that you’d be in the minority.

        I feel like if they slapped pants on them, maybe they could make something good, and instead they came up with this. If Miyafuji died, would you feel anywhere near the same as when Show Spoiler ▼

      4. I think that’s how most people probably perceive this series. I do think I fall in the minority as you’d put it then, since this show does absolutely nothing for me from an arousal standpoint. If they put pants on all the girls and took out all the ass-focused shots, I’d still watch it and enjoy it all the same.

        People may not believe me, but that’s their prerogative. I don’t really care to convince them otherwise either. I just honestly believe there are viewers out there that don’t watch this solely for the fan-service. It’s really not too far from K-ON, but with some obvious fan-service.

        To put it in a much cruder way, if people are actually “getting off” watching Strike Witches, I feel sorry for them. It’s puzzling how people would think that that is the intention of the series, like someone would watch Strike Witches instead hentai or porn if that’s what they were after. I don’t know if it’s simply because they aren’t familiar with the latter two, in which case they should know that shows like this are a very very bad substitute.

      5. @Ingram
        Unfortunately no, as it’s one of those “before my time” sort of things and I’m not one for old movies.

        Admittedly, this isn’t the first scene in this series that has females wearing outergarments below their waists. Yoshika’s grandmother in the first episode is wearing traditional Japanese garb complete with lower outergarmets. Yoshika’s mother, however, lacks such modesty (by our standards).

        The “fashion” seems to be far more prevalent than anything similar in our world, since not only military officers (the entire main cast), but also civilian nurses (like the one shown in the first series) as well as Yoshika’s mother also walk around without pants/skirts.

        Thus, I’d have to support the “sex appeal” faction. The inclusion of many traditionally fetishized articles of clothing, from school swimsuits, sailor fuku, military uniforms, as well as the lack of such attire on those whose exposure may be controversial (the young children in this episode) or unappealing (Yoshika’s grandmother) indicates that these decisions are difficult to explain for any other reason even in-universe, as they seem to be more of a passing fad.

        That doesn’t of course mean that that’s all there is to this series. I actually watch it for the historical references, plus the lighthearted interaction. That 3D model of the Yamato in the first episode was more likely to elicit a reaction from me than seeing underage girls fly around in their underwear, even though I have a low opinion of the historical ship (it was overbuilt and overblown).

        There will, for better or worse, always be those who do find it pleasurable in a sexual way to watch ANYTHING. It seems though that these sorts of otaku are an easier audience to market products to, something merchandising companies have already taken advantage of.

      6. I’m just gonna ignore the blatant trolling above (he’s received his well-deserved flaming below anyway) and just respond to this point by Divine:

        “I can’t help but wonder if people would be more okay with this series if their underwear was actually the bottom half of a string bikini.”

        I believe that was exactly how some Strike Witches cosplayers in Japan by-passed the cosplay event organizer’s ban on revealing undergarments by passing them off as bikinis.

        Kinny Riddle
      7. Grr… I hate when typos end up changing the entire meaning of your statement.

        “…as they seem to be more of a passing fad.” should be “…as they seem to be more THAN a passing fad.” in the above post.

      8. “I kind of see the whole pant-less look as something akin to a halter tank top” That’s pretty much how I see it. There are some shots that are a bit “out there” but honestly, same shots would have the same effect if the girls were wearing bikinis or some sort of hot pants. Maybe it’s just me but I mostly block that side of the series from my mind and it doesn’t bother me. I just enjoy the little LIGHT storyline for kicks.
        Sadiki, I find it a bit unfair you have to make a comparison between those two characters. One character, we followed through a good part of her life and many of us emotionally bonded with her or at the very least, felt a deep appreciation of what she and her family went through. Miyafuji is simply on a different level, imho. The series following their daily lives are made to be two distinct stories and thus SW has no impact for me emotionally.
        Now if you did compare Strike witches and Sky girls, it’d be in the same ball park.

  1. @the_one092001
    Surely you have heard of “Roman Holiday” movie?

    I had a low expectation for this episode, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. This episode actually did Lucchini good in term of fleshing out her character a bit. Truth be told, I never cared for her in season 1. But while she’s still shown to be overly cheerful and a comic relief, her other good traits and some seriousness shown here are well appreciated by me.

    Well, I remember hearing that the creators were actually going for even more light-heartedness for S2. So, the progress so far is not surprising to me. (However, I agree that the brooms episode could be done without.)

    Anyway, here’s looking forward to the next episode, since Eila’s my favorite. 😉

    1. Besides Ingram and myself, I am disappointed that no one else realized this episode was basically an homage to Roman Holiday, down to the exact Mouth of Truth scene with the fake dismemberment freak out! I am huge fan of old Hollywood movies, so it was fun seeing Lucchini take on the Gregory Peck role and Maria take on Audrey’s role. Extra fun for me because I’ve visited Rome and been to all the places shown in this episode! But Divine, I agree with you on the pacing, though I still loved this episode (for the travelogue and homage).

  2. @Sadiki

    “i wasn’t… trying to insult the people who watch it, sorry”… is eventually followed up with “but the fact is that it’s made to be a perverted fanservice series to cash in on the screwed up otaku culture”

    great, just great. don’t type meaningless statements like the first if you don’t mean it even in the first place, please.

  3. @Sadiki
    and it seems obvious to me that you’d be in the minority.

    Im my view is the countrary, after all you are a nonfactor. If you think that is wrong simple stop watching and stop talking nonsense to convince people. You know nothing about waht people like or dislike, you convince noone, now STFU and GTFO hater.

    1. Couldn’t have said it any better, mate.

      Haters that regularly moan about series they dislike I can tolerate, but what gets my blood boiling are haters that force-feed their set of moral values onto the others, passing their opinion as fact.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Jesus, I’m being called a troll by trolls because I argued the reality of why this series is the way it is. I pushed none of my values off on anyone else, watch whatever you want to, I wasn’t talking to you guys anyways.

      2. If you weren’t talking to us, what on earth are you doing here anyway?

        And what a great way to deflect attention from your own trolling: accusing the other side of trolling you – that’s the least you deserve anyway.

        Now stop wasting my time.

        Kinny Riddle
      3. Pretty sure he was talking to me.

        I don’t agree with the statement, “…the fact is that it’s made to be a perverted fanservice series to cash in on in the screwed up otaku culture”, as it’s a fairly narrow and somewhat naive view, but let’s just leave it at that.

        While some people might believe “perverts” are the target audience of Strike Witches, I’d have to respectfully disagree since the “panty shot payoff” of sitting through twelve episodes is pretty damn low. “Perverts” can get much more fan-service in much less time from one episode of some hentai series.

      4. Yeah yeah, I’ll clear up the misunderstanding. I’m only talking about the otaku culture in Japan that is the target audience for anime. It’s really just getting worse over the years. Some people on here seem to think I was referring to them when I said otaku, and that’s just not right, you guys aren’t otaku – hence, “I’m not trying to insult anyone”. True otaku are the ones that bred the word, they’re obsessive and buy the DVDs because the bath steam is gone. If you want to be blunt, I guess you could sum it up as, yes, I think that Strike Witches is geared towards perverts, but I’m not saying everyone who enjoys it are perverts.

        Anyways, it’s all opinions and this has gotten out of hand, so I’ll hop off the bandwagon.

  4. Well, not Bad. Easy going Anime. Happy Anime, with a bit Action. Well, for me it has a good Balance. Next time, we will see more of the Girls background story. Perhaps after we got them all, they going to Fight Finals. (like the 1 season?).. Anyhow. i like Strike witches 2, Time pace. Good balance of Action, Fun and Background.. Keep going on

  5. Apparently, cinema newsreels are still not commonplace in this world by 1945, otherwise, how else would Lucchini-chan not recognize her own head-of-state?

    I knew Maria sounded familiar, but just couldn’t pinpoint who. Yonezawa’s only other role was as Ui so far. It’s not hard to guess that Maria’s some royal or noble or at least some rich girl wanting to sneak out and see the world outside.

    I see Eila has a thing for dakimakuras. XD (I think she would be over the moon when she sees goes to Akihabara and find dakimakuras with Sanya on it. 🙂 ) Preview shows we’ll have an Eila x Sanya episode next, with the dakimakura returning as well.


    And LOL at Shirley imagining Gertrude in that pink dress


    One thing that bugs me: I remember reading from one of the DVD guidebooks that Christianity and other Abrahamic religions are largely absent in this alternate universe and play little role in the history of this world. If that’s the case, then why is St. Peter’s Basilica still there?


    Kinny Riddle
    1. BTW, pardon me for pointing out a potential plot hole: How come this Neuroi has so easily broken through the defensive lines and flew straight into Rome?

      Is the 501st that starved of supplies as to not be able to intercept it in time before it reaches Rome as they have usually done so? lol

      Kinny Riddle
      1. Hehe, I thought the same thing. All in all, it’s a chance for Lucchini to shine for the episode which was pretty nice, considering we usually see her as Shirley’s shadow and a heavy sleeper. That’s the reason why I consider this a light show; a bit of story and your neuroi/for bash to finish with.
        I like Yonezawa’s voice (Ui ftw) and hopefully would hear her in more roles.

    2. Evidently photographs aren’t too big either, but seeing as we’re essentially talking about an Italian city-state, it’s even harder to avoid seeing your head of state’s likeness either in person or in some sort of facsimile in such a small country.

  6. It was nice to see a fight sequence that didn’t take place over the ocean for once. I was happy that they moved right into the middle of Europe compared to the outpost off of England, and the architecture and layout of the new base is nice… but this episode makes me wonder why they don’t put in as much interaction with the setting. The base is still isolated, etc.

    Anyway, they seem to be following the centric pattern of last season, so when the plot kicks in around episode 8-9, I guess they’ll start moving inland.

    1. Right. I still think it off they had to go all the way to Rome to get supplies when the base is in England. Wouldn’t London be closer or did I miss the mention it’s been razed to the ground?


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