school food punishment – futuristic imagination PV (Eden of the East ED)


The PV for Eden of the East’s ED aired earlier this week on M-ON!, and I had completely forgotten about it until I was reminded by the commercial that aired during this week’s episode (which I’ll get around to blogging later today). I had really liked the TV-size version, helped out by the fact that it’s got a very nice papermation sequence accompanying it, so I had been looking forward to seeing what the PV was like. It turned out to be not nearly as fun as that since it just had the band standing around playing the song, though I have to admit that this was new to me in the sense that I’m not very familiar with school food punishment as a group. I at least enjoyed hearing the full version of the song – the beginning (the first verse) and the end are the best parts, and I didn’t like the middle of the song quite as much because of the long instrumental section. Regardless, the PV is worth a watch if for no other reason than to hear the full song.

The single for futuristic imagination is due out May 27th, 2009.