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Eden of the East – 11 (END)

On her way back to the shopping mall, Saki calls Hirasawa and explains what she knows about Akira.

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Eden of the East – 10

Akira allows Saki and Micchon to board the train back to Tokyo, but he doesn’t go with them and instead meets with Mononobe.

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Eden of the East – 09

To prove the power of the Selecao, Akira sets up a baseball trade for Itazu, and it goes through without a hitch.

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Eden of the East – 08

After having a nightmare about Shiratori ripping apart a Johnny, Akira wakes up back home with Saki watching over him.

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Eden of the East – 07

Since Akira isn’t familiar with the Johnny hunter that the mysterious message board poster who appears to be Oosugi has mentioned, Kasuga explains that it’s a female who’s already claimed 20,000 victims.

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Eden of the East – 06

Shiratori has brought Oosugi to her hotel room and has him restrained in a chair.

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Eden of the East – 05

In a hotel somewhere in Tokyo, a woman wakes up and realizes that there’s a dead body in the bathroom.

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Eden of the East – 04

Saki returns home to her sister’s bakery in the morning and is found by her sister’s husband Ryousuke.

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school food punishment – futuristic imagination PV (Eden of the East ED)


The PV for Eden of the East’s ED aired earlier this week on M-ON!, and I had completely forgotten about it until I was reminded by the commercial that aired during this week’s episode (which I’ll get around to blogging later today). I had really liked the TV-size version, helped out by the fact that it’s got a very nice papermation sequence accompanying it, so I had been looking forward to seeing what the PV was like. It turned out to be not nearly as fun as that since it just had the band standing around playing the song, though I have to admit that this was new to me in the sense that I’m not very familiar with school food punishment as a group. I at least enjoyed hearing the full version of the song – the beginning (the first verse) and the end are the best parts, and I didn’t like the middle of the song quite as much because of the long instrumental section. Regardless, the PV is worth a watch if for no other reason than to hear the full song.

The single for futuristic imagination is due out May 27th, 2009.

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Eden of the East – 03

Akira and Saki arrive at the dock near his alleged home and find the area largely void of life, save for some homeless people and a handful of cars on the road.

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The Daily Dose

  • Production I.G. announced that they will be releasing a limited edition CD single for the Oasis song, “Falling Down“. It will also include a DVD with a music video for the song animated by Production I.G. and it is set to be released in Japan on May 27th. If anyone was concerned the DVD will include the original “Falling Down” music video.
  • The supernatural manga Majin Tantei Nōgami Neuro ended its run on Monday after four years of being published in Shueisha‘s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. The manga written by Yusei Matsui focused on a demon named Neuro Nougami who feasts on riddles. Sounds like a twisted version of Yu-Gi-Oh, to me.
  • A promotional video is up for Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas, which will be released on DVD in Japan on June 24th, an OVA prequel to the original series. The OVA is about the friendship of Tenma and Alone who later become mortal enemies. TMS Entertainment are also streaming the trailer on their Youtube page.
  • If you’ve been experiencing symptoms of despair as of late then would you please let out a collective sigh of relief. A third season of Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei has been green-lit and will premiere in July. Zan Sayonara Zetsubō Sensei will continue to follow Itoshiki Nozomu, the most negative person in the world who just so happens to be a high-school teacher. Don’t you feel better already?
  • Sunsoft producer Tomohiro Seki announced that his company has upcoming anime plans for Leiji Matsumoto‘s latest manga Out Of Galaxy Koshika. It’s about a beautiful woman and a young boy aboard a dimensional ship who journey to save the Earth. Sounds a bit familiar. Too familiar. Seki also revealed that the manga will be available on Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Dragonball: Evolution has officially dropped out of the Top 10 in the U.S. box office. It opened up at #8 with a $1,575,000. Since the new numbers it’s estimated at $7,825,000 and $44,692,875 worldwide. Anybody see this yet?
  • Hola, mis amigos. Escribo en español para presentarle el tráiler español para Ponyo en el acantilado por el mar. (And yes, I did use Babelfish for all of that.)
  • Alice artwork courtesy of Dhiea on pixiv (account needed to access)

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    Eden of the East – 02

    As their plane from Washington D.C. flies over Tokyo, Akira notices the still-smoldering ruins on the ground from where the missile attack occurred.

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    Eden of the East – 01

    Morimi Saki is a girl on her college graduation trip to New York City, but she’s made a detour to Washington D.C. to go see the White House.

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