Seems like Bonney’s capture was true, though I’m not really sure when it was stated that Blackbeard had caught one of the Supernova. It’s a shame though, seeing as she was the only female supernova. Her fate doesn’t bode so well either, as she’s either going to get killed or sent to Impel Down. Seeing how it’s under Akainu’s judgement, death seems more likely. It’s really a pity. Meanwhile, Moria’s death may not be permanent, as it seems to be just an ability of Doflamingo’s to disappear people. Doflamingo’s a rather menacing guy, and the possible future battle between him and a Strawhat will be quite the sight to see.

More or less importantly, the message given by Luffy really did mean something along the lines of, “Don’t worry for now, let’s just keep a down-low until a certain time in the future.” This leads to rather interesting turnouts, such as the gigantic library that Chopper’s island just happens to have. Supposedly some “strong” medicine can be made, which will probably work similarly to stat booster potions you’d see in a typical RPG. It’s also similar to Sanji’s island, where supposedly they have food which can make a better “body”, or “attack cuisine”. Now with glimpses of the New World, and forthcoming stronger enemies, these weird powerups are definitely going to come in handy against the inevitable obstacles they’ll come across. It’ll be interesting to see what the other members “get” from their new renewal to stay at their current areas. From the top of my head, I’m going to assume that Zoro will obtain the biggest powerup once he lets go of his stubbornness to be trained by Mihawk. The First Mate should always be only a step behind the Captain right?

Now I wonder when the timeskip will come in..?

Also, great color picture this week. Loved the different variations of their Jolly Roger brushed on each character.
Question: Does anyone mind that I’ve been doing this on Sunday night recently? Making a post right when the chapter comes out makes sense, but does it really matter? I don’t know, I don’t mind either way. Just wanted some input.


  1. I don’t think there will be a time skip, we had a few weeks pass already after the Whitebeard war. These recent chapters have also implied days passing. I also don’t think we’ll see each character’s training, since One Piece (fortunately) doesn’t do “training arcs” like most Shonens.

    This carousel of side-plots will probably end in the next couple chapters and we’ll go back to Luffy’s plot.

      1. I went around looking for a source, but according to OP Wikia, a source never popped up. Even if it is true that Oda said that, it doesn’t bode much significance, seeing as how Luffy could just be turning 18 soon. It doesn’t necessarily point to a timeskip. The way I see it now, Oda might just focus on a particular thing for a while, with the “timeskip” happening in the background. It’s really hard to say, because he could just as easily write in “And so, 6 months pass” in the beginning of any upcoming chapters.

      2. I’m guessing I was a bit right about them taking their time.. but a timeskip? hmm… not sure. Going back to Luffy’s perspective after the showing his crew was my guess. I think a time skip after that is not impossible.. who knows?! Oda’s unpredictable!

    1. For some reason, I don’t believe Robin really needs one. She’s never fell short when it came to the need for her power, and c’mon she can even FLY. She doesn’t really care for power anyway, just knowledge and history.

    2. I see Robin as Luffy’s intelligence officer when it comes to things (If Luffy doesn’t know about a topic, he’d just look at Robin).. connections, current events and other general knowledge could be Robin’s “upgrade” for this. Well she IS a natural spy..

  2. Forgot to answer the feedback.

    I think One Piece commentary would be better shortly after the chapter’s release, like the other authors do for Naruto and Bleach. By waiting so long most people lose interest. Anyone who really cares about debating One Piece has already read/wrote their thoughts on other manga message boards, such as

    From a business standpoint, this site would get more traffic if you released commentaries immediately following the episode/chapter’s release.

      1. People are interpreting the ringing of the bells meaning either wait a year or two so it isn’t said in the manga but it is a good theory. Also I am fine with the impressions being on Sunday it is a reminder after the anime to see what happened.

      2. hehe
        you’re quite right,it’s a wild guess i admit, but i doubt either sanji or chopper could obtain what they wish to gain in a matter of days…In their minds, they don’t want to experience their powerlessness against an enemy again (shabondy archipelago) Luffy wants to become strong enough to protect his nakamas, so I doubt we’ll see him face his nakamas so soon till he powers up a little.

  3. Sad it was Bonney, but that will actually saves her from being out of the plot. Her abilities are useful for the WG, that’s what you feel from Akainu; that’s why Blackbeard wanted to trade her for a big ship. Is Bonney for crewmate going to start???

    Why Drake wants to mess with Kaidou? I´m sure he is not like “Kizaru raped me… let’s try luck with the vile and ruthless Kaidou”. Ah yes, the big guy was being nice with Drake, how impolite of him and what’s with unzipped jacket with scarf?

    Blackbeard is a smart one, who wants a lava bath?

    Shirley: “Attemping to cross over into the new world with the marutabune alone was a crazy idea to begin with” What a pussy… Mihawk sails in a damn raft.

    Wow Mr. Kiiragi I disagree with about 80% of your post, sad but it happens.

    Lectro Volpi
      1. It resumes to:

        Bonney is going to die.
        Doflamingo vanished Moria.
        Zoro is going to train with Mihawk.

        Huh… 60-70%?

        -They said (weasel word) Absalom helped Moria. Absalom can vanish things and people with him(bazookas or Nami)

        -They said (weasel word) Zoro is not going to accept any help from Mihawk and will train with those baboons.

        Lectro Volpi
      2. wait, from what Don flamingo said I understood that he injured him to the point where Moria was in mortal danger and before he could finish him off, Moria disappeared using yet unknown devil fruit ability (or sth else)

  4. eh,Bonney wont die. I think she’ll play an important part later on. Perhaps become a shichibukai? Plus her abilities are really useful. Maybe Akainu is seeking eternal youth from her.

  5. I feel like a timeskip would be pretty weird in One Piece. We’ve seen just how much can happen in a few days/weeks worth of time, so 2 years would radically change a lot about the world. Blackbeard could already be a Yonkou by then, and half of the Supernovas will probably be dead.

    Also, with the way Akainu spoke to Bonney, it seemed like they knew eachother. I’d love for her to wind up being his daughter or something. That would be an interesting new dimension to his character.

    1. She could just as easily end up being his mother. She does have the ability to alter her own age as well as others peoples. I do agree that she will not be killed, Oda doesn’t waste characters like that. By dropping hints about her past, I am guessing he is setting her up to be a pretty important character.

    1. I think Bonny is actually really really old, like old enough to know what the world was like during the lost history, so that’s why the world government wants to silence her. She probably just came out of hiding or something like that which is why she is a “rookie” and the low bounty is to avoid any suspicion.

  6. About the power: The Whitebeard pirates were the strongest pirate crew and that says a lot about the New World.

    You know; outside Marco, Ace, Jozu/José and Vista they pretty much failed to me especially Atmos, Curiel (ugh… what a retard), and most of ’em who just swing swords and shot bullets to logias… seriously!?

    Lectro Volpi
  7. A time skip for OP would be very interesting. I certainly look forward to it.
    And I agree with some others on the forum. When it comes to commentary on manga/anime, I think the sooner the better. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m generally looking at spoilers on Wednesday up to the day it’s released. The I’m on mangahelpers or one of the other forums for commentary. After that I’m finished. What else is there to talk about on Monday? 🙂

    P.S- things that SUCK SUCK SUCK in shounen.
    1# TIME-SLIPS!!!!!!!!!
    2# redundant FLASH BACKS
    5# ??????? ANYONE?…….

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. No, that would be ridiculously old. He’d be like Shank’s age. At least, I hope that won’t happen. OP’s a shounen after all, and if all the members grow up to like 25+, it won’t be so “shounen”-ish anymore.

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