「In the DEAD of the night」

With a place to finally settle down, episode six kicks back into a relaxing atmosphere (an understatement), but doesn’t forget to remind us of the terrors still lurking on the outside. You could say the episode was split into three focus areas: the girls, the men, and the police.

While the last couple of episodes dealt with the moral issues between the main characters, this one focuses a bit more on the public side of things, mostly being the police dealing with the lock down. Seen in many apocalypse movies, a lock down is often used to control some sort of virus, to filter out the good and the bad. Now if you’ve had your run-ins with cops, you’d probably say they’re mostly hard asses (for their own good reasons, I’m sure). Now if one person gets that annoyed with a single cop, how’s a whole crowd going to fare, especially under the imminent danger of zombies? Then again, I don’t feel the situation was really clearly shown (until some re-viewings). If the crowd was lining up to get through the bridge, where did the random hordes of zombies come from and to what side (seems like it was both)? This also goes for the bulldozer. Whatever the case, it seems the crowd should have been a bit more frantic if there were that many zombies surrounding them already. The woman holding her child was amidst a crowd of zombies! How did that even make sense? With crowds comes riots, but they made the spokesperson of that crowd incredibly annoying. If he had a better voice and seemed a little less ignorant (as well as visually), the cop’s decision to shoot him might have made more impact. In any case, nothing really “innovative” here in this take of a typical apocalypse situation. If you’ve read it, the bridge back story in World War Z was much more interesting.

Back at the house, the females enjoy a “luscious” bath, while the males try to familiarize themselves with weaponry. Boy, sexual stereotypes are fun aren’t they? Hirano is finally able to gush over actual weapons, which I believe are real weapons taken from our world (why not right?). Anyways, enough skirting around the giant elephant in the room. If there were any worries about the bath scene, don’t worry, Madhouse delivers. They deliver so much, I’m not even sure if there’s anything that they missed from these scenes. Of course, only Saeko’s scenes were really for me (that hadaka apron? 😛). Fanservice aside, Rei’s run in with Takashi was great, and can literally be described with the phrase “hot and heavy”. Overlapping ED’s always make it better, but getting only an implication of a kiss is weak. A pivotal moment in the development of these two characters, their lingering feelings of Hisashi are finally removed.

Next episode deals with probably my favorite chapter in the entire series, the retrieve and rescue of the little girl you’ve been seeing in the opening. I think it’s because danger finally feels real for the characters, and in turn, it lets the characters shine.

Note: I noticed I took two shots of Hirano looking through binoculars..


ED6 Sequence

ED6: 「Under The Honey Shine」 by 黒崎真音 (Kurosaki Maon)
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  1. I really liked this episode, like a lot of the fanservice, but i can’t wait for the action to kick off again next week. The rei and takashi scene was great i thought, and im glad they had a moment together this episode, but i have a feeling she’s gonna still compare takashi to her dead bf

  2. I didn’t really like the moment between the main dude and teh childhood friend girl in the manga.
    Would be much better if he rejected her with something like “I’m not a replacement for your dead boyfriend” or something.

    Bushido chick FTW!!

    1. ya i really hope takashi confronts her on the fact that he might mean nothing to her than a means of survival. I’ll have to start reading the manga now, can’t wait for the next episode to see what happens

    2. At least in the manga he didn’t kiss her back! In the manga it was a surprise attack from Rei and then he says “no”, in the anime they have this little moment. Only part I really didn’t like in the episode.

      Saeko in a apron/thong combo… *drool*

      1. Personal preference. The anime gives off a more “we’re together now” feeling, whereas the manga gives off a “she’s drunk and he shocked her, so she jumped him” feeling. It’s just something unimportant that would only annoy a rabid “Saeko x Takashi fan like me.

      2. Its the difference between a firm or an indecisive ‘No’. Communication is pretty important as that is most likely the reason why they didn’t end up together before. Neither was very honest to the other. Its obvious that the girl blames him for them not ending up together and used her boyfriend to punish him for that. So I at least don’t want him to get trapped by her and miss out on the nicer girls nearby.

      3. As the two said above, it’s kind off a guilt trip of thing the relationship should not be based off. I really do hope in the Manga, she gets better if the author plans to use this couple. Otherwise, their better girls out there for him, with all honesty, no matter how much he likes her, they will be getting into the relationship for all the wrong reasons. That is, if there still that guilt between the two.

        Sora no Kaze
  3. I do not approve on Takashi and Rei having a moment!! The manga version was better where she suddenly attacked his lips and he gently pushed her off, instead of this little mutual kiss between them in the anime. It’s subtle, but it’s definitely different from the manga.

    Saeko in only soap suds is awesome… and damn her reactions to Saya were sexy!! That apron/thong combo wasn’t bad at all either!! Need more of her and Saya.

    1. I don’t necassarily mind if takashi ends up with rei, even though i am pushing alittle more for saeko in an apron, as long as she realizes how much crap she dumps on him. I mean one moment she compares him to hisashi and the next she is all over him, she needs to stop bringing him up

      1. Yeah I’d be fine with her if she stopped doing that too, except that she NEVER DOES!! Rei is the character that changes the least in the series(at least until the current manga chapter, 26), so if you didn’t like her in the beginning, you aren’t gonna like her any time soon.

      2. I think people keep forgetting that not all that much time has passed in the manga, even with 26 chapters. It would’ve been, what? One, maybe two weeks since the start of the story? That’s not a lot of time to grief, especially when you have a zombie appocalypse to deal with.

        Unlike most I don’t hate Rei at all. I just think there needs to be a chapter in which she can just put it past her and move on.

    1. Using them to put up an obstruction would be a better idea. Then making a lot of noise behind the obstruction so that zombies will be attracted to it. Then just set the whole bridge on fire. Repeat as necessary.

      1. Not a good idea, since someone has to start the fire and the zombies seem to be able to handle being burnt at least for a little while as shown a few episodes ago when they seperated from the bus. Once they jump on a fella, the panic starts and everyone runs = more deaths.

        The bulldozer just needs 1 driver and lots of fuel so put a hard man into the drivers seat, armor it up and you’re good to go. Even if the dozer doesn’t get their head, the crushed bones will ensure any zombies surviving will be crawling around

        Zaku Fan
  4. the guns are from real life. ya gotta hand it to the police when it comes to zombies though. they have families and don’t get the luxury of being able to look after them, and instead have to focus on helping the public.

    saeko = win! so much fanservice in anime, i feel pretty jaded. and does shizuka understand teacher student relationships??!! or is she the kind you see at court for touching boys? i know it’s the end of the world but you would think staff at the school would be professional and calm. a woman like her, how can she be single and go after teenage boys?!

    1. Things might have changed by now, but as far as I know so is there no legal problem in Tokyo as long as the teens are at least 16. She might get into trouble with the school thou and fired of course.

  5. fluidity
  6. I was a little surprised to see this much of the ‘bath chapter’ still intact. Though i don’t remember Rei groping the nurse in the manga. But then again it has been a while since i read the chapter.

  7. well this one was heavy on the fanservice -also i wounder when the friend of the nurse and the main group will all end up together if they ever do because its turning into a small harem -It seems that everyone but the nurse has a crush on him.

    1. The nurse doesn’t exactly hate him either 🙂 But its not that strange as two of the girls had a history with him already. Love is built on trust and they have to trust each other in this situation. Lots of adrenalin highs doesn’t hurt either. It would be more strange if none of them got interested.

  8. “Back at the house, the females enjoy a “luscious” bath, while the males try to familiarize themselves with weaponry. Boy, sexual stereotypes are fun aren’t they?”

    They sure are! *thumbs up* 😛

  9. That’s exactly what i wanted to say, but put into much better words. If the author plans to put these two together they have to get past all the guilt and get together with mutual feelings

  10. yeah I’m glad I decided to watch this at home and not wait till I was bored at work! lol FIRED!

    But yeah i was confused on how on the bridge there was zombies one minute and then no zombies the next.. and YES how the hell was that woman standing in the middle of a crowd of zombies and not attacked?
    im guessing that Madhouse was hoping that we’d be so distracted by all the gratuitous fan service that no one would notice…
    that or those particular zombie just wasnt hungry… idk lol

  11. Whoa, whoa.. I had a major goose bumps with those heavy breathing. Suwabe Jun never sound so sexy like this. (I don’t really care who’ll Takashi ends up with tbh). *wipes the blood from her nose*

  12. I am in awe of the discipline and organization of the police. Look what happened to the New Orleans one after Katrina. And regarding bulldozers, better way would be probably load one of the water canons with gasoline, spray the bridge and lit up. If the bridge collapses, its even better. Of course if zombies are capable of walking the riverbed, they are screwed anyway…

  13. It wasn’t hard to like this episode even though the bridge scene was a slight headache. The censorship up to now is also really annoying but is an uncensored version available for each episode? And if so, does it reveal everything that has been blacked/whited out?

    1. The AT-X broadcast, which comes out first on Sunday, usually gets subbed by that night or the next day. I’m not sure how you’re watching it, but if you do use fansubs, it shouldn’t be hard to find the right ones. AT-X broadcast is the least censored out of all stations (since it’s a paid channel). It’s still censored at times, such as the drill scene in the second episode, at which you’ll probably have to buy the Bluray’s to get completely uncensored.

      1. @shinjiro:
        I believe gg uses the AT-X broadcast (AT-X is the channel it airs on in Japan, not the fansubber). HorribleSubs I think uses another channel’s version, which is absolutely butchered even compared to the AT-X censors.

  14. With crowds comes riots, but they made the spokesperson of that crowd incredibly annoying. If he had a better voice and seemed a little less ignorant (as well as visually), the cop’s decision to shoot him might have made more impact.

    Well, I don’t think the original manga script writer intended any “impact” at all. Given that he’s a bad ass right-wing, what he want to express here is very simple: all the left-wing activists(represented by the crowd trying to pass the bridge) who blob about things like liberty & don’t agree with right wing ideologies are mindless idiots who follows ignorant & weak leaders.

    So if you are looking into discussing the crudeness of “block out” situations, sorry you’ve got the wrong series. The theme behind high school of the dead is straight forward Social Darwinism: if you can’t survive on your own, please just die.

    Though the writer can not get along without any self-conflict: for example, the Darwinism can not explain why the protagonist group can only survive through cooperation which happens to be a traditional Japanese value the right wings treasures.

    By the way, rumours has it that the slow publishing speed of the manga was caused by the conflict of ideology between the script writer and the manga artist (or the painter or whatever you call the person who actually does the drawing).

    1. I’m not sure about the writer’s politics (or the artists) but it does seem that he treats the right much better than the left (of course all we’ve seen so far is Saya’s badass dad).

    2. Yeah you’re right. The writer places left wing people as weak and idiotic whiners in the manga (anime watchers will see more examples later). Its partially explained as people ignoring all evidence to get back to the life they had. Personally i think extreme right or extreme left are both stupid positions to take.

      Zaku Fan
    3. Darwinisim can explain why the protagonist survive through cooperation, they simply would be unable to otherwise in the long run. Human beings are not like tigers, panthers, sharks, or other species that don’t require social groups for survival and well being. An individual could survive on his own, for a while, but eventually without a social group they will either die from a minor injury or sickness that could be cared for by others, or more likely, completely lose it. That is my favorite thing about zombie media, is that it isn’t so much about the zombies, it’s about the people themselves. The struggle to form a cohesive functioning group that often times have many competing interests, and how some of the human beings are far more frightening than the undead. Just look at that utterly disturbing teacher, exploiting the innate need of students for some sort of social structure for his own pedo perversion trip. Those students who stuck with him are going to die, no two ways about it.

      1. Let’s not try to apply Darwin’s theories to human interactions, that man was so misrepresented in early social theories it isn’t even funny.

        On another note, an unusual political scientist named Daniel Drezner seems to enjoy writing about zombies and different political theories (mainly realpolitik).

  15. Some people hate fanservice, some love it … I’m the latter. I particularly loved watching Rei molest the nurse, one of the few times I’ve actually enjoyed her presence on the screen. Count me among the Rei-haters, I ff’ed past her stupid whining about her problems at the end of the episode because I couldn’t deal with her anymore. Pity that just like with 11 Eyes, they take the most annoying, unlikable girl in a harem and shoehorn her into the main love-interest spot.

    I wonder if the girls will have nipples in the Blu-Ray version? Those aren’t nearly enough suds to cover everything.

  16. Although firarm used in the episode are real, the setup for the firearm is all wrong.
    First, springfield M1A designated marksman rifle is fitted with a red dot sight and picatinny tactical fore grip. These accessories are for close quarter combat not long range percision.

    Knights armament sr-25 serve the same purpose as M1A, therefore its redundent. A true sniper would have a 338 lapua bolt action rifle. A Micmilan Tac3-38 or a sako TRG.

    Federal scenar boatail match doesn’t expand therefore only good for punching paper, poor choice for taking out anything alive or dead. Hornady superformance would be the choice for one hit kills.

    Ithica 76 pump action is used by LA sherif dept to train recruits, it is so obsolete. Modern swat and U.S army use Bernelli suprnova or M1 tactical with inertial drive.

    barnett Wildcat c5 compound bow is American not british. It shows that these screen writer know crap about weapons.


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