(Meido wa Mita! Ojou-sama no Midara na (Ryaku) / Ore ni Sonna Kyara Settei wa Nai / Watashi de Yokereba Tsukiau ga)
“The Maid’s Seen It! The Wealthy Daughter’s Dirty (Omit) / I Don’t Have Character Traits Like That / I’ll Accompany You If You’re Fine with Me”

Despite being mentioned in the preview last time, I completely forgot we were having a culture festival episode this week. All I remembered was Aria’s maid, Dejima Sayaka (Tamura Mutsumi), who turned out to be a little dirty-minded herself. It must be infectious in this world. Female perversion. Amidst the usual dirty jokes, this is probably the first time I recall Shino getting scared and reacting just like Mio would. Apparently, Shino’s afraid of painful stories that involve cutting one’s finger, yet is extremely intrigued about ones that involve getting whipped. It kind of puts a new light on exactly how far her masochism or interest in it extends. Aside from our president, the visit to Aria’s house had me wondering exactly how shameless Dejima’s desire is in becoming Aria’s plaything. Or more specifically, how shameless she is in general, after hearing how she’s willing to give the maid outfit she’s wearing to Aria for the school play she’s helping out with and walk home naked if need be. Now is it just me, or is the idea of a maid like that who’s brought to tears over how long it’s been having a long thing in her mouth oddly intriguing?

Compared to just about everything else in this series, Aria busting out the “rare” cup noodles for dinner when everyone was expecting some high-class meal at her place was probably one of the cleanest skits ever. However, it didn’t really do much in terms of offsetting all the ones about masturbation and oral sex. There were times those two topics were just nonchalantly brought too, as if they were just another thing one talks openingly about to their friends and their teachers. Those scenes undoubtedly warranted the typical speechless reaction, whereas seeing the dirty jokes extend to Suzu for a change and work in her sex appeal from her dreams is some new territory I didn’t know how to react to. It felt somewhat wrong given her loli stature, yet oddly refreshing since she’s one of the few normal girls in the series. I’d still like to see someone have the guts to take their dirty jokes to Ranko, who seems completely untouchable in that department given the water bottle she uses to pee in while staking out for a shutter chance. The only person I see who has a remote chance of doing so is Yokoshima-sensei, if the two of them ever get caught in a scenario where they’re alone together.

As for a pleasant surprise this episode, it had to be the hints of romantic interest from Mutsumi and Shino herself. The school culture festival came and went fairly quickly, so Shino inviting Tsuda to partake in the closing bonfire folk dance was a bit unexpected at the very end. It did make her seem like a very innocent girl in love though, which is pretty amazing since it only took a short scene like that to get me to momentarily overlook the dirty-minded person that she is. I’d say it’s unlikely we’ll see anything really develop between these two, but I sure wouldn’t mind if they played up this aspect a bit more in the various skits. Shino looks unbelievably cute when she’s embarrassed by something not sexually related. Next time it looks like we’ll be getting a Christmas episode of sorts, which may just build on what we saw here.





    It’s weird how I expected some joke to come up about getting pregnant while holding hands or some sort of sexual joke when they started walking toward the fok dance.

  2. Where I watched it, they censored some of the words, as they have in previous episodes. Is this the Japanese FCC’s doing or does the show do it to be funny? Follow-up question: In general, do the Japanese censor vulgar vocabulary?

    1. While Japan is open to sex and nudity as compared to the US, it is stilled censored in movies and magazines. Vulgar languages are censored at well. Unlike the US where sex scenes and pictures are taken out, Japan blurred their out.

      The series probably did there own censored to make it even more funny.

  3. As I said in the shoutbox. My jaw dropped twice during this episode… Yokoshima-sensei and Dejima having troubles finding phallic objects? I really find that hard to believe (pun intended).

    Suzu’s dream actually made her look normal, given the semi-yandere loli status she has built up in my eyes. Also her using her height as an excuse to not go into the haunted house was made of win.

    But the crowning moment of triumph does have to go to the last scene with Shino and Tsuda walking off together. Gives the shippers the warm and fuzzies.

    Again, I have to hand it to Ranko to be able to talk about peeing in a bottle with such a straight face. I’m a photographer myself and have never gone to such extents to get a compromising shot. The woman is dedicated, that is the truth.

  4. This was a good episode. I’m surprised they didn’t make a joke out of the TsudaxShino moment like they usually do. Not that I’m complaining, it was a very well done and sweet scene. For some reason I found this episode to be particularly funny in comparison to past episodes. The show is usually amusing and fun to watch but most of the time it doesn’t get more than a chuckle out of me, but this episode somehow made me actually lol. I think it was because the timing of some of the jokes and the little details like Ranko’s “hurrr”s really add to the lulz factor and gets it out of only being sarcastic comedy meant to make you say “oh I get it”.

  5. im just going to say that i think all of these girls are all disturbed. Im not surprised that the maids a massive pervert either-as all the female characters are either sexually perverse or just disturbed or have a complex about something.

    1. Ironically in reality, it is the reverse. I think the series mock men and their mental view of sex. However, seeing girls do it for a change is kinda disturbing. The double standards make it hard to imagine girls in that state of mind, even shameful. I guess girls should leave the perversion to the guys…

  6. Why was there an artificial vagina in the student council office?

    Seeing that is it mostly girls there…Tsuda is the only male there so we know it wasn’t his. Seeing the two roses sticking out a butt sent chills down my spine…

  7. Takatoshi x Shino ftw, but Takatoshi x Mutsumi is cute too.

    Has anyone noticed Dejima holds the key to Aria’s chastity belt?

    Compared to her more famous (or rather, infamous) role as Kuroko, Arai Satomi’s deadpan performance for Ranko is rather subdued. Nonetheless, she still demonstrates that no one does creepy lesbo girls better than she does. XD

    Kaede and her androphobia is starting to grow on me. I get vibes of Inami from WORKING! when she freaked out playing waitress serving guys for her class’s festival activity. Too bad she chooses to perform acrobatic tea pouring rather than beating the guys senseless. 🙂

    The fact that she’s voiced by Katou Emiri helps too, as Kaede’s serious character is not unlike Kagamin in many ways.

    Kinny Riddle
  8. The Pure vs The Pervert, supreme battle for Tsuda. Lucky bastard.

    I like how the transitions this time had all the dirty activities end with Domo (共) meaning everyone, but Mutsumi’s “Pure” kanji had none (and pretty small too). She’s the one and only!

  9. I drew so much attention to myself on the subway yesterday because I laughed out loud when Yokoshima-sensei said she hadn’t had a chocolate banana in a long time but it feel like just yesterday. OmGlmFao!

  10. Tsuda with Shino at the folk dance makes me remember B-H… This is a definitely a ship flag if I ever saw one.
    Its nice to see Shino drop her shield of ecchi humor and act like a shy girl once.
    Suzu freaking out for Tsuda to counter teachers preverse talk was priceless.
    I’d love to see Tsuda telling Suzu, that it is not only the body that makes people fall in love ultimately…
    “Suzu , let me tell you, one day you will find a man who will take you seriously regardless of heights and who will love your intellect, and will see you as the most sexy woman in the world because you can count 10 digit numbers in memory… He will be probably a geek of epic proportions, but you will find him attractive because you will be able to operate on the same intellectual level. You will proceed to rewrite the Kamasutra if needed to accomodate your bodies and will leave your mark together on the history of science like Curie’s.”


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