So it turns out that Kisame did indeed bite the dust here, albeit in a very samurai-like seppuku fashion. As I mentioned last chapter, I was actually hoping he would die this chapter instead of miraculously escaping, just so that the flashbacks we saw weren’t made light of. Well with another here involving his past with Itachi, it was looking more and more like they were waving his death flag.

That being the case, I still wasn’t expecting him to summon sharks to eat him so that no further information on Akatsuki would be leaked. I was surprised just like Naruto at the sight of that, simply because Akatsuki doesn’t seem like an organization where their members care about one another all that much. However, it then hit me that Kisame probably wasn’t so concerned about what happens to Akatsuki or if Madara is successful in his plan, so much as his duty as a ninja to not let information leak from him. Instead of living with the shame of falling captive and giving away information in hopes of escaping, he chose to go out in a blaze of glory with his pride as a ninja intact. For that, he earned Guy’s respect (and mine), plus immortalized himself in his mind. It’s kind of funny how that happened, because it made it feel like Guy’s been purposely forgetting Kisame’s name up until now.

With the victory music playing in my head, I honestly thought, “wow, so much fail” when arguably some of the most powerful ninjas all got owned by a trap in a scroll. Quite frankly, I’m amazed that Naruto can’t simply couldn’t break out of the Water Prison technique with brute force at this point. If we go back to the very beginning of the story when he was just starting out as a ninja, he witnessed Zabuza using the same C-rank technique on Kakashi. Granted, Kakashi couldn’t get out of it either at the time, but it’s easy making fun of Naruto by comparing him then to now and coming to the conclusion that he hasn’t grown at all. That’s right, even with the Rasen-Shuriken, Sennin Mode, and now the demonic chakra of the Kyuubi, it’s still the same old Naruto who can’t overcome the Water Prison technique either. Maybe in another three years he’ll finally be ready to become Hokage. 😛

On a more serious note, it’ll be interesting to see what comes from that scroll since it’s likely going to make its way back to Madara. Seeing as the cost of that information was Kisame’s life, I would think what’s written there is significant enough to change the course of the ninja war. It doesn’t look like we’ll find out too soon though, as Konan and Nagato’s Rinnegan are being brought back into the picture. Now that’s a completely new direction that may span a bunch of chapters.


  1. I was wondering the same thing. Didn’t we see this with Zabusa and why can’t Naruto pull out of this trap? Zabusa and Kisame are on two completely different levels so that might be the answer right there?

  2. Shark Week!!!!!!
    But anyways, I thought it was a very respectable (and fitting) end for Kisame. Totally didn’t see that coming, but I thought it was a really good way to play him off.

  3. Kisame this is a better way to remember you, that and how you act in the fanfic The Great Romantic.

    Son of a…. some how I knew that Madara will go after Nagato’s eyes, please let konan escape and/or survive

  4. Finally I knew this was coming
    Konan versus Madara, although I know this will be a one sided match
    I’d pretty much like to see Konan pull out all the stunt to try and defeat Madara.

  5. Wow, Kisame got trolled. People already thought he died lamely when he got guillotined by the Cloud brothers, and he comes back just to get GTFO-elbowed by Naruto, lose his sword, get one-shot by Gai, and get eaten by his own summon for some random honor-stuff that came out of nowhere.

  6. Yet again affirmation that Kishi hates Naruto, I mean to be trapped in a water prision technique come on, we all know that Kishi would never do this to his beloved Sausgay, and if he did, he would probably have Sausgay pull yet another jutsu out of his ass like converting the water into wine, oh wait only God can do that. Any how it does not look well for Konan as Madara will get the rinnegan and make God, I mean Sausgay even more powerful. I just hope the next couple of chapters of Konan vs Madara are entertaining.

    stoic banana
  7. The thing about Naruto and the water prison: all of Naruto’s uber-jutsus seem to require time for him to meditate and gather his energies in order to be used. When he’s caught flat-footed like that, he doesn’t seem to have quite so much in the way of sheer power.

  8. >converting the water into wine, oh wait only God can do that
    nop, that was Jesus. God was never seen doing anything like that. Perhaps we’ll see some crazy God stunts in the second season of our favorite fantasy manga “The Bible Okaeri”, and seeing the current trends, Mary the virgin will be tsundere and two clumsy busty angels will descend to save Jesus at the Golgotha.

    Also I’m gonna miss my Kisame too. He was my favorite Akatsuki member, second only to Deidara. Well, at least he didn’t get killed by Sasucker, he’s never displayed training or getting new jutsus and yet he’s always one step ahead of Naruto when it comes to techniques and power.

    Name (required)
  9. O great, Kisame got trolled again…. what a messed up and stupid way to die.

    Oh and of course Madara continues to do just as planned.

    Next week Konan gets trolled :/

    Maybe Kishi will spare us and she wont get character-degrading flashback and will just fall on her own kunai and die like a real female character created by kishi…..

    1. No, Kabuto “summoned” Nagato’s body along with a few others. The bodies in the coffins are actually made of mud. They are not the real bodies but they do have the real souls of the people involved. So Nagato’s soul is in the coffin but his body (and the actual Rinnegan) is still hidden by Konan. Hope this explains a bit.

  10. Ok, guys you cant quite compared naruto in this chapter with back in time when Kakashi was trapped ages ago.
    When Kakashi was trapped, he had Zabuza next to him with his hand holding the water prison cell. Donno if it does anything, but even if Kakashi could do anything, Zabuza wouldn’t have stood there doing nth

  11. hmmm, the water prison seems small, so does it sapped chakra as well? if this is not the case, a simple taiju kage bunshin no jutsu from naruto ought to be able to break it, for definitely a prison that small couldn’t contain a thousand naruto. If so, this is simply epic fail.

  12. Kisame truly respected Itachi. He usually mocks his comrades deaths but he always referred to Itachi as “Itachi-san” even in death. He even remained silent when Zetsu told him about Itachi’s death.

    Ah.. poor Konan, hope she lives.

    Lectro Volpi
  13. people Madara is not that strong and Konan is an awful match up for him

    Madara’s only power is to warp things and he needs to be close to do that
    Konan’s power to turn into water and fire proof paper nullifys that power because it makes it impossible for Madara to get a hold on her and warp her plus he can attack him at the same time

    unless Madara brought backup he can’t win my bet he reteats after Konan does some damage

  14. And I gotta say, there are far less awesome ways to go than being eaten by your own sharks. Really, the only other more impressive way to stride into Ninja Valhalla is to start a fistfight with an angry group of bears or compare Killerbee to Vanilla Ice.

  15. Man I think with Konan we are entering the phase where we will start getting tired of Kishi regurgitating characters from the past. i am really not looking forward to kabuto’s zombie army, it’s like a been there done that but have to fight them all AGAIN groundhog day stale bread experience. While Konan’s reintro is not that irksome it reminds me of the mega dejavu that Kishi has in store for us for the future.

  16. Hmm… riddle me this? When Kabuto performed Summoning: Impure World Resurrection Madara paused because he asked him “where did you get that” implying that he had a body that he was not supposed to have. Now that would lead readers to believe that YOU NEED THE BODY to perform the technique. But if Madara is asking Konan for Nagago’s body, then that would mean you don’t need the body. This puts in interesting twist on a completely different part of the story and hopefully, puts some constraints on the author. That would mean that speculation that somehow Kabuto acquired Madara’s body is incorrect.

      1. I disagree with you Divine. Going back and looking at the past manga chapters (which is very hard to do nowadays w/o onemanga) you can see that the sacrifices required were used as vessels to host the person’s spirit. So you do not need the body. Also, how did Kabuto summon Itachi? Madara should have Itachi’s body. I’m beginning to not like this technique (Edo Tensei) and wish it disappeared with Orochimaru. It’s now clear to me that with this technique you can essentially create counterfeit sharingans and rinnegans in addition to bringing back anyone from the dead that you want without their body. This is way too powerful and violates earlier rules and constraints in the storyline.

  17. I don’t know if you just worded it wrong Divine but I don’t believe Naruto has been in the Water Prison before (or else I’m just coming up blank). You say he got caught up in the same technique by Zabuza and that Kakashi couldn’t get out of it either back then, but Kakashi was the only one who Zabuza used it on.

    It’s not that Naruto hasn’t grown up since then, it’s just that he’s never been caught by the technqiue before and doesn’t know how to break it.

    Sorry, I just had to point it out, IT BUGGED ME!

  18. AnimeE has a point, if all you need to summon a dead person is a sacrifice body, then you can pretty much summon anybody, including the sage of the six paths. Then why was Madara so surprised? Perhaps it’s because “Madara” is in fact not Madara, but someone else with Madara’s eyes.
    It’d make sense because that’d mean that Kabuto had discovered that the real Madara was dead, and therefore could be summoned with the Edo Tensei. I would assume that Madara, being at the level he is, wouldn’t really be surprised by the resurrection of anybody, unless that certain “anybody” was a person who wasn’t supposed to be dead in the first place, say, Madara himself.

    If “Madara” is not Madara, I don’t really want to bet for who he is, perhaps Izuna or someone else from the Uchiha clan.

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