「アキラハズカシ」 (Akira Hazukashi)
“Akira, That’s Embarrassing”

It’s almost as if writers this season are having the time of their lives scripting fake-outs and parodies in their premiere episodes. Well in Sora’s case, her tease had me thinking that Haruka should have responded with, “Oh I’ll size you up all right.” Needless to say, he didn’t pull through for us because he was just as speechless as we were last time. In terms of providing a hook in the first episode, I must admit it worked wonders though. In comparison, this episode toned down the “Haru love” dramatically, with Nao being one of the few girls seen blushing helplessly when she was put shoulder to shoulder with him by fellow classmate/friend Nakazato Ryouhei (Nakakuni Takurou). What that translates to in my mind is a bait and switch by the writers to throw us off and keep us guessing what direction this adaptation will take.

Out of all the girls, I’ve taken a liking to Sora the most thus far (oh why do I always pick the emo ones?), but Akira’s easygoing and feisty personality proved to be a breath of fresh air. This includes her getting close to Haru and making him blush for a change, as well as helping other students with resewing buttons onto their uniforms when she was dying to go to the washroom. Incidentally, Akira also proved to be the first girl to draw any sort of an aroused and flustered response from our main protagonist, which includes inadvertently flashing him some of her bra while she was in her shrine maiden outfit. Aside from the beginnings of some of Akira’s backstory on how she lives alone at the temple and how the defensive, candy store shopkeeper Ifukube Yahiro (Tanaka Ryouko) serves as her guardian of sorts, the only other girl shown to be making an honest effort towards hooking up with Haru was Kazuha. Naturally, that had me thinking that her somewhat strict behavior towards Akira may become an outlet for her to vent her frustration towards a potential rival, but color me surprised when I found out that they probably don’t even care to have Haru in the picture. Behind closed doors, Akira is the “onee-chan” all of a sudden, which immediately came off as some sort of reverse role-play.

Given how the end of the first episode wasn’t anything like it was made out to be, I’m inclined to believe that there isn’t any deeper meaning to this either. Whatever the case, I’m not anticipating anything this time around. 😛 As for Sora, it’s nice to see her join the gang at school just in time for cleaning the pool, as she could probably use a cold shower to rid herself of all those thoughts about her twin brother. Other than that, her twin-tails school uniform look puts a cuter and more innocent spin on her character, though I still prefer the one at home with her white one piece dress. At some subconscious level, it’s probably because it has that emo thing going for it. *sigh* It’s like a sickness!





  1. thanks for the post even on your birthday, Divine 🙂
    I see you did not mention anything about the preview this time around… suspicious fluid there…
    It is definitely interesting to see which girl’s route this anime will head into…
    Ps. the link on resewing buttons seems to be on the wrong picture…

  2. Well played Yosuga no Sora, I definitely fell for it not to mention making me feel bad for assuming what was going to happen, throughout the opening it felt like someone was staring at me at me for thinking of such possibilities (What? I actually thought they were going to well you know.. Sue me!). Anyway for the preview, all I can say is that “I’m not gonna fall for the same trick twice!” though if it’ll turn out to be what we “want” it to be, I can’t complain (so basically it’s a win-win situation *wink*).

    As the episode itself, Akira and Kazuah’s relationship was pretty fun to watch which only gave the onee-chan revelation much more surprising in my part. Though out of all the girls, I’m quite keen to find out about Nao, something definitely happened between her and the twins. Speaking of, Sora was pretty cute trying to kill the mosquito with a hair spray. ^^

  3. I usually lose patience with the emo types but they really do a good job of making Sora someone easily symapthized with, almost like she’s so sheltered she doesn’t know any better than to love her brother so much because she hasn’t had an alternative yet, quite intriguing. I’m with Divine. I’m wary of these teasers but they got to suprise us with one coming true, right?

  4. ive read the manga so I know why she calls her onee-chan….
    but it will still be interesting to see how the anime does it since both are doing it differently and the anime seems to on a “deeper” level

  5. I am pleasantly surprized at the series, it keeps me surprised again and again.
    I am suspecting Akira and Kazuha can be indeed sisters, with Akira being extramarital child. I am also wondering why on earth is she living alone in that temple.
    Is it a sezon of wincest, btw?
    We have Oreimo, Miya from Amagami, Elsi posing as sister in TWOGK, and this series!

  6. I felt that this episode centered on kazuha more than akira, especially during the second half. I agree on the leg thing- it’s two females in swim suits. Glad to see that the last scene from episode 1 turned out to be something pretty innocent.

  7. I still feel like this is going to turn out like School Days but this episode put some of those fears on the sidelines. There is still the possibility but I feel that it is unlikely that it will turn out like that.

    What I’m currently interested in is just how long this adaptation will be. They are taking around 5-6 minutes away from the story to do the double ED and the omake, which they are interesting but those few minutes could be better used.

  8. I was wondering about something. In episode 1, when Akira sees them in the supermarket, she recognizes Haruka, but then in the same episode when he first goes to school, she introduces herself to him. So what gives? If this is a plot point, then forget I said anything and I will find out if and when they bring it up! lol


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