It’s funny how this chapter confirmed a lot of things questioned from previous chapters, almost as if the chapters were modeled after people’s comments, but I guess you’re bound to hit the marks sometimes, especially since I read a bunch of feedback from a variety of sources. For example, somebody mentioned Chopper changing not within his main body, but his other forms, and as seen with his running point, he is indeed much bigger than before. I believe his “running point” is really his original form, and that the current “normal” form is a hybrid resulting from the consumption of the Hito Hito no Mi. Therefore, since he’s grown in age, it’s reflected more so on his original form, rather than his current form. He also did realize his own stupidity, and even pointed out that Robin didn’t smell right. Again, someone pointed out last week that Chopper has an excellent sense of smell, and remarked that Oda might have finally started forgetting things, but I guess Oda’s still perfect isn’t he? Also, I didn’t notice before, but Usopp’s hair is pretty massive in the back…

Although Chopper gains back some intelligence points, Luffy now takes his place, not even recognizing Zoro and Sanji, his monster trio buddies. As I assumed last week, Brook announces his last concert and confirms to everyone that the Strawhats are indeed back. Meanwhile, Usopp and Chopper find Franky’s new body rather amazing (we’re just missing Luffy now). While I still dislike his clunky arms, he did regain his trademark hair back (but apparently loses it again), and has hands within his hands. That earns some Xzibit points there. Nami also soon arrives, and except the monster trio plus Brook, the crew is almost complete. Seriously, how many chapters has it been since the crew has even talked to each other? As expected, Rayleigh’s planning a speedy escape, and then we’re off into the New World. I believe the next chapter will be all kinds of epic. Ah, classic One Piece, I missed the adventuring.


  1. I do agree that Franky’s cluncky arms, as well as the rest of his body, are a little dislikable, but that body probably isn’t for show. Though a part of me really wishes that Franky wears some pants, or replace his trunks with something that doesn’t make him look too perverted. (sigh) Chopper got bigger, though I do find it cool it takes away some if his cuteness. Right now I hope he was able to master his monster point.

    code fanboy
  2. Lolol! this chapter reminded me so much of Bobobo. Franky is the best, even in his ridiculous form he is nonstop laughs. Who else here thinks Luffy is going shut down, not only the fake-hat pirates, but also the super rookie brothers all at the same time? a total combined bounty of at least 500,000 (probably higher) with a look… going to be quite the site.

    1. I doubt all of those pirates will fall down as an effect to Luffy’s haki, we have the Shanks boarding Whitebeard’s ship example, only the low ranked pirates fainted(ofc fake strawhats are full of weak ones, maybe 2-3 exceptions), even so Luffy clearly won’t have any problems beating the hell out of all those pirates.

      Anyway, very nice chapter, Brook was truly awesome, it was also great to see Zoro and Sanji arguing again… it’s incredible, 600 chapters passed and OP is just as entertaining and enjoyable as ever, love it 😀

      1. I was thinking that maybe those “clunky” arms are detachable after seeing his “hands in hands”. And now you showed me that pic of virtue, now it gave me more ideas that it may indeed be detachable and be used as a weapon.

  3. Aw, I was looking forward to a Chp600 Colorspread sendoff of the crew. Oh well, meaningful development is better than rush development. At least Oda has his priorities straight.

  4. I think it would be cool if chopper mastered that monster form cause then he could take on giants which seem like a big problem to fight against. Also I think Franky would look pretty cool in color form seems a little weird in black and white for his fun robotic looks.

    1. Nah, the lines are just drawn close together because of the perspective. If he really still has the eye, it will be shown in the manga. I highly doubt it though, since the scar left behind indicates a slash fatal to the eye.

  5. Great Chapter.. each one is givin us want we need! haha but i wish they would hurry up and get going.. and when is Zoro gonna cut somebody already? for godsake!
    I always thought it weird that Chopper almost never is in his normal reindeer form.. even when asleep or unconscious.
    im jussayin if they put a seastone collar on him shouldnt he turn back into a reindeer? would he still be able to talk? i guess there isnt too much thought put into mascot characters but still…

    1. Funny you say that, as I’ve actually never personally stated chapter 600 will be special. Most of those comments were said by, well, commentators. Even so, 600 isn’t really any more special than the previous chapters, just more typical development. If they set off into the New World at 600, that’d be something, but there’s nothing. No color page, no congratulatory 600th chapter plug. That’s just how Oda rolls. Professionalism. 😛

  6. hmmmmm? robin smelled different??? i wonder what she normally smells like…..*yes I’m a weirdo* and WTF!?! that was ussops hair?? hahaha, i thought that was a backpack!

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. I think Robin smelt like flowers, it was part of this wierd list of random facts that included everyone’s smell.

      I was kinda sad when Franky’s old hair came back. I mean, I like it, but one of my favorite parts of new Franky has the hair. I overall enjoy his new design, it’s only his shoulders that kinda bug me.

      Freezer Burn
    1. Okay there’s two things wrong there.
      One, Franky’s picture doesn’t spoil anything.
      Two, anime only viewers shouldn’t even be in here.
      I’m going to be posting more than one picture more often from now on, so there will be spoiler pictures, no matter what. Seriously, anyone who clicks into this post, is just asking for it. There’s just no excuse.

    2. It’s a new look for Franky, right? So it is a spoiler.

      And I clicked on “comments” so it auto-avoids your post, Kiiragi.

      And I only clicked it so I can make this comment about the flipping picture on the randomc homepage!

      I haven’t even seen the second picture because of the auto-avoid thing.

      1. the things is u couldn’t possible know its franky new looks just from the picture itself, since the picture can be interpret in more than just franky new look.

        btw tat picture of franky hair isn’t even franky new look..sry if i spoiled u further with tis..

      2. oh i got 1 question for u do u even know there is a second picture in it if u didn’t view kiiragi post?? i mean most if nt all manga post contain onli 1 picture. psychic??

      3. Zone’s right, you couldn’t possibly tell Franky has a new look from the picture, unless you sat there analyzing the thing. Besides, you shouldn’t even know that there’s new looks for everyone if you’re this adamant about spoilers… -_-
        There’s also a phenomenon where people think they’re getting spoiled, but really aren’t. That might also be the case here. Trust me, you barely know what Franky really looks like.

    3. I think he figured out there was a 2nd pic since Kiiragi mentioned that there was a 2nd in the comments. I guess that it may be a form of spoiler if you didnt want to be spoiled on how the straw hat crew looks now.

      I remember Kiiragi mentioning that he could only put Luffy as the cover pic or else it would be spoiling the rest of the viewers. But I guess you changed your mind. LOL

      1. Well, I didn’t change my mind, and I said I couldn’t put any pictures of the Strawhats without spoiling. However, I realized I could put more than one picture per post, and that is what I will do when needed from now on.

      2. unknown2 explains it well.

        The last time the anime shows Franky is when he goes off the Vegapunk’s lab to be fixed up, right? That’s why when I saw the picture of Franky on the homepage, I presumed it was a new look. Which isn’t a BIG spoiler really. But a spoiler nonetheless.

        I didn’t mean to offend you or piss you off.

  7. I think it was a test if people like the new franky hair or the old franky hair. I guess franky’s rating went down and change it back. Oda-sensie really is creative by using franky’s cyborg body in returning franky back to his old hair style

    1. Keep in mind that manuscripts for manga are completed a few weeks prior to release, so rather than the whole accusation of Oda taking suggestions from fans, he had planned everything from the beginning.

  8. I honestly dont think zoro is blinded on right eyes, keep in mind that rayliegh also has a scarr similar to zoro on his left eyes and still see clearly. Zoro probly kept his eyes close as a form of training.

    1. Haha it would be jokes if Zoro had this super eye hidden underneath for later epic battles to come. No sharingan or some crazy eye I hope. Although his one eyed look has suprisingly grown quite quick on me, I rather see him 2-eyed.

      Now he just copied that Brooke Zombie from the Wa-country during the Thriler Bark arc, who I remember…also had a scar. Curse of the sword from its previous owner perhaps lol

  9. Man I only read snippets of what’s been happening in One Piece, I never follow the manga, and only visit blogs like these…….. but it’s enough for me to know how happy it all feels to have the Straw Hats reuniting! 😀 It warms me with joy.

  10. Wow! Am I the only one that thinks that Caribou guys looks exactly like Jack Nickelson? It took me like 2 seconds to look at him and go “Hmmm, he looks like someone-Oh, Jack Nickelson!” The resemblance is uncanny! Why has no one brought this up yet? Especially with his strait jacket clothes and everything… >_>

  11. anyone noticed how zorro moves his mouth while arguing with sanji? its like the side with the scar is paralized or something…
    maybe it has something to do with the scar?

    …or maybe he just grew accustomed to it because he never opens his right eye.

  12. Luffy and Chopper are the only members of the crew who haven’t realized Usopp and Sogeking are the same person, Luffy fell for Foxy’s ridiculous disguises and thinks Sanji looks exactly like his wanted poster. (There’s also the possibility that since Chopper’s a reindeer, to him, all humans look alike. Think about it, how easily could you tell one deer from another?). I don’t exactly see why this is surprising.

    And his name is Brook; Brooke’s a girl’s name >.>

    No One in Particular

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