Episode 03

「ミツバチのざわめき」 (Mitsubachi no Zawameki)
“The Buzz of the Beehive”

Surprisingly, while the blatant risque nature of this show might seem childish, you’ve gotta give Gainax some credit to the variety and depth of the rapid in your face perversions. For me, I find it to be one of the show’s charms, and given the frequency of these jokes thrown on and off screen, it seems likely Gainax is going for some kind of shock factor (such as chewing a condom, and then blowing it up to look like a really unnecessarily detailed dildo). They’ve also upped the Engrish swearing this time around, which never fails to remind me of Akito from Air Gear. “Facking Shitto!”

In “The Buzz of the Beehive”, Panty and Stocking are called upon the local high school by its worthless principal to eradicate yet another Ghost. The girls find no shyness in entering the hells of high school, and brazenly enter. Initially I believed this school might turn into a regular thing, but I’m glad it isn’t, since it would easily turn into a mindless tedium. Incidentally, Brief (Hiroyuki Yoshino) is introduced this episode as a self proclaimed Ghost Hunter, taking the uncanny resemblance of a certain couple ghostbusters. Not surprising, Brief crushes on Panty at first sight, and hell, who can blame him? “Queen Barby” soon makes her appearance as your typical “hottest girl in the school who is not coincidentally also a cheerleader”. Who knew she was the enemy from the start? /sarcasm (I didn’t ._.) On a trivial note, because of the crowded environment, Gainax took the opportunity to stick a multitude of references to previous Gainax shows, most of them belonging to TTGL. If you look really carefully, there’s also some Powerpuff-styled characters thrown in there too.

The insert song during the high school montage was pretty catchy, despite that the lyrics made absolutely no sense. Really, all I heard was Garterbelt and Anarchy (probably referring to Anarchy Panty), but who cares, I still want it. After being beaten in apparently everything that matters in high school, Barby slinks away behind scenes and plans a massive attack against Panty and Stocking. Of course, her plan fails, and she ends up exploding just like the rest of them. Eight heaven coins though, that’s rather good compared to the shit monster. Oh, and Panty bangs football jocks for their large “size”. Honestly you couldn’t possibly make scenes like this come off as a joke with normal anime styles, it’d just be too serious looking.


Episode 04

「セックス・アンド・ザ・ダテンシティ」 (Sekkusu ando za Daten Shiti)
“Sex and the Daten City”

So apparently Panty suddenly becomes a country wide phenomenon after starring in the movie “Sex and the Daten City”, which also has Stocking, who preferred to retain her dignity by not selling herself out (at least one of them is sensible). Consequently, during the movie promotion, Stocking only got the attention of the supposed otakus, which was probably a jab at Japan’s goth loli niches. But as they say, easy come easy go, Panty’s reputation is ripped down instantly when she accidentally shows a “movie” she made in the past which was really just a porno. Shit hits the fan, and the sisters are off on their way around the world to search and destroy all copies of the tapes, eventually even leading to space. Without fail, Panty screws another guy along the way, and this time the location is in the Statue of Liberty. I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.

Deciding to keep the last tape as a memoir, Panty suggests that Stocking and her watch it together sometime, almost cementing the fact in my mind that she is one helluva horndog. Is this incest season or something? With all that said and done, the tapes are settled, and the final premiere continues. Despite what she just went through and now too bigoted to care, Panty makes the mistake of pissing Stocking off by CGing her off the entire movie. That tape is now on youtube folks. (no, not really)

..and that makes both episodes end with Panty moaning. Yeah, sounds about right.

Note: Originally, this was going to be a joint post of episodes 2 and 3, but I found myself writing a little too much to have it as a double feature. Impressions for episode 3 shall be out either tomorrow or Sunday.



  1. I feel like Gainax watched a few seasons of South Park and decided to make an anime with all of the poop and sex jokes, with none of the political satire or clever humor.

    The show looks amazing, but its a bit too juvenile to really be funny. I haven’t laughed once in 3 (or 6) episodes. :/

  2. Got bored with this after the second ep (actually, I was bored midway through the first)
    I’m all for ‘off-the-wall’ types, but this one was just too Adult Swim (read: Braindead) for my liking.

    Good news is I found a good show to replace this one. Kuragehime. Looks like this season isn’t as bad as I thought (at least comedy wise).

  3. the cursing is epic. Though not as funny as the Glactic Pretty boy’s “wiiiitsa piiiiinch!” line. Stocking is too hot. And I love how they tease us with the quick style changes in artwork. xD

  4. panty stalking , ohh panty stalking yo, PANTY STALKING ohh panty stalking yo!!! hahahaha! tell me the theme song DON’T sound like that..and it works! hmmmmm. so far this show is super Decent..”especially when ur BLAZED!!!”..i gotta agree with alot of yall, it lost its “ummph”. but lemme watch the 3rd ep Right now and see…btw-you gotta love stockings fan’s hahaha!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. Japan has already broken over 9000 boundaries with its show, but THIS SHOW breaks 10000000000000000000 boundaries, it makes Drawn Together look like a KIDS show. Ok maybe not that much, but the jokes and personalities remind me of Drawn Together, while having a little scent of that old fashioned Japanese personas. I mean transformers having sex is something Drawn together would and DID do. And so did they.

    Mick Jagger

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