Since taking over Random Curiosity, various generous individuals have e-mailed me asking if they could show some financial support for the site. While I had thanked them for their kind gesture at the time, I was intent on keeping the blog self-sustainable as a fan site, regardless of how much my double-edged personal standards made it feel like a second job. What’s more, it just wasn’t in my “style” to accept donations even in light of some trying times when I was forced to change web hosting earlier this month. However, I admit the thought of just dropping all the extra work that goes into maintaining the site and looking forward to days of an abundance of free-time did cross my mind at one point. I found myself working tirelessly for four days straight exploring options and configuring software to get things back up, and ran into one problem after another both in setting up the new server and in real life, and seriously started questioning why I’m working as hard as I am — almost always at the expense of sleep.

It was then that I was reminded of the faithful and supportive readership that has developed over the site’s nearly six year existence, of which I had the privilege of being a part of almost half of. In addition to your supportive comments, the e-mails I’ve received expressing appreciation on taking up the reins of the site and even concern for my personal health goes a long way in those sleepless nights, and were something I felt I had to live up to both for those kindhearted souls and my expectations of myself. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that I’m more of a workaholic than I’d care to admit, but I’ve also discovered that I’m someone who absolutely thrives on just words of gratitude, so there’s no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be putting so much time and effort into the site had if it didn’t have the supportive readership that it does. For that, I’d like to express my own thanks in return. I know it sounds rather cliché, but Random Curiosity really wouldn’t be what it is today without the readers coming back regularly on a daily basis to read my thoughts and those of other writers on the latest and greatest anime. One side definitely drives the other, and from my personal perspective it would be all of you.

That said, please note this is not some sort of “donation drive” campaign to raise financial support for the site. I have every intent of fulfilling the expectations people have in this site and the ones I have in myself, even if it means devoting a hundred hours or so to put together the most comprehensive season preview that I’m capable of every three months. The server costs have gone up dramatically since switching over to a dedicated box and I’ve since learned that the bandwidth cap is likely insufficient for our readers’ needs, but I plan to make that workable in a sensible manner given the budget that I have. As such, my decision to actually start accepting donations is mainly for the aforementioned generous individuals who wanted to show their support in a way that made the most sense for them. Like Azusa above, I’m still a bit apprehensive about the idea, since I didn’t want the site to be known as a donation supported one; however, the days of being hosted on AnimeBlogger and having expenses covered by their donation drives are over, and I’d be lying if I said the money wouldn’t help towards keeping the site running (motivational-wise too).

Be that as it may, please PLEASE do not feel obligated to contribute towards the site even if you’ve been a long-time reader since its inception. I will make do one way or another, and the ultimate motivation will always be your continued support from just visiting the site, hearing me out on what I have to say about anime, and providing feedback if you like what you see. This is just more of a formality thing, as I didn’t want to alienate readers by having a Donations page show up on the site all of a sudden. There just happens to be various generous souls out there who may or may not be in a much better financial position than myself, and it didn’t really make any sense for me to refuse their sign of appreciation anymore. Regardless of how you want to show your support, it will always be greatly appreciated in more ways than words can express. Once again, thank you.


  1. Being an RC reader for almost day 1, I have to say your editorial skills and the skills of your stuff are exceptional. I’m not the type who leaves comments(only when something really worth mentioning and sometimes “first post” :P). None the less when the previous owner stood down from RC it was a kick in the stomach for me, due to the fact I’m checking the site everyday and sometimes 2-3 a day. All I have to say is keep up this exceptional work up while considering your health above all. Nothing is better than to be healthy and at the same time do exactly what makes you feel good.

    1. I am the same. Been reading the site almost since it 1st started a long time ago. My daily routine is to visit Tokyo Tosh to see what new torrents are out for the series that I watch. Then while those are downloading thru Vuze I go to 2 manga sites (BleachExile and Mangareader) to see if any of the series I follow are new, and then hit RC and read all the stories on the series that I watch. Random Curiosity and my morning coffee go well together. Then later in the day or evening I check again. When Omni closed the other site I was lost. Thankfully you picked up the reins and are keeping this great site going.

  2. I have been a long time reader. First, it is incredibly helpful to have your season preview, just to know which animes are coming our way. Second, thanks to your great reviews, it helps sort out a bit the animes I am going to watch, also, some of these incredible reviews made me watch animes that I had at first discarded. MM is the best example this season.
    Donation? Well, given how great the site is, giving a small % of my monthly salary would never be a burden. So I am all for it if it helps you to keep up this incredible site and your great reviews

  3. albeit i just started learning of RC months ago, i feel like i’ve been here since the very beginning. RC became my 2nd home no doubt. seeing how many readers the site have, i believe it’s bec. of the dedication you’ve always put in your works,giving us quality readings.this might sound cheesy, but i’m glad i found RC and all of you guys in here.w/o a doubt,i’ll be continuing my support for you bloggers as far as i can.


  4. can’t say how much I love this site… although I wasn’t a long-time reader, I know for sure my enjoyment of anime wouldn’t be the same without RC 🙂
    thank you so much for all the work you have done for RC!

    1. Thanks again for those offers, but the site is something that I’d like to take ownership of and maintain myself. It’s just more gratifying when the whole thing is run from the ground up through my own efforts.

  5. I would say something, but I’m not heartless enough to crack jokes over such gratitude. I’d like to thank you also, for I was also a reader hinged on RC. Now I’m part of the slaves that feed the coal into the fires of RC~ What an honor!

  6. and we should thank you for the anime blogs that you do for us readers and didnt even ask for donations, I appreciate you for giving us blogs about anime and suggestions on anime to watch.

    I will probably keep on going to random curiosity even if I would stop watching anime because of your effort to maintain this site and your blog, you have my support and hope you do well

  7. I’ve never really been a commenter, but thank you so so so much for all these years of anime blogging- It was not until the server downtime RC experienced recently that I realised how much the blog meant to me as an avid anime/manga/Japanese culture addict. Here’s to the many bright and laughter-filled years the blog has ahead!


  8. All your hardwork and continuous effort is sustaining this blog is truly a gift to behold by all readers. Even if some aren’t able to contribute financially, we will always be there to support randomC. :]

  9. Whew, I thought you would retire like Omni, when I read the post’s title. Anyway, thank you very much for your effort. I am very grateful for your hardwork, if it’s not because of RC, I won’t watch 12 anime this season XD. I watch any anime that you rate guaranteed or good.

  10. Thanks for keeping RC on, after it closed down.
    I visit here “almost” everyday.
    LoL, It’s one of my daily routine, is that right?
    Can’t wait for the next episode blog of “anything”.

  11. site has been brilliant, definitely one of the best (if not the best) anime blog/review. found many great shows through this site. thanx for all the good times thus far and looking forward to many more. cheers.

  12. Thanks so much for keeping this site going. It remains my favorite site to go to for reviews and opinions.

    Being able to show my appreciation by making a donation made my day!. 😀

  13. I haven’t been a follower as long as some other people. I think I found this site just before Omni left, but I can tell through every review that you do the amount of dedication you have, proven once more just the other day by how hard you worked to get RC up and running again after the server issues. So, thanks so much Divine, keep up the great work!
    I’m sure Omni would be extremely proud.

  14. Thanks for all your hard work. Coming to this site is a daily event for me and it would be a nightmare to see this side down. I really appreciate all the work you’ve done to maintain this site.

  15. Pretty sure i won’t have to donate to say this:

    Your opinion on the different series of all of you on Random Curiosity is important to me. You point out things i’d never see myself. It also helps me pick a good and new series to watch. (Ore no Imouto, Amagami SS, Sora no Otoshimono, to mention a few)

    And Divine, your work is always appreciated, though some might not be able to express it to you other than donating.

  16. I’ve been a reader for a while now, though I don’t comment much. RC has really gone a long way since I started reading. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into RC since taking over from Omni, and also in the season previews and in providing the extensive coverage (thanks to all the other new writers too!). So yep, thank you so much for the good job so far and I look forward to see how RC will grow in the future!

  17. Don’t usually comment often, but this goes to all you guys working sleepless nights to keep RC running..As pointed out by many..the internet wouldn’t be the same without you.

  18. I love this site so much and my day wont be complete if I dont see this site lol(In fact this is the first site I visit after opening my Web Browser).I’ve also always been amazed of your dedication and hardwork Divine for covering as much shows as you should just to comply with other reader’s taste on anime. Me and my comrades will always be there to support you so keep it up and remember that you can always take a break whenever you want.

    Yoku dekimashita

  19. This site is my homepage. It has been ever since Omni was in charge, way back when I still had an XP machine. I love this site, and I’m amazed at the quality of articles eversince I first found RC.

    The times are hard, and it’s harder for me, driving close to 50 miles everyday, but if it means one gallon less for the fill up, I’d contribute at the least. It’s the only thing I can do. (Well, could always write, but I’m not much of a creative writer.)

    Jusuchin (Military Otaku)
  20. Same here. I don’t comment often, but I’m an avid Random Curiosity visitor. I really look forward to any and everything RC related. Thank you so much for your hard word. As for your personal standard of excellence, you rock! Thanks, for real…

  21. Nice post Divine!
    I started reading anime blogs only recently a year ago.
    And I got to know about Random Curiosity gradually.
    It is a very good site for anime blogs and other stuffs.
    Keep up the good work ^^
    I’ll always be a regular reader and poster for series which I follow 🙂

    Fai D Fluorite
  22. w0w. divine your awesome man.We love you Divine-sama. Lol. ^_^. Reader always like you because you can blog 10 in one week. Its like “you have to blog the a bug came and you also have to fix it”. (lol and nice K-ON pic up there)

  23. Thanks for running the community (wouldn’t call it just a website). As for donations, at least 10% of the readers should have no problem with it at all. Though, I don’t consider a donation much a contribution understanding the difficulties of filling quality contents and still doing administrative work, which on a dedicated server will appear to be more than you could imagine. If I will have a dedicated administrator for what I’m running, it will need 8 months or so, I will make sure that he handles the web site administering aspect (the hosting, caching, etc.) so you could focus more on what you do.

  24. as a LONG time reader, im grateful for you to keep the site alive Divine, wouldnt know where ill turn too for the daily anime if this site ever to shut down! water in my eyes when omni declare it last time! thought i do miss Omni lol. but bottom line is that your doing alot for RC and im am very thankfuf! i know one day RC will be the best animeblogging site online! it already is in my mine.

    ps, the new banner is awesome, i love it.

  25. lol That’s exactly what it’s like a newspaper, so true! Thanks for the seasonal previews and the past references to other similar genre anime. It makes discovering new fun things way easier in a hobby that’s so diverse.

  26. I periodically check for updates and i love reading everyone’s opinions on the anime and also the well written and comprehensive summary’s for each show. If it was not for this site and its absolutely phenomenal season preview write up’s and screenshots in each summary, there are many anime i would have never given a chance. I’ve been around since probably 08-ish, Keep up the good work Divine, this is truly a great website. <3

    Precise Moment
  27. I’ve been visiting this site for the past year and a half, and this site has been my guide to Anime and Manga. Thank you Divine, for maintaining such a wonderful site!

    You have my support! 🙂

  28. Keep it up and thank you for your efforts.
    For some reason I want some group of elite bloggers merge into one.
    And Divine please get Jason blog into this site for other ongoing animes you won’t cover.

  29. Reading reviews on this site has definitely enhanced my anime viewing experience, over the past year I’ve picked up shows I didn’t think I would in the first place and thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you.

  30. I’m not much a commenter but thanks for all your hardwork. You can be sure that even though I may not be able to donate, you’ll always have my support. Thank you for the dedication you all put in this, Divine and the RC team. 🙂

  31. You (and the other writers!) are a hero Divine. I’ll donate a bit when able as its a worthy cause to keep this site going. Saying you’ll manage and just need our thanks to sustain you is very noble though.

    However, who are you trying to impress? 😛 We already think of you as a blog star and we’re all fans. Stop shining so brightly!!!

  32. FINALLY~! 8D As soon as I read about the new servers and technicalities, I had an idea that the funds would become an issue. I would want nothing more but to see this site thrive for both existing and new members alike. Random Curiosity is just to special to let it die. <3

    I'mma go crazy! I absolutely LOVE this place and I’m eternally grateful for the dedicated staff that have put so much into the site. I’ve never seen such diligence and good will. I have so much to be thankful for but I won’t rant here. I’ll save it for Thanksgiving~ 😛

    I’ll get straight to the point. Paypal, right? Just let me know who/how I can donate. I have a pretty $100.00 Bill with R.C. written all over it. 8D

  33. I’ve been a long time reader here at RC -started during Omni’s era- and base most of the shows I dl/watch on this site.

    I’m guessing 92% of the series that have been covered here are stored on my hd’s/dvd’s w/c keeps on growing each passing season ^^

    Thank you so much for the hard work and keep it up Divine.

    And a great many thanks goes to Omni as well -I’m pretty sure you still visit this site from time to time no matter how busy you are ^^- for being part of making this site what it is today.

  34. Straight up, only blog I’ve been visiting the past years. It’s pretty much perfect. Keep doing what you do and you’re probably going to roll in a lot of donations, so don’t be shy about it. Much love to the hard work and to all in RC as well as Omni.

  35. so much has changed over the last few years…wow…

    just wondering, those small ads (I counted 3) aren’t enough to help now, or they just don’t help much in the first place (they survived the server moves as well)?

    1. The site is sustainable and not a just a time and money sink for me, that’s for sure. As mentioned, this is primarily for those individuals who have expressed the desire to show their support through a donation. Please do not feel that the site will simply die if you do not donate. I’d find ways around it before that ever happens.

  36. Thanks for all your hard work! RC has really become ingrained into my daily routine, which I didn’t realise had happened until the blog went down a while back, to my panic and dismay. Your previews, opinions, posts, and the coverage the blog provides are all exceptional, and it has really helped me find enjoyable series I might have otherwise overlooked.

    Once again, thank you, and keep it up! おつかれさま!

  37. Random Curiosity is something I check on an almost daily basis. Thanks so much all these years for providing an outlet where I can read about other people’s opinions on the anime episodes I watch.

  38. I’ve never really followed any anime blog until I came across RC, and somehow couldn’t stop visiting this blog.. Ever since then, I find myself clicking the bookmark link every opportunity I get.. I look forward to all the updates.. I’ve always been a silent reader, but now would like to say.. Thank you SO much for all your effort!!

  39. dw divine.. if i win the euro million lotto with £75mill.. this site is getting a mill or two… the impossible aside…as im just another broke student with massive student loan debt 🙁 and no degree…yet….. the only support i can give is “keep up the good work”… this blog literally got me into anime 3 years ago, i come on here like 5-10 times a day (even more so when im suppose to be working.. like now)… when im done checking facebook and the like i just come check here…when i wake up, i come on here…almost like a reflex… to some extent i have taken this site for granted.. but i guess even one day you migh decide to quit… so before that happens, im gonna come and comment a lot more than before so that you can feel my support 😀

  40. I have been visiting this site ever since a friend of mine recommended it to me years ago. Well I still visit daily and I still love reading every blog entry even for the shows I do not watch. I don’t post a lot when it comes down to it, but the community here is awesome. I really don’t mind donating, in fact when I get payed this weekend I will. I honestly don’t know what i’d do if the blog went down since it has become a part of my daily life even it I didn’t mean for it to when I first started reading!

    Divine you are doing an amazing job at keeping this place up and running and all the new bloggers are doing a fantastic job as well! I hope there will be many more years to come!

  41. Although I’ve only started to frequent this website a few weeks ago, it’s quality is obvious. Sometimes I find it rather hard to believe this is merely a blog run by a few people, it has a very professional feel to it. This at the same time makes me a little worried it might just stop existing some day, hopefully not for another decade or so.

  42. For a while, I feared that Divine is getting burned out too quickly and is contemplating following Omni into blogging-retirement.

    Though you won’t be actively asking for it, please do accept my donation. (Well, TBH, not right away anyway, as I’m in the process of renewing my credit card, meaning I have no card right now until next Tuesday. )

    And keep up the good work. Already I see there’s an awesome new K-ON banner.

    Kinny Riddle
  43. Ive been a regular to this site for years but this is quite possibly my first comment.
    I love the site!It introduced me to countless animes over the years which I found more enjoyable with your witty,humourous and balanced posts which I anxiously wait for after watching an episode(I was actually quite upset when the site went down recently) and your season previews keep me up to date with the latest anime!A few of your posts have convinced me to watch shows I would never have thought Id be watching (MM! and Panty & Stocking are recent examples)

    I blame you guys for an anime addiction as before I came across this site,the only animes Id seen were the ones I had followed growing up such as Pokemon,Digimon and all that childish shizzle….but you guys introduced me to REAL animes!Stuff Id never even heard of!

    You guys are on my RSS feed list and I still find myself clicking on my firefox bookmark every hour during the day just to check whats up!
    I hope this site goes on for a looong time and if I have the oppurtunity to donate and contribute to your continued existence then Im more than ready!!!You guys deserve it for your invaluable writing skills as well as your love for animes!

    Thank you guys for all your hardwork.Random Curiousity Banzai!

  44. After being a long time reader of Random C, I always wanted to become a part of this blogging workshop machine. Then after finally getting the chance to become a writer, Random C has just become something that moved a little closer to my heart. I also have noticed how great it feels when you get the simple thank you in the comments.

    Thanks for everything you’ve provided us with Divine. That thanks not only coming from a new writer, but a long time reader as well.

  45. Hey Divine! Thanks again for bringing this site into new heights! RC has always been my number 1 most visited website since 2007 as I eagerly wait for the next posting of any anime to be uploaded.

    Reading your posts is almost like watching the episode itself, AWESOME!

    Thanks again RC’s staff for your contribution and dedication!

  46. Hello Divine,

    Thank you for your continued support for Random Curiosity, till now the site has been opening and has been giving light to other anime series which somehow others doesn’t appreciate that much until not from your team’s reviews, we wont see the potential of that series with your great articles XD

    So Keep it Up! and Good bless to you and the team 😀


  47. There’s something that comes from a well-written post, and having a comfortable, familiar place to ‘read’ online.
    The same can be said about this post, thus the gratitude is mutual and I’m sure the appreciation for your outlook,
    as well as sentiments, is overwhelming…

    I’m not one for commenting much either, but it’s only fair to express a word of thanks once in a while…

  48. I really appreciate the way you put it–that it didn’t make sense to not accept donations anymore. I think I probably have an attitude very similar to yours toward this type of thing, though I’ve never run a site before.

    Anyway, it goes without saying that there are so many readers like me who are very grateful for the time and care you put into keeping this site going. I hope you will find a way to share the burden with others, and that things will only get easier over time after this somewhat rough transition from AnimeBlogger.

  49. AH! He’s using reverse psychology, I must donate! …. Nah just joking, really Divine, you’re Awesome! Dont hesitate to accept donations since people simply wants to help out however they can, since I guess only a few of us readers can actually help you out on your workload blogging wise, so those very generous enough decided to help you financially if it would maintain and improve this awesome site. I myself have been following random curiosity since 2006 and I dont think I plan to stop at all, heck I visit randomc a hell of a lot more than my damn facebook or twitter account.

  50. Like many of the comments above, I’ve been a long time reader/lurker here at Random Curiosity and this is probably my first comment. I first found this site back in the day when Code Geass was still airing, and ever since then I’ve been checking this site like 4 times a day. RC really put me onto the anime game and turned me into a real fanatic. It has expanded my range in animes as now I typically watch 6-7 shows per season. My old motto used to be “if RC didn’t blog it, I wouldn’t watch it”. Anyways, what I’m trying to say is that I really appreciate the work that you put in Divine, and the work that all the other writers as well as the regular commenters too. Also a big thanks to Omni, who used to be my anime blogging idol. If RC wasn’t up and running as usual, there would be a huge, unfillable void in my life, so thanks again. Thanks for the awesome season previews, the always loved best of 20xx list, the insightful blogs, and for introducing me to K-ON, Gurren Lagann, Clannad, Bakemonogatari, fan service, and many other great things over the years.

  51. Have to say that I have enjoyed coming to this site on almost a daily bases to read what everyone has to say about all the different animes airing. I dont know too many people personally that have an interest in anime, so coming here and discussing with random people about it makes up for it. When I first came here, RC had dropped blogging D. Gray-Man, which was on November 8, 2007. Dont know how I ended up here but have been around ever since. Reading from the bloggers such as Omni and Divine, and many others, have kept me coming back time and again, and I’ll keep coming back for as long as this site is up. Except a donation from me soon and thanks to everyone for making this site so awesome.
    -Olivion (aka Jose)

    1. That sums up what I want to say. I’ve been reading RC for years now, and it’s something I check on a daily basis. Thanks for keeping up the good work after Omni retired, Divine! And a big thanks to all the other writers too!

  52. Aha…I remember when the server was down and every time I saw the “Under maintenance” sign, I would refresh the page every now and then just to make sure if it wasn’t fixed.^^
    Many thanks for all the hard work throughout the years!

  53. I have just discovered this site. But I love the work your doing, and I really appreciate all the work you do to keep us happy. I will try to donate when I can, it’s the least we can do to make you do the same good job you always do

  54. Thanks for all the hard work you put into this site Divine! :’D

    It touches me how much you care.

    But y’know, you ‘could’ ease up by just doing anime posts instead of updating the song or whatever. xD;

    Jus sayin. XOXO

  55. You’ve put in so much effort, especially over these last few months, I’m suprised you managed to keep a constant stream of quality post available for us to read!

    As long as there’s a RC, I’ll be checking it daily!


  56. What a great way to handle this, I had offered to donate before and will be doing so now that the option is available. Good job Divine! I was pleasantly surprised to find that you are taking funds in Canadian funds, makes it easy for me 🙂

  57. Hey, I just wanted to thank you so much for putting in so much time in this website! I’m not much of a speaker (commenter) but, that doesn’t stop me visiting this website pretty much everyday. I love anime and manga, but lately, I don’t have the time to watch any anime. So, this is the way I do. From the reviews, it’s like I learned it and I remember to watch it over the few breaks I do. I love reading up it as, it’s not only a source of information but a way of sharing both gut-reactions and critical thinking of the material. With that said, I really do appreciate the time and the effort and everything!

    Please take care of your own health and best of luck!

  58. How’s the server load doing? Also, if you’re looking at a huge cost in terms of dedicated, you might be interested in looking up Amazon’s Web Services, EC2 and S3 specifically. It’s a bit on the techy side to deploy but it may be cheaper.

    1. The server costs are manageable thanks to Mentar getting me some really good pricing. As I mentioned, this isn’t intended to be a Random Curiosity fundraiser or anything, but just a means for those who have wanted to donate to do so. All contributions will be used to support the site, with the most obvious cost being hosting of course.

      Also, I took a quick look at Amazon S3 and it wouldn’t be worthwhile given how the site moves 3 to 4TB of traffic a month. Based on their pricing of $0.15 per GB for the first 10TB, that would be $450-600 a month. I can get that for a fraction of the cost just by paying for more bandwidth on my current hosting.

  59. Thank you very much for everything Divine. Been checking this site everyday for the past 3 years. I am sorta strapped for cash at the moment (still an intern) but I hope my appreciation for all you have done is enough for now. Thanks again.

  60. Thank you very much for your hard work here. I really love this site.
    I will definitely support this site regularly, though it might not be that much since I’m still a student.

  61. I’ve been coming to this site for over 4-5 years! and I must say! you are one of the most interesting writers I’ve ever seen..sadly I can’t donate..ya know, student has no money thingy XD but I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the work you have done and keep doing! and I’m probably right to say that 99.9% of the people here feel the same way as I do.

    Code Breaker
  62. Yay, we can finally donate 🙂
    I been following random curiosity for three years now, I honestly cant say my day would be normal without checking on the site every day. I appreciate the work that you have been doing and your sacrifices even more. Your level of commitment to this site is something i admire, Thank you soo much ^_^

    oh, we haven’t Forgotten about you omni wherever you are, thank you for starting this!!!!!

  63. Remember Divine, if your very ill and/or dead, there will be no Random Curiosity. With the understanding that you are a workaholic, please put your health at the highest priority : ) Don’t try to let your fans worry too much -_^

    Since I actually got a decent paying job, I will try to see if I can somehow help ya out with the site. I am curious about CAD though. Is there a process through paypal that converts American currency to Canadian?

    Keep up the good work Divine. Remember! Take it easy =D Don’t risk your health ^_^

      1. yeah, they take a “small” cut. Anyway I want you to know you can count with me :-), I’ll try to donate as regularly as I can. I’ve been reading this site for a long time, I seriously thank you for all your hard work, what you’ve done with RC is great.


  64. My willingness to donate increases proportionally as your (specifically you, not the rest of your staff) episode commentaries move away from summary and closer to a separation between thoughts and summary.

    1. If you’re referring to going back to a dedicated summary, then I won’t be able to oblige in that regard. To those who haven’t tried blogging using that format (or blogging altogether), it is literally like writing two separate posts that are completely unrelated to one another. As such, it’s monotonous and takes a lot longer to write as well.

  65. I Appreciate all you are doing Divine. You and all the writers are very honest and sincere people. You can ask me for my credit card number’s, and I still would never think in a million years you would do anything bad with it.

    Trust me when I say your fan’s really do want to support you in every way possible. Maybe things will get a little easier on you, if you put up a donation(Paypal) banner on top of the page. You must be totally against it, but please think about it when you hit hard times, and find maintaining the site needs a bit more.

  66. There’s neither shame nor need to explain yourself right now, because the burden you accepted after Onmi’s decision of leaving for good was something not many people would’ve accepted. For that, you’ve my respect and admiration. The times have changed, so the needs and resources to maintain alive a webpage like this running, so you don’t have to feel embarrassed in front of these signs of kindness and financial supports towards something everyone over here enjoys, even those who are following RC since the beginning. Believe me, if I’d the means to contribute with anything in my hands to help this blog, I would do it gladly and without hesitation; so let the people who want to share the burden with you, even if it goes against your original believes, please let them.

    We’ll never forget the choice you did when Onmi said “This is it”, so feel proud of yourself and let others help in any way they can. Remember, you’re not alone here.

    Syaoran Li
  67. Divine, thx for putting so much effort and time in the Site… i have to say, that i was really lost without RC supporting me in my daily check on the animes episodes reviews…

    but i have admit that i did try searching another blog…
    and none of them… can be compared to yours…

    i’ll allways love ur personal comments about the new animes…

    so Good Luck, and keep it comming…

    Really… Thanks… really happy to have all the team Back… ^-^


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