Strawhat Luffy. 400,000,000 Bounty. You know, he should totally be 700 million plus by now, but I have a feeling that’s a change that isn’t too far away. Anyway, I figured like everyone else that the fake strawhats would get whats coming to them, but apparently they weren’t good enough to be beaten by Luffy. Technically he’s only 20 million, so his embarrassment from being owned by Haki alone last chapter was probably humiliating enough. So instead, Luffy absolutely annihilates a Pacifista, something that the entire crew once had trouble with. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I think Luffy controlled Gear 2nd to only occur in his arm, which would prove to have some interesting battle consequences down the road. At the very least, it sure would help lengthen his already short life. While he had Haki imbued within his arm as well, it doesn’t seem like the Pacifistas require it to be destroyed, as shown by Sanji and Zoro, who also take down a Pacifista as easy as eating a pie. I mean, taking down a Pacifista now is like breathing to them, and they could easily take on dozens more, if not hundreds. The marines are nothing now, so only the admirals and above could prove a challenge. If anything, this chapter has shown a glimpse of where the power levels are at now.

Anyway, Sentoumaru was evaded a little too easily, so I think he’ll prove to be an obstacle next chapter. I was a little touched with Rayleigh’s tears, though slightly confused. Was he tearing up because “his boy had grown into a man” or “his dreams are still so strong” or “he’s such a straightforward and good guy, like the shining force of the new era and still gives me hope” or “he’s so much like Gol D. Roger”. Hmm, I think it’s all of those combined, I guess?


  1. I will say that judging power levels off of either Luffy, Zoro or Sanji is bit of a bad idea as they are the strongest members of the crew. Now, if that was Usopp taking out a Pacifista on his own, then using THAT as a judge of strength would be a good idea.

    Oh, and someone buy Sentomaru a drink on my behalf for shutting down Demalo Black. Shame that such a badass name got wasted on a totally pathetic character.

    1. It might also be because he has regained his dream to be pirate king after he lost it. When he woke up after Aces’ execution he said something like “how could I have thought I’d be pirate king if I can’t even save my own brother, I’m weak” (CH589). This is the first time after that where he announces that he will become pirate king.

  2. Seeing as Zoro and Sanji had the feeling that they used more strength than needed to defeat the pacifista( as in Sanji’s “woah i broke his neck”), can’t really tell the power levels, but this makes me want to see them vs the blackbeard crew soon…

  3. good new beginning for the crew. luffy looks like hes gained some significant control over his abilities. and i think you are right, it did indeed look like he did a partial 2nd gear. reminded me of sasuke’s partial use of the curse seal. i hope he has some additional “gears” now too. zoro and sanji looked awesome, but I wish oda would have allowed Usop to get some action this go seeing as we could have already guessed that the 2nd and 3rd strongest crew members (especially zoro training under mihawk, someone who should be onpar with rayleigh) would have improved significantly. (just saw that Thrudgelmir had the same thought lol!)

    1. it kinda weird for luffy to do partial 2nd gear because 2nd gear is pumping his blood to accelerate the metabolism to increase speed(hence power) but to do it only hand seem to be abit off theory. i’m not so sure, can anyone explain better?

      1. I think you are right about how the 2nd gear works. It’s just that normally, when he goes all out with 2nd gear, you see the legs pumping. This time, it appeared like the focus was on his left arm. i could be wrong.

    2. See, I thought of the blood circulation issue too, but I shrugged it off by assuming he uses the color of armaments to somehow enclose his arm and blood circulation and only pump it in that location.
      Or I could be wrong beyond belief, but hey, that’s the fun in things.

      1. I think you guys are forgetting that he’s rubber. He could probably do something like reduce or increase blood pressure in certain areas by shrinking or enlarging his arteries, or manipulating his arterial valves.

  4. while it easy to guess how most of the crew power up is, i still unable to guess how will brooke and nico power up will be?, better song and more hands? guess we’ll just have to wait for more chapter.

      1. yes i can imagine shockwave music brooke, but i don’t think it true about nico since devil fruit don’t evolve only better usage of them by the user. i was thinking maybe she got more connection in new world since she work under dragon for some time but still doesn’t know about her power up.

  5. It’s good now that the REAL Luffy showed his face in public. That would settle the misunderstanding of the havoc (shooting people and being a ruthless jerk) Fake caused. Now that Luffy is this strong people, such as Smoker, might be just small obsticles.

    code fanboy
  6. i don’t know if you saw but Sanji had to use Dis Jambe (or what ever) to break the PX because the Monster Trio had to use more allout moves at the start this means they wanted to end the fight fast

    While they could beat Pasifista’s with out the more powerful techs when they fight Pasifista again it won’t be as fast I bet

    Also Luffy is not on Admiral Level yet I would Put him on Par with a Vice Admiral and say he wins with Difficulty like his Krieg, Arlong and Lucci fight’s

      1. Vice admirals are the best of the best and Iva out rights singled them out as a threat they were major players during th war who would make a difference

        They all have Haki mastery and are all strong they differ in power some of them are Shichibukai and Stronger level and some of them are Pre time skip luffy level with most going in between that level

        Luffy would not beat a VA with out Kreig or Arlong Or Lucci level difficulty

    1. I can say I’m 100% sure Luffy can handle Vice Admirals.

      Garp is Vice Admiral in name only, he could be Admiral or even Flet Admiral if he wanted.

      Admirals are the best of the best.

      Lectro Volpi
  7. “He’s so much like Gol D. Roger”
    I think that’s what Rayleigh thought~ Anyways epic chapter, that was ubber pwnge by Luffy and Sanji and Zoro 😀 Now I hope they kick some ass in the new world, especially Blackbeards. That bastard deserves something worse than death!

  8. The pacing was pretty slow but finally we are moving again! I doubt there will ever be another big training arc so this “Pacifistas are trash now” was necessary.

    Bye-bye Fake hat crew!

    Lectro Volpi
  9. A wild Pacifista has appeared!
    Go get’em luffy!

    Wild Pacifista used Hyper Beam…
    but it missed!

    Luffy used Gear 2.
    Its super effective!!

    Wild Pacifista fainted.
    Luffy received 3 xp.

    LOL seriusly, that chapter has “EPIC” written all over it.

  10. FINALLY peeped it! NICE joB on the way u put a zoomed in version of the pic “spoiler haters cant complain”….agreed with other posters EPIC!!! its SOOOO GREAT how this manga is PACED “unlike bleach…too bad” so much done IN 1 CHAP….so funny how things are so different yet stay sooo the same…..”how many god@$m times did i just use *sooo* haha i love it!!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  11. Don’t count the Marines out just yet. There’s up and comers like Smoker, Coby, Helmelpo and now Sentoumaru then there the Vice Admirals. They’re still a long way from being nothing to the crew or the Monster Trio

  12. we havent seen much of the Vice admirals strenghts but i dont think Luffy would have a problem with them atm. I think he could handle them even before the timeskip. The vice admiral giants were weak as hell, so i dont think VA’s are all that great except for Garp


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