While it wasn’t the most surprising development given the loss of one of Madara’s Sharingan in his fight against Konan, there was still a fair bit of oomph to the revelation that he did transplant one of Nagato’s Rinnegan to replace it. On some subconscious level, I’m admittedly happy to see that play out like I was anticipating, even if Kishimoto makes the foreshadowing fairly obvious for younger manga readers. On the other hand, the battle between the resurrected Deidara and Oonoki and crew was much harder to predict, given how it could have gone any which way. In the latter case, I was actually pleasantly surprised to find out that there were no casualties this time around and that very little came from the battles themselves. More specifically, no village leaders bit the dust and Deidara will likely show up again later on to fight again. Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, because I really didn’t want another quick introduction and death pattern to happen again.

Instead, the story rapidly progressed down a path that I don’t think anyone could have really foreseen — Yamato falling into Madara’s hands. As the sole wood element user in the village thanks to Orochimaru successfully integrating Hirashima’s genes into him, it’ll be interesting to see what becomes of Yamato in the upcoming chapters. The likely possibility of course is that Madara is going to suck him dry to make more Zetsu clonese. Seeing as Yamato was only introduced after the three-year time skip (i.e. in Shippuuden), I find it kind of amazing how he’s already established himself as an integral character in the series and someone who I don’t want to see killed off. Granted, as Naruto’s captain and guardian of sorts, he does get a lot more screen time than the other jounin, which definitely helps make his potential death much more dramatic than Asuma’s. Whatever the case, I don’t think everyone’s going to keep this whole “being targeted by Madara” bit under wraps from Naruto any longer, as it’s about time our stupid yet earnest hero gets back in the thick of things. Kabuto looks pretty nasty too, now all those Orochimaru snake-like cells have taken over his body, so someone like Naruto has to kill him off becoming the physical embodiment of evil.


  1. I really like the direction that Kishi took with this one. It will potential add to Madara’s evil factor. But besides that its a very very smart move, as few people know as much of Konoha’s dirty secrets as that man.

    His has first hand knowledge of Root, Danzo (and all the hinky shit he was up to), Naruto and various other state of affairs.

    However I don’t see Madara needing Yamato’s Wood element as he already has genes from Hirashima.

    But more than anything, less look at how damn SMART Kabuto is.

    Swallows Yamato, then retreats to Manda and uses the reverse summoning technique to escape. Could Kabuto potential become the true endboss?

    1. To be honest, I still foresee Kabuto/Orochimaru being the ultimate antagonist even though the story’s been nothing but Madara lately. He was the villain from the very beginning and having him killed off by Sasuke rather than Naruto doesn’t seem like a befitting end given that this is a shounen series.

    1. Tell me about it. He owns half the Akatsuki in zombie form, and there’s probably nothing keeping him from bringing back Kisame and Konan now too (though now that I know you don’t actually need the person’s body, I’m surprised he didn’t bring back Hidan as well). The only reason he can’t get Zetsu when he dies is because he’s got like 100,000 clones, so of course the next best thing is too take the clone of the source of Zetsu and put his own spin on it. If Kabuto turned on him now, Madara would be straight up fucked.

      1. That only explanation for Hidan not coming back would be…

        A.) He’s still, if barely, alive.


        B.) Kabuto wouldn’t be able to send him away because of his literal immortality that would be brought back with him, so he chose not to bring him back.

        …first sounds more plausible though.

      2. no he could still send Hidan away because his immortality only lasts until while he kills people

        but acording to Kishi he will die of Malnurishment first and Become Bone before his Immortality wears off

  2. we could have really used a back story on yamato. i mean, his past was never really explained. hopefully we will get some information on him now. frankly, i don’t mind if he passes. and yeah, kabuto looks realy nasty!!!

      1. I bet Kabuto is going to reprogram the Zetsu clones to obey him, Kill Black Zetsu (who I bet is a hive mind for the Whites) smash Madara’s Sharringan Collection when he leaves to get Naruto and Bee and Steal Gedo Mazo and Harishima Cells

      2. Wow – that is a great theory. And since Kabuto holds some unknown leverage over Madara, it’s all very possible that he can setup things in his favor. Especially since he has made it very clear his primary motivations are simply knowledge.

  3. Now, I actually have a small suspicion that Zetsu may end up betraying Madara to help Yamato, given his apprehensive look and silence when Madara and Kabuto were talking about Yamato. ( http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/40727763/18 ) With both of them being results of experiments via Hashirama’s cells, they’re essentially “brothers” in ways.

    On a side note, it was nice to see some moves from Akatsuchi and Kurotsuchi.

    1. We know that Yamato was given his Hashirama cells by Ochimaru. But we have no idea yet who gave Zetsu his Hashirama cells, or what village he came from.
      We also know that Madara helped Itachi kill off all the other Uchiha.
      But we don’t know how they got in touch or why Madara was around. Whats the chances that Madara just happened to be visiting when Itachi was given orders to take out his clan?
      I’m thinking that Yamato and Zetsu knew each other, or could be related. Yamato was the only child to survive the experiments that gave him his Hashirama abilitys. That doesn’t mean that all the other kids died. Maby Zetsu became something else, something that didn’t have a human mind, and it was Madara that woke him up, so he became his loyal servent as thanks.

  4. I always wondered how madara planned on subduing the nine-tails and here it is. I mean dont get me wrong the tailed beasts have been almost child’s play for months now but the eight and nine tails are on a completely different level than the other ones, if madara could take them without the use of a special trick it would be kinda lame. And With all the “gene-splicing” thats been going on lately I wouldn’t be surprised if they planned on transplanting the power of “control” over all the tailed beasts (which in my opinion includes ten-tails) to madara.

    oh and I truly hope kabuto isnt the final antagonist in all this. He has always been sort of a lack luster character in my opinion. The whole serpent theme surrounding him is just too cliché to be a satisfying ending for me.

    P.S Cant wait till Madara takes off his mask and reveals himself as Aizen and that it was all apart of his plan to get himself unsealed.

  5. Hidan is officially death, according to Kishimoto if he stops killing his immortality will fade away.

    Kurotsuchi was a girl? finally that enigma is OVEr for me!

    I don’t know if I should be afraid of Madara, according to Itachi he is just a “sore loser”.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Madara is a sore loser he is not that strong he is stronger now that he has the rinnegan but he has no practice with it

      i always knew that Kurotsuchi was a girl

      Hidan is not dead yet he is getting close but according to Kishi he is going to die from decomposing before his immortality wears off


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