「猫省年」 (Neko Shounen)

Continuing on from last week, this whole “student & teacher” relationship thing started to feel a little overplayed (except I love hearing Sugita Tomokazu, so I don’t mind). At least, that’s what I thought until a stark (but hilarious) reality check comes tumbling in and destroys all of Hotori’s teacher loving affection. What would you expect a teacher to say if you asked them, “Did you happen to fall for me?” Yeah, I didn’t think of anything positive either. Plus, new character this week!

Glancing over the hilariously fail confession, Mr. Moriaka is once again at the Seaside Maid Cafe looking for Hotori’s help. Having two creepy self-portraits of his grandfather, he is looking for an answer to “Why does this bizarre nonsense exist?” Being a math teacher Mr. Moriaka prides himself on being able to figure out things in a linear and logical way. Since his ways of reasoning haven’t helped him discover the true meaning of the paintings – he believes Hotori’s reasoning and love for detective novels will be able to figure it out. After getting some pretty funny responses from Tatsuno (In his reality, he must have seen the world like that!) and Maid-cho (He must be a four eyed ALIEN! The normal painting is just one with a set of his eyes closed!) Hotori displays her condescending side as she figures out the true meaning of the painting. Although she waits until the Mr. Moriaka returns to reveal her answer, I LOVE the way she slowly draws out the conclusion. Literally breaking Mr. Moriaka’s mind in the process (The cup he’s holding is empty). It seems like the perfect way to return the favor after all the times Mr. Moriaka tortured her for having no skill in math. Almost like is Hotori was in some sort of anime, she pulls out all the stops by having her own “I solved the mystery” scene before revealing that the painting itself was meant to be a dice. Hotori also deduces that since the painter was an avid gambler, the multiple eyes on each face represent a specific side of the dice. Not only that but there are actually a total of six paintings – with Mr. Moriaka only having numbers two and four. All of this leaves everyone in the cafe speechless and in awe. Imagine if Hotori was this smart all the time, she might become the next Detective Conan!

Bringing up her last shopping trip failure when she got the wrong ingredients – we learn of the existence of the mysterious Tamajin. Created by the thoughtful Tatsuno, it is part onion (たまねぎ tamanegi) and part carrot (にんじん ninjin) and makes for the perfect mnemonic device to remember onions and carrots, the main ingredients in curry! If you remember how Maid-cho’s curry changed over the years, I don’t even remember seeing vegetables in the last curry she served to Hotori. I wonder what is actually left of that amazing curry from the past. Now, have you ever thought about something so hard that you actually forgot about what you were thinking about? Even with the help of a mnemonic device Hotori manages to forget what she needs to buy. (._.)

Enter, Kon Futaba (Yazawa Rieka). After discovering her on the street trying to get her cat out of an alley, Hotori assumes that Kon is a boy. More specifically, a 13 year old kid starting puberty. Being the great senpai she was meant to be Hotori springs into action. By springing into action I mean trying to throw her seniority into Kon’s face, attempting to use common sense about dogs with cats, almost killing Kon by strangling her, and somehow managing to master how to make snow fall. After the cat manages to come out on its own, Kon disappears before Hotori can even get her name. But it doesn’t stop there. The next day Hotori gets surprised by Kon. Learning that “he” is really a “she“, actually HER senpai, and that she knew the entire freaking time, Hotori slowly becomes a quivering mess. In a society where you don’t want to disrespect your senpai, Hotori really pushed it to the max. To add insult to injury Kon goes as far as saying “Onee-Chan” in that cute voice of hers to mock Hotori. I get the feeling that Kon’s playful attitude is going to make Sore Machi a lot funnier.

* Someone mentioned the lack of certain shots last week. Happy? 😛


* For that last joke at the end of the episode, 冥土(Meido) means underworld (Inuyasha anyone?). If you write Meido in Katakana (メイド) it would mean maid. The question on the test asks about the British term for housekeepers. Hotori-fail.




    1. Because its not a show for stupid horny kids who just watch animes to see women in abnormal sexist situations and to jack off to ecchi hint “Sora no otshimoto” or some mecha unrealistic piece of crap hint “Super Robot Wars OG” its just funny and you have to think atleast a bit.And its SHAFT remember Bakemonogatari that sure was a nice time.

    1. Yes… I think. If it starts with 1 person, jumping to a new person every minute, and takes 10 minutes to curse the whole school… Then instead starting with 2 people, it would simply take out the first step of jumping from 1 person to 2 people. This means it would only take 9 minutes instead of 10 minutes to curse everyone.

      This would also mean that… the school has… somewhere between 257-512 people. Small school.

  1. Yay finally that blonde girls shows up, ever since I saw her in the ed I was in love.The jokes in the first half of the episode wasn’t really funny for me, but I was really impressed when she figured out the truth about the portraits.

    Also, using a fuckin catchy song that’s so funny and good it doesn’t get out of my head for the opening AND for the ending should be illegal.

  2. aww… she didn’t borrow that “vroom vroom thingy”. lol. for someone who loves detective stories, she sure does use logic quite well. not with the proper variables tho, but impressive nonetheless. hahaha! “oh yeah, they don’t like onions coz it spooks them.” hahahah!

    squid quo pro. lol.


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