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I may not be covering the Otomoe Youkai Zakuro, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching the military/youkai mash-up series whenever I can make time for it. I mentioned back in the Fall 2010 Preview that the series came off a bit generic to me despite its all-star cast (both male and female); however, its shoujo-esque nature has made it a lot more entertaining to watch than I originally thought. An initial impression that hasn’t changed since then is the one I had about the opening theme, “MOON SIGNAL”, performed by seiyuu group sphere. The short clip of it featured in one of the fifteen second commercial message at the time had me looking forward to hearing more of their sixth single, which much like their previous ones, is very pop-like and well-suited for anime themes. It’s kind of hard to believe that the group was only formed back in April 2009 and has already had four of those six singles featured as opening themes (of which I’ve posted about two of the previous three), but it’s a welcome trend in my books since I tend to like their songs.

The group is comprised of four prominent female seiyuu after all, whose music under the Music Ray’n record label actually do sound a step above typical anime character songs. Granted, there will always be the crowd who feel Toyosaki Aki’s singing, and to a lesser degree Kotobuki Minako’s, is miles ahead when they’re performing as their Hirasawa Yui and Kotobuki Tsumugi counterparts, but those people are clearly biased. 😛 In any case, these four girls have all debuted as solo artists on top of their collective effort and have had some of those songs featured in anime as well. As for MOON SIGNAL, the PV for it was released with the limited edition single on October 20th, and what caught my attention the most in it is how pretty the four girls have become in recent months. I mean, they were all pretty good looking to begin with, but Aki’s really gone through a transformation while Tomatsu Haruka pushes some sexy/sultry boundaries here. I always thought Takagaki Ayahi was cute despite being fairly short, but these other three younger girls are starting to steal the spotlight in my eyes. And here everyone’s talking about how their little sister can’t be this cute this season. It’s more like these seiyuu can’t be that cute as far as I’m concerned. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean. 🙂

Note: Aki is among the regular cast in Zakuro as Bonbori, while antagonists showed up in episode three played by Haruka and Minako. Talk about a nice way to get their music featured in anime along with roles to boot.


  1. When I saw this post, I was like “Sweet, its a sphere post!”

    I think Music Ray’n is abusing the fact that they have young female seiyus to milk the money out of the anime community to the fullest. They’ve certainly tried to make they more attractive. I can’t see Toyosaki Aki’s fang anymore (unsure if this a positive change or not). sphere has certainly caught my attention since it formed though. Hope the group lives longer than most seiyu groups!

  2. AAAHHH MINAKO!! i’ve been quite obsessed with her for a while now although for some reason,it went less.but still, MINAKO BOKU GA SUKI DA YO! x3 (is my jp correct? do tell me the right way if not! XDD)

    and,aki is getting prettier too.lovely fang albeit it’s quite fixed.XDD i like ayahi’s singing just bec. she played as sumika.L0L. how shallow of me.XDD

    eitherway,i hope yoko-sama gets a solo/group career in music.dang! her voice’s just AWESOME!

  3. I’m liking Tomatsu Haruka for this video… keep the Sphere videos up divine 😀

    For some mysterious reason everytime I see one on RC that’s all that ends up repeating out of my speakers…

  4. I don’t know why but for some reason this is the only band where I like all the members. They are all so different but they are all show their charming side. For other groups, I only tend to like one or two of the members. Maybe the power of seiyuus? XD

  5. Its too bad this series didn’t get more coverage here. Its a great series and premise. I really enjoy watching it each week. Its better then MM or Panty & Stocking but I guess you can’t have everything.


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