「ねえ忠してよ?」 (Nee Chuu Shite yo?)
“Hey, Kiss Me?”

I don’t know what the heck a “Sky Love Hurricane Kiss” is, but if Yukimura is the one delivering it, I’m guessing some air time is involved, much like when she busted out some master samurai abilities of her own. If that doesn’t make it obvious enough that this samurai high school comedy has gotten hilariously out of hand, then the fact that these girls are vying for Muneakira’s pants lips to make themselves women master samurai should help in that regard. That’s right, the harem absurdities were dialed up a notch and I was amused to no end as Yukimura and Sen went at it like there’s no tomorrow. From exuding a willingness to be perceived as a slut if it meant becoming a master samurai, to calling the other person a “big forehead bitch”, the over-the-top absurdities and insults were flying left and right so frequently that I didn’t know where one ended and the next one began. It was during scenes such as those that I would’ve loved to see Kugimiya Rie and Kotobuki Minako going at in the recording studio, because they’d likely have a completely straight and emotionless face on despite all the vulgar coming out of their mouths. Having a cat fight without even breaking a sweat — now that’s what it means to be a professional seiyuu.

If there’s one series that is completely different from what it appeared to be during the onset of this season, Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls would be it. With all the makings of being just another Queen’s Blade, I was admittedly skeptical about the statement that this was supposed to be a high school comedy even when I pointed that out in the Fall 2010 Preview. Much like just about everyone who watched the early broadcast premiere, I was more inclined to believe that the producers were pulling my leg since Hobby Japan’s original characters are involved, and believed that I would be in store for clothes being continually torn off as the girls fought for power in the shogunate. However, when the second episode rolled around and started working in the comedic side of things and it quickly snowballed into various scenes in episode three, this fourth one’s silliness completely sold on the legitimacy of that statement. I laughed a lot this week, particularly when Yukimura tried to secretly make her move on Muneakira in the middle of the night, only to find out that Sen and Hanzou were lying in wait and didn’t hesitate to totally slam her for her embarrassing monologue. A completely dejected Yukimura contemplating seppuku was what we got as a result, plus me cutting up my own stomach from laughing too much. That was just one example of how unrelenting the sarcastic insults were this time around, which Yukimura isn’t innocent about either with her “virgin” remarks right to Muneakira’s face. What can I say, other than this type of humor works wonders for me.

Incidentally, there is a plot about the peril befalling Great Japan happening in the background; however, that really didn’t matter this time when Sen was just concerned about keeping the “big forehead bitch’s” lips away from Muneakira’s. During all that, the tsundere in Sen came out in full force on both ends of the spectrum, which is a welcome sight since the only role I’ve seen Minako portray that’s remotely close to that is Kanon in Umi Monogatari. As much as I love Mugi, I’m really starting to think that Minako should get more of these feisty roles. Anyway, if there’s one plot-related thing to take away amidst all the semi-derogatory and slapstick humor, it’s that Muneakira’s lips do seem to have the ability to unleash the beast master samurai within these girls. Now if the prospect of having overwhelming power isn’t enough to get these samurai girls all after him, then I don’t know what is. Funny how that works out, seeing as the whole samurai aspect has taken a bit of a backseat to all these antics, but in my mind this is harem done right and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Next time, it looks like a new girl will be arriving, namely the giant mallet-wielding Naoe Kanetsugu played by none other than Minako’s fellow sphere member, Toyosaki Aki. If Naoe’s anything like Yukimura and Sen, I’m sure I’m going to enjoy it when she joins the mix. I’m loving it!

* I put together full-length shots of Matabee, Yukimura, Hanzou, and Sen. Enjoy~




  1. Now, I can’t wait for Sen-hime’s MS power and her flaw.

    Sky Love Hurricane Kiss

    Something weird and new,
    is it “kissing in the air inside a hurricane, created by Yukimura”?

  2. Jubei acted like a cute puppy this episode-dies from moe. Finally an episode where Tokugawa sen wasn’t totally annoying. a Lil slow paced this episode was but, am interested in the new member next ep.

  3. Sky-hurricane kiss? the word of the day.
    Jubei was really cute in the bed scene hehe moe.
    also when yukimura and sen where fighting, i also imagine if what their seiyuu is doing in the recording session. it would be epic i think.
    i really do have more words to say since this episode was full of fan service.
    i also wonder if muneakira’s mask will be next episode.
    and i agree with other people here commentting that this is also very funny episode.
    i guess this will turn out to be a harem in old and modern era samurai school system with a history in it. very absurd(didnt mean any ill will) in a very funny way.

    Croosboy シ
  4. My favorite seiyuu Kugimiya Rie was in top form this week. I laughed my ass off with her and Mugi from K-On going at it. Can’t wait for Yui (also from K-On) to join the mix next week. Was so funny how every time she messed up they drew on her face.

  5. I don’t know how you got this idea of doing full length shots these days but it’s marvelous, keep them coming.

    Oh yeah I remember now, that’s right, Kotobuki Minako also did Kanon, she was also funny in Uumi Monogatari.I loved this show.

    The characters are starting to grow on me so now I’m laughing even more when watching this. I’m really starting to like this series. Sen calling Yukimura a big forehead “bitch” in english was hilarious. Even if it has pantless girls I think I’m gonna start watching it even when I’m not alone.I like it that much.I did the same with Needless last year.

  6. OmG I don’t know what it is about this show… well this episode in particular that makes it so hilarious. Maybe it’s their facial expression but this got me rolling on the ground… oh and thanks for the blog divine

  7. I went back and rewatched the opening of the very 1st episode and they more or less give away whats going to happen…

    Many of the girls we have seen so far at odds with each other fighting over Muneakira
    appear to all be working together in the sky chopping up what appear to be american WW2 type bombers with their weapons. That could just be something to showcase the girls skills and get folks interested in the anime and it never comes to pass in the series. Or it could also be a vision of the last episode of the series and all the ones we are watching are actually are flashbacks in the past leading up to that point? Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.


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