「ヤミアキラカニ」 (Yami Akiraka ni)
“Clearing the Darkness”

Continuing on from episode two, the story takes a drastically different turn when Motoka doesn’t show up and Haru gets to talk to Akira instead. As a result, Haru doesn’t have to go around town questioning everyone about her past, since Akira is more than happy to tell him about how she’s Kazuha’s half-sister. What that led to though was something that I wasn’t really anticipating — growing very fond of Akira’s playful personality. By that, I’m not referring to her willingness to flash her underwear to Haru and not make a scene about it either, but how she uses that spirited front to hide the sadness she’s bottling inside. She exhibits all the traits of a girl who I wouldn’t be able to leave alone upon discovering that, especially given how she’s genuinely a good person who doesn’t deserve the cold shoulder that Kazuha’s mother (Murai Kazusa) gives her. She’s also ridiculously cute when she’s in love, which this episode really opened my eyes to when Haru finally remembered that he played with her when they were younger. As such, I could definitely see why Haru would search aimlessly to find the pendant she lost then, as I can picture myself doing something similar if it meant there was a chance of putting a smile back on Akira’s face. I can’t imagine everyone feeling the same way, but it wouldn’t sit well with me if the world was so messed up that a nice girl like her can’t be happy. I don’t know how many people will take me sincerely in light of the nude scenes shown subsequently; however, the sight of her tears flowing out just for such a minor gesture on Haru’s part made it clear in my mind that Akira was worth going out on a limb for any day of the week.

Now before people get ahead of themselves and deem these impressions another dairy entry of mine, the reason why I was so happy to see Haru try to help Akira out the way he did is because I have a soft spot for acts of chivalry. He didn’t do it because of any intimate feelings towards her at the time, but simply the feeling of wanting to do something for her after seeing the sad expression she had on while staring out the classroom window. Much like Haru, I was captivated by that look to a certain degree, but still wouldn’t have been expecting anything to come from reaching out to her. Be that as it may, I wouldn’t have been foolish enough to up an opportunity either if it presented itself either. This of course is in reference to Akira’s feelings towards her childhood love pouring uncontrollably out of her to the point that she’d boldly enter the bath with him. Aside from Haru’s interesting way of entering the bathtub to hide himself and divert his eyes from Akira’s naked body, I actually found that the scene played out pretty believably. Yes, that includes the nudity itself, which I felt wasn’t done in poor taste whatsoever given the prior build up surrounding Akira. In fact, I found it a lot less awkward to watch than the screen captures probably indicate, which includes how she felt Haru’s erection poking against her, and went on to place his hands over her breasts. Understandably, most people would be focused on her body than anything else, but as fairly sentimental person, I was more fixated on Akira’s actions and what was probably going through her mind.

Taking that into consideration, I was actually relieved to know that Haru didn’t take advantage of her troubled state, as going any further definitely wouldn’t have been for the right reasons. Some may argue that “comfort sex” would’ve done Akira wonders, but I personally like a more respectable approach. For the most part, Akira’s story has been very agreeable in my eyes, so it’s nice to see it working towards just that. Akira is clearly still troubled over something, which is likely linked to the truth surrounding her mother’s identity. She’s taken the notebook containing birth records from Haru’s grandparents’ clinic after all, suggesting that her mother will be the focus next time when Haru talks to her about it. Akira’s final episode next week should be good. In addition to all the emotions and tasteful nude scenes, I’m finally starting to get a good taste of the drama side of things in this series and I like it! 🙂


* It occurred to me that the episode breakdown for each of the girls’ arcs means that the fake-out at the end of episode one likely won’t be one in episode seven. What’s more, all of Sora’s feelings of unrest towards Nao should come into play more, given that their arcs will share that episode.
* It looks like the music box that Haru gave Kazuha was Sora’s. What are you doing Haru!?
* In case you missed it, I put together three full-length shots of Akira and one of Kazuha’s mother for this post.





  1. Not bad but now is not the time for drama atleast for me the nude scenes are well placed and they avoid the regular ashamed boy who panicks alot and doesnt do anything when hes with a woman.

    1. It’s not hentai because there’s only nudity. Also there is a distinct lack of any detailed “genital” activity. Even in the scene with Kazuha, it never showed past the groping.

  2. ok… at least this time it wan’t Haru that took the initiative…
    Doesn’t bath scene implies more than what they showed there? I believe so…
    Although I loled at Haru’s gears for searching the pendant, his action is quite honorable 🙂
    This arc, or should I call it an arc, is definitely better in terms of dramas for sure

    1. i thought so too. what akira was saying in the bath and her asking forgiveness for her sin later implied to me that they went all the way, they just didn’t show it all this time.

      diet otaku
    2. If it had been any other anime then I would agree that it was definitely implied sex there. But as they haven’t been shy about that before so would it be strange of them to cut it out this time. But we might get something similar to before, with seeing how the sex scene turned out in a flash back rather then right away.

      1. I’m pretty sure they had sex there. You know, after pointing out the “hard thing poking her back” and that they fainted out in the bath. Also, Akira apologizes for her “sin” afterwards.
        Damn you, Haru 😀 Where can I sign up for being the main lead of an anime like that?

  3. shouldnt akira no longer be a maiden since she’s not “pure” anymore, unless they just kissed in there im doubtful…
    it seems that what happens in the ED song is also gonna be in the omake

    I feel a bit sorry for sora, she helps haru with the other girls like trying to help him make a cake on kazuha’s route and unknowingly let him remember akira
    at the very least she is shown to know about haru’s relations with the girls yet doesnt really try to get between them

  4. I think i would have looked for the pendant without her knowing, just so she wouldn’t worry about it. Also this new quest toward the end of the episode is playin with fire! I can’t help think this is Haruka’s wish he could have his mother back in his life playin out on Akira’s behalf.

  5. i LOled when you mentioned about ‘diary entry’. XDD Ah,those good days with ai..

    anyway,i did feel the drama in here too unlike how i did w/ kazuha’s arc where i was too distracted w/ THOSE GOOD scenes to notice. i like akira but of course,NAO would be the best for me.so, i await for 2 weeks from now to see NAO’s arc.L0L.

    L0VE this episode.XDDDD nosebleeds are very much welcomed.*takes 4th roll of tissue* L0VELY omake! *shot*

  6. LOL am I the only one who thought the pendant searching thing was lame? Well I guess its good that it shows Haruka off in a nice guy light, but I couldn’t help but think “Dude, use your bloody brain and stop randomly digging in places for something that was lost years ago”.

    And Akira sure is daring for a “Shrine maiden”…

    Ahh I wish we could just fast forward to Sora’s arc. Akira’s okay but I’m not really looking forward to the next one.

  7. Well, as far as I see it, it is not Haru conquering the hearts of the girls, but a race which one will take his pants off.
    I want such a big bathtub too!! (…and wouldnt mind a girl to share it with me :P)

  8. She’s taken the notebook containing birth records from Haru’s grandparents’ clinic after all, suggesting that her mother will be the focus next time when Haru talks to her about it.

    I can see the scene now: Akira does some Darth Vadar breathing, “Haru! I am your sister! Now let’s go have a incestuous threesome with Sora.” 😛

    Ninja Penguin
  9. Akira reminds me of Sakura in ccs. Doesn’t hurt that she has an adorable personality. I’m really looking forward to this arc! Btw why does she have a massive head in those chibi sequences?

    1. It was suggested that they didn’t do anything past making out in the bath. Think back to the previous episode. Why would they omit the actual act here if they went all out last time?

      Seriously, are there this few a people that would not go all the way with a naked chick in their arms to understand the situation?

      1. hehehehe, it just that i really like it when they do some h-scene first in the game then a client and very dramatic story with a good or sad ending. it like they express their love first in the beginning with a joyful times and memories then comes the sad times(giving great impact since you will be also moved because they already gone to happy times) where the main char gives support to the heroine and then after the problem is solve they get a clean and happy ending (imagine the cool CG ending with a good bgmusic).

        Croosboy ♂
      2. This can be interpreted as either:
        a) they did some make out, but passed out from the heat before proceedeing too far
        b) they proceeded full speed ahead, and did it so passionately they passed out.
        I need 2 things to prove which was the real cause, namely a bigger bathtub and a girl as a partner for experimental science…

  10. Another great episode. I like how everything plays out very believably and the fact that Haruka actually cares about Akira’s feelings makes him a lot more likeable character than your average harem anime main character. The nudity, while of course welcome, is not overdone and does nothing to hinder the emotional aspects.

  11. Damn, Akira’s aggressive! I like!! Looking forward to what Haruka has up his sleeve as he dashes off like that. Hope he finds the pendant, since that would be ideal, not that she even wants another reason to love him.

  12. Wow I did not notice it but it is true Haru gave Sora’s music box to the princess. This is the thing I don’t like about this format, they leave to many holes in the story be size of time constraints. I would have liked to know how Sora reacted when her music box banished. But still this episode felt like it filled some of the story holes that the previous episode left.

    Anyway I was surprised at how quickly they jumped into each other but I have to agree with you it felt more realistic than the previous arc. With one episode left I wonder how they are going to finish it? And I’m really looking forward to Noa’s arc and of course Sora’s maybe well finally get what we were promised on the first episode.

  13. Haha Divine, I can’t believe you added that NSFW. It’s not like the abbreviated screen caps are *that* suggestive, and anyone who knows the slightest thing about Yosuga no Sora knows they’re opening the link at their own risk.

  14. Higu-Days please

    Akira won’t be alone for very long, she will have Haru’s baby. How thoughtful of him to think about it at the same time makes Akira life meaningful.

    Given the option I’ll choose “A true gentleman should leave the bathroom, bye Akira.”

    My favorite quote for this episode “Princess Sayori, I’m sorry for my sin.”

  15. I half expected him to search for it on his own(the pendant that is) and not drag her on a possible futile search. Although bringing her along was nice, I’m sure him surprising her with it would have also been nice.

  16. Thanks for the NSFW! It’s always nice to know beforehand.

    I usually read Divine’s posts on an anime, even I’m not following a series. I’m always impressed though, how even when the screen-caps look questionable, Divine always adds something insightful beyond the nudity itself. 🙂

    And “I can’t imagine everyone feeling the same way, but it wouldn’t sit well with me if the world was so messed up that a nice girl like her can’t be happy.” Aww.

  17. I really hate that mother and her personality, a full grown adult can’t understand that when your husband cheat and have a child with someone else, is not the children’s fault that they were born, children don’t have a choice in the matter of being born or not or who their parents are. If we do I and probably millions of ppl would have pick bill gates as father. Why do some adults are so stupid that they can’t realize that, the only person she has a right to get angry at is her husband and no one else. I know these situation happens in real life too but luckily i never experience it but if i do u can be damn sure i curse out the parents for not even understand such a simple reasoning.
    She really should learn something from Keima’s mother from The World God Only Knows, you don’t get mad at the children but the parents.

  18. Nice to actually see a shrine maiden dance animated for a change. You`d think that since (summer)festivals are quite common in anime, so would be the dances, but unfortunately it does not seem to be the case. The last anime I can remember that actually bothered was Myself; Yourself, and that was several years ago. Someone correct me on this if they can think of another animated miko dance from recent years.


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