OP7 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP7.mp4 512 288]

OP7: 「irony」 by ClariS

The slightly altered opening sequences continue, except this time Manami is vying for some of the tsundere spotlight.

Yes, the poison is in the target’s hands!

「俺の妹がこんなにエロゲー三昧なわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Erogee Sanmai na Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister is This Into Eroge”

As if to calm our souls since Kirino’s personality seems to have so few redeeming traits, the producers have graced us with an episode about her getting a taste of her own medicine. Given how fed up she got playing the latest kiss x kiss Re:Version eroge, I would’ve gladly bought a copy too. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that Kirino doesn’t even realize that the Rinko character (Igarashi Hiromi) is the spitting image of herself. If only there were a little sister character in this show who acts just like her, then she’d truly know what Kyousuke has to put up with day in day out. 100% tsun, 0% dere? Kirino, you’re more like 110% tsun, -10% dere.


It’s even better that Rinko’s in high resolution 1080p to drive Kirino absolutely insane.

Yeah, savor the moment Kirino… while it lasts!

Pre-episode five I would’ve been asking to see more of Ayase, but post episode five? Not so much.

Even Kyousuke’s not that much of a dork. It’s pretty befitting that Rinko has dyed hair too.

Now this is a reaction I can revel in. Kirino learning what it’s like to deal with herself? Priceless.

I’m lovin’ it!

Kirino gets an “I love you” from Miyabi (Akiya Tomoko) and “prepares” herself by putting up a poster. I guess this series takes place in 2012 given the release date of this eroge.

As Kirino would put it, “Kimochiwarui.” (Gross)

So apparently Kirino’s equivalent to closing the blinds, locking the door, turning down the lights, and throwing some music on is putting up a poster, putting on a Bluetooth headset, grabbing a pillow, and constantly clicking replay on the “Onii-chan daisuki” clip. I can’t really say which is healthier for a fourteen year old girl, but this sure felt like her geeky equivalent to some quality “alone time”. The walls sure are thin though, so between hearing obnoxious girlish squealing or a bunch of deep breathing, neither were a good option for poor Kyousuke in the next room. Incidentally, the result was the same from Kirino’s perspective — she was on her bed and terribly worn out from all the excitement. Good grief, they really need to start censoring this kind of stuff too. Get the kids out of the room!


Kuroneko’s little sister didn’t have a name listed in the credits, but it’s worth noting that she’s played by Ogura Yui from YuiKaoru and a fan of Merururu.

With that look of disbelief, I can finally see that Kirino is related to Kyousuke. Who says they don’t look alike?

Kirino should just be grateful that she can go back and load the game, make other decisions, and hope for a better outcome. She doesn’t know the pain Kyousuke has to go through dealing with the exactly same in real-time with no saving and no breaks. Heck, if Kyousuke had a choice, he probably wouldn’t even play the game of life with Kirino. There are only bad endings from what I’ve seen.


It’s been suggested that Saori’s a lot prettier than she appears, but I wasn’t expecting her to come from a wealthy family.

It looks like we have some maid cosplaying in store, plus we got a glimpse of a bit of the white in Saori’s eyes.

Kuroneko is startled to receive a phone call from Kyousuke, but clearly happy about it too.

I figured earplugs would’ve the trick, but Kyousuke prefers to call up some cute girls instead to get his mind off what’s going on in the next room.

It’s kind of unusual that Kyousuke resorted to calling Kuroneko when he couldn’t get through to Manami, but I guess he doesn’t have too many choices now that Ayase’s no longer an option. After all, it’s kind of hard to convince someone to have some small talk with you after all when they want you dead. I did get a chuckle out of Kuroneko’s comment about making a voodoo doll when she was just making a stuffed bunny head for her sister though. That’s probably the first time I’ve seen her get a bit flustered while maintaining her Kuroneko image.


After only a few hours, Kirino manages to made some progress with Rinko. This game is obviously too easy seeing as Kyousuke’s been at it for nine episodes and is still at square one.

Where is the dere?! I DON’T SEE IT!

Even bath scene doesn’t serve as consolation, especially not when she’s cleaning herself in preparation for an eroge scene.

Kirino can barely contain herself, which is pretty amazing given that the picture nor the text has changed yet.

It’s about time Kyousuke said something about Kirino’s noise. “Shut the hell up you pervert!”
Also, notice that her screen hasn’t changed since she left for her bath.

It’s amazing how she still insists she has pure thoughts about little sisters after this fiasco.

This was undoubtedly one of the funniest scenes in the entire episode, simply because Kyousuke called out Kirino for the pervert that she is. I can’t believe she had the audacity to accuse him of recording her noises, as if they would do anything but make someone’s ears bleed. There was nothing hot about the sounds coming out of her room, that’s for sure. I’m starting to think he should have recorded her noises and used them to blackmail her though. Oh the hilarity.


Kuroneko has some nice sketches but we’ll just have to overlook how she role-plays by herself.

A bad yet sentimental ending. I’m not opposed to it one bit since it quieted Kirino down.

Gasp, Kuroneko actually considers Kirino a friend of hers.

Well at least it’s good to know that they both consider one another friends.

I was expecting Kirino to do something to Kyousuke as he walked by, but that kick really drew a “WTF” reaction out of me.

Does this girl not learn one bit? I dare say Kirino should start mixing some 2D with 3D to educate herself a bit. She just so happens to be playing the right kind of eroge for it too.

Despite how Kirino learned absolutely nothing from the verbal abuse she took from Rinko, this episode goes down as one of my favorite to date simply because she got a taste of what it’s like being on the receiving end. It was soothing in a way, laughing at the misfortune she brought upon herself, plus it had one of the best scenes with Kyousuke giving her a piece of his mind when she simply would not keep her perverted squealing down. Quite frankly, I’m getting to the point that I’m going to enjoy every moment that Kirino screws herself over, seeing as she hasn’t really shown anymore of her cute side since episode three. I don’t hate her character since the bratty personality is clearly what they’re going for, but I do question what it’s going to take for her to finally be thankful of having Kyousuke as an older brother. There was brief mention of the last life consultation at the beginning of the episode, but none since then, so I’m starting to wonder if it’s going to be saved for the finale of this adaptation. I’d say it’s likely at this point since there are only three episodes left, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

* Update: It looks like I’m right about them ending with the life consultation bit. The twelfth and final episode is titled, “There’s No Way My Sister’s Life Consultation Ends Here”.


ED6 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED6.mp4 512 288]

ED6: 「好きなんだもん!」 (Suki Nanda mon!) by 竹達彩奈 (Taketatsu Ayana)

A Kirino themed ending featuring herself as Shironeko!

Preview & End Card

Given the next episode title, we should find out what Saori has planned with those maid outfits.


  1. I really felt sorry for Kyousuke having to listen to Kirino’s moans, but then again I couldn’t help but laugh at the game she was playing. Well, at least now we know where Kirino gets her ‘Tsun’ side from!

    It was Kuroneko that stole the show today, with her caring attitude towards her sister.
    And needless to say, without the contacts she looked even better! >_<

  2. Knew Saori was ojou-sama!! But Kuroneko… ohmygod, even more smitten than before. Her little sister is SO kewt ;A; when kuroneko reaches out for her phone, she tries not to disturb her dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
    Kirino playing an eroge was the best thing ever, I loved this episode, one of my favourites yet. Kuroneko is a damn fine artist too, that tablet! Is it wireless? 😀
    Kirino’s reactions to her eroge was priceless :3

  3. Watching Kirino play eroge was hilarious, with it parodying OreImo even in the character design. The humour through hypocrisy when Kirino was hating on the eroge version of herself. Rinko-chan practically quotes all her past/future lines even those within the same episode. LOL at her seemingly to have not made the connection.

    I also love how the eroge gave us some insight onto how Kirino may feel. Especially with that last few lines in the eroge. It actually made me a bit sad the first time around seeing her reaction, that is, before she reverts back to her bitchy mode, i.e kicking Kyousuke. Also made me think it’s possible there may be more to Kirino’s “100%” tsun side than meets the eye, it raised a couple of ideas.

    And those snippets of Saori, it’s so obvious it’s her so I don’t think that counts as spoilage… I love her non-otaku look. I don’t understand why her character doesn’t always dress like that. It’s not impossible to be both a bishoujo and otaku at the same time you know? It’s not like she has to hide her hobbies either.

    Oh and Kuroneko is a lovely Onee-san C: I really liked it when her little sister sneezed and she instinctively drew up the blanket.

    1. I can think of a ton of reasons Saori might want to hide her beauty/identity — maybe she doesn’t want people she meets to judge her based on appearance (as happened to Kirino when she showed up for that original meet looking like a model), or maybe she’s only interested in friends who will like her for the person she is rather than the money/etc. she represents.

      Or, she might just be lazy 😛 I can dress nicely and look fairly decent, but I’ll always be more comfortable in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt than in a suit. Not that her outfit looks incredibly extravagant, but I could totally see her as the kind of person who is just more at ease in her otaku gear.

      1. Yeah thats what I thought, but seeing as their friendship is pretty much established with them already. It’d be nice if she could show her “other” self at least once in a while. Plus she wears such nice clothes/make-up :C the feminine+cheap side of me can’t help but think its such a waste.

        I do understand why she might be more comfortable in her Otaku gear, its kind of like getting into character as well & thats probably why she does it.If its to do with laziness, honestly I think putting on a dress is much simpler than the geeky outfit she usually wears. Its what I do when I’m lazy and I have to go out aharhar.

      2. I’d say its pretty cool that Saori is actually very pretty but chooses to wear nerdy clothing. It says something positive about her personality? Though I don’t get why someone would choose Bajina or Bajeena(Damn Char is so perverted) as their Alias… then again I have nothing to say about my own name.

        Suppa Tenko
  4. kuroneko wins me over. kirino is… an ass as always. maw. when will she realize that all those eroge can be applied to her case? looks like saori’s background is a little bit clearer now as well ^^. over all, great episode.

    did i mention kuroneko wins? (minus cosplay outfit) oh, and her sister too! ^^

  5. Saori is a larger than life Ami Kawashima in the alternate world

    The irony of the most recent video featuring Shironeko vs Kuroneko in youtube.
    Now a doujinshi can be created featuring Kirino in that outfit vs Kuroneko, now which two other characters are well suited to play the annoying birds (probably Kuroneko’s siblings)would make Kirino Shironeko preoccupied while Kuroneko prepares her claws for the first strike.

  6. I hate Kirino. When I first started watching this show, I expected the “cute sister” to be a lot more cute than she has been so far.

    The only redeeming quality this girl has for me is that she loves the same genre of games that I do… *cough*.

    Aside from the moments when Kirino was a total b*tch to Kyousuke, I got a good amount of satisfaction from watching this episode. Mostly when I saw her squirm while dealing with her “eroge twin”. 🙂

  7. During one of the previous episodes there was a hint where Saori was implied to have come from a rich family: The cosmetic box that she used to pack in the doujinshi that she sent to Kirino. Kirino even remarked how she can’t even get a hold of that stuff.

    Anyway, I was hoping for them to show her face without the glasses but *sigh…*

  8. I don’t know about you guys but Kirino playing eroges again and again is starting to make me feel very uncomfortable, it’s getting to a point where it’s too awkward to watch, I mean this behavior should be what the life counseling was for and yes I know let fiction be fiction but still.

    Anyway I still liked the episode for the most part, (almost) revealing Saori, Kuroneko, Kyousuke giving Kirino a piece of his mind and oh Kuroneko. ^^

    I’m not sure if it’s new but I liked the new format, it’s fun scrolling down the page reading a chunk of your thoughts about certain scenes and not just the punch ines.

    1. I kept expecting her mom or dad to walk in on the screen at a timely embarassing moment, and the resulting explosion. lol I was actually surprised when they didn’t go there. Also i had a feeling Saori was disguised, and when she said to go ahead and insult her to Kyosuke cause it was like a breath of fresh air so to speak that implied to me she’s used to over-polite environments. The hair and then the gold cell phone gave me a total “NOWAY!!” moment all the same!

  9. This episode was fun seeing that kirino fight her own personality in a eroge. i think i know now where Ruri gets her comment from Meruru. source – Little Sister. and w0w i didnt notice that a little part of saori’s eyes where expose. nice catch.

    I would have high remarks to kirino if she would say “onii-chan” instead of “baka ja” at the end of the eroge.

  10. Oh wow… All those assumptions I had about Kuroneko, completely flipped..

    “I’m getting to the point that I’m going to enjoy every moment that Kirino screws herself over,”

    Completely agree… It’s been going the same way for me, though I’m apparently getting more and more tired of this archetype. I don’t know why but I’m liking her less every episode. The extent of her abuse to kyosuke which I know is for comedic stuff but… It’s getting too old for me, and fast….

    Now going back to the others… Saori had me less shocked since there were hints in the earlier episode but Kuroneko OTOH… Wow…

  11. Saori revelation is certainly shocking… Kyousuke, if you don’t hook up with Manami, then you got to go for Saori…
    Kirino is still has annoying as ever… though she is funny to watch 😀

  12. Sigh…. gotta love how fate would torture people every now and then. It drives progress. It would be better if Kirino was driven to the “50% Tsuntsun 50% Deredere” road of things….

    The Enigmatic MoonDogg
  13. “Oh the hilarity” indeed. That would be pretty fun to watch, but Kyousuke is obviously too nice to do that, unfortunately.

    What caught my eye this episode was Kuroneko. I suppose that mature personality had to come from somewhere, and I was rather pleased they showed it.

    Kirino nearly grossed me out, but at the same time it was pretty funny watching her getting owned by a game character with a personality similar to hers.

    As for Saori…I had the idea that she was hiding her real identity, but not to the point that she might actually be a beauty. o.o

  14. Divine, you say that you don’t feel that Kirino noticed that Rinko is a mirror image of herself (I’m amused with the cross-shaped neck accessory and twin hairclips in similar-colored hair). Maybe you’re right. However, I don’t think the other possibility should be ruled out because of two scenes.

    The first scene is when Kirino picks the first answer for Rinko’s route: it looked as if she glanced in the direction of Kyousuke and considered what he would do in that situation.

    The second scene is the final scene before the outro, which hints at the dere beneath all that tsun. She also mentions that she’s annoyed and can’t look at him in the face at the time, so subconsciously she may have realized it. Hence why the blushing at the end.

    1. Arg.. one more scene is when she criticizes the finale of that route. With a forlorn expression, she protests Rinko’s farewell which may be symbolic of something she can’t act on. I get the feeling that, combined with the points I made earlier, that Kirino pictured her brother and herself in the same shoes as of those of the characters in the game. Kirino is very much aware of how society treats certain subjects after all.

    2. If you read the novel, then you would realize that final Rinko scene was just a foreboding of what’s to come for Kirino and her relationship with her brother.

      Kirino may never admit it, but she’s more of a brother-con than a sister-con, and I think I’m buying the theory raised by someone here before that her “fall” into sis-con otakudom was a result of loneliness from her brother neglecting her for Manami all the time.

      Seeing it from such an angle, I find myself disliking Kirino less than before.

      Kinny Riddle
      1. I think what you layed out was definitely the premise of the book, especially given the title. But I can’t see a way for things to end correctly. The series is about Kirino. The narrator’s Kyousoke. But that’s the one relationship that will never occur unless there’s some really weird twist coming up.

        Not a big deal, because I personally watch/read due to the comedy and characters. Not the overall plot elements. But storywise I can’t see how it ends.

      2. Can’t read the novel past volume 1, but I’m up to date with the events up to the latest release. Yay summaries. Btw, I came to the same conclusion and agree with the same theory. I’m hoping for a good ending for the Kirino route.

        (wish I could actually read it myself 🙁

  15. It seems the anime is pretty popular, with plenty of content in the light novels (which have not yet ended) there seems to be a very good chance for a second season.

    From the light novels I know that Kuroneko is definitely gonna become more kawai and popular XD can’t wait for it to be animated.

  16. I’m the one that added the entry for Ogura Yui in MAL, so I’d be on the lookout for more info on the little sister…unless I add “Ruri’s sister” considering Manami’s grandparents are named in such a way lol


  17. What retard made the game? Seriously, those system requirements are bloody criminal, she’s playing an eroge with static images not some Call of Duty rehash.

    As usual, Kirino is still someone I liked to strangle and light on fire with, put in a drum, fill it with cement and abandon in a highway (maybe that was too much but two pyshical assaults out of fucking nowhere? She should be put in the Gender Equality: The Anime to teach her a lesson), however, her scenes where she basically has to deal a mirror of her godawful self was priceless. Hey Kirino, maybe you should follow your own advice, maybe you’ll get a good ending if you act now.

    Kuroneko was really cute in this episode, and I like how SHE has the imouto and not Kirino, ha! take that, and how she was taken aback by Kyouske calling her. Flag raised, good job Kyouske.

    Loved Saori’s oujo form as well, can’t wait for them to show her eyes. And of Ayase? Who cares? She should drown in a river for all I care.

    Gaze of Providence
  18. hmmm, i still more more ayase tbh.. likes yandere chars quite a bit ¬_¬ but kuroneko certainly have proven herself worthy of screen time as well.. as for saori, she hasnt proven to be worth screen time, but the fact that shes actually pretty and rich just adds the curious factor, much like ayase’s reason for hating geeks add the curious factor.

  19. Loved this episode. Loved the call to Kuroneko. When you think about it, that game left some pretty heavy thoughts on Kirino, depending on what her feelings are for Kyousuke. We will have to see what happens.

  20. Who would’ve thought Kirino in full geeky (and horny) otaku mode would be so darn funny? LOL

    Despite being an original episode, the screenplay for this episode is written by novel author Fushimi Tsukasa himself, so it can be considered more or less canon, and it fits the narration gap between novel volumes 3 and 4 just right.

    As the novel is usually told from Kyousuke’s POV, this episode allows us to briefly glimpse into the lives of other characters when Kyousuke is not around, e.g. Kuroneko, Saori and Ayase.

    It’s a bit like Suzumiya Haruhi’s “Someday in the Rain” episode, whose screenplay is also written by its creator, deviating from the usual Kyon POV.

    Kinny Riddle
  21. I knew my yearning for Kaori’s face behind her geek-glasses was spot-on! I’ve always figured she was a model of some sort, ah why do they tease us so?! Kirino is still all tsun no dere, but at the very least Kyosuke told her to stfu at last LOL.

  22. The other highlight besides the perverted Kirino would be the daily life of Kuroneko and her equally cute sisters.

    I never knew Kuroneko had two little sisters before. She should hide them away lest Kirino gets her perverted hands on them. lol

    It’s interesting to discover that Kyousuke chooses to call Kuroneko of all people to kill off time. Though as Divine have speculated, he probably decided to call Manami first but probably couldn’t connect to her, but still, instead of calling Saori, he decided to call Kuroneko.

    Looks like the Kyousuke x Kuroneko ship has just begun setting sail.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. Did anyone else notice that the writers messed up by setting Ore no Imouto’s current year as 2012? A few episodes back, Kirino’s “profile” in the fashion magazine (the same one that said “I love going shopping with my onii-chan”) listed her birth year as 1997, which would make sense if the current year was the same as ours, 2010–making Kirino 13 years old, which is the standard age for a first/second year middle schooler. But if the year is 2012, it would make Kirino 15, which is too old for middle school (unless Kirino was held back a few years).

    1. Correct me if I’m wrong in thinking this but wasn’t Kirino meant to be Fourteen at the beginning? Maybe I should go check that…I don’t know what date this story started and what date it is now in this episode but I guess it might be possible that it 2012 if the story started late in 2011.

      1. If I’m not mistaken, there was a calendar somewhere in the first or second episode, and it was June 2011. With this ninth episode, we are in February 2012.

        Middle school in Japan consists of what we Westerners (or Americans at least) call seventh, eighth, and ninth grade. So a 15 year old Kirino would be in her last year of middle school, and would move onto high school in the spring (of 2012 presumably). Just my two cents on the matter.

  24. Kuroneko saying the angels are moving!!?? IS this “Angel Beats!” all over again!?

    I knew Soari would be one of my favorite characters! Plus, she’s HOT!

    Kuroneko has not one….BUT TWO IMOUTOS!

    Why can’t this show be about them? (SPINOFF!!!!!!)

    “There’s No Way My Little Sister’s Friend’s Little Sisters Can Be This Cute!”

      1. LOL I totally forgot about that. I knew it the back of my mind but I don’t really pay as much attention to Seiyuus as everyone else seems to. Plus I was marathoning all our old anime dvds a few weeks ago so I guess Evangelion is a bit more fresh in my mind.

  25. I’m pretty sure Kirino acts tsundere is because she, obviously, has a brother complex, but after playing that game she followed the tsundere personality path, and she saw an ending that she would not enjoy. She would rather hit her brother and make him think she hates him than rather be separated from him because of her pursuing her feelings further.

  26. Wasn’t her role playing a reference to Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora? Also, want’s Kyosuke essentially asking Kuroneko out on a date, when he was saying that they could go together to the Maschera thing? Conveniently interrupted by Kirino’s orgasmic yells mind you.

  27. Okay, this episode is actually the first time that I came close to throwing my laptop out of the window in an attempt to hurt Kirino. Hated her this episode, which is a first.

    Anyway, kudos to Kyosuke and Kuroneko! Both my faves after this episode 😀

  28. This is one of the better episodes by far for several reasons.
    1. We got to see Kuroneko’s house.
    2. We find out that Saori’s rich.
    3. Kirino wasn’t at that level of bitchiness that was prominent for 2 weeks.

    But I am extremely saddened by the fact that Kirino didnt realize that the other little sister was exactly like her.

    I’m still seeing hard times to come for Kyosuke.

  29. Oh boy, I had a feeling Kirino was a perv but DAMN! After licking her lips and “Rinko-chwaaaaaan~” I couldn’t believe it. During her bluetooth escapade, she could have used her hug pillow.

    1. Keima plays on a PSP most of the time and Sony doesn’t allow mature content on any of their consoles, so he isn’t actually playing eroge, but just basic dating sims that ends with a kiss like the manga and anime. It seems like he is mostly playing the games as puzzles to solve rather then for the erotic aspect. Kirino on the other hand are playing real eroge with mature content on her PC. They may even be the same games as a lot of eroge are ported to consoles minus the mature content.

      1. Lol, no. Not just his PFP. He plays any console that has eroge. He has them all. And not all PFP games are safe. There was one, without a doubt, had mature content. It was never shown, but the reaction one of the characters had when seeing it was obvious.

        Besides, I wasn’t talking about the pervertness between them 2, but their general behavior and actions.

    2. Their passion for dating sims and eroge is definitely similar, but Keima’s confidence in his gaming ability and his interest in only 2D girls actually make his behavior less awkward than Kirino’s. He maintains a composed appearance and is very methodical and relatively mature about how he approaches the games, whereas Kirino lets them get the better of her. This does reflect well on Kirino’s age and the fact that she’s an emotional girl though.

      Also, Keima’s made these games his way of life, while Kirino only indulges in them as closet hobby where she “lets loose” without any inhibition.

  30. Oooh, that arrogant and caring attitude of Kuroneko is what made me loved her more in this episode! Reaching her phone carefully so she wont wake up her that cute angel and keeping her image on the phone is SUBARASHII! 😀 Kyousuke did a good job calling Kuroneko to comfort him. Ignore that 100% tsun 0% dere brat and go for the Kuroneko route!

  31. I love Kuroneko’s little sister, so cute! Want to hug her, pinch her cheeks and give her tons of sweets! Now thats a nice little sister!

    Kuroneko’s a pretty awesome onee-san as well, taking care of her sister etc.

    I have a feeling that Saori is actually someone famous and not just some plain daughter of a bazillionaire type.

    1. Hehehe, Kuroneko’s clan is pretty much filled with cuteness. Honestly, at this point, I’m watching the series for Manami and her. Both are great characters in my book. Kirino has a filler role in my mind right now.

  32. Sup , Well by now most of the good points have made but ill add my two cents about this episode.

    1) KIRINO IS A PERVERT , Does she have a brother-complex? , i think not, probably some emotional BS that will be flushed out later. Jealousy , loneliness , the relationship between Kyosuke and Manami who knows stay tune to find out.

    ON the whole tsun vs dere , the “dere^” puts you into that whole “Forbidden Relationship” territory. lets try to keep the series on the moral and ethical high ground. So can we raise the tsun level to 200% please and thank you.

    2)Kyosuke needs to get life,seriously doesnt he have any friends , Manami is more like his wife/mother and the other girls are part of Club Otaku. Btw seriously are you going to sit there all day as your sister “spends quality alone time(aka gets her rocks off)” ,Give her the house grab your coat and take a walk man, other than that your a pervert and the series is lost.

    3) The bi-polar trio , it would seem that the whole otaku club swaps personalities , they seem to have their normal and sub-dominant otaku personalities . except for Kirino her otaku personality is her normal dominant one.

    overall it was a fun episode 3 more to go >;P

    1. To be fair to Kyousuke, did you not see he was busy trying to study but couldn’t due to Kirino’s horny squealing? Perhaps he had a test coming up and couldn’t find time to hang out with Manami.

      FYI Kyousuke does have another pal called Akagi, who appeared a few episodes back, though he’s yet to appear more often.

      And what’s wrong with him being friends with Club Otaku? For a while I thought you sounded just like Ayase in yandere anti-otaku mode. From this episode, they certainly behaved more normally than Kirino has. lol

      Kinny Riddle
      1. If he has a friend called Akagi, whom he has known for quite a while, then why would he call Kuroneko? Unless he’s interested in Kuroneko romantically, I don’t see why he would call her instead of Akagi. Doesn’t look like a particular strong friendship to me, if he already prefers calling one of “those otaku girls” instead of his male friend.

  33. It’s a bit amusing that Kirino doesn’t even get into the top 3 of girls in this series. Even discounting the incest issue so isn’t she really that tempting compared to the other options. Kyosuke would have felt like in heaven if he had been transported to any of the other houses we got to see in this episode. Getting kicked by Kirino, dinner by Kuroneko or coffee with Saori? Life and those ‘difficult’ choices 🙂

  34. Zzzz why is everyone hating of Kirino I don’t find her bitchy in the least probably cuse I find Tsunderes are my favourite kind of character but still I sonehow find it offensive and disrespectful when dislike reaches the point where people find they like seeing bad/difficult things happening to a character it’s just not good

    I like Kirino flame If you must but I find her a facinating character maybe she us mostly tsun are very little dere or maybe your just not looking hard enough?? Besides that glare of hers rivals that of Ookami Ryouko.

    Slight problem with divine here do you have a little sister?? If so then….I got nothing but if you don’t maybe it’s just you don’t understand the point the creator is going for most siblings fight, shout abuse and generally act like the other is the spawn of a demon but there’s a line where all that changes and I think that’s what they had in mind when they made it

    I’m kind scared shit that ayase is gonna turn full Yandere….yanderes give me nightmares they’re evil opposite tsunderes

    devil I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts on the Kirino Kyousuke relationship I think she’s afraid that shel lose the relationship she already has

  35. OMFG. Bagina-sama is… rich. Then again the glasses and name shoulda clued me in on to her err… real nature but my god the only time I put two and two together was when I read this post.
    Ooooohhh…wanna see her in her oujo-sama mode.

    1. She does use them.
      BTW the fact that her little sister didn’t get surprised or scared at all at the sight of those red eyes, suggests Kuroneko wears Goth-loli and red contacts in her house quite often.

      U Doh
  36. About Kuroneko having two little sisters and Kirino having none:

    Show Spoiler ▼


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